Android Version: 4.1App: Zoom Pic: Close Up Picture Quiz 2021
Release date: Jun 19, 2018App Rating: 5
Author: MSI AppsCategory: trivia
Name: Zoom Pic: Close Up Picture Quiz 2021Extension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Zoom Pic: Close Up photo Quiz   Do you like trivia games? Do you like photo quizzes? run Zoom Pic: Close Up photos Quiz release and guess the names of hundreds of famed photos from all over the world. Can you guess the photo when it is zoomed in close? For the Whole Family! Our Close up photos release is fantastic to run with the whole family! Zoom Pic Quiz release progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can run on all of your diverse gadgets and compete with your buddies for the highest score!  Zoom Pic: Close Up photo Quiz details Include: ★ More than 700 pictures! ★ practical clues! every photo puzzle rewards 2 hints! ★ Swipe image to switch between photo puzzles! ★ Login with Facebook or Google Plus to sync your Zoom Pic Quiz score and compete with your friends! ★ Ask your Facebook buddies for rescue when stuck! ★ Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. ★ Zoom photo Quiz progress is synced with Facebook and Google Plus, so you can run on your smartphone or tablet. ★ tricks are awarded to rescue you figure out the answer! ★ High-quality graphics. ★ Timely updates: recent packs are added frequently. ★ Offline style allows you to download tiers to run when not connected to Wi-Fi! ★ Increasing difficulty: fantastic for beginners and pros alike ★Great picture, word, and trivia release for the whole family ★ enjoyment picture-word quiz to stimulate your brain and rescue with your memory! ★ pretty graphics and smart word trivia to maintain you busy! Offline Game Have to travel and desire to run a release on the go? No problem! Our Zoom Pic: Close up Quiz has an offline style so you can download tiers for offline run when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi! Have any questions or concerns about our close up photos quiz? mail us for support! [email protected]  



Janene  4-18-2021
Love this game. Challenging. straight to see pics and excellent release play. adverts minimal. enjoyment to play. Thanks‼️🤠❤️💋


Maria Barnes  5-28-2020
excellent release


houmam zwiya  5-16-2020


Laura Grote  5-9-2020
Love it


Mr Grunt  4-16-2020
fantastic release lots of enjoyment


Frankie Ortiz  4-10-2020


Lesley Mason  3-23-2020


Shirley Raivo  3-22-2020
Love this release makes me think thank you


Renee Parent  3-17-2020
fantastic release for the Mind and something to do


Cindy Mckenzie  2-20-2020


antz te runa  1-21-2020


Umber Irfan  1-17-2020
i dont like this release because it is on internet and i download ot because i think if there is no internet i can run this release but it is on internet it is not boring release but you need internet to run it have enjoyment guys


Diana Adane  12-31-2019


Monique Leticia Valrie White  12-26-2019
Just lovin it


cliff Connor  12-24-2019
fantastic game, love it.


Stephanie Bills  12-13-2019


Theresa Harden  12-10-2019
extremely entertaining!


Debra Clay  12-4-2019
This release is a enjoyment game.


Christopher Lastrella  12-1-2019
extremely good


Stacy S  11-30-2019
enjoyment yet challenging


nicole lavare  11-29-2019
Please put this mytablet


P D  11-25-2019


Mary Hall  11-23-2019


John Pawson  11-1-2019
OK light enjoyment


Kate Mann  10-27-2019
extremely excellent


Eironson Baldazo  10-26-2019
run now


Janet Deem  10-22-2019
extremely enjoyment


Julie Thomson  10-10-2019
outstanding release




Alisha  10-6-2019


sadhan sarbajna  10-3-2019
like it


Linda Kopf  10-2-2019


Eric Lafaele Toomata Silao  9-30-2019
It was fantastic playing the release and so cool when zooming in


imelda corpuz  9-11-2019


Yolanda Pegues  9-4-2019


Gillian Burdett  8-28-2019
Easy! So Far!


Dave Seyfried  8-27-2019
It is a contemplatively relaxing release that reminds me of looking at the "what in the world" close up photos on the back of domestic Geographic's World magazine. ( which I loved)


Ruth Stevens  8-24-2019


click clack  8-23-2019
straight release to complete all tiers one day, not tons of a mission extremely easy. NO species to pick from extremely meh


Dorothy Crist  8-15-2019
enjoyment release !


Joan Blank  8-7-2019
still waiting for recent release


Dalaya Garcia  4-6-2019
I like the release a little bit


Patricia Davis  4-6-2019
I really like it


Heather King Cobb  3-31-2019
Beat it.


A Google user  3-5-2019
His name


Randy Cornella  12-8-2018
Hi there


Lisa Thomson  11-6-2018
I love this game, it keeps my brain active,well as tons as it can nowadays.


A Google user  10-5-2018
I like this release


A Google user  9-17-2018
excellent release


A Google user  8-10-2018
Love this release


Andy Cesarz  8-8-2018
enjoyment I Enjoy it thank u so tons msi editions


Shanna Woods  7-22-2018
More tiers please I have beat the entire release I really enjoy the release


A Google user  7-20-2018
excellent release


Alaa Shaheen  7-12-2018
good release and extremely enjoyable!


A Google user  7-11-2018
I haven't played it yet but I think it's gonna be excellent


Angel Hodge  7-9-2018
Love it


Bharathi Thawani  7-8-2018
excellent release bro


DAV charley  7-7-2018
beautiful cool,it really helps my ability to think. The contex clues are surprisingly somewhat difficult,but the letters really rescue figuring out the photo



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