Android Version: 4.1App: Zombie War: Idle Defense Game
Release date: Nov 26, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: ONESOFTCategory: game arcade
Name: Zombie War: Idle Defense GameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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“Red Code! I repeat it's Red Code! The Zombie War, it's happening! We're being attacked by a enormous wave. protector champion team, gain on the castle NOW!” In 2113, the zombie apocalypse has thrown humanity into the most terrible disaster, a tremendous War, which turned human beings into bloodthirsty zombies. By fighting versus infinite tides of zombie attack, you, along with a champion squad, are the light in those darkest days. Your mission? Keeping the civilization safe by residence the newest shelter as severe as possible, boosting grand weapons, and assembling a fabled champion team. In Zombie conflict - lazy Defense Game, the rush of the creeps has never been so cruel, these combats will leave you unforgettable impressions. There’re several maps full-filling with varieties of zombie. every tier contains several tides of the walking deads with a extremely high pace, which missions your training and strategic skills. To be the brilliant protector champion in this protector battle, your challenge is to surmount these savage foes in order to prevent the infection. Don't forget to build a severe group to execute you the most resilient crew to win this strategic lazy defense shooting TD game. Having the thoughtful gameplay, this release is the ideal combination of the kinds td, idle, defense, shooting game. Will you endure till the extremely end of the zombie war? Join our gratuitous release to discover out! ⚡️FEATURE⚡️ - lazy Defense battle: pick your vehicle gun and sidekicks champions to protect savage zombies. - Challenging challenge everyday: finish mission, gather coins, diamonds to boost tackle and protector champion team. - dozens grand weapons, add-on grenades and champions with a lot of unique skills. - Several maps and varieties of zombie to unlock. - Lucky spin, diurnal quest and gratuitous gems quotidian for you. 🕹HOW TO run 🕹 - lazy defending with auto mode, tap the zombie to change the shooting direction or control it manually by turning auto style off. - Drag the add-on grenades to the foe region to slay them. - update weapons, heroes, and your castle to build a stronger team. - finish challenge to gather more cash and gems. Survive to the extremely end of the tremendous conflict and give hope to build a recent world! 🌏 Find us on Facebook and join our Community to gain aid quickly:



David Felix  12-26-2020
This is the exquisite release I ever played in me life


Sajjad Sadeghy  12-26-2020
extremely good


Andy Febrico Bintoro  12-26-2020
Need google run achievements and less limitations on update everything.


marvin green  12-25-2020
Cool release


rohola.kalati roka  12-25-2020
yes release


Marcos Escamilla Jr  12-25-2020
Really enjoyment release


Dmonta Starnes  12-24-2020


Michael Fletcher  12-24-2020
This release has alot of potential, could be good to see something to be able to do once you finish map 9 lvl 50. Other than the diurnal missions there's nothing to do once you finish all the maps. Cant wait to see what comes in the next upgrade


Lakshyank Solanki  12-24-2020
Lover lucky


Naser Firoozmand  12-23-2020


John Baluyut  12-23-2020
This is outstanding can you do more


Ranny Baran  12-23-2020


NFK  12-21-2020
beautiful enjoyment & challenging. Zero progression when release is closed just money


Jonathan Lebeau  12-19-2020
Possibility of being a excellent gun release but takes forever to evolve you characters. Stay clear


ariffin said  12-19-2020
Im your beggest supporter and you release is extremely outstanding And im the exquisite gamester in the release


Mehran Mahan  12-18-2020


Edward J Esquilin  12-16-2020
It was enjoyment for a long automobile ride And know each once in a blue I run so download if you have room


David Noon  12-16-2020


robnetta tolliver  12-15-2020


Battle Starr The God  12-15-2020
enjoyment shooting release


rico magno  12-15-2020


Marlon Montesinos  12-14-2020
Z Dr I th h HTC IV Rd I fi Oh kff of uih.,.,


melon head 15  12-13-2020
It won't permit me gain across the trick


Brandon Sim  12-13-2020
I was stuck at the gather diurnal reward screen.I wish I would give it 0 stars


Abdull Samad  12-11-2020
This release is fantastic


Arul Amburose  12-11-2020
super release


Triggered Edge Tactical  12-11-2020
outstanding addictive game!


Shalini Upadhyay  12-10-2020


Maricel Pia  12-10-2020
Wow woowwooooow.


Russell Sanchez  12-10-2020
God i got physician odd omg hahhaha


Anthony R  12-10-2020
Cool game!


Plazma Blitz  12-10-2020


kim laurence pasamba  12-10-2020
i like this release extremely much. im so into it😊😊😊


Mumtaz Ilyas  12-9-2020
Uwgys is


Lee Curtiss  12-8-2020
excellent release enjoyment to run


Corey Giacobbi  12-8-2020
Love it


Lã Minh Nghĩa  12-8-2020
exquisite zombie defense release ever! each morning wake up and gather my lazy rewards ye ye !!!


Black Captain  12-8-2020
lovely zombies lol. maintain updating more enjoyment !


Lã Nghĩa  12-8-2020
fantastic release


Benjamin Hirschvogel  12-7-2020
fantastic release enjoyment adictive and its really my fav release


Brandon Curby  12-7-2020
Total pay to run game. Can't even step on without buying packs. excellent release but you won't execute it out of the first 2 or 3 maps without buying character or castle update packs. If they added character and castle drops along with the update tokens to the tiers then this could be a fantastic game. Paying to promotion defeats the purpose.


Jimmy Sao  12-6-2020
Your release is wrong because it is


Donnell Jackson  12-6-2020
The release is enjoyment only motive I gave 4 stars is because leveling up ur champions and turrents is very slow except U pay money.


Robert Campbell  12-5-2020
enjoyment and speedy to learn. Needs a little something more. But am enjoying it.


Daniel Ybarra  12-5-2020


Emma Fletcher  12-4-2020
Its a extremely excellent release i am soo cheerful i have it. Its amasing.


D D  12-4-2020
All excellent till tide 4 wont permit you click on login to clam rewards uninstalled reinstalled same uninstalling for excellent now


Michael McGee  12-4-2020
Was going to run but than I saw that's it from onesoft. All of their releases are low grade scams.


Vonne Carter  12-3-2020
excellent release


kayla H  12-3-2020
It is really excellent one thing some of the power ups don't actually work like if you click on them they don't do anything I desire you to repair that but overall is a extremely excellent release it helps me pass time


Nikki Morris  12-3-2020


Stephen Rosini  12-3-2020


Kevin Stephens  11-30-2020
Guaranteed pay wall. 90% of your time is watching clips to be able to tier up. release advances faster than you can without spending cash.


Eleazar Zayas  11-30-2020
Decent game.


Beverly Mccotter  11-29-2020
Like it


sandra robinson  11-29-2020


Z165  11-28-2020
excellent cut e



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