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Welcome to the Zmodo family! With this app, you have more control of all your award-winning Zmodo connected house applications in one easy-to-use location. Available details include: - 24/7 live view from anywhere - Optional sensible cloud recording subscription - Playback details for stored videos - wealthy intimations – Quickly see a thumbnail of the motion that was captured - Custom camera teams (split-screen live view) - occasions page for organized playback - 30 minute clip video download (subscription required) - Simple and intuitive edition design Cloud Service Subscription Services We offer two categories of Cloud Service* ●Premium Cloud $4.99/month ($49.99/year) ●Platinum Cloud $9.99/month ($99.99/ year) *Prices displayed are for one device, the bundle price depends on the amount of devices. 24 hours before the subscription service expires, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees according to the plan type. If you need to unsubscribe, please do so at least 24 hours before renewal date in the "Account Settings". From its inception in 2009, Zmodo has built a severe reputation for delivering high-quality clip applications and good client service global with almost 8 million applications sold. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Jiangsu, research and development facilities in Shenzhen, logistics and client aid in Champaign, IL, and an innovation lab in Silicon Valley, CA, Zmodo is one of the few smart house brands that own their hardware and usufructuary experience end-to-end. For more information, please visit



عبدالله بن محمد  12-7-2020
After the annual subscription, edition stopped showing me run back anymore. client service refused to determine this trash subscription and refund me. BE AWARE.


Retro Active  12-7-2020
Worst Camera System Ever! Supposed to have a gratuitous Trial which expired when Zmodo Forced an upgrade the Software, as did even the 24 hours of gratuitous clips, which only newest a few seconds and only go back for 12 hours not 24! Called client Service and they refused to respect both the gratuitous Trials and the advertised 24 hours of gratuitous clips! ZMODO IS HORRIBLE! DON'T BUY! SAVE YOUR MONEY!


pedro evelyn  12-7-2020


Rich H.  12-6-2020
I own two cameras . upgraded edition constantly turns on intimations even when manually turned off. Constant reminders to buy their cloud service, as mentioned in other reviews. Yes, once was a excellent app, now just a shove for their services.


Jeffry Healy  12-6-2020
on my iphone it works extremely excellent on rca cellphone horrible I am it ioperatorr error but where do you get? everyone is not computer master


Lee Francis  12-6-2020
Can't gain it to turn on


Logan Geise  12-5-2020
Intuitive control. An overall fantastic system.


Geraldine Gardner  12-5-2020
One of my gadgets is not working just stop,


Mel Stiner  12-5-2020
Not excellent


Chaz Hendrick  12-4-2020
straight to understand and avail


Jeff H  12-4-2020
I've used zmodo camera for my house fore over two years now and never have issue connecting to the camera from anywhere I travel. The edition works quickly and effectively.


RJ Griffin  12-4-2020
These cameras worked excellent for a couple months. Now they dont work at all. Waste of my money. Dont risk buying them


Donald Smith  12-4-2020
Pour recordings


Allen Shaw  12-3-2020
Ducking junk


Dave Beedle  12-3-2020
Purchased a set of cams and NVR a couples years ago. It has worked well enough for me until now. I purchased an NVR specifically to avoid putting my stuff in the cloud. Now this edition insists that I need a cloud plan that I don't desire and must not need. I no longer connects to my NVR for run back but pops up adverts for a cloud plan. Looks as though I'll be shopping for a recent solution.


Bill King  12-3-2020
Worst edition ever. More bugs than a termite infested house. 12/3/2030 Don't know what changed but now I'm getting motion alarms when I have them turned off . Setting seems to be changing from off to on. Don't need or desire to be getting motion alarms all day long.


Tom Bagwell  12-2-2020
This upgrade is dreadful


Michelle Fletcher  12-1-2020
This is the worst house protection system like ive had the system set up for 3 days and one camara keeps declaring gadget unavailable or has stopped like if im being robe this sure wouldnt rescue


Tony Smith  12-1-2020
You could have gotten a 5 until i started getting all of theae pop up add from you trying to update me to your clould servixe


Sweet Pea  11-30-2020
fantastic Quality


Vicki Wiseman  11-30-2020
Doesn't talk you you only have access to camera clip for a short time. It just disconnected, so you will buy service.


Mirnaliz Nieves  11-30-2020
fantastic app, good and straight to work


Jim Austin  11-30-2020
I paid asking price nearly 2 years ago, NO ads, but now it's a 'BEST transactions EVER' ad that sometimes covers my image blocking my image so I can't see my motion notice. Not what I paid for. Zmodo just sold me off for a dime. whenever re-booting system.


A Google user  11-30-2020


Jeffrey Cheney  11-30-2020
Doesn't caught everything. I just walked into a room with a camera and another room with a camera caught it, but not the major room I am in. Theses cameras are trash.


duder v  11-29-2020
All around junk! Been putting with my nvr with multiple issues. excellent luck with setting up their wireless cameras, finish nightmare pairing wifi using the app. I could never buy the cloud service either waste of money. They went away with using SD cards and pushing cloud service. I did some research found a recent system (reolink) all my zomodo tackle went into the rubbish can.


Margaritta Ehigiator Martin  11-29-2020
Asked to reset password don't sends codes or connect


Ephrain Rainey  11-29-2020
Can't tell to outside of dooratea


Willa Just Being Willa  11-29-2020
Love this edition


Valen Fintland  11-28-2020
The clip skips a lot. Even with the last updates. Its extremely frustrating when you're trying to see who hit your email box and theres a 10 second skip each 10 seconds. except your watching it live you have a 50% opportunity of catching what happened in the recorded videos.


rob wilhite  11-28-2020
outstanding house protection for pennies!!


Matt O  11-27-2020
Don't waste your money


A Google user  11-27-2020
Normally extremely simple to avail and whenever works great!


Carl Truan  11-27-2020
So far so excellent I've had this camera about 3 or 4 days now and I have not had any problems with it using it on two diverse smartphone platforms a pixel and a LG haven't tried the computer yet was tempted not to buy this because of the reviews but as of now I have not seen any of those a negative effects and I'm running the fresh updates


Ian Cordero  11-26-2020
This never works well when connecting a camera. But of course the iOS version of the edition connects no problem. Can't wait to gain rid of this camera for a better and more supported one.


Charles Brake  11-26-2020
I installed these cameras two years ago, and I dont understand why I continue to put up with constant timeouts trying to connect to cameras. I think the cameras are fine. Seems to be webservers without enough capacity to handle traffic. When I first installed, the edition worked fine, now its just a waste of time.


N. Dudley  11-26-2020
Camera constantly clicks and flashes like pictures are being taken. edition ok, but would be better.


John Merlos  11-26-2020
straight to setup.


Empower NVR_inferiorate  11-26-2020
for the price, it's extremely reasonable product. initial Setting must be easier.


Paul Czorn  11-25-2020


Cricket Lusk  11-25-2020
Love ZMODO. I enjoy being able to try on my kiddos and pets when I am away. I like how it messages me if movement is spotted and I am away from home.


Gopaul Sookraj  11-25-2020
Sucks ass


chad greene  11-25-2020
Doorbell won't take power.


T C  11-25-2020
fantastic for shutting down avenue tier drugDealers.


Lou C.  11-25-2020
Works well.


Jackie Grizzle  11-25-2020
Works great!


dimasmagana  11-24-2020
After i change my wiffi pasword i can't conect back my camaras no recomended


Captain Midnight  11-24-2020
Generably horrible, coins cow for zmodo with no stability or aid


Catherine C  11-24-2020
Installed edition months ago, it never worked, and the aid is nonexistent. Zero stars if it were possible.


Dalia Iris Negroni Rivera Torres  11-24-2020
Had this edition for a while, it had some down falls ~...hope they will repair it soon.


M. Adair Foss  11-23-2020
Cannot view camera because as is blocking my ability to avail my edition


Jerry Gaber  11-23-2020
Does not download clips.


jerold meidam  11-22-2020
Camera keeps disconnecting and extremely intractable to reconnect


Shah Kazemi  11-22-2020
Please execute night vision BRIGHTER !


Russell Easters  11-22-2020
DO NOT BUY! The recent upgrade includes timing out your monitor to play an add. After the add runs your monitor will time out and go to sleep. Then you have to restart your live feed to watch your monitors. What the hell zmodo? Who's brain storm was this? I called tech aid they said they couldn't rescue me.. tech aid is useless. I just took delivery of 4 recent cameras Tuesday. If this isn't corrected in at least 4 days I will be sending the recent cameras back. This causes main protection concerns!


Vanessa Bettinger  11-22-2020
Such a fantastic worth for an affordable price! Allows me to try in my my babes while they're doing school online at house & I'm comfortable going to work, knowing they're staying on task! I never thought I'd declare this but...the ideal babysitter for teenagers! 🤣


michael grigsby  11-21-2020
It keeps freezing


Dav Cohenambros  11-21-2020
gadgets are so complex to install


Skye Blue  11-21-2020
Absolutely Love! Clear ideal photos gice you detailed photos. Will instruct dependents buy. Night vision is awesome.


Steven Osborn  11-21-2020


Grant Eaker  11-21-2020
Rarely works anymore, I propose a transition away from any zmodo products.


Jennifer Logsdon  11-21-2020
My Greet Pro camera lasted 2 years before randomly crashing. I was given a Greet camera as a replacement, which lasted a few months and crashed as well. Doorbell was delayed in notification- it often notifies of a person 5+minutes after the person has left or come into the house.


J-dayday  11-20-2020
During the setup process this rubbish edition cant even connect to my house wifi even after i enter the exact password!!! Garbage. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. When you switch the wifi password it is impossible to recalibrate the cameras! Their in edition setup doesnt work at all!!!!!! Its telling me to point my smartphone at the camera so it can scan some qr code. Nope it doesnt work.


Esperanza Ramirez  11-20-2020
Love it


Rick Romeyn  11-20-2020
Your Directions Too Install Are Out To Lunch!


Mark H  11-20-2020
Buy these cameras and download this edition if you don't mind being highly frustrated almost each time you open the app. Forget trying to quickly view a camera. They either load extremely slowly or not at all. dozens other problems as well. My neighbor has the same troubles that I do, with hers. I've used zmodo for several years now and it's been nothing short of...frustrating. I'm slowly switching my six cameras over to wyze. Wyze isn't perfect, but it's tons more trustworthy than zmodo...and less expensive.


Luciano Mezzetta  11-20-2020
Having troubles connecting my camera and client service is taking too long.


Johnnie Chhuoy  11-19-2020
Bought the product, yet I still gain adverts when trying to view playback.


Juan Contreras  11-19-2020
good information edition but the edition maintain crashing to often 🙄 and that bothers me because I luck anything


Avi Cohen  11-19-2020
Awesome, love it!


Cathal Byrne  11-19-2020


Va Ho  11-19-2020
Unable to gain schedule (mode settings to work). Have called client aid three times and still no success. This edition was at its exquisite back in 2017/2018.


Dale Jenkins  11-19-2020
On the harder side to set up but the cameras are wonderful they choose up movement from idea down the route im pleased with the cameras


Henrison M  11-19-2020
6 Cameras going to rubbish since is been working fine until change router and now it can't conect to the recent wifi and cameras won't go in Set up style even after pressing Reset


Steve Smart  11-19-2020
Have a lot of problems


Gustavo Mensdez  11-18-2020
After the trial I paid for cloud nothing works but they got my money.3 days now and still nothing works.


Theresa Sweeten  11-18-2020
Love my cameras


Quentin Henry  11-17-2020
Love the camera system


Buck Man  11-17-2020
good edition be good to change the primary pic


Mildred Oliver  11-17-2020
I`ll begin by saying. Thank you for whoever created these camera. I have peace of mind now in viewing my mom. Thank you


Beverly Thompson  11-17-2020
Logging in is aggravating. You have to maintain signing in, never had this problem before.


Paul Ankiewicz  11-17-2020
Hangs , can't slow down playback


Fred Ottinger  11-16-2020
I love this edition


Anthony Cordero  11-15-2020
Has been working excellent for quite awhile now. Needed to upgrade my newest review. It could be each bit as excellent as my house security, but zmodo (at my business) doesn't seem to supply as tons recorded footage during motion occurrences. I think the shove here is for a cloud subscription. I still think Night Owl is the better system.


Jas 819  11-15-2020
I payed for cloud run back, it does not play smooth please repair glitches for smooth playback experience.


Riz Vuel  11-15-2020


Larraine Romero  11-15-2020
horrible app!


Juan Umana  11-15-2020
fantastic edition


Luis Garcia  11-15-2020
outstanding photo and clip just love it's details 👍🏽.


Ed Craine  11-15-2020
program updates which are done to supply enhancements cause idea more problems then needed. For example: my cam in port 1 flips upside down by it self if I must be adjusting other cam. My 180 cams won't gyro and they avail too. There's more but why take the time sick never hear back.


P Lamb  11-14-2020
Overall edition has been running okay and dropping the cameras a less. Upping from 2 to 4 stars. ***** 2 stars Keeps dropping cameras.. Pop up indicates clip lost at main.


Steve Hudson  11-14-2020


Jeff Kafka  11-14-2020
Whats up with the app. Not working


Timothy Cox  11-13-2020


Ron Lehman  11-12-2020
Works perfectly


Howard Thomas  11-12-2020
I have no spot to upgrade


Karmen Thomas  11-12-2020
good service. clip is extremely clear.


danny R  11-12-2020
I had zmodo for about 4 years with the paid subscription , I'm going to annul soon , because I cannot reconnect my 4 cameras , been a living hell with ZMDSAP connection and the QRscanner is not registering ! Bullcrap avail to be 5 stars now it's 1 star


Aye World Ent.  11-11-2020
Please repair the notifications! I go to view and it looks black & white.. I'm using a Samsung note 20 ultra.... while on my iPhone I can clock info when it pops up and shows clear in color & has the option to hit live view. I also noticed I gain picture intimations on the Apple watch and not my Samsung active 2 or galaxy watch.


A Google user  11-11-2020


Mark Jones  11-11-2020
Never picks up motion and when it does the person is already or directly at the door


Jason Hildebrandt  11-11-2020
This edition has never worked properly on multiple devices. Modes do not change alarms are sporadic. Forget zmodo


D S  11-10-2020
4 🌟🌟🌟🌟 star because the recording ability of these cameras are better than average the motive for only 4 stars is if you don't buy the cloud storage it'll only record about 13 seconds or so of clip footage that means if somebody pulls in your driveway before they can gain out of the automobile the clip stops recording and I can't figure out a idea to extend that so the only idea to alleviate that is to buy extended service.


Ronald Copeland  11-10-2020
excellent pictures.


g l  11-10-2020
Yet another piece of technology that was once fantastic and served the target for which purchased has been upgraded with countless "features" only to execute it useless. Trying to reinstall the 4 cameras has been an full nightmare. I used to instruct this application to others, visualize that. extremely dissatisfied, if you read this review I sure hope you have better luck than what I've experienced. I could not buy these cameras again. FRUSTRATING!


joe dirt  11-10-2020
fantastic idea to monitor the house when im away from home.


Joe  11-10-2020
edition won't permit me avail my mail on sign up which means I can't avail the camera. Waste!!


Maurice Torian  11-10-2020
edition could not permit me execute a log in


Mann BAbu  11-9-2020


Doug Gullekson  11-9-2020
great.motion detection and alerts,clear picture.all around good clip system


Moonlightstar 27  11-9-2020
extremely excellent app. I haven't had any problems with it so far.


Dr. E.  11-8-2020
Cameras offline often


Ashley Rodgers  11-8-2020
avail to be a fantastic site. Can't even gain it to work now 😒


THOMAS HARRIS  11-8-2020


Aníbal Bastías Soto  11-7-2020
It's a good edition but this notify aaaall the time with unnecessary motions. Can you implement filters for info type, please


John T Sanchez  11-7-2020
extremely difficult to setup


Anna Hoffmeister  11-7-2020
Love my cameras and services ❤️❤️❤️❤️


tom stevens  11-7-2020
Installed recent version - iimmediately deleted it - my house page settings - On/Off/Sleep etc are no longer posted. I'm rolling back to


David Davis  11-7-2020
good edition


Sherry Berry  11-7-2020
Constantly offline


David Bowie  11-7-2020
Works fantastic


Clarence D Hall  11-7-2020
Super edition


Craig Reynolds  11-6-2020
Wont even pair the cameras to this app. Been trying for 20 minutes, using all 4 cameras. Guess I will be sending these back


Shawn Horn  11-6-2020
It could be 5 star but the beam keeps declaring not connected which makes my doorbell camera useless. I have tried to reach aid but they have not helped me.


Dev Nundy  11-6-2020
Unable to setup


Carmen Matos  11-6-2020
I give it 1 star because i could like night vision to work better.


juan martinez  11-6-2020
5 star



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