Android Version: 4.0.3App: ZitoBox
Release date: Oct 20, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Joy Media Works LLCCategory: game casino
Name: ZitoBoxExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Zitobox is a one-of-a-kind company with a selection of unique slot releases that enable you to earn loyalty points, all while playing your beloved games. initiate your account now, run our games, earn Zito Loyalty Points, and exchange them for top name company donation cards! Play slots online for fun, and earn veritable rewards! Note: - Zitobox is intended for an adult audience. - Zitobox does not offer "real money gambling". - Practice or triumph at social casino gaming does not imply future triumph at "real money gambling”. Terms of service:



Brd  11-14-2021


Ahmad  9-1-2021


sharon Winchester  12-7-2020
I love this release


jesse alvarez  12-7-2020


Gabriel & Veronica Fuentes  12-7-2020
enjoyment but slow


Horace Wilson  12-7-2020
excellent release


Roger Cheek  12-7-2020
It's enjoyment


Nick Murphy  12-7-2020


Timothy Powers  12-6-2020
fantastic release wish id hit more thats what a casino does so its realistic for sure. Thanks


Jessi Prince  12-6-2020
enjoyment enjoy it


Rachel Cromp  12-6-2020
outstanding enjoyment releases


Jose Caballero  12-5-2020
It was paying . Then like nothing no release hit


Walter Green  12-5-2020
Better edition cause gives you a variant of gambling variants in one edition


Jaime Villagomez  12-5-2020
excellent edition


Kacey Guenther  12-5-2020
Lots of enjoyment


Diane Budurka  12-5-2020
I do enjoy playing these releases oh, but I have not been able to redeem for a donation card because it tells me my mail is already in avail due to me having an account across Facebook also. Zitobox still has not repaired the trouble 2 combined both accounts therefore I will not purchase any cash until the trouble is repaired and I can redeem a donation card


Karim Taylor  12-5-2020
Really enjoyment


Jesse Dean  12-5-2020
Thought I was supposed to gain 1500 cash each friday


Garen NotinaBush  12-5-2020


David Vaughn  12-5-2020
Winning money is fantastic


stephanie crispen  12-4-2020
Thank you zito for the gratuitous cash and fantastic enjoyment releases everyone 21 and over must atleast run one time at zitoboxj


Kortrez Dawson  12-4-2020
I love it.. it's outstanding and it's extremely veritable thanks ZitoBox


Janelle Dorsey  12-4-2020
Coin's given is so slight


Kayla Cooper  12-3-2020
Doesnt give enough gratuitous coins!


Lori Monroe  12-3-2020
I love this release and you win donation cards for playing. gratuitous cash each day.


Jordon Bartlett  12-3-2020
I love this release ......Thanks zitobox!!!!


garry eaton  12-3-2020
I actually won 10 dollars I can't believe it


Sonia Hernandez  12-3-2020
Love the slot releases and prizes


skitz partz  12-3-2020
A lot of fake reviews dependents PAY PERCENTAGE DROPS AFTER 1 DAY WIN MORE ON SPINS THEN IN THE details


austin keith  12-3-2020
Really well put jointly game.


Frances Escobar  12-3-2020
This is honestly the exquisite edition to run slots an gain Giftcards. check it!! You gain $10 gratuitous to play.. Dont be a dummy an pass this wonderful chance by. See you there


Tonia Holmes  12-3-2020
I just purchased from you and spent $10.00 plus tax and received absolutely nothing! I got ripped off!!!!


Chris Browning  12-3-2020
Just desire another $10 on zito box I love this edition


Ash Stephens  12-3-2020
outstanding app! straight to earn points and gain fantastic rewards in no time at all!!


Lynn Tedrow  12-3-2020


Ashley Hanson  12-3-2020


Rita Marie  12-2-2020
Just started playing. Like it, extremely entertaining.


Dewy Murphy  12-2-2020


Kenneth Stiles  12-2-2020
Y'all r Awesome. Thank u so tons for the $10 virtual visa card.


April Taylor  12-2-2020
I love ZitoBox! ZitoBox is my beloved slots game. I earn points i can gain donation cards with. They also have trivia contest where you can win donation cards. I have won 2 $10 donation cards so far.


Troy Jordan  12-2-2020


Dina Dufresne  12-2-2020
exquisite release I've ever played really pays off can't stop spinning addictive


Jamie Renee  12-2-2020


Danielle Fredin  12-1-2020
Love it!


Shalako. T Vissar  12-1-2020
Love 💖 this edition try it out you will love it too.


Mike Dean  12-1-2020
enjoyment enjoyment


Amanda Carcellero  12-1-2020


Christine Stark  11-30-2020
Needs bigger selection of slot hames. Legit rewards


John-Pierre Tarabay  11-30-2020
Fair and legit


Quilina Sanchez  11-30-2020
Love this app! Its extremely addictive.


angela caviness  11-30-2020
Well it's fantastic e,except your diurnal clog in bounty is not enough it a unhappy quantity given how tons a spin is


FaZe Swoosh  11-30-2020


James Dunnagan  11-30-2020


Joey Hendon  11-30-2020


Amy Pisarski  11-29-2020
This release is a freaking joke I redeemed my points and all of the sudden I have 2 accounts i do not instruct any one to download this release if you wanna be ripped off


Deidra Jackson  11-29-2020
Awesone edition


Michael Sanders  11-29-2020
The start out bounty needs to be a little bigger


Tammy Emerson  11-29-2020
I had a fantastic time playing ZITOBOX its awsome and sick be back again to run 101 Lions


Dfaded 1  11-29-2020
Maybe ok


A.J. Graveline  11-29-2020
Love this its wonderful thank you zito box


Sarha Conner  11-29-2020


Ricardo Gonzalez  11-29-2020
extremely enjoyment and excitting for the next win.


William Hutchinson  11-29-2020


Carol Winn Colburn  11-29-2020
play out 2 speedy but enjoyment


Thomas Rose  11-29-2020
Better than most releases that declare you can earn this or that and then it doesn't work... this one actually does what it says


Cvita Matwa  11-28-2020
I know I just wrote a good review yesterday, but am really disappointed of how tons aid has changed. I won $10 dollars on a trivia release and used it on ZITOBOX as always, even execute purchases with my own money and never had a problem getting a receipt. All of a sudden newest night and today they are asking for receipt which they never sent me, and believe me I looked at my mail and spam, and got nothing. All they had to do was go look at ' buy cash and see no coins. Think I'm done.


N.C.Morrison INC.  11-28-2020
beautiful cool


Elizabeth Pierson  11-28-2020
So far so good....update: I enjoy playing Zito soooooo tons


Charles Calahan  11-28-2020
Not sure how to gain more gratuitous cash


Kim Williams  11-28-2020
I love playing this qpp


Anita Baker  11-27-2020
I like playing at Zito Box and today I won my third trivia release and got my first virtual rewards card. I could instruct this blog to others.


Michelle Villers  11-27-2020
I absolutely love this release all the recent releases plus a opportunity to win rewards it's the exquisite


Brenda Moore  11-27-2020
Thanks Zitobox!


Mary Bibbs  11-27-2020
Super enjoyment game!


Cody Megginson  11-27-2020
extremely excellent


A Google user  11-27-2020
enjoyment place, fantastic slots. Love the clip poker, as well as the slots. Also they have trivia games. I actually won a few donation cards. Zitobox is honest, respectful and answers your questions within minutes. exquisite blog to play. And you also gain gratuitous cash each day. check it, it's legit, unlike all the other games, who will not pay you, even if you deposit.


Tiffany Lynn Madrid  11-27-2020


Erika Johnston  11-27-2020
Lots of enjoyment


Cheryl Clune  11-27-2020
outstanding Concept!****** Extraordinary Slots!***** Really swift payouts when you win the weekly giveaways. And You WILL Win! I won a $10 Visa card! And it took Half the time i was told to expect it in the mail. UPDATE!! I WON AN AMERICAN EXPRESS $10 CARD TODAY! I've only been playing a few months! This is a legit site! ❤ If you dont believe me, don't try, I'LL WIN YOUR CARD TOO!! I gotta go now...🏃🏃I'm going SHOPPPING! ❤I LOVE ZITOBOX!!❤


Jennifer Webster  11-27-2020
This edition deserves 5 stars cuz it truly does permit you win points, even if you don't win, you just gotta run for a little while and the points will grow and you only need 500 points to earn a $5 virtual american express card. What you really wanna do is like the ZitoBox supporter page on Facebook and when they post a opportunity to win a $10 virtual american express card, enter the contest which is really straight and you can win and it really gets sent to your mail if you win, because I recently won, so cool!


Lynette Quiroz  11-27-2020
So tons enjoyment


Natalie Moore  11-27-2020
enjoyment enjoyment


Joshawa Devries  11-27-2020


Amber Smith  11-27-2020
So far so good!


Jeremy Wagner  11-27-2020
I never win waist of time and money lose all coin in seconds


Tammy  11-27-2020
Hidden treasures when you install this enjoyment rewarding app. Don't cheat yourself out of a fantastic thing by passing by this edition without installing.


Matt Honeycutt  11-27-2020
This is the best!!!


Ray Silva  11-26-2020
Cool release to run


Damian  11-26-2020
Its ok


Thomas Darcy  11-26-2020
Good, need more gratuitous credits


Maya Cherry  11-25-2020
Not enough points for how tons you have to run


Mike Swiantkiewicz  11-25-2020
A joke


anOVERDOSEtypeOF blue  11-25-2020
Cant load money because cant change name they screwed up and no place to tell at least on smartphone edition


China Shuler  11-25-2020
Love it. So outstanding to run a release that actually follows across with promotional advertisement.


Donna Cruz  11-25-2020
Thank you for the 10 amex card. I love Zitobox


Johnny Heffner  11-25-2020
enjoyment straight game. Just won another $10 donation card. That makes $20 I have won so far. Zito box is the exquisite slot game. I instruct getting it.



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