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The YSU edition provides students with a place to stay informed of campus events, assist with the navigation of campus, build community among students and straight occasion and service check-in to assess campus engagement. The YSU edition offers students the following: · YSU single sign on capability with the app, using existing YSU mail ID · Course listing viewable from the edition with residence locations and directions · Ability to add YSU occasions and courses to Office 365 calendar · upgraded list of all campus occasions and programs · straight occasion and service try in · List of resources and service on campus · Buy, Sell, Trade Wall · speedy access to reach YSU police · upgraded transactions offered exclusively to YSU students and community The YSU edition is a supplemental soft to communicate to students and the YSU community. It is not intended to replace official means of communication between the student and the university but can be used for reminders, updates of deadlines and advance of upcoming events.



Fisayo  6-20-2021
One stop


David  4-22-2021
fantastic edition


Traver Smith  2-19-2021
wrong experience


Norton Fisher  1-19-2021
unable to login tried multiple times.


Jack Morgan  1-14-2021
extremely Slow edition Unable to open this


Robin Methew  1-11-2021
edition was really slow. Most of the time while login it's showing me errors.


Jared Elliss  12-22-2020


Tim Steven  12-18-2020
When I download this app, my smartphone works slow


Derrick Paul  12-16-2020
Takes alot of time to load


Tara Casanta  11-6-2020
It is extremely straight to manuver.


Drew Brady  8-19-2020
extremely practical for finding all of your necessary news for the school. If you're going to YSU, download the edition


Rebekah Eds  8-13-2020
I avail this edition all the time to remind myself when and where my classes are. There is also a 'map' where you can uncover a hall or nearby restaurant that you've never been to and it will send you to Google maps and indication you directly there. This is a must-have for first-year students.


tumininu adeeko  8-12-2020
It has literally everything you need


Richard Robinson  8-11-2020


RASHAWNA  8-8-2020
This edition has helped me maintain better follow of my class and campus life


Aspen Glaspell  5-1-2020
This edition is a should have for any YSU student.


Joey Donuts  4-30-2020
Solid app. One stop store


Zekarias Alemseged  1-14-2020
It's a extremely convenient edition to avail for college


Matthew Zellers  12-29-2019
wonderful and straight to avail


Aziz Abdul Bangura  10-27-2019


Lois Martin-Uscianowski  9-12-2019
dont avail a lot unless to sign in


Fred Hicken  9-6-2019


Shaelynn Burton  9-5-2019
fantastic school


dina taha  8-24-2019
Have it all


Isaiah Sekol  8-22-2019
Still a better experience tha trying to avail literally any of the campus's websites


Andy C  7-25-2019
I just downloaded the edition but it won't open. The edition states that it is an outdated. No longer supported, despite that there is no upgrade on the run store. wrong Experience!!


Lachelle Goldson  3-9-2019
the only thing i dont like is that it is whenever changing. for units of habit we simply like to study something once and mark it off the to do list in a world where we are trying to fit so tons in to one day, we nees to be able to rely on some thibgs not requiring so tons of our time. Just when i gain it down pat and can navigate across the system like clock work BOOM its all recent again. some of the recent details im unclear about but i dont have the time to figure it out missing uploads


A Google user  2-27-2019
Don't know all the ropes, but so far extremely practical having the class schedules given; also provides practical reminders for significant events, and a fairly straightforward homepage. fantastic for my first year in college! I found out where I needed to go with just this edition and maybe a map. A bit hard, perhaps, at first, but it is straight to adjust to.


Veronica Peavy  1-16-2019
Everything at your fingertips. I like that. There is whenever so glitches, but that's technology.


Sagar Pandey  10-11-2018
excellent so far.


A Google user  10-2-2018
Gud stuff


sachith kodikara  8-27-2018
Super practical for YSU students


Waltz  8-25-2018
It's a fantastic edition with extremely serviceable news for all, especially new, students.


AlfredoQueen16  8-23-2018
Love it!


Kira Bowman  8-21-2018
Works well and has a extremely practical calendar


Osaretin Osaretin  6-25-2018
fantastic app. Thanks YSU.


Angela Asor  6-3-2018
Really excellent for an international student like me who knows nothing about the states. Thanks and maintain up the excellent works


Adam Earnheardt  10-15-2017
Great! Thanks for adding a site to The Jambar, wasn't there initially. tons appreciated.


Michael Ashby  9-27-2017
Still needs some tweeking.... a site to the Jambar could be good


Ralph Streb  9-6-2017
product still needs some work, but most of the large things seem to be working well.


Esteban Castillo  9-3-2017
It's good, but there's still room for a lot of improvement


gaurav chapagain  8-8-2017
For an international student like me, this is really helpful. Alots of news available... loved it


K.O. Stears  2-15-2017
Unsurprisingly mediocre. The service directories are good and quicker than the YSU website, but the lack of consistency of news is glaring and unprofessional-looking. The clubs directories are also good in theory but poorly executed. The color scheme is weird; I could have expected, man, I dunno, red, white, and black, maybe? The occasion listings are all excruciatingly vague to the point of uselessness. The student feed is a plague on my academic sensibilities. Overall the edition is a cute way but poorly stitched jointly and appears to not once ever crossed the hands of a professional author or designer. Given the university's opinion of professional writers, however, it is totally unsurprising to see poorly written content on official YSU documents. I suppose I must be thanking YSU; this edition has unequivocally assured me that the world certainly needs writers and document designers. By the way, if you're interested in fixing this hot 1994 Geocities mess, I happen to be a PTW student graduating this May. I was going to join AmeriCorps, but maybe we can work out a graduate assistantship? mail me! ☺️


malcom gordon  1-16-2017
Not to wrong


Kesha S.  9-29-2016
I wish I would edit posts.


Whitley Jennings  8-24-2016
I love being able to stay in touch with all of my peers 😁😄🤓


Stormie Tresler  8-13-2016
could be really cool if it wouldn't maintain logging me out each 5 to 10 minutes


Tanya Scaduto  2-10-2016


Treyvon Mills  2-8-2016
The edition definitely deserves a bravo. It serves so tons more of a target to some of us. would definitely avail a dislike button or a "hide post from this user" option for those who constantly fury about politics, club promoters, and pet pictures.


Joe Weser  2-4-2016
good idea to rescue initiate community on our campus.


phillip edel  2-2-2016
fantastic start to our own world 🌎 at YSU


Sandra Durant  2-1-2016
excellent edition for connecting and finding out what's going on. It still needs a few updates. Turning off intimations etc.


Robert Collins  1-29-2016
I don't desire to gain a info each time someone writes on the campus wall.


Jordan B  1-26-2016
extremely useful. cheerful to see YSU catching up with other universities.



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