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The Xinhua information edition is the English-language mobile portal of Xinhua information Agency and a prime platform for dependents around the world to better know about China. As China’s state information agency with worldwide reach, Xinhua has established a worldwide news-gathering network and a multimedia, multichannel, multi-tier and multifunctional information game system, which enables Xinhua to offer comprehensive information services featuring wire service, newspapers, magazines, television, economic information, and the internet-based and recent media products. Xinhua provides English information service 24/7 in the form of text, photo, infographics, music and video. With “Connect China to the World”as the core vision, Xinhua information edition relies on Xinhua’s premier and first-hand English information resources and well-selected news to upgrade our worldwide testers with round-the-clock reporting, telling China stories and reporting world affairs in a comprehensive, timely and objective way. We are more authoritative. The Xinhua information edition provides a big number of first-hand China and world information in English, thanks to its branch offices through China as well as some 180 overseas bureaus. Besides conventional text, picture and clip products, the Xinhua information edition will offer more innovative VR, AR and AI products. The edition also details on-the-scene live news, and exclusive live information reports across a comprehensive avail of the last mobile network technology. We better understand our users. The Xinhua information edition is China’s first mainstream media edition to offer testers sensible instruction service. This highly individualized service is made possible across the construction of an English media database. We touch on more interesting topics. To cater to our readers from each corner of the planet, the Xinhua information edition offers nearly each genre of China and world news, on topics of politics, culture, business and economy, science, technology, social news, sports, entertainment, fashion, health, lifestyles, in-depth analysis, and other sections. We bring more than information services. China has never been so close to the middle of the world stage, and a drastically changing world is also increasingly keen to know more about China. As a result, the key challenge of the Xinhua information edition lies in introducing China experiences, expounding China proposals, offering China solutions, and sharing China wisdom and opportunities with the relax of the world. The Xinhua information edition offers the exquisite not only in content but also in appearance. Its simple and graceful appearance works as a outgoing interface. The keynote offers a subtle blending of a cosmopolitan mode with Chinese hues, while the app’s contents are presented in lists and cards. The Xinhua information edition is your “Window on China”.



Anis ur Rahman  5-30-2021


Super Fine  5-25-2021
It not open hang also solve it


Fazal Hussain  5-23-2021
Google is the avail YouTube and Facebook pages and the exquisite Google mind setup for all of the world dependents and finish detail for ancient blog


D Da  5-20-2021
Ccp propaganda!


Ali Mirzaei  4-16-2021
exquisite information channel. sincere and professional!


Felipe Martins  4-1-2021
It keeps crashing when opened.


Mom Vey  3-10-2021
we love buddies 😡😡😡😤


Kaderio  1-6-2021
excellent information from China, against anglo.saxon propaganda. Theses information have a transparent face.


charles muronzi  1-6-2021
excellent morning


Yixin Qi  1-1-2021
It is extremely informative,very educational and straight to navigate.


lord john Alldis  11-18-2020
The information that you do not hear


Karol Cichor  11-17-2020


Yusuf Tuna  11-15-2020
wonderful experience


Balone Bazaz  9-22-2020
extremely accurate and swift information edition i like it most.


Please execute the house page font bigger. I have to squint my eyes to read the headline.


Anabella Cruz  7-15-2020
The Xinhua information App, a flagship mobile information portal, is your ”Window on China”. The Xinhua information edition is the English-language mobile portal of Xinhua information Agency and a prime platform for dependents around the world to better know about China. As China’s state information agency with worldwide reach, Xinhua has established a worldwide news-gathering network and a multimedia, multichannel, multi-tier and multifunctional information game system, which enables Xinhua to offer comprehensive information services featuring wire .


Katerine Monteith  7-5-2020
Wonderful, meaningful, and intelligently fun.


TonyStarkBhai Pubg  5-26-2020


Bo Sun  4-20-2020
fantastic information edition


Maximilian Gassmann  4-17-2020
excellent information source, but my major interest lies in shove notifications, as I don't have the time to try each single one of my 20+ information apps. The shove intimations on Xinhua do not seem to work outside of the app, meaning they pop up when you're already in the app, but they don't exhibit up on your lockscreen, for instance.


Joshua S  4-16-2020


some trash  4-10-2020


Sundararaj Sundaram.V  3-24-2020
I like it


Christopher Erswell  1-13-2020
good information source. No more biased then western information propaganda.


Gwai Tsi  12-22-2019
extremely suspicious. Why does it maintain asking me to allow it to avail microphone recording? Why could a information edition need to record anything in the background


patricia stewart  12-15-2019
Balanced information coverage!


Ricky Chow  12-4-2019
extremely pleased with it


Yawthar Ko Ko Phyo  9-3-2019


Mohan Bhujel  9-2-2019


Meg muluk  9-1-2019


Abdul Zabbar  9-1-2019
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Uzzal Kumar  8-18-2019


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earning guru  8-18-2019
extremely wrong edition


Harbinder Singh Lali  8-18-2019
excellent job


Nandlal Yadav  8-18-2019


Alamin Isalm  8-17-2019
এমডি আলামিন হাসান


MD. Alamin  8-15-2019
MD, Alamin


Vinay Gupte  8-15-2019
it gives network error again and again


Pankaj Kumar Singh  8-14-2019
hi, sapna jee i am your large fan.


Gaming chanel  8-14-2019
zee tv He


Surendra Mehta Mehta  8-12-2019
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Lakshman Kuma  8-8-2019
lakshman Kumar


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Mohammad Yusuf Bhuiyan  8-7-2019
maruf team and knowledge of the most famed and knowledge


sulavananda devgoswami  8-7-2019
extremely good but pictures not projected FB.


Jaimohan Kachroo  8-7-2019
I installed just now afterwards will give


Matibur Rahman  8-4-2019
hello dear buddy how are you today


Qiang Liu  8-4-2019
crashes on opening, hope you will fix. OnePlus 5T.


Anil Bc  8-3-2019


Md Easin  8-3-2019


Shaun F  8-3-2019
dont annoy with this edition it is not excellent when you install and check ooen it just says it jas crashed dont waste your time their is better editions


Ahona Nijhum  8-2-2019


Sobus Khain  8-2-2019
www hai cercx vedueo bagali 201


Alam Bd  8-2-2019


D.N.prasad Rao Prasad  8-2-2019


Krishna Dhanar  8-1-2019
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sk hridoy  8-1-2019


অচেনা দীপ  8-1-2019


raj Kumar  7-31-2019


G Venugopal G Venugopal  7-31-2019
excellent edition


Dipak bohara ANali  7-31-2019


Lank Barman  7-31-2019
mane mane Bengali ki


jaffer hussain  7-30-2019
sometimewant to know qiblafor prayer(namaz)thenvery usefull


the legendary SHILISH of 612  7-30-2019
not working




Jagaddhatri Sharma  7-29-2019
testong editions


Christine Kirby  7-28-2019
edition stopped working with July update. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. It still won't open. Otherwise, fantastic edition to get neutral information around the world. Better world information (much less biased) than world information from US sources


Rajkumar Fouzder  7-26-2019
good edition excellent


John Michael  7-17-2019
The edition fails to open and keeps crashing each time I attempt to open it. Hopefully the trouble can be rectified soon.


Raymond Tu  7-17-2019
crashing constantly cant open after upgrade


MAI AA RAHA HU  7-12-2019
the day I have upgraded the product is not opening...


Dani Chew  7-11-2019
I couldn't open the upgraded edition from run shop with my Huawei Nova 3i. I can open the former edition before the recent update. I uninstalled and installed it on Huawei edition Gallery. It works now.


Robert Loh  7-10-2019
Something incorrect with this topical update. editions does not work at all, crashhhh


Juwel ahmed  6-24-2019
xviqes xander ye


ABDUL ALIM  6-24-2019
good edition


Sajeeb Zone  6-24-2019
extremely pentastik and straight


Parkash Bohara  6-24-2019


Lalan Sahani  6-23-2019


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zillur Rahman


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