Android Version: 5.0App: Worm Out
Release date: Jun 2, 2021App Rating: 2
Author: Mamboo GamesCategory: game puzzle
Name: Worm OutExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Welcome to Worm Out - company recent snake io game. hilarious release about getting the worm out of the apple and other foods. Find, grab and pull worms out! Many levels, dozens colors, dozens obstacles. discover the exquisite strategy to win these pests. Do not forget about upgrades to ameliorate your gaming process and become the exquisite in pest control!



Pochy RCG  7-21-2021
Too dozens adverts


Pyrope  7-21-2021
repair the god damn code! This could be an okay release if it didn't break everytime you fired a crossbow.


Arleen Dragneel  7-21-2021
Too dozens adds and it also freezes


Clovis Reidt  7-18-2021
idea too dozens adverts


Tim Dyson  7-18-2021
It's an ad vehicle, that's about it. It's not as enjoyment as the adverts and photos execute out. adverts pop up each tier or so and with the minimum run time being 5-30 seconds they are someone longer than the time spent in levels. The point of this release was whenever to serve you adverts and execute money. Don't expect anything more and you won't be disappointed.


Eileen Yang  7-18-2021
Haha crashes after each tier gg


Ben Cooper  7-18-2021
One word ads. Ad after each level, adverts newest longer then the actual tier spent more time watching adverts then playing


Erin Atkinson  7-18-2021
Too dozens adverts


seven armies  7-18-2021
tiers start repeating really boring


Jon Jeske  7-17-2021
Ad after each tier


Sean B  7-17-2021
At the moment it doesn't even start up. Crashes every time you check to open it


Harry Gemmell  7-17-2021
Honestly the only motive mobile releases suck is cause of money grab developers making these genres of releases you should be extremely proud of the lives you should live


Robert Vikingur  7-17-2021
If you like adverts with a little release run between every ad then this release is for you! Change the name from worm out to ad simulator 2021.


Rhys Godfrey  7-17-2021
Direct copy of dozens other games, adverts after every tier that take all of 2 seconds to play. Steer clear.


Harrison Steel  7-17-2021
Opens for a few seconds then closes shame cos it looked enjoyment


Debbie Nedeau  7-13-2021


Mary Gray  7-6-2021
lovely game, I played on airplane style so no ads. Only 30 levels, then it loops, so only about a 10 min run time. But value the download if you have some time to kill!


DeVante Cedar  7-6-2021
Yeah too dozens ads, I had 3 adverts in one tier it was wrong


Vandal Spride  7-6-2021
Seemed a bit too straight for me. amazing concept. Just personal opinion


John Lloyd-clarke  7-6-2021
Couldn't even execute it 30 SECONDS without getting a ad, absolutely ridiculous. whittle the quantity of ads. Do not install this game.


MasterBloc  7-5-2021
More time watching unskippable adverts than actually playing the game. Don't know why I wasted my time.


monkeysr crazy  7-5-2021
adverts after each level. each tier


Bon Rusher  7-5-2021
So dozens ads. I had an unskippable ad, completed a single level, then had another unskippable ad. That happened three more times, then i uninstalled.


Thomas Jewell  7-4-2021
adverts all the time


Adam Smith  7-4-2021
It's an alright release but it's absolute of adverts and only 30 tiers making the release take maybe 7 minutes without any adverts


Noah Davis  7-4-2021
releases are supposed to be fun. There's no challenge. There's an ad each two tiers and the tiers are very short. You spend more time watching adverts than playing the release (if you can even call it a game) and the release isn't even excellent enough to pay for ad removal. Message to parents: do you love your kid? If you don't, then I can see you letting them run this while you go sleep. That's literally the only motive this exists. The only motive that makes sense.


Sierra Dawn  7-3-2021
loops extremely soon into the game, gets rather boring


Trey Overton  7-2-2021
Barely any tiers and not that challenging


DragonHearted 2022  6-9-2021
It doesn't work all it does is exhibit the background if it was possible to give zero star I could give this one zero


RAZERBLADE 0910  6-9-2021
Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but the tiers just restart after about 9 or 10, and then just change the fruit or vegetable and the color of the worm. And until this is changed or I am informed about it, my review will be a 2.


Brenda Fox  6-9-2021
This release just keeps looping here's some solution stop creating releases it will execute things better but if you continue to initiate releases you will have the whole Google run shop versus you


Koa Lefebvre  6-8-2021
Barely any tiers



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