Android Version: 4.1App: Word Pearls: Free Word Games & Puzzles
Release date: May 28, 2019App Rating: 5
Author: Unico StudioCategory: game word
Name: Word Pearls: Free Word Games & PuzzlesExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Word Pearls is one of the World’s most famed mobile word games. This gratuitous word release is a great "spin" on traditional word connect games, word uncover games, and word puzzle games. It is the most genuine word release in the marketplace now. It is an original combination of trivia, word search, and word connect games. With its unique themes and music, it is calming as tons as challenging. In the release basically, words are divide into syllables and gamesters need to connect words back jointly by using bubbles. There are plenty of engaging categories/levels. The words in every tier are a part of a certain topic. gamesters must carefully think about words associated to the topic to solve the puzzles. If some words are recent to players, they can whenever look them up in the dictionary by simply tapping. Word Pearls brings a diverse adventure to word puzzle lovers. If you like crosswords and word uncover releases you will lose follow of time while playing this gratuitous word game. Features: • fresh word puzzle release with hundreds of unique challenges! • gratuitous diurnal rewards! • gather bounty words! Earn rewards for finding extra words! • Earn boosters! avail the spyglass, light bulb or hurtle when you gain stuck! • disclose recent themes. pick from themes that disclose as you play! • fantastic exercise for the brain. • run without the internet. • run offline. • Brain teasers and brain releases for adults. If you are bored with word connect releases and looking for recent word releases or enjoyment word releases for gratuitous you will enjoy Word Pearls. This ideal recent release is one of the exquisite word releases for adults. Enjoy addictive word games! Download for Free!



Dorothy Taylor  12-8-2020
Lots of fun.


Larry Cypher  12-7-2020


Eloisa Abades  12-7-2020
Less advertising


Lisa Kopp  12-7-2020


Pamala Overlin  12-7-2020


kota vasundhara  12-7-2020
This edition is extremely excellent I like it a lot. It is extremely interesting and extremely excellent app. There will be some themes to select. It is a excellent release instead of all games. It is like a excellent time when we run this game. When I am in frustrated I run this game. I confirm that this is a extremely excellent app. There will be no add in between also


Judy Brice  12-7-2020
Enjoy playing the game.


Faye Thompson  12-7-2020


diane daniel  12-7-2020
Can't stop playing.


Florence Wright  12-7-2020


Voncile Wells  12-6-2020
Its enjoyment


Veron Dorsett  12-6-2020
Love it


Aquila Galli  12-6-2020
It's only ok. You earn cash as you play, but you can't avail them for clues or anything. The release is good, but useless.


kris moyet  12-6-2020
enjoyment game....i really like it!


Virginia Colinson  12-6-2020
Fun, so far


Gloria Ungericht  12-6-2020


Lisa Carroll  12-6-2020
fantastic release it doesn't maintain asking me for money to run


Amy Stahl  12-5-2020
fantastic game! extremely challenging at times. cheerful I found it 🥰


Brenda Brooks  12-5-2020
gain excellent


Harriet Williams  12-5-2020
Love them all Amen


Murugesan Murugan  12-5-2020
I. Love. This. Game. Soooooo. tons


Delores Alexander  12-5-2020
Exciting and a bit challenging as I hope on.


scherelle fowler  12-4-2020
it's a enjoyment edition to have and to run with and stimulate your brain


Monna Pryjda  12-4-2020
excellent for my memory!


Shelia Millender  12-4-2020
Like it


Claudia Olivares  12-4-2020


Diana Smith  12-4-2020
Love this release alot of enjoyment and makes you think!


ramireddy gontu  12-4-2020


Peggy Price  12-4-2020
excellent release TO KEEPYOUR MOND THINKING !!!


Alline Mcadams  12-4-2020


E Christian  12-3-2020
nearly 60 tiers and nearly no coins!!! What a cop-out!


Sandra Ortiz  12-3-2020
straight To discover The Words.Fantastic


EVE ROSHEVSKY  12-3-2020
I havent seen it yet. Advise asking for rating at END of release NOT BEGINNING!


Shari Bakke  12-3-2020
Relaxing release that wakes up your brain.


Merilyn Sparkes  12-3-2020


Kelly brown  12-3-2020
enjoyment releases


Beverly Brickey  12-2-2020
beautiful kewl


Karlene Gallimore  12-2-2020
This is not what I wanted.i desire the one that says pick the proper spelling.thst what I see advertising.


Betty Jean Gaines  12-2-2020


Gay Ross  12-2-2020
I could give it a five if it had half the ads.


Kathy Rollwagen  12-2-2020
E Z P Z , so far


Audrey Williams  12-1-2020


Allyson Tiger  12-1-2020
fantastic graphics Enjoy playing


Gary Gill  12-1-2020
Super enjoyment


Piper Aros  12-1-2020
amazing until about 451 then I couldn't finish it


Rahul Munjal  12-1-2020
good Aap


Teressa Stewart  12-1-2020
enjoyment and Challenging!


Alice Harcrow  12-1-2020
Its enjoyment


Meezer Reminds me of the sixties!  12-1-2020
enjoyment so far


Beverlry Sudeikis  12-1-2020


Dianna Arms  11-30-2020
It was a excellent release ! I just had a problem not gain my cash sometimes .


Christine Ford  11-30-2020
Keeps shutting down. I run about 4 releases and it freezes up and then shuts off. It's irritating.


Pratibha Sharma  11-30-2020
excellent .


Ayesha Qadri  11-30-2020
Its ok


Dayvid Klinofsky  11-29-2020
Keeps mind sharp. good for all ages.


Wanda Meldrum  11-29-2020


Jan Burnette  11-29-2020
Lots of enjoyment so far, just started playing. Sorry, but to dozens ads.


Eener ReRenee  11-29-2020
enjoyment word game, to dozens adverts but, value playing


Alyson Ford  11-29-2020
It is just so enjoyment i love this release


Eola M Jones  11-29-2020
I love this release because I can study something recent that I didn't know.


Regina Ritchie  11-29-2020
idea too dozens adverts


Kristi Kuykendall  11-29-2020
fantastic I love the game!


Rudell Smith  11-29-2020
I love the release


maricris vergara  11-29-2020


Jenny Mcphail  11-29-2020
fantastic enjoyment


Jan Dunn  11-28-2020
straight and enjoyment


Marc Kodiak Hassett  11-28-2020
Addicting and fun.


Dianne Saenz  11-28-2020
enjoyment game!!


Geraldine Checker  11-28-2020
extremely enjoyable release


Dorthe Lopez  11-28-2020
Awesomeness and extremely captivating


Tracy Sharrett  11-28-2020
Only just started playing but I'm liking it


Leona Sodke  11-27-2020



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