Android Version: 4.1App: Word Landscape: Scapes Word Mix
Release date: Oct 31, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Super Fun Games freeCategory: word
Name: Word Landscape: Scapes Word MixExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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*** enjoyment and addictive gratuitous word releases to relieve you from stress! Simply swipe your finger to initiate the word from scrabble letters. Download Word Landscape - Scapes Wordmix to have some enjoyment from gratuitous crossword puzzles with your babe and friends. *** You'll entirely gain hooked on this word release - it perfectly combines gratuitous crossword puzzles with word connect gameplay. Download Word Landscape - Scapes Wordmix because you are actually playing two releases with one single swipe, which doubles the joy. Tired of traditional word releases that are absolute of boring background colors or graphics? Download Word Landscape - Scapes Wordmix have integrated the most renowned and delightful landscapes to rest your eyes and mind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Makes Our Word release Special: 1000+ tiers build up based on Oxford Dictionaries. A ton of eye-teasing graphics of landscapes integrated. The word blend release starts straight and then ramps up move by step. Train your word uncover skill and increase your vocab while having fun. Awesome sound effects and audio that can be turned on/off as you want. Challenge your ability to discover more extra words to earn coins. It does not require WiFi - you can have word enjoyment anytime & anywhere you want. 100% gratuitous crossword puzzles as well as future upgrade. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Play: Swipe your finger for word searching and crosswords - see how dozens crossy words you can discover in the given scrambled letters. Swipe vertically/horizontally/diagonally to connect the letters to form words Once a word is created correctly, it will be filled in the crossword blocks - fill in all the blocks to pass the level. Finding extra words can earn your more cash and higher ratings. When you gain stuck in any level, avail the tricks - cash can buy more hints.



λ„λ΄‰μˆœ  6-4-2021


Mphoza Nkosi  4-2-2021


Naheed Mahmood  3-10-2021
exquisite edition ever


Eliza Quezon  3-9-2021
word landscape I love it


cathy kennel  2-21-2021
So far been a excellent release


Ashley Clark  2-20-2021


iram rubab  2-7-2021
extremely good and challenging release I ever played.


Fairest Cape Meander Cathy Oosterwyk  1-16-2021
excellent and enjoyment


Donald Chaperlo  12-31-2020
Used to be a fantastic game! Now I have had tier 71 done for nearly 2 weeks and it won't promotion to 72. I can still do anything else on the house page but that's it.


Weber English  12-29-2020
fantastic word game!!!


Paul Snyder  12-6-2020
Too early to declare how excellent it is.


gerald walls  11-20-2020
good and smooth


A Google user  10-14-2020
Stuck on tier 32


Abigail Aidoo  10-10-2020


Naved Khan  10-3-2020


Jenny Vinson  9-12-2020
This release is awesome.


It's a good release that helps a person to think fast.


Kyle Boles  7-6-2020
enjoyment even better


Aneeqah Vardien  6-23-2020
Have lots of enjoyment playing the release with my husband


Mary Mitzi Decena  6-9-2020
These landscapes are excellent


Eugene Otieno  6-4-2020


Maria alma Smith  5-28-2020


Jennifer Downey  5-17-2020
No complaints just yet. Just downloaded today


Pamela Johnson  5-15-2020
good thanks


Pamela Johnson  5-14-2020
greatest thanks


Olive Whelan  5-12-2020
Loving this game.great enjoyment


Amanda Mccoy  5-2-2020


maura montebon  5-1-2020
excellent learning...


Pierre R.W.  4-29-2020
Doesn't count each possible word


Janelle Aniniagyei  4-27-2020
The release is cool and good but they must permit us pick the themes in the release and must permit us open the pigbank for gratuitous


Linda Boston  4-21-2020


DarkSherri  4-20-2020
enjoyment a little fudtrating


Linda M.  4-19-2020


arlene keenan  4-9-2020
Just started but it seems like it would gain challenging. I hope so


Miriam Rowland Zambrano  4-2-2020
Love it


Nancy Cable  4-1-2020
Makes your brain work on words you forgot in the quotidian language


TaeTae Hyung  4-1-2020


Tess Rodriguez  3-31-2020
I love it


Belle Yao  3-30-2020
it good and relaxing


Tess Rodriguez  3-30-2020
exquisite release I love it


Florabel Velos Contento  3-29-2020
fantastic experience


Kamal Nongmaithem  3-24-2020
This release is extremely crazy


Leeann Woods  3-24-2020
Horrible. It just freezes and gets stuck on pause all the time now. Used to love it. extremely disappointing.


Ron Benoit  3-23-2020


Margo Odoms  3-10-2020
extremely excellent


Michael Sackenhiem  3-9-2020
Its enjoyment just started but i love it


Jomar Velasco  3-6-2020
My mommy love wordscape releases right do more releases like this i only download word releases only for her to execute her whenever delighted


Charlene Wiebe  3-3-2020
fantastic and lots enjoyment


Marvin Ib-ib  2-28-2020
For me this release has rescue me more to encounter the words and spelling to enhance my knowledge and experience the words that I never encounter.


Barbie Hottot  2-14-2020
good release


Virginia Macklin  2-12-2020
fantastic Game!


Ruth Keeley  2-10-2020
fantastic Game! excellent Experience!


ko kooo  2-9-2020
Stopped the tier 110.Why?. Whom know.


Cheryn Isbell  2-4-2020
love it but stuck on tier and completed the puzzle but it wont go to next tier


Charanya Jayachandran  1-31-2020
release got stuck in tier 71.. couldn't proceed further. It's excellent release otherwise


Sherylyn Abu  1-25-2020
good release


Collette Fingers  1-21-2020
It's a cool release to play!!!!


edna cheng  1-20-2020
enjoyment release


Gracelou57  1-19-2020
So fun!!!


Judith Penn  1-19-2020
There are dozens legitimate words that are not recognized. Also, I got stuck after completing a tier and the release could not allow me to continue to the next tier so I had to stop.


Mudd Stevenson  1-19-2020
It is a excellent game. adverts are reasonably used and I enjoyed it. Thank you.


Scott Alm  1-19-2020
I recently put in a 2 star ratingdue to some puzzles repeating themselves so I emailed for assistance and their client service is amazing. They replied nearly promptly and had the problem repaired but then a couple of hours.


Zporia Norman  1-13-2020


Filip JalΕ‘ovec  1-11-2020


Jesse Ryan  1-10-2020


James E Thomas  1-9-2020
addictive game!


Charles Maina  1-9-2020


Duncan Jars19  1-3-2020
This is awsome release


Marilyn Lucica  1-2-2020


JM B  1-1-2020
To intractable for a babe like me


Cassey Kanowski  12-31-2019
extremely excellent


Rich Law  12-30-2019


Barbara Clifford  12-29-2019


Pillow  12-26-2019
This release is actually really fun.


Hellen Moraa  12-21-2019


Nattie Tovar  12-18-2019
good release


Bobbie Hocog  12-18-2019
enjoyment and extremely challenging.


Brent Duncan  12-15-2019
Soothing and relaxing


Sandra Weimer  12-14-2019
enjoyment to run


J Boogie  12-14-2019
Cool crosswords game! Love the Graphics!


Cjhay Dela Vega  12-10-2019
I like it so tons


Diane Rose  12-8-2019
desires top tons rules notification for a release


Dennis Kobia  12-6-2019
smooth in run


jenny stivala  12-5-2019
I discover it enjoyment i enjoy it alot run often .


Lynn Propps  12-1-2019


Alex Kendall  12-1-2019
LOVE the release but it has been stuck on tier 110 in the crossed section since I downloaded and reached it the same day. The release also says paused but the uncrossed section is playable. No response from devs. Too bad.


steven brown  12-1-2019
fantastic edition


theunbreakable lastpart  11-30-2019



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