Android Version: 4.4App: Word & Makeover: Word Crossy & Home Design
Release date: Mar 26, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: Casual Joy GamesCategory: game word
Name: Word & Makeover: Word Crossy & Home DesignExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Looking for a recent productive game? run wordscapes & dream house release now.🏘 complete the word puzzles, enjoy the life of an interior decorator in this gratuitous word game.🌠 Word & Makeover will give you the wonderful house designing and word connecting enjoyment at the same time! With more tiers you passed, your fantastic memory and productive mind will be known by dozens players.🌟As the release goes by, you will memorize more and more words, and rescue more and more dependents to refresh their house decorations. To run this game, you need to: 🏆 Based on your vocabulary to step the lines and the letters to discover the right word; 🏆 complete all the topical words to finish the level; 🏆 try the task and rescue dependents to refinish their house with your productive design; 🏆 maintain completing the next tiers to disclose more content. We supply the following to you: - correct grade of difficulty; The hardship will grow gradually to execute sure you will have a enjoyment and challenging release experience. - bounty and hints; With reasonable bonuses and tips, you can pass the tier smoothly but not feel too straight or too hard. - Continuous update; execute sure you will have more tiers to run and diversified houses to design. - diverse styles from all around the world; In the game, you can acknowledge diversified styles from diverse countries. - Refinishing the diverse parts of the home; Not just the same room, you will have the chance to decorate bedrooms, Kitchens, gardens, swimming pool, and so on. - Styles cross the age and location; Modern or Classic, Urban or country, Cosy or Romantic, all of them will present to you. - Gaming from anywhere. Using your phone, you can run wherever and always you want. - upgrade promising. This is an significant thing for you and us. We are here to welcome any comments, suggestions, or ideas. With you, we can be better and better.



Ken Rosso  6-17-2021
it excellent


Janet Romano  6-17-2021
So far it's beautiful easy. Only played for a few days. try it out for urself peeps!!


Ana Scarlet  6-16-2021
The recent upgrade reverted half of my progress.


Theresa Weber  6-15-2021
enjoyment release


Curtis Pettipas  6-14-2021
Haven't played long enough to decide.


Debora Prestileo  6-14-2021
I love that it's 2 releases in one.I enjoy it extremely much.


Peggy Lucki  6-14-2021
I haven't played extremely long but I do like it so far


Carol Lewis  6-14-2021
It was going fantastic until the recent update. I finished a few rooms and it seems like i have to start again. 1star per level.. im over 500 levels. must i be getting more stars and cash per level? I will check liking facebook page to see if this will help. The adverts for the elements dont work and doubling the prize does not work either. Please help. I also sent message in release as well but no response


Ly Saravy  6-8-2021


Sol Oren  6-7-2021
A excellent and enjoyment release


Elaine Washington  6-5-2021
This release is poorly set-up for winning awards! No matter how you win your awards in gems, you can't design the room due to failure to change gems into coins. cash are the only idea to acheive winnings to buy furniture items. The wrong results are you are in for a long, long time to wait to complete your game. Constantly winning gems which doesn't rescue the gamester at all! I do not like this set-up! This is not a enjoyable game! I will uninstall!


Bethany buckman  6-4-2021
fantastic so far


Marguerite Mcannally  6-3-2021
Only played for less than half hour. release crashed over and over. Or stopped and went all the idea back to first screen. Balloon "gift" doesn't work. Watch ad for reward and nothing. Uninstalled. Shame. Looked like excellent release suchlike to Wordscapes (which is great) but with design aspect.


Amanda Wernick  6-2-2021


Colleen Kelly  5-31-2021
good release


Satya Prakash Singh  5-30-2021
This release is awsome


FountainOf Light  5-26-2021
Mediocre at best. They only have five rooms and you really only gain 2 choices except you desire to watch a lot of adverts then you have three ugly choices. I'm beautiful sure this isn't a veritable release and just a idea for the developers to gain money from advertisements. They don't even annoy programming all possible words. I'd declare this is a intractable pass except you are just really bored.


tooba shafiq  5-25-2021
Take alot of time to open which is silent irritating


liliya grinfeld  5-21-2021
It's a really lovely game, but I am out of the rooms, and I do not even know how long do I have to wait for the recent ones. It's also everything we choosing from the photo says roof, from the beginning it was confusing, still I like the game, please execute recent rooms attainable 🙏🏼 thank you. From April till May, still no recent rooms. Too bad, I am uninstalling this game.


Kaur Inderpal  5-20-2021
I like this so tons


Yvonne et Herman Poirier  5-19-2021
enjoyment so far


Cathi Burton  5-18-2021
What a great game.


Sarah Hourani  5-17-2021
It's a extremely good release because it helps my English to be better


Danielle Smith  5-17-2021
Not my taste


Rebecca Moyer  5-16-2021
outstanding release


Sandra Foote  5-15-2021
release is not to intractable not to simple


Happy Akhara  5-14-2021
excellent for run


Judy Tolbert  5-12-2021
Can't even download or install this game. I'm gone.finslly got this release . On the second room. Bought and paid for a large ticket elements . You took my money, but not any item. Dispute my paying for it. I know it is just a game. But I do not do dishonesty. So, I am uninstalling. Bye.


Janis Carmichael  5-12-2021
😊would give it a 5 if the adverts could download....🙄


Lorraine Barber  5-9-2021
Only just started playing but so far so good. good to have release doing outside the home where Alot of my other releases are just indoors.


Theresa Cornell  5-6-2021
It's ok release


lyn hawkins  5-3-2021
Enjoyable and addictive


Pshychonerd Girl  5-2-2021
I love it and i whenever desired to be a house designer and i love this.


Julie Shiggins  5-2-2021
Love it, excellent graphics!!!!


Lindsay Persinger  5-2-2021
extremely addicted to this release


Diana Galvan  5-2-2021
Its enjoyment fantastic I recomed it to all the public


Mandy Speake  5-1-2021
good game, but after doing the garden and outside of house, it keeps declaring no Internet connection even though there is


Cris Misul  5-1-2021
Started right now and cannot go on . It is literally blocked and it s impossible to do anything . So far NOT excellent . I also tried to restart


Billy Herring  5-1-2021
Really enjoyment


Tracy Paine  5-1-2021
extremely excellent release 👍


gail brewer  5-1-2021
So far so excellent


Kimberly Smith  5-1-2021
Just started playing im really liking it so far maintain up the fantastic work thank you Developers 😊


jessica scriba  5-1-2021
Love it


Lorraine Whitney  5-1-2021
excellent game.


Katherine White  4-30-2021
Super fun!!!


Denise Esty  4-29-2021
good release


sherry taylor  4-29-2021
Having A Marvelous Time Jogging The Brain With The Word Cross So dozens Choices To pick From When Decorating The Graphics Are outstanding A extremely Pleasurable release I Highly instruct It Have A fantastic Afternoon Thanks To Whoever Made This release So Enjoyable


Pamela Coleman  4-29-2021
It's a relaxing game.


Kristen Caldwell  4-27-2021


Katlyn Wilson  4-24-2021


Sabrina De Santos  4-22-2021
enjoyment for me


Kiki Packman  4-19-2021
Only on tier 12 but it seems a excellent release


Taruni Parthasarathy  4-17-2021


Linda Avery  4-8-2021


Karen Hannon  4-8-2021
I love this dhesign release , it's enjoyment to run . The colours & textures are excellent so far


johaila thompson  3-31-2021


Jhesy Han  3-29-2021
Awsome E


TIARA TV  3-29-2021
good release


Jean Altar  3-28-2021
So far... it is a excellent and relaxing release


Gina Gequillana  3-28-2021
fantastic game! 👍😊♥️♥️♥️


Heather Quick  3-28-2021
Slow and sluggish, vibration turned on when swiping the letters. Tried playing this release again and nothing has changed, it still runs slow and sluggish when swiping the letters.


Rheynalee Montecir  3-28-2021


Merma Marquez  3-27-2021
extremely good since i install this release im stress gratuitous


Sheila Hay  3-27-2021
4 stars for now. 2 problems you might fix. each element that comes up to pick from to decorate says ROOF on top. Also the balloons to watch add maintain floating by where I'm trying to connect letters. extremely annoying. Also a problem that may be my tablet...I cannot watch the add as image just stays empty and can't X out when complete, if it starts at all. I can't skip the add as only choice is 2X points so I have to press it,..then I accident and have to reload the game. Hope this helps you.



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