Android Version: 6.0App: Wizarding Mystery: AFK& RAID
Release date: Jul 15, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: WizGameCategory: game role playing
Name: Wizarding Mystery: AFK& RAIDExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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🧙🏼‍♂️ Go lazy and rest in Wizarding World🧙🏼‍♂️ Use the cdkey ”WM777” to gain your newbie gifts! 🔥 100+ fabled charmers and witches 🔥 great pets beyond imagination 🔥Epic wands and mighty weapons 🔥Stimulating worldwide Peak Arena The Dark monsieur is coming and the whole world is in peril! The Wizarding Academy need a champion to save the world! As the protagonist, you are believed to be the chosen one! Listen to the call and join the academy! Game features ⚔️ Epic charmers and Witches In the world of Wizarding Mystery, you can gather and tier up over one hundred fabled charmers and witches. each champion has unique abilities and staggering powers! Form the strongest group of powerful champions and demolish the darklord now! ⚔️ Go lazy and Relax Your champions are working for you even when your are offline! No more grinding and no more p2w! brave abilities can be automatically released throughout the battle, allowing you to get rewards by lazy battles. Ten minutes a day, you can experience an epic trip of magic. ⚔️Grab treasures in the maze anytime Maze system with rogue-like elements, Phantom turret dungeons with abundant rewards are waiting ahead! run anytime anywhere and never need to finish tasks by grinding, lazy releases shall be played with ease! ⚔️Challenge the worldwide Peak Arena You can build alliances with buddies from around the world to mission gild Bosses. With an all-new peak arena, all gamesters can assemble champion group for soldier medal in a fair manner. ⚔️Simple yet Sophisticated Strategy The seemingly simple six-hero group can form countless strategies! diverse champion bonds, mutually exclusive alliances, group formation, skill combinations...With a tender swing of the magical wand, you can gain victory and turn back the powers of darkness! Follow our facebook supporter page!



BakingRye Bread  12-5-2021
It won't permit me log into my account on a diverse gadget it's bs


Jamie Alexander  12-5-2021
fantastic release


Mike Viele  12-5-2021
release won't start I gain to house image and it just stays there


Hector Camarena  12-5-2021
It's excellent release but accident to tons nearly each 5 minutes and I have to log out all the time to back to run for another 5 mins that is why I give 3 star


Jessica Mclendon  12-5-2021
What is incorrect with this game? You can't even gain into it.


Gerald Yorke  12-5-2021
could be higher if it didn't lag to tons and kick me out each 5 minutes


Tucker DeHart  12-5-2021
Honestly a excellent game, only down voting because for some motive you can't run except you are connected to wifi.


Amanda Boggs  12-5-2021
It is a excellent release but each few moments it closes on me


TJ Schwartzkopf  12-5-2021
The release has been by far one of the best, though I am unhappy Luna is not portrayed or Ginny....also Umbridge I feel must be part of the dark team not the light but that's just my opinion


Nick Lowe  12-4-2021
It started off friendly, and yeah it is your random rip off of a famed series , but I was enjoying but its contests are not counting right.. It says I signed 2days but the contest says 1 day, the draws have been conveniently been given me a bunch of toons I don't need when I gain a bunch of "free" elite dops . Has happend 8 times in a row is sus.. no one desires hufflepuff toons...


Travon Porter  12-4-2021
Love it so far and it's not even P2W


Jamie Morris  12-4-2021
Clicking the image is hardly even responsive


Lee Fandrey  12-4-2021
fantastic Game! Please add a Ginny Weasley character and I'll 5* it!!!


Nikos Vafioudakhs  12-3-2021
fantastic game!!!


Stephen Hartkemeier  11-30-2021
This release is awful! Not only it is a ripoff of Harry Potter, it is super laggey (even with WiFi) and heavily pay to win! Either read the magazines or watch the films instead of playing this game!


Jonas Svensson  11-29-2021
Wow, the quantity of fake comments on this one is just silly. Devs, maybe spread your ratings out a bit more next time, it's idea to obvious.


Sirajul Khan  11-28-2021
good release so far. any recent codes yet. thank you


Joe Piazza  11-26-2021
enjoyment release I'm hoping we gain a gild conflict styled style soon maybe more ideas to avail gold


Janik Lorentzen  11-21-2021
a "Perfect" is just generic creature you avail as fodder and plenty of them are given, what u need is the level above, locked to paying hard.


Jun Wei  11-19-2021
Can spend hours grinding maps. Overall a fantastic game. I could propose arena being able to skip. Dev are active and resolve problem once they are contacted.


Kat Bean  11-16-2021
excellent game, enjoying it. But it's crashing each 20 minutes on a Samsung S9. Bit more optimization needed otherwise maintain going, looking forward to more characters to collect.


Paul G  11-16-2021
I had built a really excellent group over a couple of weeks of constant play, only to load the release and have the release fully lose my account and act like I was playing it for the first time. my account was linked to my google account for supposed prevention of this circumstance too. tried deleting and reinstalling the release multiple times and still nothing, even running across the forced trick again and then trying to switch to my google account failed. no idea am I starting over. Uninstalled.


Malcolm Harris  11-15-2021
The lag is horrible one brawl then releases starts lagging and freezing repair the lags and bugs could gain 5 stars straight


Steven Plummer  11-14-2021
A fantastic release the only motive for 3* is the release keeps force closing repair that and I'll rate 5*


Daniel Ivanov  11-13-2021
I stopped playing due to made a mistake while choosing my home and the isn't a idea to change it... solid 4 stars.


Wayne Waite  11-13-2021
So far so good. I just desired severus Snake. I miss him, Always.


Alexander Mitch  11-13-2021
Less pay to win if possible. The release is really enjoyable.


Jesus Rodriguez  11-12-2021
I can only run over wifi i cant run on mi 5g network sucks


Gisela de Carvalho  11-12-2021
A surprisingly excellent Pottermore theme styled game, with a enjoyment twist! As a Pottermore, I have enjoyment playing it. The AFK mode allows me to manage my gaming time better and to enjoy the tale and the characters as well. Thank you and maintain it up!


Daniel Doe  11-11-2021
Not installing as it keeps declaring try updates


Ryan Jade Baquilar  11-10-2021
good game,,plsss repair the logging release I can't enjoy because cause of lag


Marc Grav  11-9-2021
Enjoy the release but it keeps closing down each 15-30 minutes


Jimenez Tuttle  11-9-2021
It’s been good to far. More casual strategy experience.


Carmelita Pamela  11-9-2021
Because of hary ,I could give it a try,✌🙂 Then I fully love this release and have no complaints✨✨💫💫💫🌟


Abdie Webster  11-9-2021
A mobile release that rewards me when I don’t play. This is great.


Bagehot Sandra  11-9-2021
I’ve had no problems with the release and have had a excellent time playing it


Reed Germaine  11-9-2021
I literally can’t put this release down it’s amazing.


Rainey Ray  11-9-2021
exquisite F2P with purchases I’ve played so far.


Dahlia Tabitha  11-9-2021
I love champion collection strategy/rpg games, but not so tons lazy games. Was pleasantly surprised when I discovered wizarding mystery isn’t lazy at all. The only thing that happens while you are lazy is that your group continues to gather riches (gear, money, lvl materials) that you claim when logging back in.


Darby Fischer  11-9-2021
The rates on this release seem fair. The release so far is beautiful fun.


Ogden Timothy  11-9-2021
OMG I LOVE THIS!! It's gratuitous and so tons enjoyment and I am just speechless!! YOU should run THIS!! Guarantee happyness!!!


Ballard Simons  11-9-2021
it’s a really straight choose up and play, excellent for burning a couple hours leveling up. highly recommended!


Nell Acres  11-9-2021
Played this releases for 2 weeks and I enjoyed it extremely well, also it’s not run to win which is excellent


Elise Forrest  11-9-2021
Play, forget, gather and run some more!


Waller Harden  11-9-2021
It’s a fantastic gratuitous release that doesn’t require to tons work or time.


Roberts West hernandez  11-9-2021
it is so enjoyment it is just like Harry and you gain to live the life of a charmer


Riggs Harper  11-9-2021
This game, is a lot better than expected. It’s really straight on the eyes and not to over complicated.


Head Pittman  11-9-2021
exquisite release everr in my whole life❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Nicholson Pat  11-9-2021
excellent release everyone must check it.😁


Thurman Ferdinand  11-9-2021


Eason Pamela  11-9-2021
fantastic time killer for sure. run a little bit, come back reap afk rewards, avail it to buff team, promotion further. fantastic concept.


Sherry Fulton  11-9-2021
A release you don’t have to pay to win? YES PLEASE I wish there were more releases like this!


Darcey Tate  11-9-2021
The art is great and it feels like nothing I have ever played before


rossy kegle  11-9-2021
outstanding release I just got into the release from watching clips and the gameplay got me the artwork is ok , but I wished there was more animations . So tons enjoyment


Farrell Lauretta  11-9-2021
I love Harry film 🎥🍿❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍


Imogene Jarred  11-9-2021
extremely enjoyment game! My wife played it before me and she got me into it. It’s a fantastic release to choose up and run when you aren’t busy.


Odell Adams  11-9-2021
fantastic pass time release and you grow as you’re away


Taylor henderson Athena  11-9-2021


Green Antonia  11-9-2021
No waste time. Can run anytime anywhere,


Declan Brady reuben  11-9-2021
I had a fantastic experience,I might be the biggest supporter of Harry Potter series Thank You extremely tons JamCity for making this game...


Patel hayes Hughes lowe  11-9-2021
beautiful enjoyment straight gameplay


Renee Jackson  11-9-2021
As a supporter of lazy releases (I work), I do really enjoy this one.


Griffin jordan Riley campbell  11-9-2021
Love how after you update that single hero, you can avail any of the same class to update next! Such a relief that it’s not a hassle to round up the same champions like other lazy games. Got me hooked and Hope it stays how it began.


Dennis Yurchevich  11-7-2021
outstanding game. Love the recent update!


Just Chilling  11-7-2021
I think we're starting to have connectivity troubles


McCree Zo  11-7-2021
I'm sorry but this is far too tons of a ripoff and I don't think it deserves more than 1 star regardless of how excellent the gameplay might be.


Raivis Pumpurs  11-5-2021
excellent release with excellent graphics 👌


bib gdh  11-2-2021
A grat cool game👍


Adam Bennett  11-1-2021
Characters are just majorly ripped off HP and the UI is a total clusterduck, wrong design.


James Kirt Mackinnon  10-27-2021
fantastic release fantastic for F2P and P2P Alot of enjoyment would do with some improvements with each 10x summon guarantees a ideal charmer Also occasions that give an Mystic charmer


B. A  10-27-2021
Keeps crashing ,doesn't even work. Can't even start it


Carl Fox  10-26-2021
EXP for champions is little to updrage high tier champions but this release is 1 of the exquisite out so far.


Gary Rolfe  10-26-2021
Suspicious of this app, looked into playing this but they have called Hagrid Robin yegrid sounds suspicious. Don't trust it myself.


sam keats  10-26-2021
I have been actively playing and giving opinions on the release for a few weeks now and the devs are speedy to act upon it and take it on board. The release is great, not too greedy, and provided it gets enough gamesters I'm excited for its future!


Movintar  10-25-2021
Was a shame. Really enjoying it, and was considering spending something on it when I logged on after a few weeks of solid playing it asked me to initiate a character and I lost all my progress. Really pissed me off so uninstalled.


dolor velit finem  10-25-2021


Hello  10-22-2021
Wow! This is the best! Im just playing for 10mins and i got over 6 ideal champions because the release is so rewarding!!! You'll gain about 5-6 even 7 (if your lucky) after playing for 10-15mins!! My only problem is it's laggy, low frame rate :( it's just not me who experience it i saw the low ratings. Over all excellent game! 🔮Wow! Im cheerful you guys still work on the release 💖💖💖


Leo Wylder  10-18-2021
I am a supporter of the Wizarding World, I love that while it's a generic release that it those have a Wizarding World theme. extremely few releases out there where us supporters can enjoy together. Really delighted it exists ☺️


lizzy marlow  10-10-2021
i like this,but the constant 'reconnecting' pisses me off.AND IT IS NOT A CONNECTION PROBLEM MY END!


Craig Hughes  10-9-2021
fantastic release lots to do!


Thomas Gordon  10-9-2021
It's enjoyment and extremely addictive. Sometimes loose connection when trying to claim for things then don't receive them like my phase expert keeps telling me to reconnect.


Caroline Begaye  10-8-2021
enjoyment to do at work.I instruct it!


Blackburn Mechigi  10-8-2021
How to gain monarch Voldehort???the snake is super handsome.


Delores Audrea  10-8-2021
gratuitous to play, Remember to gather diamands to 10 summon


Frenette Dewey  10-8-2021
It’s straight to run and it’s also kinda relaxing. dozens of my buddies are playing this game.


Davina Karcz  10-8-2021
After playing a lot of lazy games, this one’s beautiful neat. So far beautiful fun.


Bradt Wallis  10-8-2021
it's a extremely enjoyment release I feel like iam at hogwarts and I feel being Hermione one of my fave harry lass character


Bermudes Hole  10-8-2021
Phontom turret design is cool.AMAZING ADVENTURE


Gallo Michael  10-8-2021
I loveeeeeee this release it brings the film to life.


Luis Beauchamp  10-8-2021
I love western magic game.The charmers have excellent designs + it’s a enjoyment release :)


Cue Tidwell  10-8-2021
You can tier up so swift as there’s some dozens characters you can never truly gain bored.


Aliana Atkinson  10-8-2021
The charmer Are Super Cool And I Love That


Dexter Gaillard  10-8-2021
I thought this release was a pay to win but lad was I wrong! It’s actually loads of enjoyment and fantastic to avail and run with others. I run with my buddies in person but I could solution that the worldwide chat is a mission to be buddy there.



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