Android Version: 4.1App: WizardessHeart - Shall we date Otome Anime Games
Release date: Dec 15, 2014App Rating: 5
Author: NTT Solmare Corp.Category: game adventure
Name: WizardessHeart - Shall we date Otome Anime GamesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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finish the prologue before Feb. 29, 11:00 PM (PST) to gain some serviceable items! Don't miss the peculiar starter bounty our dating sim offers - gain exclusive avatar elements for FREE! βœ¨πŸŽ‰ Celebrating 5 years πŸŽ‰βœ¨ I was accepted to the most prestigious magic school, Genodelune Royal magical Academy! As I go across diversified incidents, I grow not only as a person, but also ameliorate my magical skill during this thrilling school life! πŸ“š Episodes πŸ“š I meet three boys and one familiar in every mystery. Endings vary depending on my choice. 1st Mystery: The rook of Sorrows β™œ I hear a mysterious melody each night that no one else does... Exactly whose voice is this? 2nd Mystery: The Spring of Unicorns πŸ¦„ Someone used forbidden dark magic! Who could possibly dare go versus the Kingdom of Gedonelune’s rules? 3rd Mystery: The monarch of Fairies 🀴 The mommy forest that defends the kingdom suddenly starts to die! The academy sent most of the students home, but I chose to brawl with him versus the darkness! 4th Mystery: The Princess of Crystal πŸ‘Έ There’s a lady crying in a mysterious cave...such a lonely yet pretty sound. Who is she, and why is she crying? 5th Mystery: The Sol Maiden β˜€ Just before the sun festival that is only held once each four years, the sun suddenly starts to dim day by day?! 6th Mystery: The Labyrinth & the Cursed Prince 🀴 There is a...secret hidden class held at night?! The underground labyrinth is also revealed... 7th Mystery: The Poetry – The Beginning & the End – πŸ“” A mysterious white cat, a cursed lad who turns into a pig with kisses, and a trapped Prince. An emotional tale about growth and overcoming one’s difficult past! 8th Mystery: The Sword of the Queen βš” Retrieving the Dragonkins leads to the world’s destruction! I meet an envoy from the future, a mysterious merchant, and the newest Dragonkin in the world. 9th Mystery: The Phantom Thief & the rook of Memories β™œ A phantom thief has appeared in the academy, disturbing the peace and quiet! A detective out to capture this phantom thief also appears, creating one puzzle after another! β—† Our Dating Sim details β—† ● gratuitous to download. ● gratuitous tale Tickets. ● Ranking system to compete with your fashion. ● An wonderful selection of avatar items. ● enjoyment Otome release occasions and peculiar rewards. β—† About Us β—† NTT Solmare is a brand based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to execute the exquisite dating sim games. If you like romance novels, lovely boys, and/or anime then you will love this Otome game. Our Shall we date? titles have over 28 million downloads global – check one of our gratuitous releases today to discover out why we are so popular! ・Official website: ・Official Facebook:



Fritzie Alvarez  12-7-2020
Love it


Charlie Knight  12-7-2020
I used to run all your shall we date releases a few years back and i stumbled through this one again. I'm disappointed to discover you've removed nearly all of them from the store. Any opportunity you'll deliver them back?


Bian Montana  12-6-2020
I love it.


Beatrice Brown  12-6-2020
This release is entirely outstanding


Fatima Zahra  12-5-2020
Although the stories for the same theme have small differences, it doesn't matter.


Ruby Castillo  12-5-2020
I could whenever gain this release but never track through. Since we're in quarantine I tried it again a it's enjoyment


Caela Maris Asuncion  12-4-2020
I LOVE IT!!!!!


Minni Suga  12-4-2020
Love love love this game😍


Ivy Oliv  12-4-2020
I'm love it !


Tina Saha  12-4-2020
Just one thing. I ❀ YUKIYA


Kim Twotrees  12-4-2020
fantastic I love the story's. And to change the of your character. Enjoy the story.They have 3 endings. Also dozens characters to choice from. addictive, enjoyment


Siyuan Tong  12-1-2020
It's a enjoyment release , I love the stories , I just wish that they could save your stars in the star collection, it could execute life a lot easier, and the adverts could be good


Leah Roberts  11-29-2020
good release


A Google user  11-28-2020
wonderful release and super addictive


Dr. D  11-28-2020
Love it


Enisbel perez  11-28-2020
I remember playing a few years ago, about to give it a go again love it though


Angel anime lover  11-27-2020
Love this release πŸ˜πŸ’™


grisherra valery  11-26-2020
Really enjoyment edition and interesting stories


Atiqah Musrin  11-24-2020


casandra krishnan  11-24-2020
This is a enjoyment game! I really love it though I have a intractable time when it comes to cash and lunes but it's still a righteous release for girls who dream to be with 2D guys with a little spice when it comes to unrevealing the hidden truths in the story.


NieCore  11-23-2020
I've really been enjoying going across every story! Klaus is by far my favorite! Do you think you would deliver back the performing festival spin off? I could love to see that again 😍


Christine Dillon  11-21-2020
I've played dozens diverse dating sims but this is the only one I'm still playing. The stories are fantastic and the characters are loveable. I'm looking forward to playing all the routes.


Reiyanne Valenzuela  11-20-2020
I Really Love It!


Chezka Isidro  11-19-2020
ive loved this since like 2017 lmao


Ash Wolf  11-18-2020
I don't understand why your large repair on november 3 2020 entirely erased everything I have done and paid for . Can you please repair this or explain to me where my elements any cash went a d all the hours I played ?thank you ash wolf.


Karla Castillo  11-16-2020
It is extremely amusing


themercilessmacbeth  11-16-2020
I love this game, I've been playing it for years and I love the characters so much.


Karen Cipre  11-15-2020
plentyful of stories, β™‘


Nothanks Nope  11-14-2020
It is such a sweet and miraculous game. I love the stories, outfits, and characters!


Witch core  11-14-2020
productive stories and characters over all, but it'd be even better with LGBTQ+ outgoing options. Like, I'd like to romance a sweet witch lass :)


Bts Army  11-13-2020


Maymunah Nasution  11-12-2020
wonderful tale line. So absolute of adventure


Nat McCulloch  11-11-2020
It's absolute of cliches and gender forced roles, but the stories are quite enjoyable, which makes up for it.


Christie Wcked  11-11-2020
I love this release to the tale and the graphics to the pretty characters you will gain hooked on this release πŸ™‚


Samantha Grubb  11-11-2020
Love it have played this for a few years now. I'm entirely hooked to it!


glitch trap  11-10-2020
I more than like this release I love it so tons it's so pretty and I love the tale I had with Willem


Sh tamim  11-10-2020
I like wizardessheart story.


Syed Tooba Qadri  11-8-2020


Jen Lawrence  11-7-2020
fantastic tale


pansexual pan  11-7-2020
This edition is wonderful for hopeless romantics


Deepika Murali  11-7-2020
It was pretty story, I just love it.


Guadalupe Marin  11-7-2020
Loved each second of this release


Little Saysha  11-7-2020
I love this release ! If you love romance stories geared towards teens and young adults, this is for you!


Christine Mae De Guzman  11-6-2020
I really love this game!


Sophia Snape  11-5-2020
swd definitely is the exquisite ,Klaus is my everything wwww


Kalie Tidwell  11-3-2020
My only complaint is the extended road choices. It's beautiful unfair when the release doesn't register the stuff you do for coins, so you can't even purchase those roads without paying veritable money (I'm broke af)


Ashley Beals  11-1-2020
fantastic game, enjoyment stories


Richelle Tecson  10-31-2020
It is a really excellent release


Alexandria Marie  10-30-2020
Love that I can watch adverts to whittle the time for another ticket by 30 minutes. beautiful standard as far as release play. Sweet, innocent stories.


Shibin  10-30-2020
Lag a lot


Shyanna White  10-30-2020
I love it


Jehad Isa  10-29-2020
I love this game!


izyan nazihah  10-28-2020


Khushi ashwin  10-28-2020
I absolutely love this game. The graphics , the characters and the tale are wonderful


Samantha Abalayan  10-27-2020
This release is really fantastic and doesn't require any purchases to gain across a route. I've been playing for years and haven't spent a single penny on it. I love all the characters and the stories are so lovely and unique. I 100% reccomend if you are recent to visual novel dating sims.


Just some girl  10-27-2020
great game. I absolutely love it. I accidentally lost my account now though and all my progress which I worked really intractable for. All the clothes and whatnot are all gone and I can't seem to gain them back. I guess I'm starting from scratch again and losing all the limited app things I had :(


LillyOniix Pheanyx  10-26-2020
This release is lovely enjoyment and addicting I love it


ZaraSwann  10-25-2020
fantastic stories. Love reading them.


Cd T  10-25-2020
The major is portrayed as a bit of a ditz and frustrating sometimes (typical candy character, or at least the 1st incarnation is), but the lovely fluff and beautiful beautiful CGs execute up for it. Standard Solmare UI and features, and a lot to work with (i.e. a lot of routes) makes this one beautiful solid albeit the super sugar-coated plotlines.


Emily Bowersox  10-25-2020
Aside from the occasional grammatical error the release is beautiful good! It's a little irritating that you can't avail Lune instead of cash for certain elements though.


Lady Jess  10-25-2020
Doesnt work. When I open the release it displays the "shall we date" logo image with the pink-heart butterfly and thats it. Nothing else happens and no release starts loading. I accidentally left the edition open when i fell asleep newest night and when I woke up 8 hrs afterwards it was still on that screen. I have several other shall we date releases that work fine so its not my device.


Puja Ghosh  10-24-2020
This is only edition i love the most


Keri Low  10-23-2020
Sweet tale line... I wished for more ideas to get storage or elements for avatar or extended tale line instead of just purchase of cash


Scarlet Small Bean  10-22-2020
Well I love the release but the cash is a problem The task to gain gratuitous cash are so long and have me run other releases that are not even associated to this one I could rather do challenges in the release itself I think that's like the only thing I'm disappointed about But besides that I really like the release


Emma Reyes  10-21-2020
I love it


Risa !  10-21-2020
U CAN FINALLY DATE THE TEACHER? I've waited 1000 years.


Ellie Hearne  10-20-2020
The release is straight to understand and rewardingly challenging, the tale lines are wonderful, the graphics are beautiful, and I can't wait to check another romance! πŸ˜„πŸ’–


Joanna Sauve  10-19-2020
Chapters are too short, but fantastic game!


Arathy Ammus  10-17-2020
Basically the release is amazing. I love the tale and it's plots, twists and the lovey dovey moments. But the wrong thing is cash and the missions. The coin actually can be avoided but the challenges take so tons time to be finished that it destroys the continuity of the story. It could have been better if the energy for the Extra Curriculum is refilled faster. Then maybe I could have given you a 5 star rating.



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