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Release date: Nov 18, 2010App Rating: 4
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The WIS Mobile Weather edition includes: * Access to station content specifically for our mobile users * 250 meter radar, the highest resolution available * Future radar to see where strong weather is headed * High resolution satellite cloud imagery * topical weather upgraded multiple times per hour * diurnal and Hourly predictions upgraded hourly from our computer models * Ability to add and save your beloved locations * A completely integrated GPS for topical address awareness * strong weather alarms from the domestic Weather Service * Opt-in shove alarms to maintain you safe in strong weather



Brian Rauton  3-19-2021
fantastic trustworthy weather technology brought to you by the exquisite information and weather groups in the business.


Cindy Warnock  3-18-2021


Wallace BENTLEY  3-18-2021
speedy and accurate. I especially like the " ,follow me" trait so you don't have to maintain entering a location. Also the good radar page has a traffic feature. If traffic gets backed up because of an accident, you can locate it and maybe take an alternative road


Steve Boykin  3-18-2021
whenever dependable


April Collier  3-18-2021


Amanda Gregory-Keefer  3-18-2021
Never desires to load


Vera Gaulden  3-18-2021
fantastic edition


James Hill  3-17-2021
Love It! Yes!


Juston Mabry  3-17-2021


James Summer  3-16-2021
beautiful acurate


Marceil Sharp  2-18-2021
The clip section no longer follows my house city...its funny i maintain getting weather alarms of grand rain for the lower east coast. Meanwhile at house its below freezing and sunny. ...the edition be messed up lol


Teresa Rushton  2-9-2021
Love it.


Shmeckle Doorf  2-5-2021
Was beautiful good, but did y'all lose your Rushs sponsorship because ever since the airport has been sponsoring, nothing loads! "Performance enhancements" my butt. Its worse


Randy Shuler  1-27-2021
Kills my battery


A Google user  1-25-2021
Overrated predictions and alerts.


Pam Burrows  1-7-2021
Constantly having to upgrade the weather myself


G  9-19-2020
fantastic app! 💯🌹


Leon Wolinski  8-29-2020
I had to delete this edition it just took over my phone, it took over my homepage without any option to ask me and then the alarms took over my messaging and interrupted my viewing on the internet. It gives excellent news but I rather speedy on it to gain it I don't desire to put up with the adverts nor do I desire to put up with the interruptions


Harley Quinn  8-16-2020


Kym Politis  8-13-2020
edition is not working at all and when it does the radar predictions are extremely inaccurate. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it's still not working. extremely disappointing.


JOE KEATON  7-26-2020
The edition is not working! On both my smartphone and my wife's. Deleting it and going back to Weather bug!


Rebecca McGinnis  7-9-2020
The best!


Nora Morehouse  7-6-2020
Love this app. Accurate.


Preceffeenese Jones  7-3-2020
The BEST. Thanks for your services..


Linda Coulter  2-25-2020
I like channel ten for the weather


Carol B.  2-25-2020
It never Ms,s a beat.always on time. Just great.


Roger Gilbert  1-21-2020
excellent information


Tim Taylor  1-15-2020
Love it


A Google user  11-17-2019
amazing real-time lightning, flood, tornado, hurricane or other natural weather disaster reporting you can trust for weather conditions in veritable time for the Columbia borough and surrounding areas in Richland county South Carolina. Minus a star for new weather alarms not being announced on my alarms especially since this is 1 of only 5 editions that are on my DND bypass permissions list...


Holly Murray  11-12-2019
I cant stand opening it and adverts popping up first thing instead of the weather. WLTX weather never did that. Going back to them.


pam taylor  11-1-2019
It is a outstanding edition


Natalia  10-31-2019
Love the first alarms


Kevin Parris  10-2-2019
The recent widget design STINKS! Put the ancient one back.


Michael Lucas  9-17-2019
wonderful edition especially during wrong weather


Robert McLain  9-6-2019
, can come d😉


Dave Hibbs  9-1-2019
About worthless! So called live updates whenever had dark empty images and gave me absolutely nothing


Karen Hopkins  9-1-2019


Beth Blevins  8-24-2019
outstanding weather app! whenever on point! I avail it daily!


Jason Kyzer  8-1-2019


Jerry Ardis  7-20-2019
I'm out in the weather all day long. don't have an chance to watch changing conditions But First alarm keeps me in the game.


Kenny Wheeler  7-15-2019


MISTY L  6-7-2019
I love the edition but lately the radar hasn't been updating as frequently as it used to. it used to upgrade each 4 to 5 minutes and now it's 15-20 minutes sometimes. Please fix.


Brittany Dellinger  5-2-2019
I used to avail this edition all the time. But the newest upgrade changed the radar. I don't like it at all. And also the radar seems to be a little behind the live feed radar during strong storms. other than that, I really liked the app! But the radar was a large trouble for me so I deleted this edition and downloaded the WLTX weather app.


Paul Laramee  4-2-2019


A Google user  12-26-2018
excellent job


Larry Little  12-19-2018
This is the most aggravating edition I've ever had. Weather alarms about rain afterwards in the week, possibility of flooding if it rains, temperature changes, yada, yada, yada, that continuously hit my phone, especially in the afternoon that are interrupting whatever I'm listening to. I finally had to uninstall. horrible app.


OnAWhim Life, Lessons And Fixes  12-9-2018
Its getting there finally, I don't instruct dozens apps, but if you run with settings you can gain route conditions, and tons more. nearly a 5 star.


Summer Lawson  11-7-2018
Love it


A Google user  10-26-2018
Same here Kamara Davis. prediction clips have no sound!! Please repair this issue!!


Kamara Davis  10-23-2018
I loved this edition until 2 days ago. The weather alarms don't have any sound but the adverts do. I have sent opinions about this troubles but it still has not been fixed. I installed the edition today" I don't like adverts and I didn't download this edition for the ads. When this trouble is repaired I'll download it again.


A Google user  10-19-2018
the edition keeps closing without giving me the news on the weather so its impact on my life is negative.


A Google user  10-16-2018
More adverts than weather. Not value it.


PUBG Mobile Gaming SCOTTY2HOTTY  10-10-2018
Its a excellent edition


A Google user  9-29-2018
fantastic edition


A Google user  9-6-2018
Its excellent but too dozens adverts


A Google user  7-31-2018
Y'all excellent


Ronnie Pender  6-11-2018
would be a excellent edition if wasnt such a informations hog. If i desire to watch video, i will lean over and turn my tv on and watch one of the countless wis information segments during the day. Otherwise, just give the radar and one that works more than 50% of the time.


Lee Orcut  4-23-2018
fantastic excellent morning for ever


Berg Simpson  4-7-2018
edition has been extremely useful. Have been using it a extremely long time, but as time has progressed, it has now become so bloated with adverts as to be nearly worthless to me. I refuse to dig across adverts searching for the actual weather info. Uninstalling.


Stanley Lamar  4-6-2018
I love it!!!


Joseph Victorial  3-19-2018
God loves us amen.🙏🏻😇


Kawaii squad Unicorn  1-16-2018
edition is playing clip but no sound!!!!!!


Hackx007  1-16-2018
clips will not play. Please repair


Matthew Nelson  1-7-2018
grin more, they'll wonder what your up too.😊


Sheila Woodburn  12-28-2017
I can discover what I need when I need it...


Maurice Thomas  12-24-2017
Love von gaskin prediction


Kris Kremser  12-20-2017
The adverts run but the content does not run at all.


Patrick Burton  12-8-2017
The exquisite for regional weather


Ervin Gudakunst  10-12-2017
Does not give location. Says trying again avail to be excellent


Reggie Cook  9-11-2017
Love the app!!


clamystone628  9-10-2017
It's excellent


Valen Cook  8-28-2017
It won't pinpoint my location!


Rachel Cooper  8-20-2017
Used to love this app, but after the most new updates it keeps crashing


James Burchick  8-7-2017
I like the features, however, it crashes 4 out of 5 times.


Walker Wilson  7-29-2017
Love it


James Moore  7-16-2017
For me this is better than weather bug.


Laura Lowery  6-28-2017
Wis is the only weather edition even close to accurate in my address in the country


A Google user  6-17-2017
The adverts have taken over!! extremely painful waiting across adverts to finally gain some weather information.


Jeff Scott  6-16-2017
Installed. Opened. Disappointed. Read reviews. Uninstalled. The end.


Isaac JB  6-6-2017
excellent I think. 😑😯😐


Doc Holiday  5-29-2017
fantastic regional Weather edition for Midlands of South. Carolina


Paul Lewis  5-22-2017
Wistv10 edition keeps shutting down. extremely frustrating!!!


Steven Tillman  5-8-2017


Nicole Boykin  4-23-2017
It will not permit me danlod it


A Google user  4-23-2017
Too dozens pop up adverts


Brenda Miller  4-13-2017
Still hasn't been fixed! It keeps popping a box up that says says "Failed to gain weather notification for topical location"!! Me, my boyfriend and my daughter depends on this edition for our weather. I reported this a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have gotten worse. I guess we'll avail another app!! Please fix.


Rescue Me Quick  4-6-2017
ancient edition was better! recent version is concentrated on a bunch of clips to study about weather. I don't have time to watch a clip when I just need to try the weather and notices and predictions. It might be citizen outgoing but not an respond to a public safeness employee that is occupied saving the citizens. If I desire all that clip stuff on this edition I could be going to wistv website! This edition once lived by the name "first alert"... now it is just a diverse form of wistv website!


TK Law  4-5-2017
The address error messages are driving me crazy!!


Cynthia Kinley Robinson  4-5-2017


Tim McClary  4-3-2017
I liked the ancient version tons better. This edition is now absolute of obnoxious adverts and keeps crashing.


American Patriot  3-23-2017
avail to be good. adverts have taken over and you dislike President Trump this is the edition for you. I have been watching WIS 10 since I was 4, no longer, libs have taken over. Little thunder storm comes up you could think a hurricane is coming the idea they send alarms and blow it out of proportion....


billy bubenick  3-14-2017
Nothing like watching adds for dealerships when your trying to try the weather. WLTX edition is alot faster and to the point.


Joseph Thompson  3-6-2017


Christine Golding  3-6-2017
Download PLEASE


Laura Goff  2-20-2017
To long to download


Jay Smigley  2-13-2017
The random clips that run automatically when opening this edition execute it unusable in discreet situations. each time this edition gets an upgrade, it becomes less usufructuary friendly.


A Google user  1-23-2017
Really love it. Love having the weather anytime i want.


Randy Volters  1-22-2017
I dumped the app. Do not desire commercials with my weather alerts.


Bob Flury  1-21-2017
Opens to noisy obnoxious sales video, not sure where the wx report is found. Uninstalled this lousy app.


Matthew Calder  1-8-2017
Love the app. The widget needs an update though.


Angela Cauthen  1-7-2017
Love it!!!!


dubluvr  1-6-2017
More intrusive now.


A Google user  12-29-2016
This edition will rescue but you must know there are 360 days left till next Christmas!


A Google user  12-25-2016
WIS TV station weather


Rick Wheeler  12-24-2016
I like it. .


Janet Broome  12-4-2016
Love the radar and how it warns of lightening strikes


Donal Wilkie  11-30-2016
Not work outgoing


James Pennington  11-28-2016
Now has adds


Stephanie Johnson  10-17-2016
The exquisite


Paula Rampey  10-17-2016
Weather report information peculiar


Barbara Chavis  10-16-2016
fantastic app. Tells me what I need to know to be prepared for changes in the weather.


Kevin M  10-13-2016
odd recent layout


Bobby Venters  10-8-2016
upgrade are at least 10 hours old. The clips are all a day old. I uninstalled it a waste of time.


Matthew Irwin  10-7-2016
excellent functionality and information; however, there are too dozens ads.


L Walker Kearse  10-7-2016
extremely informative


Kathy S  10-7-2016
Just downloaded. Has some really good features.


Mandy Belton  10-7-2016
fantastic App!!


Donna Bowen  10-7-2016
Love wis


A.S. Uria  10-6-2016
One of the most informative editions I have seen. HIGHLY recommend!


Bonnie Evans  10-6-2016
Love this edition


Lisa Simpson  10-2-2016
I got my recent ☎ yesterday and I had to download this


A Google user  9-29-2016
To dozens adverts


Lc King  9-22-2016
Weather alarm


Doug Cowart  9-12-2016


A Google user  9-12-2016
Keeps me upgraded on weather great.


Stacy Brown  9-1-2016
Its fantastic I really like to know the weather hour by hour weather changes so quickly thanks for this app.


Marcia Ellerman  8-26-2016
Wis TV weather alarm


Zy'Miere Hickman  8-21-2016
This edition really helps me to know we're and when the weather will happen and so I'm giving it all ☆☆☆☆☆


Dale Galloway  7-23-2016
I am trying this weather edition for the second time and it is still idea off. I have it set for my territory near Seven Oaks and we have had a strong thunderstorm here for at least a half hour and its telling me broken clouds. .No notifications, nothing. Needs main work. The only thing I like is the traffic report, but I desire a weather edition I can count on.


Twanda Saddler  7-11-2016


Jon Dangler  6-25-2016


Cyndie Bledsoe  6-4-2016
fantastic edition


Vernon Young  5-29-2016
Yes I like it keeps me upgraded


C Sweat  5-25-2016
The storm notices are awesome.


Trish Bond  4-23-2016
Luv it


Tyree Satterwhite  4-21-2016
Can not be touched


Ashley Aivaz  4-5-2016
Love this app. extremely serviceable and keeps me up to date on regional weather at the shove of a button and notifies me when there's a strong weather alert.


Bunnie Not Budgie  4-1-2016
It is a beautiful excellent edition but the lightning alarms are a little late


Denise Livingston  3-24-2016
Won't upgrade temp


Linda Cutter  3-18-2016
diurnal prediction


ryan krehl  3-12-2016
I avail this edition daily.... no wait, I WAS using this edition diurnal until the last update, if that's what you desire to call it.. opens slowly, and if you tap on 10 day prediction or hourly prediction etc. It says edition has stopped unexpectedly. Soooo... kinda takes away from the functionality in my opinion. But hell, what do I know?


Keturah Clark  2-27-2016
Can't even open the edition


Deloris Lawrence  2-24-2016
WeAther. editions


David Henry  2-24-2016
Hello. excellent app. Hello


Susan Cole  2-24-2016
Doesn't match any predictions by the meteorologists on WIS


Guera Villalobos  2-24-2016
It need to exhibit more


David Williams  2-24-2016
It is really serviceable



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