Android Version: 5.0App: Welcome to Folklore Manor! Anime Girlfriend Game
Release date: Nov 18, 2019App Rating: 5
Author: Genius Studio Japan Inc.Category: adventure
Name: Welcome to Folklore Manor! Anime Girlfriend GameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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■Synopsis■ Living away from your parents involves a lot of responsibility, but things become twice as interesting when you go house-hunting and meet some interesting recent friends. They’re not just beautiful girls—they’re yokai, spirits of the supernatural from old folklore! Can you run the role of champion and save the yokai from an evil corporation play by greedy humans? And above all, will you execute these girls fall in love with you at the end? Control your fate in this thrilling yet romantic adventure! ■Characters■ Sora, the Tsundere Yokai You know her from school as Sora the Slaughterer, but only because the entire student body is scared of her. Soon, you discover out that she is a yokai who owns a big mansion in the city. With her quick-witted tongue, a vulpine attitude, and a severe determination to defend her ancestral domain, will she manage to capture your affection? Yuki, the bashful Snow Fairy Yuki isn’t as cold as her powers execute her seem to be. She is outgoing enough for a grin or two, but oftentimes bashful to divulge her authentic feelings. Digging deeper, you soon realize why she likes to maintain things to herself. Will you assist the snow fairy on her trip to self-discovery, or will you treat her in a frigid manner? Sakura, the Enigmatic Oni This pretty demon doesn’t like you. There’s no doubt about that. Her talent in sarcasm can rip you to shreds, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting to know her a bit better! How will you execute Sakura grin again? And more importantly, what dark secret lies beneath her cold demeanor? It’s up to you to discover out.



noah cipher  6-22-2021
The tale was excellent


vex  6-13-2021
I like it a lot it shows a lot of cherished moments and thats what makes it good.


wonderful release ☺️👍


Hawo Omar  6-3-2021


Venom Galaxy  5-23-2021
Another release I completed in November 2019, then I finished it again in January this year. I don't understand why this one is at the bottom of the ranking list on their website. It has a decent plot and, the characters are okay but, the extended choices ARE AND WILL whenever BE A PROBLEM! Maybe that is why Folklore is at the bottom. Although I warning that the price decreased a bit so, that's somewhat a excellent sign? Besides the cash-grabbing choices, the head and side stories are beautiful good. excellent job Genius, I like this game, to be honest.


Norelle Harrison  5-2-2021
I love the release just wish that you would gain gems quicker


Ani-Mitch Uk  4-26-2021
While I do Love these stories ☺️ The Crystals & tickets are too expensive not everyone has the money it could take to gain across the story. Maybe you must think about a repaired reasonable price per tale That could execute it more affordable for a bigger audience Still extremely enjoyable I instruct it😁👍💯


Tiger Winters  4-25-2021
outstanding tale lots of twist and turns and fantastic ending.


tall guy  4-24-2021
I hate how you cant do anything without paying money


loveyoubaby24  4-17-2021
This is the exquisite tale i choose sora and it really execute my heart flutter uwu its such a romantic life with sora whenever kissing😍😂


Michael Suelan  4-13-2021
extremely excellent releases maintain this up plss


Anime Hub  4-12-2021
Gooood release 😊😊😊


Vain Brown III  3-31-2021
excellent release


Jhon Paul Tasoy  3-10-2021
The tale was great.. damn my own buddy betrayed me haha.. I love the ending


AniMedia  3-1-2021


J Ba  2-19-2021
Really enjoyment and instening to run


Blessiey Modiba  2-9-2021
It was so heart felting,I loved it so tons


Ethan the Dead  2-6-2021
Only 4 stars bc i haven't played this one yet but ive played a bunch of your releases and all i can declare is that they are wonderful. cute characters, audio is good and girls are cute. I discover myself actually feeling for the characters at the end of the release but it seems senseless bc no matter what you can pick any of the girls no matter what you picked to declare or do with them. But still i love your games, maintain up the excellent work 👍 Btw im whenever SUPER jealous of the protagonist, bc of the girls 😅


Cristina Armstrong  2-5-2021
I love this one and I desire more releases like this one


Haru Kami  2-3-2021
Too excellent that i have noyhing to declare


Urishera_Kun  2-1-2021
This just made heart skip a beat for the first time the choices are difficult and i like it


Youssef Ben rabia  1-31-2021
excellent release


Muhammad Nurhafiz Norisham  1-18-2021
I really like the delighted ending .This release is the exquisite same as my foxy girlfriend release that you created !! 👍👍👍😭


PRO GAMER  1-15-2021
good release


mah nemah jeff  1-15-2021
coins grab


Ax P  1-14-2021
Eh, the tale is interesting but pts are so intractable to gain that I just gave up on playing since I don't have enough crystals for choosing the 28 crystal answers.


Marceious  12-30-2020
Just amazing. Wow. Okay firstly the tale was fantastic and I absolutely loved it. The girls were all lovely and I never thought that they all could absolutely be loved by me. (I had a really intractable time choosing one xd) A definite 10/10. Don't mind the tickets and gems since you need to execute money too. The review might be short but I think it sums up everything quite well.


Christine Nakhanu  12-28-2020
I'll have to give this edition 4 stars because you have to run dozens rounds in the mini-game to gain gems to pursue a relationship with your love interest.I could like it better if you were given a few gems at the end of every chapter


Kenneth Shalang  12-28-2020
W_O_W wow !!!!!!


Rainbow Cat girl  12-24-2020
So cool


Kaden Oviatt  12-16-2020


Cape Cat Lover  12-15-2020
While this is basically an adventure dating sim about a teen dating three monsters, it becomes clear over time that the otherworldly units you befriend aren't wrong folks. If anything, they seem quite accepting of humans and have hopes and dreams tons like "normal" people. By contrast, the corporate dependents trying to buy out their house seem more monstrous than someone like Sora, Yuki, or Sakura would ever be. I'm eager to see this run out. I hope the yokai send that creep packing.


Demonslayer 124  12-10-2020
It's good though we have to give diamonds each time they must decrease the quantity of diamonds spent on one peculiar choice


Steven Flores  11-11-2020
My oni girlfriend where all 3 of them are oni


the HUNTED  11-8-2020
It was extremely pretty extremely good and wholesome and I really grew close to the characters


Alan Morales  11-7-2020
The tale was really interesting.


Neon Foxy  11-5-2020
I with each one the extended choices, it was the issue. when ever it comes to love moments and u don't have enough gems it Kinder feel like you getting kicked in the teeth when u wrecked the moment between your gamester and the one you love. It could be more outstanding if the story's are more longer. It could be more enjoyment if u gain like 5 more gems when you completed a chapter. I wonder what if it could be like if you can see the actions of when the NPC picks things up. sorry if I dont execute sense.


тαιмσσя  11-1-2020
Sora ❤️


Anthony Courser  10-9-2020
My first and it was fun.


Archelus Cabañeros  10-9-2020
Is a good tale and the ending is not quite excellent


KING EXODUS  10-5-2020
I loved it. enjoyed it.


Nicolas De La Rosa  10-4-2020
Love the tale


iTsAnubisbladeYt  9-25-2020
Like it everything work and pls pls pls execute more :)


Malakye Jones  9-21-2020
Loved this one and the girls! Definitely one of my favorites


Nathaniel Clark  9-19-2020
This is cool clip releases and I love animals and anime character it is so extremely cool and wonderful I love it so extremely tons i Miss this releases it is fun.


Michael Hanna  9-13-2020
I like the release run but the idea the roulete system and extended choices work execute it take up to tons time on just getting the jewls for a excellent and enjoyment release other than that its an overall excellent game.


Nthabiseng Masehla  9-13-2020
This the exquisite release I love it


Jason Jenkins  9-11-2020
Love it because of spirits


Bobby Bush'e  9-11-2020
I loved each move of the way. I really wasn't expecting that ending! Although I do expect excellent releases from this developer which they constantly bring on that expectation, might I add. could recommend!


Elemental Frost  9-8-2020
Loved it but the ending was a lil bit less then what I desired


musicmakerfox  9-8-2020
fantastic release at the begining but after that i have to avail gem or whatever its called to choose one of the answers. i tried to run honestly but cause of the gem i cant!!! literily dissepointing


just a guy that was bored  9-6-2020
fantastic but, not tons of a peak in action.


Adam Taylor  9-4-2020
Loved the release I looked up stuff on yokai and didn't know a werewolf is a yokai I just pointed it out because I am a large supporter of werewolves and I hope one of their releases will be a werewolf girlfriend or maybe have a plot twist where it turns out your a werewolf.


Cordingdesert 95  9-2-2020
You don't need to spend money to finish the game. It will however take a long while. I do like the fact that it isn't all romance. It is an actual story. excellent characters and tough choices.



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