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Jacobi Betsy  4-16-2021
First time using the book app. Love the topical book! But having to wait until tomorrow to continue the book.


Carson Naseer  4-15-2021
I absolutely love the story’s on here


Walters Efron  4-15-2021
The edition is just so straight to use, and the story's or just wonderful


Lynn Cuty  4-15-2021
They have fantastic stories and the edition never has any problems.


Erdman Alfonzo  4-15-2021
iStory has stuff for all lovers of anything. I could instruct 1,000,000 percent. Do you love reading billionaire romance novels? check iStory!


Lowe Toby  4-15-2021
I love this book app, it has a lot of novels to read. As far as I'm concerned, it's the exquisite novel edition till now.


Celia Shyanne  4-14-2021
Staying up late in my bed, reading a book on my phone, has been a fantastic experience. Normally I don't write reviews but this book edition deserves one.


Alijah Amirah  4-14-2021
I love reading fantasy storiess. Its super super enjoyment and I really instruct this ebook reader. ! The exquisite part is you can read webnovels practically anywhere!


Ray Alex  4-14-2021
This book edition is most wonderful among all the editions of this type. I am addicted to all the novels. If you like reading books, I strongly instruct this one.


Stevens osborn Kayla  4-14-2021
I love the romance books. Im extremely delighted with my choice to gain this ebook reader and I'm beautiful enjoying the straight access to all these novels.


Lewis Dejesus  4-14-2021
this book reader is the exquisite to have on long automobile rides, hanging around the house, or just even when you’re bored.


Deanna Flores  4-14-2021
If you like or love reading books, I instruct this edition strongly. I spend nearly all of my time on iStory. It has countless wonderful magazines for you to read.


Ritchie Angelia  4-14-2021
I am enjoying these stories more than I could a normal chapter book. Reading magazines on iStory has become one of my diurnal routines.


Green Jordon  4-14-2021
good stories. Sometimes it takes a long time to gain updates on the story. But this edition is superb.thats why i give it 5 stars if you are looking for a novel reading edition this is it.


Underwood Rocha  4-14-2021
I instruct this edition to all those who likes to read novels and stories.This novel edition is incredible.


Ryker Gutierrez  4-14-2021
iStory has so dozens fantastic stories to read and is soo addictive!! My library on the edition has like more than 20 outstanding stories!! I


Vicente Torri  4-14-2021
I gain lost in stories all the time and I love it! Thousands of stories to choose and pick from, much of diverse genres, the list of stories is endless.


Betsy Beall  4-14-2021
If you like or love reading books, I instruct this edition strongly. I spend nearly all of my time on iStory. It has countless wonderful magazines for you to read.


Roman Jimmy  4-14-2021
I can discover read magazines with no problems. There are so dozens excellent magazines to read on this app! Definitely recommend!


Frami Hoyt  4-14-2021
I dont exactly remember how I discovered this novel app. But ever since then, iStory has been a must-have in my diurnal life.


Abbott Camilla  4-14-2021
It extremely straight to avail and a lot of excellent novels to read and I like it a lot. Stories are fantastic and i enjoyed how the writters write it. It makes me feel young and pretty


Connelly Florinda  4-14-2021
Please check updating the novels a bit faster though... Sometimes it takes too long you start losing interest in the novel


Yousef Chavez  4-13-2021
Those novels are exciting. I haven't come through an edition like this. it has a dozens collection of interesting novels love it, I read webnovels when I'm free.


Roger Garza  4-13-2021
I'm really enjoying your book edition and the updates of chapters. Only wish we would gain recent chapters each day.


Lola Broome  4-13-2021
Love that you can read the stories in this app. I gain to read my beloved novels. Only watch adverts and you continue your reading.


Murray Jalisa  4-13-2021
So straight to use, dozens books, you can read. Thank you for making this wonderful book app!!!


Clinton Cyrus  4-13-2021
All the magazines that I have read are good. And I am delighted with this app. Reading magazines is my hobby and I now I can read anywhere with this edition


Darrell Locklear  4-13-2021
There are novels with a excellent tale line and not dragging at all, you just need to be patient looking for what will capture you.


Sidney Henderson  4-13-2021
Some stories which are in paid editions I can discover it here. And there's a broad range of novels to pick from.


OConnell Pratt  4-13-2021
Interesting stories execute me laugh ,love ,cry and giggle ,every chapter is so excellent and exciting. Highly instruct this novel app.


Stephanie Carma  4-13-2021
The stories are quite intriguing, once you start reading the excitement grows up to the newest chapter. That's why I'm in love with this book reader.


Alvin Branda  4-13-2021
It's a amazing product for reading all genres of novels. It's a latest and clean look with extremely good stories.


Klocko Elvis  4-13-2021
excellent platform to read book. I enjoy reading outstanding novels with this ebook reader. It feels refreshing and young again


Sylvia-Marie Van Der Walt  4-13-2021
Love this stroys extremely tons


Arjun Angel  4-13-2021
I just desire you guys to add more magazines because I still dont discover all the magazines I desire to read. And those webnovels are beautiful entertaining.


Norma Quiocho  4-13-2021
outstanding stories. I love it.


Sipes Frances  4-13-2021
Stories are well organize and will maintain you excited and interested as you hop from pages to pages. Readers will be incline to hope for more chapters till end


Claudia Taina  4-13-2021
I liked this edition more than all the other reading editions I tried so far and I'm in love with nearly all the novels that I've read.


Justina Cramer  4-13-2021
The novels are quite interesting to read and hopefully I can read more of them during my gratuitous time.


Harris Revell  4-13-2021
I’ve found wonderful magazines and I really enjoyed how well the stories were told. I like that this edition gives you the chance to earn cash and then you can continue to read books.


Predovic Eunice  4-13-2021
excellent selection of magazines and it's the exquisite novel edition ever. Those stories whenever maintain me up at night.


Gerhold Sargent  4-13-2021
Love being able to read gratuitous magazines on my phone. It makes things easier not having to head to the bookstore each time I need another fantastic book.


Summer Dean  4-12-2021
This edition is wonderful there are an infinite quantity of stories. I’ve had this edition for a bit and might I declare it’s amazing! The fanfics are amazing and the writters are wonderful here!


Fry Hegazy  4-12-2021
excellent stories, value the download. Ready by my smartphone any time any where. It is tons easier to read them reading a book


Ronald Karin  4-12-2021
Lots of fantastic stories on it, and I've read a lot of these magazines and love them. I’m more of a romantic book person


Brady Marilia  4-12-2021
Recently downloaded and it's been beautiful serviceable since it has been a little easier to read novels on a phone. Haven't noticed any bugs.


Galloway Drue  4-12-2021
fantastic idea to maintain follow of your book reads and discover some you desire to add to you TBR list.


Blodgett Germaine  4-12-2021
It's wonderful and it really surprises me that so dozens magazines are here for free. it could be better if you would also read the audibooks and listen to the ebooks.


Glover Szymanski  4-12-2021
you can discover your magazines for gratuitous and don't even have to buy books, at this time during this pandemic I think this is a excellent way.


Mertz Hess  4-12-2021
I’ve downloaded several of these online novel editions and by far iStory has some of the exquisite stories, and they grabbed your attention and kept going.


McLaughlin Means  4-12-2021
I like getting cash for gratuitous and read magazines within iStory for free.


laurie hicks  4-12-2021
I dont like this edition since the upgrade


Johnson Allee  4-12-2021
I love this edition I love reading and I love having magazines just attainable to me from my phone. it's like having a dream come true.


Abshire Gerald  4-12-2021
Since I start reading these books, that pertain to werewolves, I discover myself reading each day and can’t gain enough of them.


Bailey Pierson  4-12-2021
fantastic stories, like no errors. The stories on this edition are so good! I’m hooked.


Bechtelar Westmoreland  4-12-2021
it’s super convenient to be able to open an organized edition and discover the stories you’ve been reading easily. I seriously can't put my smartphone down.



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