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Release date: Dec 17, 2013App Rating: 3
Author: The X LabCategory: personalization
Name: weather HDExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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weather HD now on Googleplay!!!! ********APP ICON MAY NOT APPEAR ON edition DRAWER...PLEASE SET YOUR WALLPAPER IN SETTINGS》DISPLAY》LIVE WALLPAPER》WeatherHD******* PLEASE try SCREENSHOTS!!!pictures can explain you the quality and graphics than the words in description BloomStudios group work of more than 370hrs made this wallpaper possible on Googleplay.Grassland windmill live wallpaper.this wallpaper reflects the realtimings and weather conditions via a windmill background scene...."THE exquisite veritable WEATHER LIVE WALLPAPER ON GOOGLEPLAY" even reflects sunrise and dusk....rain and snow...windy and foggy with fantastic animated thunders rumbling in sky ,all in outstanding blue sky and green grasslands.this outstanding wallpaper from limited gadgets is now avaliable to download on googleplay this wallpaper has a unique 3D effect,i.e.,with scrolling pages on homescreen,all the background windmills also scroll accordingly(Added Feature) All these fantastic live wallpaper animations in HD resolution:) During day the wallpaper gets greatly animated with sunshine and in with the approach of dawn,the display goes night with dozens shining stars and meteors prevail the sky...this wallpaper even syncs with the lunar cycle(phases of moon).. hope you like it...thanks in advance:) This edition is absolutely more irritating adverts and banners Weather news is from Installation instructions ->home -settings->display->Live wallpapers->WeatherHD



HRH Princess Rachel of Norfolk  1-12-2021
It is not working properly. I purchased pro and it still keeps the ad up although I own it and Windmill weather live


Ray Pullinger  1-8-2021
Purchased this edition on 9th Jan 2021 will not load on to my Samsung S7. Cannot locate a short chop . NO edition ON MY smartphone . Thank you for giving me nothing for $3


Kathy Palmo  1-6-2021
When i purchased this edition it showed refund


rajiv bharadwaj  12-22-2020
This edition not open in my phone. I install this edition after subscription, but there has not open option. Even i try my widget, I didn't see any edition load in my phone, thanks.


EAS Productions Gaming  12-17-2020
Love it


Nicole Kinney  12-6-2020
Can't avail on note 20 ultra. Too bad. I can install but can't play it just says uninstall


robin leonard  12-3-2020
I am giving 4☆☆☆☆ because the photo is to far to the right. After buying, I had to delete and reinstall. It works fantastic 👍 and so far appears to be extremely accurate. There is 2 of these editions but this is the one you want. The wallpaper changes with the weather. I had this years ago and I am delighted to have found it again. fantastic work but you might think about re centering your picture.


Juan Merced  11-23-2020
Muy sertero


Abel Reyes Colòn  11-22-2020


Jessee McCauley  10-2-2020
Did not even download on my phone. S20 Ultra. If it did, I can't discover it ANYWHERE. Refund please?


James  8-31-2020
Unfortunately the edition doesn't work on newer phones. The brand hasn't upgraded the edition in years. My solution don't buy


Purchased this edition in 2014 and I've transferred it to each smartphone I've had. LG Vista, LG V 20, HTC Blade Z Max, Note 9 plus and now the Note 10 plus. It stays up to date with veritable time weather. Won't have any other background....


Peter Brosbol  6-16-2020
I cant avail the edition on my samsung galaxy s9 sadly please upgrade this edition and i will download it because i miss the windmill wallpaper i had on my s3 at the time


Elaine Walker  5-28-2020
I love this edition I love it.


Jackie Stone  4-24-2020
I can't gain it to appear on my house screen.


Arthur Gipson  4-2-2020
This edition looked like wonderful weather hd which I had on my windows phone. Unfortunately I wasn't able 2 avail it because it doesn't seem to be upgraded to work with fresh smartphones builds.


Jenn Jenn  11-12-2019
Never found it to avail it. Not in settings. extremely disappointed.


R ISLAM BHARATI  10-30-2019
please upgrade this edition 17 MB upgrade Please


Enrique Maestre Vega  10-26-2019


Ajay Singh  9-4-2019
I have purchased absolute version and I am not able to open and avail the edition in Samsung's galaxy Note 9.


Suzanne Hamilton  8-21-2019
Had from Galaxy S3. Super. Has whenever been reliable. Still going severe 2019.


R ISLAM BHARATI  8-12-2019
Please upgrade This App's trait , i Need


Please upgrade This edition forthwith


Peter Engelberger  6-10-2019
dosent work


Ricko C  5-1-2019
I like the animated background that changes with the weather. Most of the time it's quite accurate.


juan Macias  3-14-2019
it doesn't work


A Google user  3-10-2019
no not exhibit in my setting idk how to avail can somebody talk me how to avail my smartphone is a samsung galaxy note8


A Google user  3-1-2019
purchased weather windmills but, didnt exhibit up on my galaxy note 5 smartphone


Armando Baez  2-23-2019
good and accurate!


Madeline McNamara  2-21-2019


Janine Brooke  2-7-2019
Cannot install on Samsung galaxy S9+. No option to install 3rd party wallpaper. Please rescue


Eduardo Weltmann Abate  11-28-2018
No se donde se instala en mi celular, no me aparece el icono para poder ponerla de fondo. Tengo un Samsung Note 9


Johnathan Belyeu  11-4-2018
edition on Note 8 doesn't exhibit up in edition drawer


Lona Hansen  9-2-2018
Really enjoy this. But it suddenly doesn't work. Samsung Themes seems to have disabled it. I have had to uninstall all updates to Samsung Themes to gain Weather to work again. There doesn't seem to be any idea to disable or uninstall Samsung Themes.


Heather walford  7-12-2018
Took my money and does not exhibit in widgets been conned


Eve, Scorpion  6-22-2018
It's not the right weather. It's raining now in lynwood il and it's showing cloudy


Farri 66  6-12-2018
Charged me for edition and nothing on my phone's edition list. Rip off!!!


Brian Bailey  5-15-2018
I just downloaded this back to my Note 8 and I cant access any settings. Anyone know how or why??


Brian Parrott  4-16-2018
I used to love this app. Now it's been raining for 3 days and it shows sunny weather. At night it still shows sunny weather.


Andrew Miller  1-28-2018
I like this wallpaper but it doesn't fit my screen, it's like I'm zoomed in on the middle of the wallpaper. And the movement is really sped up over the original. Over all I still like it and enjoy it.


Wilson Ross  12-26-2017
This edition will not play on the Samsung S8+ I have tried more than one.


Pamela Weathington  11-18-2017
Love the edition


Jacques Leleu  11-18-2017
the exquisite


waterfolk at the zoo  11-15-2017
I've used this edition in the past with no problems, but this time I couldn't gain this to work. I tried installing it, said it was installed, but would not discover it on my smartphone to set it up, no icon, no widget . I tried a few times to re install it, but got the same thing. I searched across the editions in the settings. Showed it was there but could not work. Don't waste your time with this app. Shame.


Efra Silveyr  10-29-2017
This edition stole my money never work on my one plus smartphone I desire refund it doesn't exhibit on the image


A Google user  9-27-2017
It sucks I can't gain it into my smartphone


John Rowe  9-2-2017
Love it!


Pirzada Akram Raza  8-17-2017
لبيك لبيك لبيك يارسول الله


Cindi Graybill  7-15-2017
Unable to open it.


Don Ford  6-11-2017
This is my beloved should have widget! It was fantastic to see the snow falling this morning but when it stopped, I was surprised to see it replaced with sun and green grass while it was still cloudy and everything outside was white with snow. I hope the developers continue working on it till it's as excellent as the one on my ancient Galaxy S3. I just switched smartphones from a T-Mobile Galaxy S7 to a Verizon Galaxy S7. After installing the widget, I can't discover it. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling and searching all over without any luck finding it. Still no luck finding this edition after downloading it. The recommendations declare Live Wallpaper is under Display in Settings - not on my phone.


Beverly Brickey  5-14-2017
Love it and found it


ẘἶɕƙἔȡ ḣἔ ɓǻȡ  5-12-2017


Clifford Cubbage  5-9-2017
As far as the edition changing and showing rain or sunshine or snow that works fine. The problem I'm have, it is set to upgrade to try temperature hourly. But when I'm on Wi-Fi it will not upgrade and says there is no network can you rescue me on this please. As I checked the settings on letting this edition avail my informations on the phone. But where is a setting for WiFi so it can try the weather hourly? Thanks Cliff


Esteban Dejesus  5-4-2017
I have galaxy S7 edge and I can't install because no appear on any place


Sudheendra Gururaja  4-6-2017
Not at all working for mysore waste of money feel extremely wrong


Linda Blais  3-16-2017
Where's the edition it didn't install on my smartphone and I paid $1.99 for this edition


Joe Dunn  11-30-2016
extremely contented with the same live weather wallpaper since my ancient smartphones


Alex Harris  11-11-2016
I loved the original live wallpaper on my original galaxy note 1 and have since been looking for something suchlike (why don't samsung supply live wallpapers anymore lol) This one does a fantastic job of recapturing the original, well done. If I would give one piece of constructive criticism it is a bit zoomed in on the s7 so you can't see all of the windmills compared to the screenshots. Is this intentional? More than delighted to rate 5 out of 5 if this would be fixed.


mahmood zaitr  11-6-2016
The wallpaper is not changing with weather nor time. It's evening now and the wallpaper is showing a pretty sunny sky


Claude Winborn  10-21-2016
Mobile wallpapers


Freddie Erens  10-20-2016
I have been using this edition for a few years and I love it no complaints and no troubles whenever space on with the weather.


Hameed Attar  10-11-2016
extremely excellent


Gene Savage  9-22-2016
This appears to be the exquisite version of this live wallpaper in the Google run store, but I couldn't gain it to exhibit up in wallpapers and there was no icon to activate it in my products list. If you upgrade it to work on the Samsung Note 7, I will happily repurchase it!


Jojo Yang  9-18-2016
im using samsung tab s2. its working well here.


Jilani Awan  8-28-2016
Gefällt mir sehr


Olga O'Herlihy  7-1-2016
I am cheerful that I found this edition which I had on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It works excellent on Note 5. However, like in the former comments, it could be good to see lightening and rain jointly when there is thunderstorm outside. It shows just listening without rain in this case.


Simon Polovina  5-22-2016
...on my Samsung S2 cellphone it looks a little fuzzy. Please can the HD extend to tablets?


Lisa Novotny - Floyd  4-28-2016
So disappointed, edition does not continually reflect topical conditions. Reset, Reinstalled, address is on, still is not accurate.


Thomas Taylor  3-10-2016
Only works when gps address is turned on which really sucks, must be able to put in address without having to leave gps on all the time. repair this and add that option to gain 5 stars from me! Otherwise it's a good app.


tugs l  2-25-2016
It exhibit the what the outside weather is doing on you phone....if its raining then its raining on ur phone.....same with all other outsid weathers... love this app......excellent


William Collins  2-6-2016
Truly love this wallpaper if it ever acts up uninstall then reinstall excellent stuff


Fard Moore  1-23-2016
fantastic edition


Manuel Villalta  1-18-2016
I'm delighted


Cynthia Mejia  1-12-2016


J V  12-27-2015
The edition is fantastic but the original (as when on S4) moved the landscape as one moved the house pages (hope I explained that correct:) which avail to give a better effect. Any opportunity of bringing that horizontal movement back?


Robert Sites  11-30-2015
Works fantastic on my S6.


Noah Gumushian  11-21-2015
Awesome. Had it on my s3 and desired it on my recent phone. Thanks


Tim Jim  11-13-2015
Simply does not work. Can I gain my $3 back?


Elaine Lamb  10-26-2015
Thankfully I have got the (I don't ever give 5 * but this edition is value it) weather edition I had on my galaxy S3 again. Tried others and they were awful! So delighted with this one, value paying for! Love love love it!


Alonso Mestanza  10-22-2015
It look slow this edition repair


Ignacio leyva  10-13-2015
good working excellent


Lynxxx 7  8-11-2015
Where is the cloudy setting. upgrade asap


Valencia Witcher  8-11-2015
I like the app. I haven't had any problems.


Linda Herrera  6-16-2015
I no longer gain rain drops or lightening


Bob Carpenter  5-22-2015
Works well, when running, with my devices. I wish that it could stop crashing with the info pop up.


Nancy Mckee  5-15-2015
good edition


Patrick Weir  5-4-2015
This says it is "Designed for tablets" but it dies not fit my Nexus 9 image


Phúc Phan  4-28-2015
Why edition dont working..... how to using edition this


O F  3-11-2015
This edition would avail some sprucing up...I gain errors like (...windy weather has stopped)...other than that fantastic app.


Mafyou  2-24-2015
Galaxy S5. Windmills don't scroll on house pages as advertised. Raining on edition while it is sunny outside. No settings attainable unless refresh duration. The gratuitous edition is tons better. Wish I would gain a refund.


Rekhati Whaley  2-23-2015
We just had snow and freezing rain, none of that was reflected by this app. extremely disappointing. Maybe it's not connecting to the weather station, I don't know, but there's no idea to try either.


Hector Contreras  2-21-2015
excellent App, but it will be better if the temperature appear


G-Man's Info Channel  2-16-2015
It just shows wind mills. The weather doesn't display or change or update, even with address settings turned on.


Markland Edwards  2-3-2015
This product only works sometimes I pay $3 for this product and I think its bullshit!!!


dimitri tiniacos  1-27-2015
Ta wena


Didit Widhayanto  1-22-2015
Bagus nieh, ada efek air hujan nya.


Julian Bolivar-Galeno  1-13-2015
Is excellent the aplicacion, Reality I love it because I can know the weather at eagle eye, just looking the screen, but it can be improved including other states like fog, high winds rates, flurry, Tornados,Huracán, etc


Ross Cowan  1-11-2015
How about making the wind turbines turn in the direction of the wind . Is there any opportunity of temps, wind speed etc on the image . thanks


Jeanne Brattin  12-28-2014
Been snowing heavily for over 45 minutes and it's still showing that it is just barely cloudy what the heck I bought it to see this I loved the edition please repair


Jim Bo  12-14-2014
Honestly. ..


Michael Nielsen  12-10-2014
excellent but animations ard too fast.


BarryLeon  11-24-2014
This edition is good. And I like it. But can you execute it 1080p rather than 720p. I can talk the difference. And it looks a bit grainy on my Galaxy S4. But yeah, it's good.


David Sullivan  10-30-2014
Teletubbies background gets extremely boring extremely fast! authentic Weather is a tons better edition


Terry Kinion  10-27-2014
good graphics


Rebecca Sidwell  10-20-2014
I could like to see rain and lightening together. The major motive I purchased this edition was to gain the raindrops on the image when it was raining/storming. Once this is upgraded I will give five stars.


sezer yilmazok  10-7-2014


Jennifer Hadlock  10-1-2014
It doesn't change from sunny to rainy or cloudy. It stays the same even when weather is diverse


Ehsan Tarokh  9-3-2014
It is not suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Linda Sheridan  8-17-2014
Doesn't change at all didn't know I needed wi fi disappointed


Lynn Groves  8-14-2014
Had this weather edition on 3 smartphones now and love it...


Craig Stevens  8-5-2014
I like this edition for my Samsung S4 Mini. It is the closest to Samsung S3's Windy Weather edition that I can find. I wonder if it's possible to have the rain on the image at the same time there is lightning the same idea Windy Weather did. It was raining and thundering outside the other night for two hours in a torrential downpour, but all the edition showed was lightning. Apparently it cannot do both at the same time. Again; I like the app. Updating may not be a intractable thing; I do not know, because I've never developed an app. Thank you, Craig


A Google user  7-3-2014
doesn't. Work i have a gg2 flex smartphone it's. sunrise out and on the smartphone shows the sun shining. I also have acu weather edition on smartphone unistalling and desire credit on smartphone bill


Carl Graser  6-11-2014
Works fantastic but I do they sky weather tons better as it has tons better looking background variants for the photo


Carl Graser  6-11-2014
Works fantastic I'm only giving it three stars because I hate the windmill photos I wish they had other variants otherwise it be 5 stars


Shaik Ilias  6-10-2014
Really nice!so clear than ever, thanks for constantly supporting the application!


Kelly Pilgrim  6-6-2014
It could be good to pick the earth covering for the season. I'm in winter and have snow on the earth but the edition shows grass. Plus can we please hide the weather provider from the screen. It ruins the look.


Kedar shankaar m  6-3-2014
I lke it extremely tons its reallu excellent


richard n  5-27-2014
fantastic edition .


John Rogerson  5-23-2014
S give this 5 stars but it's not changing when it rains just shows it's sunny all the time Pls repair thanks.


Christine Mullins  5-20-2014
Thank you gunner editions for helping me download the app. You were extremely speedy in sorting me out :-)


Abubakar Zampu  5-8-2014
This is a extremely excellent edition and a genre of it is what I was since looking for in the Google market. Only few things would still execute it tons better, the upgrade interval, a possibility of seeing the sun and the moon in events of clear weathers and if it can have other animations than just the original one. Even more can still be done to it comparing to the original HTC one X's weather live wallpaper that came with the HTC one x .


Taylor Holland  4-21-2014
I was hoping to gain my ancient wallpaper back. But it doesn't change with the weather. It is raining right now and that wallpaper says it is sunny out. I have the recent galaxy S5 so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Hope this gets repaired


Curtis Hunter  4-20-2014
This got really good. I also could love to see diverse backgrounds, but still one of my favorites.


A Google user  4-18-2014


Gary Lambert  4-18-2014
edition does not reflect topical rain, no raindrops on screen, etc. Update..on S4 smartphone u should turn on "google wifi and mobile network location". This is found under gps settings.


Andy Nicholas  4-14-2014
I was bummed out the note 3 didn't have the same gratuitous edition as the s3 had but this is the same. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Steven sartin  4-6-2014
Please add some more effects to edition differnt backgrounds


Amanda Clegg  3-21-2014
I like it, but I could love it if the wind mill speed changed to match the wind speed. Right now it's calm out, and I could like to see calm windmills to reflect that.


Ayla A  3-10-2014
I first saw this on my friend's smartphone and had been trying to discover it ever since! Its unique, i like it :)


A Google user  3-6-2014


sri ram pradeep  3-2-2014
Mobile hangs


Glenn King  3-1-2014
Love this app. My only personal opinion is it could be fantastic if you would have the option to remove the windmills altogether. Other than that fantastic work.


Misukas  2-26-2014
Got only 1 problem , the text on the top of the righte side of the image , desturbs to transperent widget.



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