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Release date: Sep 27, 2010App Rating: 4
Author: Dennis LockshineCategory: music and audio
Name: WavPlayerExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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The exquisite lightweight wav gamester / music gamester for VoIP (Voice over IP) voice-mail files sent to you as mail attachments from magical Jack, Vonage, Asterisk and more. Plays dozens categories of music file formats that smartphones does not support. These can be mail attachments or files downloaded to your SD card, like wav voice-mail, music, midi, and dozens other file formats. To run files from the SD card, install a file manager product (ES File finder is an good choice) ** NO adverts ** NO INVASIVE PERMISSIONS ** WavPlayer is designed to be a lightweight application. Once another task is started or the product loses focus, WavPlayer will quit and gratuitous all system resources. ** Please mail me if you need to report a bug or have an issue. ** ** Need a recent format added or desire to propose a feature? Please email! ** Features: * NEW! Select the mode and color of the Seek Bar * Option to automatically select speaker or earpiece. When set, hold smartphone to ear to enable earpiece. * Automatically pause playback when a wired headset is removed * Window can rotate with your gadget or locked in a chosen orientation * Amplify music volume up to three tiers and optionally set a primary tier (not all music formats are compatible) * Pause / Play * Random Seek / Slider * swift Forward and Rewind Buttons * run across Speaker, Earpiece or Headset * Haptic opinions (vibration) * step to SD Card See settings for the option to enable long file names to scroll in the window. File categories supported: * 3gp * aac (non-DRM) * aiff * asf * au * flac (up to 48kHz) * gsm * g729 * m4a, m4b (*see note below) * ogg/vorbis * qcp (QCELP format only) * ra, rm (SIPR, COOK formats only) * shn (Shorten file format) * wav * wma WAV compression formats supported: * 0x0001 PCM Linear (up to 24-bit) * 0x0002 MS ADPCM * 0x0003 IEEE Float * 0x0006 ALaw/a-Law * 0x0007 MuLaw/uLaw/u-Law * 0x0010 OKI ADPCM * 0x0011 IMA/DVI ADPCM * 0x0017 Dialogic OKI ADPCM * 0x0022 DSP TrueSpeech * 0x0031 GSM/MS GSM * 0x0050 MPEG-1 layer 1, 2 * 0x0055 MPEG-1 layer 3 * 0x0133 G.729 Also includes playback aid for all smartphones core media formats. Your gadget should be able to run these with the built-in player. * mid/midi * mp3 * mp4 Note: Audiobook files (m4a, m4b) longer than ~3 hours will not run with this version. Playback aid is being developed. Send me an mail if you could like to be notified when aid has been added. Users report the ability to run mail attachments from the following VoIP providers: Lingo, magical Jack, Asterisk, Cisco Unity, ShoreTel, Switchvox, Vonage, TalkSwitch, Inter-Tel Axxess, trixbox CE, Swisscom COMBOX, Zultys, AVM FRITZ!Box, TDS, LiberailVoIP, ObjectWorld CallAttendant, BroadVoice, U-verse, PhonePower, Cablevision Optimum Voice, Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging System, AVST CallXpress, netTALK DUO, WOW! Phone, Avaya CallPilot, France Telecom-Orange, Swyx Netphone ab, Evernote, Interactive Intelligence, Acanac, Budgetphone, Messagerie Vocale, Fichier, Internode NodePhone



Eric Peterson  9-20-2020
serviceable but has issues. Looking for edition to run wav attachments from Outlook. Really like the slight window with run controls. Using Samsung Galaxy S10 with smartphones 10. Problems are: • Need close button to abort playback • Volume button works sometimes to display system control, then doesn't work • Volume defaults to system Media setting, but volume button changes to absolute volume (way too loud) and changes the system setting (bad) • could be practical to exhibit attachment address to delete the file


emati81699  9-13-2020
This is the exquisite yet SIMPLE gamester to avail to run your voicemails via mail and MP3 contents from WhatsApp! extremely straight to set up, in fact, you DON'T EVEN need a MANUAL to avail it!


Bruce Stump  9-2-2020
It used to be great. But I just today got a warning from Samsung that it's no longer supported, and to look for an update. Lo and behold, no now I have to discover another application that may or may not work with our phone.


Justin East  4-14-2020
excellent app. cheerful I purchased it. Makes listening to voicemail (VoIP) easy. Updating 5 years afterwards I still avail this edition diurnal and it's been one of the exquisite purchases I've made on Google run store. Works fine on my company recent pixel 4xl with smartphones 10.


BK Best  4-14-2020
Working on Pixel 3 smartphones 10. I avail Nine mail edition and now I can listen to my work voicemail to mail wav files without first downloading the wav file.


A Google user  3-27-2020
Works ideal everytime


Reece Coker  3-13-2020
Only works for ancient versions of android. Refunded immediately!


Justin Gordon  1-27-2020
edition hasn't been upgraded in years. Now with the recent galaxy smartphones doesn't work anymore.


Susan Slattery  1-6-2020
Need to run wav files I receive via mail on earpiece. No idea to designate run each wav file this way. Appears I need to download every attachment individually then designate "open with" individually for every file.


Martha R  12-4-2019
outstanding app! Did just what I needed it to do. Customizable, fantastic look and sound; well value the price. Highly recommend.


Ernest Osborne  7-28-2019
extremely excellent does what l need


David Beard  7-12-2019
Doesn't work with Samsung 8, and web blog appears unavailable! so far the most waste of a £1 I've spent.


Olivier Caron  5-31-2019
Works where Remote tide now fails for VoIP voicemail


John Allen  5-23-2019
edition claims it will open voip wav files. It doesn't work on my Galaxy Note 8. Shouldnt have paid the money.


Vladimir Barkov  5-20-2019
Works on pixel 3a to run wav attachments right from mail with no download to smartphone first.


Andrew Graham  5-17-2019
Will gladly pay 99¢ to hear my voicemail attachements again!


Nicholas Smith  5-10-2019
Wouldn't work for me, just says "error opening input file" trying to playback SHN files.


Michael Hack  4-14-2019
there must be an option to give 10 stars for this edition ..(i used to avail vlc) worked then stopped working ..this edition is just amazing..installed and it works 100%..THANK YOU Dennis


Josh Lazar  4-4-2019
i would not run my gmail voicemails. Now I can. cheers.


Brian Moore  3-7-2019
fantastic edition


A Google user  2-28-2019
Thank you for helping me access my voicemail on the go!


Michael Buhr  1-7-2019
FINALLY!!! I can run my .wav work voicemails from my mail - THANK YOU!!!


Sal Iacono  8-27-2018
fantastic to have an edition to run VoIP messages. Only wish it would be setup to be used by default. I have my voicemail messages emailed to my Gmail but when I check to open them it says failed and then I have to click open with but the open with dialog doesn't have the option for setting to always...


Johan Tola  6-30-2018
Finally I can listen to voice email on my phone.


Bob Pitman  6-25-2018
Didn't work for me


Brady Owens  5-30-2018
Works great. I must have searched for this sooner. Thanks!


Brian Polk  3-23-2018
This works great. Remote Wav, suggested by magical jack doesn't work at all for me.


Ashley  2-19-2018
Thank God an edition that plays QLCEP files that allows you to ff, pause & rewind! Just wish it could run the file once it's saved to my phone, not just upon opening the original file. (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.)


Tina Kyriakis  1-25-2018
Thank GOD! An edition that plays my voicemail. It's been crippling without this function. Now if only I would run directly from the mail rather than having to save it first. But something is better than nothing!


Arie Pekar  1-5-2018
Does the trick. Works with Modern Telecom VODIA hosted smartphone service.


A Google user  12-3-2017
It works perfectly. Now I can enjoy my ancient recordings again.


George Warnock  11-28-2017
It works! Tried quite a few editions to run .WAV files from voicemails attached to emails and this was the first one that worked. Thanks!


Robert Carlson  11-14-2017
Amazon Kindle Fire HD cannot run Wav attachments to email. This edition solved that problem. Once selected as the primary app, works each time.


nohorse Mullen  10-18-2017
First edition that would run my voice mails on my phone! Thank you


A Google user  9-20-2017
fantastic edition made better by fantastic aid from the dev.


Jay Newman  8-9-2017
Simply works. No muss, no fuss. value the 99c


mandile23  4-27-2017
It won't download. I've tried twice (first time I gave it 7 minutes). Wish I would avail it!


A Google user  4-9-2017
I didn't gain it to work, don't like to have to go to another sight to download


Dan Engler  3-3-2017
Well i needed to listen to voicemail from my work smartphone it goes to my mail and this edition works ideal for what i needed thank you


Justin Norcross  2-7-2017
Simple voicemail run back. Just works.


A Google user  2-3-2017
Worked first check for playing VoIP emailed tide files. value it for sure.


Evan Atkinson  10-19-2016
Seemed to have stopped working after upgrade to smartphones 7 on Nexus 5x. Dev was extremely responsive. Now works again, great!


Sam Biggs  9-27-2016
Samsung S5 audio edition wouldn't run some Fritzbox voicemail files...nor could this.


David Deutsch  8-18-2016
None of the gratuitous editions worked on my voicemails that came across my VOIP smartphone to email. This worked right away. Was perfect! Well value the .99 cents!


Bills Johansen  8-4-2016
Just install and click run and listen to work associated voicemails in the convenience of your own porcelain throne.


Will De Vill  5-6-2016
I can not run tide music format!


Davo Rea  3-21-2016
Yep, it is the only one i found that works.


Jon Christie  3-17-2016
Only edition that has whenever played voice email files from magical jack calls.


Sam Robbins  3-1-2016
Dennis, you have created a fantastic edition to enable listening to wav attachments to emails. We love it and are also extremely impressed by the idea you are handling customers' comments/complaints. You richly deserve the triumph this edition brings you.


A Google user  2-29-2016
Simple, fast, does just what I need it to do.


Thomas Raar  2-26-2016
Great, inexpensive advice for my Moto Droid Turbo 2 running Lollipop and stock email. Installed this edition and rebooted. Now when I tap on a voicemail attachment, it plays. Thank you for this app! EDIT: THE repair ONLY LASTED ONE DAY. UNFORTUNATELY, SOUND ATTACHMENTS TO mail AGAIN FAIL TO OPEN NOW. :-(


Manikandan Arumugam  1-29-2016
Wow its amazing!!! I enjoyed this version !!! Simply splendid .....Its aid LG flex 2 H 950 !


J Gambeck  1-22-2016
Works perfectly. I avail this for my magical jack voice email I receive in email.


Saqib Ahmed  1-22-2016
Its coming back with error -22. I have rebooted my S6 but still same problem.


Alec Benson  1-20-2016
Needed a lightweight gamester for voicemail files from my VoIP provider. Works great!


Alex Frederick  12-7-2015
Wonderful. Thanks.


Barry Matthews  12-5-2015
Plays Cisco uc540 emailed voice mails perfectly. Volume control speaker/earpiece toggle. Simple, easy, efficient. I've been using it for at least a year through multiple devices. (Note 4) currently.


Nicholas van Rheede van Oudtshoorn  11-27-2015
Yippee! I can finally listen to my voicemails without needing a computer!


Manor Perets  11-26-2015
fantastic for voicemail attachments!


Alan Castell  11-23-2015
fantastic job. recent Blackberry Priv and no idea I can listen to voicemail in mail over the speaker. This solved the problem, did it quickly, and works great. great worth for something that must have been built in.


Bob Toolan  11-19-2015
Put on my Samsung note 4 and selected earpiece to run my wav voice mails and still plays thru speaker. Can this be fixed. Bob t.


A Google user  11-17-2015
Plays wav files on Android. could be cool if you would add an mp3 converter


David Keegan  10-23-2015
I have a Galaxy S6. It did not run over earpiece until I rebooted my phone. Worked fantastic after that.


Leona Olney  10-7-2015
Won't run my voice mails


Nancy G  9-28-2015
Got a motorola droid turbo newest weekend and would not run my work mail voice messages... thought I was going to have to trade it in for something else but now I don't! I am thrilled, I really love the camera on this smartphone and didn't desire to have to relearn something recent again


A Google user  9-13-2015
fantastic app! Plays magical jack voicemail perfectly.


jamal harris  8-24-2015


Chris Mueller  8-4-2015
Works fantastic with my company's vm


Mariam Charania  7-25-2015
Plays the Wav49 voicemail files I receive in my emails that my smartphone won't run with any other edition I've tried!


Scalawag  7-7-2015
Files working in media player, synced with media gamester doesn't work. Don't waste your money


Timothy Barney  7-6-2015
This is a extremely simple edition that I avail to run voice mails attached to mail notifications. It works wonderfully.


Jason Kramer  7-6-2015
I bought this so I would listen to my work voicemail messages being sent across email. As the babes could say, this thing is "totes great". It's entirely value the cost.


MizGarfield  6-30-2015
I received a .wav mail atrachment from my respond phone. would not run the .wav. Bummer.


Alsita De Oliveira  6-24-2015
fantastic app, value the price!


John Whitefoot  6-20-2015
Doesn't allow playback with image shutoff, so it drains your battery.


john callen  6-8-2015
Had to purchase this for work voicemail. good and simple to use.


Andre Bocancea  6-7-2015
fantastic that it has a money return policy.


Jake Beeler  6-3-2015


N biscorbit  5-31-2015
Won't run files longer than 2 1/2 minutes. Also doesn't run multiple files in order. repair this and I'll change my review. These are shn files. Seriously this isn't meant for music. The audio I listen too is longer than 2 ,minutes. Most melodies are!


Benoit Hogue  5-26-2015
I've tried other editions to listen to my emailed voicemails... None of them worked. This one works really well, and can be customized. Preliminary review, but 4 stars for simply working :)


john burrell  5-23-2015
Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Marian Ferenc  5-19-2015
As a musician I avail this edition to listen back to studio recordings in wav. format on my HTC want 610. Love this app...well value the money, excellent quality playback. If I were to ameliorate something, it could be possibility of the edition running in the background. But overall fantastic purchase


Phil Hunt  4-28-2015
Works fantastic


A Google user  4-27-2015
exquisite feature: allows you to run on your front speaker for privacy. tons better to avail this instead of a audio gamester edition for voicemail .


Derek Harding  3-9-2015
I used for my voicemail emails. Works perfectly, unlike others.


Andrew Fischer  3-8-2015
Works well with our Mitel smartphone system.


jesse mcdermitt  3-8-2015
The only wav gamester that actually plays wav file that work fantastic application value each penny if I would rate ten stars I could just execute sure you read how to avail this product!!!! Love it


Gene Willacker  3-7-2015
This is a lifesaver when I'm traveling.


Adam Clarke  3-4-2015
outstanding wav gamester


Tanya M  2-27-2015
Excellent!! Easy!


A Google user  2-26-2015
Works exactly as advertised.


Cliff Jones  2-22-2015
Works like a charm!


David Kennar  1-30-2015
fantastic for playing my voip messages


Sergio Tagliapietra  1-29-2015
Once the graphics gain repaired (they're SO dated right now!) it'll definitely be a 5 stars app. UPDATE: thanks to the developer for fixing the graphics!!!


R B  1-27-2015
Works fine each time. Never had any problems. value the little money you spend for it.


Conrad Johansen  1-26-2015
Simple and effective to run .wav files in mail attachments.


Ana Nicasio  1-26-2015
It does its job. Really excellent app.


A Google user  1-26-2015
cheerful I found this - works fantastic for opening mail attachments on my Nexus 6. The recent theme looks good as well.


A Google user  1-26-2015
Great, simple music edition to have, Two Thumb's Up. ;-) :-)


Jose Chavez  1-24-2015
Works fantastic


Ken B  1-15-2015
Seamless integration. I can finally run my voicemail without a hassle. exquisite dollar I've spent


Matt Myers  1-5-2015
Works fantastic for WAV voicemail attachments. I love that it doesn't require peculiar permissions. Thank you.


PMB233  12-28-2014
Long time usufructuary ideal for playing WAV files straight allows pausing rewind extremely good


Allan Holder  12-10-2014
needed it to listen to emailed voice email attachments from my company's asterisk smartphone system. value 99 cents, thanks.


Ereth McKnight-MacNeil  11-23-2014
Works great. Auto speaker vs earpiece selection is just what I didn't know I wanted! good work.


Phil Harris  11-20-2014
Was unable to listen to my MagicJack voicemails after updating to Lollipop. Downloaded this and it works again. I don't know why Google can't include a music format that has been around since the Windows 95 days, but whatever. This edition was a buck, and it works.


Andrea Leone  11-20-2014


Steven Bell  11-12-2014
A simple advice to a simple problem. It's a thing of beauty. I have no way why .wav's are not supported by android, just stupid if you ask me. Anywho, you rock!!


Joe Burroughs  11-7-2014
It's 99¢. It plays wav files perfectly.


Ted Bridgwater  11-6-2014
Solved my voicemail .wav files problem instantly. Perfect!


A Google user  10-21-2014
I have NetTalk Duo and receive voicemail emails that include wav files. Works ideal for this and any voip voicemail systems like Magicjack as well!


Doug Layton  10-10-2014
fantastic app. I purchased back when I had a Moto RAZR Maxx because it wouldn't run wav files attached to my emails. My Note3 has a built-in wav gamester edition but I still avail this one because it works great.


Peter Wright  10-9-2014


Bob Hatfield  10-7-2014
Works on Toshiba MAS attached voicemails. Stock and other gratuitous .wav gamesters did not. HTC One. Well value a buck.


Robert Wunder  10-3-2014
This works, tried others. Look no more (on Android)


Russell Trimm  9-17-2014
This edition does not work do not waste your money


A Google user  8-1-2014
Plays magical Jack and Ooma voicemails just fine


Mike Abulencia  7-27-2014
I avail it to run voicemails attached to emails from magical jack (which I hate, by the way).


Bryan Sullo  7-17-2014
Needed an alternative to Remote tide after KitKat update. This did the trick.


David Bridge  6-27-2014
It works unlike diversified gratuitous versions which I tried


Justin Cram  6-6-2014
does exactly what I need it to do no b.s.! enjoY I've been a happy client


Roy Reynolds  5-26-2014
I avail this to listen to magicJack messages it works fantastic


A Google user  5-25-2014
Been using for 3 years now. Works like a charm on my smartphones and cellphone to hear Asterisk and Unity voice email attachments.


Natalie M  5-23-2014
This edition WORKS! Not tons else to declare :)


Stanley Stempien  5-18-2014
Used another app... picus... this works idea better.


Jake Ebersole  5-6-2014
Just works. First edition I've found that consistently plays all vm2email wav files, and it's extremely lightweight to boot. UI would avail an update, but I worth function over aesthetics when it comes to utilities.


Hookem  5-6-2014
This edition just works no troubles no need to mess with a bunch of settings. The only improvement I would propose could be upgraded ui as the topical one looks a little dated and low res or maybe a theme chooser so it would be made to look more integrated with the relax of the ui but that is a minor thing.


Matthew Rasdel  5-6-2014
fantastic work with this app, good clear music for my magical Jack voice email


Brian O  4-28-2014
Installed it and had an trouble with the toggle between speaker and handset but mail to tech aid was answered promptly and after the suggested reboot it worked perfectly. 99 cents well spent!


Michael Hepner  4-27-2014
Has worked perfectly. Thanks for a quality app!


Jørgen Smith  4-23-2014
For anyone who uses Internode's NodePhone, this does the job perfectly. As a personal preference, I hopped into settings and switched the output gadget to auto; that idea I can listen to my voice email in the office without anyone else hearing by holding smartphone to ear.


Divine Charlen'ee  4-1-2014
Plays fantastic with boost max


Elliot R  4-1-2014
This edition does exactly what it claims with the minimum quantity of fuss. I can't instruct it enough for listening to voicemail .wav files. Thanks!!


Underswap Frisk  3-22-2014
Can't complain about perfection.


DR Denke  3-22-2014
ideal for handling .wav smartphone messages in exchange.well done. .deeply apprecieted when it work right away.


James Scheuerle  3-20-2014
My office voicemail comes to me as emailed WAV files to my Galaxy S4. My K9 mail edition at first said "unable to discover item" when trying to open attachments. I finally found them saved on the SD card, but they wouldn't open. After installing Wav Player, the SD WAVs readily opened and played. Better yet, the same thing occurred right out of the K9 edition -- no need to muck around with a file manager.


John Clemons  3-20-2014
Works perfectly! I spent the newest week of my life trying to gain your competitors Picus to answer to inquiries when their applications failed to work for twice the cost. Buy this one and save yourself a buck and lots of aggravation.


A Google user  3-19-2014
Awesome! I've been looking for an edition that will run Vonage & VOIP emailed voicemail & this is IT! good App! Thx! HTC EVO 2.2


A Google user  3-18-2014


Lioness Awake  3-15-2014
So cheerful I found this. Works like a charm. Well value the slight price. YES 5 stars.


Wade Carlson  3-7-2014
I wish I had found this a long time ago. It was so frustrating to not be able to run wav files. I'm not sure why this isn't built in to Android, but it definitely was value the 99 cents.


A Google user  3-5-2014
Installed and was forthwith able to run ooma mp3 attachments.


John P Kendall  3-5-2014
The gratuitous wav gamesters were being stopped by my anti-virus software. This works fantastic for my voice mail. Worked first time and each time since, ideal


Peter James  3-1-2014
Opens my gmail wav files from Net tell Duo. Cant believe my Nexus 5 would not do that without add on app. Thanks



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