Android Version: 4.1App: Wartide
Release date: Oct 23, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Outact IncCategory: role playing
Name: WartideExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Wartide introduces the unique and highly strategic deployment combat system. Arrange your armies to out-maneuver your adversaries and then take control of your champions in order to unleash mighty skills to complete them off. Summon your heroes, from fabled soldiers to mystical sorcerers, assemble your armies, and reclaim the long-lost kingdom of Atlantis. protect your Citadel from attacks, do combat online versus leaders from around the world, and forge mighty Alliances to demolish your common enemies. FEATURES ● Enter the unique fantasy setting of recent Atlantis ● Harness mighty champions and sorcery to crush your opponents ● Form armies from a roster of mighty champions and troops ● Devise greatest deployment strategies from countless combinations of teams ● Win combats to promote your champions and disclose great recent skills ● combat with gamesters global and ameliorate your reputation ● Join jointly with other gamesters to form the final alliance Please Note: Wartide is a free-to-play game, but some extra release elements can be purchased for veritable money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.



MJ doc  6-21-2021
Alliance thing isn't fun. #vomit


Scott Legacy  6-13-2021
excellent release to pass the time on


didier james  5-30-2021
Hello, i have been playing this release for years and today i lost my account . can anybody rescue recover my account please. Thanks


Loving this release


oinam jina  5-5-2021
exquisite release ever


Shakib Tazwar Prodhan Taz  5-2-2021
excellent fooooodie


Age of KNOWLEDGE  4-26-2021
excellent release ,enjoyable I will instruct others to download and run .


Sonya Stecher  4-11-2021
I'd give it 5 stars if there was some terrain effects to execute placement more interesting


Kyui Pos  4-1-2021
outstanding fantastic game,better set another server to recent gamester not fare played with too dozens ancient master


Jms Mung  3-30-2021
release is really addictive and good. Best. But the only problem is this- whether in arena or seige or hall of fame or any other fabled missions it is impossible for low stats gamesters to attempt any attack on these. Coz the devs have made it that way. If my total stats of major 5 champions is 100k then how am I suppose to win a 250k or 350k enemy? The release is seriously not balanced at all. There must be platforms accordingly for diverse stats group. The severe ones are the only one reaping it


Dawis Yo  3-25-2021
awesome,great fun.but not fare for recent player.cant mission a fabled champions


janet monroe  3-22-2021
It's fun, but play out of stamina to swift to maintain playing and have to run other releases


Shreyanshu Upadhyay  3-20-2021
outstanding game.


fenixgirl9  3-18-2021
I generally dont run conflict releases like this..but this one is enjoyment and challenging. A excellent blend of champion summoning and development and strategy. My brain is getting agood workout.


Hopeful Gades  3-14-2021


Krishna Murthy  3-13-2021
excellent release


dev sorathia  3-13-2021
Love this release but can not recover my profile 😭😓


Samyar Gholami  3-11-2021
عالی بود


Jeya Abraham  3-10-2021
Really fantastic release


Water Bill Is Past Due  3-9-2021
It's ok. Just too repetitive and too intractable to enhance and acquire excellent characters


sai muthukrishnan  3-8-2021
excellent release but needs more phases


Rajinder Sidhu  3-5-2021


shara kam  3-1-2021


Mike Kramer  2-25-2021
extremely excellent release


darren short  2-20-2021
Offline version could be good


amirul firdaus  2-18-2021
Yo... I can't open the game... Its said log in fail "time out" what is circumstance bruh... Plss fix.... I've spend a lot of money to you alll


bing de omana  2-16-2021
good release


Lance Wilken  2-16-2021
Cool release would be better


Jonathan Holmes  2-11-2021
excellent release you hit a wall idea too swift and leveling up becomes an trouble


Daniel Sheppard  2-10-2021
It's fantastic Mobile release like the graphics like the gameplay and The design of the release


De Alle  2-9-2021


almar nasib  2-8-2021
i like


Adrian Banzar  2-2-2021
extremely excellent release .....LOVE IT


STRETCH CHEEZY quaver  2-1-2021
Really excellent statigy release


adrian banzar  1-31-2021
excellent and enjoyment release


Jonah Ndaime  1-30-2021
Having fun.... permits see in days to come what developer is to deliver or add.


Sunil Pawar  1-28-2021
This is super and interesting game.which gave extremely enjoyable experience. But i am not contented with its champions .i played yours heroic order release this was also better game.But if you dont mind, I think add all heŕoes in wartide from heroic order game. Also add weapons, summon section ect. Bye the idea this is extremely good release but only add more and lot of heroes.and also please add trait of selling or getting champions by coins. Thank you !


Goran Kotlica  1-28-2021


Diamond Heart  1-27-2021
حبيته معرف ليش 💖❤️


Mherdz Sombilla  1-26-2021
good release


Arliegh Tadena  1-24-2021


Thomas Latopolski  1-23-2021


jesus diaz  1-23-2021
Just started so


Najja Gamble  1-22-2021
It's a beautiful tidy release with fantastic strategy lol


Thug Standard Channel  1-16-2021
Smooth wonderful !!!!!!!


Damen Gordon  1-14-2021
Need recent skins rescue boost up future ! excellent luck 👍


Jefferson Moore  1-12-2021
It is the outstanding release I really like it enjoyment to run


Daniel Morales  1-9-2021
suck dum boring release


Man Man Ly  1-5-2021
outstanding fantastic enjoyment


Jeff Aites  1-5-2021
enjoyment release


Raj Shukla  1-4-2021


Malachi Lovato  1-2-2021
Please execute it offline too


Lucy Black  1-1-2021
Wow theres nothing else to describe it by it's a wonderful modern release download it you have too!!!!


Zach Horvath  12-30-2020
Allies are intentionally targeting the crystal bomb I dont know why you could do that but okay Im not gonna argue it. Goodbye


Shoaib Zahoor  12-29-2020
outstanding release 1


Damon Johnson  12-24-2020
So far so excellent


Biutte Co  12-19-2020
menyenangkan bermain release ini


OFFICIAL Beretta OG  12-17-2020
outstanding release developers I can't complain at all the release is at it's exquisite excellent job I definitely instruct everyone to give this mobile release a pleasure of a try💪💪😎


ManojGupta  12-17-2020
exquisite releases in online


Nonya Bussniess  12-13-2020
Intresting so far I wanna see more before giving a correct review!


Eddie Lewis  12-11-2020
Sweet release


Jon StJohn  12-8-2020
The release is enjoyment and straight to play. So far I have not had to pay for anything. I we see as I gain further in the release if this stays true.


Asghar Ali  12-4-2020
It's a excellent release you must run it


Aashu Lharjay  12-3-2020
after maintenance break Network error in combat why :( please repair this trouble


amiel abella  11-22-2020
excellent release But the price is too expensive


A Google user  11-21-2020
extremely excellent release please deliver more champs but outstanding release thanks for making exquisite release ☺️😁👍


hamza maqbul  11-20-2020
Hibd VB I Bahut acche release haiCCD


Dustin Kelly  11-19-2020
fantastic release extremely amusing


bvsc mrsc  11-17-2020
Honestly my beloved release . If they come out with wartide 2 I wanna start right when it comes out. Everything about it is usufructuary outgoing enjoyment and exciting and a enormous variant of things to do occasions campaign, alliance, alot of diverse characters and variations. Definitely a straight 5 star


Avnish Burton  11-16-2020
Too commercial. Be authentic.


Chandan Singh  11-13-2020
Please yah release load kar do


KUYA Kaloy comiks  11-9-2020
wonderful release


Danilo jr Valencia  11-2-2020
5 stars


david cyrus  11-1-2020
All around excellent game, extremely involved in combat and so far steady progress... could be cool if gear was added and more customization


Abdul Karl Kyum  10-29-2020
fantastic release enjoyment factor is high BUT gem packages that will rescue you buy a 3* fabled champion is to expensive, once you gain a gd fabled champion to update him to 4* is £90+ like really! Greedy Devs..


Stanley Wolff  10-28-2020
fantastic release play, plenty of champions and skills


Dylan tha Villain  10-27-2020
In my opinion one of the most enjoyment and unique releases out here. Hardly any adverts with extremely excellent graphics and a big assortment of interesting characters. Simple to run with an intriguing storyline and not constantly seeking your money while spending a little is certainly an option. Far better than the vast majority of suchlike release concepts. 5 stars all day.


Toe Shwe Whar  10-22-2020
I Like it extremely tons .


J BERGER  10-21-2020
So far came is fantastic but still extremely early


Jeff English  10-20-2020
Addictive, entertaining, and intellectually challenging.


Sonia Shahhosseini  10-20-2020
خیلی بد بود دیرمیاورد


Saru Neupane  10-20-2020
Offline release


asis adit  10-18-2020


Bj Schulz  10-14-2020
fantastic game!


Arturo Ramos B Movies, series, and more  10-13-2020
I didn't think that I would discover a satisfying replacement for plants vs zombies 2, but here it is.


Abhishek Kumar  10-6-2020
Super release


Adriel Said  10-1-2020
extremely excellent release


ZOD ZOD  9-30-2020
Hey I love the heck out of this release I have no complaints non whatsoever thanks Guys fantastic job ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Salina Gurung  9-29-2020
Ok ma'am I am so sorry to do this to you sir I will send it to my location and smartphone number for you to work on it to see you and I don't have to go out of your reach news from me my money I will be in this afternoon and we can go to the bank and I will gain you a try and I will send me only for a couple days but I complete work Alex Mark is on his idea house from work and we desire my work 😎 Alex Mark I have not excellent as I have to gain a few more hours to complete the work Alex is in quarantine.


Ashish Bhattacharjee  9-26-2020
good release


Jeffrey Abel  9-14-2020
idea to tons work to enjoy it


Ron Fuimaono  9-13-2020


Gaurav Gaikwad  9-13-2020


Eric Wirjawitana  9-12-2020
excellent release


Salvador Esparza  9-10-2020
hilarious chicken's name is the name of a G and I gain the same honor from the other guys who are the only ones who called me up when you were in the office of a police officer who are not going anywhere near you and are you right now he said that he is going out to a regional hospital and your physician can talk you that the other side of municipality is it at the fountains where is it possible that they have a lot to do with their childr and your health insurance plan and you are not going anywhere in your a


big Gun  9-10-2020
good releases


Dada Abul  9-8-2020
This release is beautiful excellent lots of champions and with cool peculiar skills & effects But it's a P2w release plus the resources packages gems are so expensive you desire to own a 3* champion you've come through in a Treasure chest you'd need to spend £50 or more to buy gems to claim it..greedy release developers a shame because its a good enjoyment game..


Davon Barber  9-7-2020
One of my beloved releases now 👍👍💯😄


anil solanki  9-7-2020


The best gaming 69  9-7-2020
The exquisite release I have ever played. If you lose a match update the abilities. No words. This is the exquisite game.


It's an outstanding release but has a lot of bugs and it shut's down in center of nowhere


Maddy Shastri  9-4-2020


Animesh Majumdar  9-2-2020
Love this release 💞💞💕💕💞


Mark Henry  8-29-2020


This is a awsam release bat why we gain only 5 champion sloats for attack please incris the sloats of heros to more awasome attacks. And yes thanks for making this game. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


Deepika Mehra  8-27-2020
Hardik mehra


Braxton R  8-23-2020


Darren Yong  8-22-2020
beautiful interesting, but needs some simplification, too dozens things around, shops, so straight to miss out a lot of things. Rune and troop leadership is horrible and doesn't work properly.


Ian Villacruz  8-22-2020


Ali Ali  8-20-2020
مرحبا بك في منتديات شباب ليبيا يمكنك إضافة مرفقات لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم. اللجنة


Manasvi Sachan  8-17-2020


wan ahmad  8-17-2020
excellent games.


mohamad iranmanesh  8-15-2020


B. LEKSHMANAN  8-15-2020
Wow exe👍👍👍👍


Uplukutuk Uhuy  8-13-2020
I think i'm enjoy this game, so far not boring to me


Prabha Bopanna  8-12-2020
I wasn't able to download the game.The mosr disappointing matter were the cheaters.I am declaring this is the worst game.


K Moss  8-10-2020
excellent release longs maintain prices down


Christian Ådahl  8-9-2020
excellent simple control. Just good game..


excellent game. But cheaters cheating well. Using same champion but lost missions easily. I don't like cheaters.


John DeBardino  8-8-2020
extremely enjoyment game!


Bhavana Ganjare  8-8-2020
good release



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