Android Version: 4.4App: Virtua Tennis Challenge
Release date: Jul 11, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: SEGACategory: sports
Name: Virtua Tennis ChallengeExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Take on Virtua Tennis Challenge, the deepest tennis release on mobile with unrivaled 3D graphics, tactical controls, and realistic gameplay. Slice, lob and hit your exquisite top spin as you take on the world's exquisite and compete versus 50 gamesters in 18 stadiums around the globe. Build concentration by making plays that match your player's style; unleashing a super shot that will execute your adversary sweat. Enjoy hours of release run across diverse modes, shots and courts. Virtua Tennis mission joins the SEGA Forever classic releases collection, a treasure trove of gratuitous SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile for the first time! FEATURES SWING THE release YOUR idea Unleash top spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots across diverse touch gestures FEEL THE HEAT Adjust your shot in diverse stadiums and environments as you compete on clay, grass, intractable or indoor courts. DOUBLE UP THE enjoyment Compete in Singles or Doubles missions MULTIPLE MODES SPT World Tour: choose a customizable character to compete across absolute seasons of competition around the globe. Earn money by progressing across matches to buy your idea into recent tournaments. every veritable world day offers recent challenges. Exhibition Match: Dive into the release and select from any unlocked courts and characters in single or doubles mode. Multiplayer: mission your buddies online over Wifi or face to face over Bluetooth connectivity Quick Match Mode: Itching for a one minute dose of Virtua Tennis? run swift singles missions to increase your ranking Training Mode: study from the pros in this practice style by running across drills SEGA FOREVER FEATURES - run FREE - SAVE YOUR release PROGRESS - releases RELEASED each MONTH - DOWNLOAD THEM ALL - CONTROLLER aid - HID compatible controllers REVIEWS "Peerless control, fantastic visuals and a surprisingly deep career style execute this the exquisite tennis release on mobile." [★★★★★] - Damien McFerran, Know Your Mobile (March 2012) "All the thrills and excitement of its console brothers, with surprisingly dependable controls." [8/10] - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer (May 2012) "Virtua Tennis mission accomplishes one key goal: portable tennis action." [★★★★] Derek C. Tillotson, GameZebo (May 2012) - - - - - Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Game editions are ad-supported and no in-app purchases are requisite to progress; ad-free run option attainable with in-app purchase. Other than for testers known to be under 13, this release may include "Interest Based Ads" (please see for more information)​ and may gather "Precise address Data" ​(please see ​for more information)​ © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGA logo, Virtua Tennis Challenge, SEGA Forever, and the SEGA Forever logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.



Rahul All gamer  6-23-2021


flick yt jr  6-23-2021
Itlook like sex using it was bast releases


Emmanuel Dulog  6-23-2021
Hopefully women next vitua


norlaila sairan  6-22-2021
This release contain so dozens adverts but it's ok,the graphics is 3d and the release is cool and i really contented of it.


praveen prajapat  6-21-2021
extremely laggy response. dozens a times you press a button, and it wont answer at all. And when it does, its whenever extremely late reaponse. So you end up loosing each game.


Vincent James  6-21-2021
Its ok


Kannan  6-20-2021
I like ps2 Sega sports tennis this release also like this


Mihai Dinca  6-20-2021
One of my beloved releases but recently the frame rate is awful. Please repair if asap.


Paul Fitzpatrick  6-20-2021
The recent upgrade is just longer adverts


Dean Olding  6-20-2021
This release is wonderful played it for over a year and it is so addictive


Sathish Ram  6-19-2021
1. Gameplay : Smooth experience 2. Moves and response to ball : Realistic 3. pastime : excellent 4. usufructuary outgoing variants


HARIT DEY  6-19-2021
I liked the release so tons in the newest version when it had extremely few ads. Too dozens adds now, oh god after each point you score there's an add.


Afaq Jabbar  6-19-2021
Out Class


Hussnab 1  6-18-2021
The release itself is extremely fantastic and the release run is awesome... But oh the ads, it is so annoying and disturbing and too tons and so dozens and a lot and extremely fantastic quantity and shi##


Isaac Aryee  6-18-2021
wonderful release photo ideal quality graphics. I really enjoy the release .Amazing wonderful release


Its ya boi Striker  6-18-2021
This release is really realistic and fantastic but I rate it 4 stars because of the hardship settings. There's 3 difficultys easy, hard, and extremely hard. intractable style is to straight but then when I switch it to extremely intractable it's too hard.


Miki lurve  6-17-2021
Terbaik.. extremely excellent Game..!!!👏🏻👍🏻


Rajesh Ilango  6-17-2021


Sagar karki  6-17-2021
Not original


rakesh reddy  6-16-2021
meager multiplayer gameplay...


Amit Kharate  6-16-2021
Worst release to play.. navigation is not at all gamester outgoing


ashley mason  6-16-2021
Using informations on a release which isn't online ? Stupid annoying adverts?? You would atleast upgrade the release if you desire us to execute purchases idle


Enoch Wealth  6-16-2021
good release


Hemanth S  6-16-2021
splendid 😎


Hansani Archibald  6-15-2021
I paid for the ad gratuitous version on my Note 8 but on my Surface Duo I am not able to launch the ad gratuitous purchase I previously had.


Kavi arasu  6-15-2021
After upgrade release looks disgusting,poor and blurry text ,


Smith Pere  6-15-2021
The release is enjoyment and exciting to can connect with your friend.....but since I upgraded the release I have to avail informations to run it.


akshaj jiloka  6-14-2021
exquisite sega release i have played yet ancient but needs an upgrade


Diwakar Srivastava  6-14-2021
very excellent graphic and fantastic using experience. Only add must be removed at gratuitous of charge.


Tushar Tyagi  6-14-2021
It's have better experience good we proud to be indian


Adithya Balagopal  6-14-2021
exquisite tennis release in run store.


Rahul Jash  6-14-2021
Need to repair just the adds. Otherwise it's a pretty game. excellent one of tennis 🎾🎾


jetcha riyya  6-13-2021
Overall an wonderful game.It really seems to know a lot of the movements that tennis gamesters execute and a smooth experience


king black  6-12-2021
exquisite release


Anna super duper release anna love it


SRIKANT KUMAR  6-12-2021
Worst release ever, made for only ads.


Eugene James  6-11-2021
I've been playing this off and on for so dozens years, it needs an upgrade but the most realistic tennis out there.. The release can gain really intractable and you will be challenged to be intractable hitting, strategic plays and consistent or you just won't beat the top players. It's extremely good.


Mladen Kostic  6-11-2021
This release is waste of time. You have to watch ad after each single release and set and you can't skip it and the release is absolute of bugs that still haven't been fixed.


Hebin  6-10-2021
Had enormous potential. But sega failed to upgrade the game. Pity.


danial wazien  6-9-2021
My fav 😗 It will be more better if the female gamesters are included in the release as well the trophy 🏆 ceremony


mechanical filed  6-9-2021
exquisite release


Muhammad Asif  6-9-2021


sankar marndi  6-9-2021
Add female gamesters please ,it could be great.


jd7en ndiifjr  6-8-2021
This release is super enjoyment honestly when I first got it it was a crash because my little brother luke tennis but then when I started playing it I started loving this exquisite tennis release ever


Usama Malik  6-8-2021
extremely challenging release for me


Lucky Jalapy  6-7-2021
exquisite release


Sam doma  6-6-2021
The release was too wonderful the graphics super amazing....


Ahsan Awan mainwali  6-6-2021
adverts issup😭


Myles Johnson  6-6-2021
Iv had this release since I was 7 and I still freaking love it


Jason Asomani  6-6-2021
deliver online multi-player please


Bhanu Prakash  6-5-2021
Such a useless, stupid game. Controller doesn't even work when playing tough opponents. Such a dishonest game. Annoying adverts are unbearable.


Zayan Qazi  6-5-2021
Please add a trait to control the volume. The sound is extremely annoying sometimes


Tanmoy Biswas  6-4-2021
release is excellent but the adverts are really annoying


Silvestre Silves  6-4-2021
fantastic release ! straight to play. Not complicated at all. fantastic motions of the player. No hints or anything to buy to be a better player. extremely fair. I love the release and I enjoy playing it. Waiting for the next tennis release with dozens improvements and features. SEGA fantastic work! maintain it up )


rajesh S M rajesh S M  6-3-2021
Super release in world


Tariqul Islam SHAKIL  6-3-2021
I'll give 5* if regional (wifi-hotspot) multiplayer option is added like psvita.


Michael Cheng  6-3-2021
After fresh update, uninstalling today. An ad after each release is too much. For the earlier rounds, that would be 4 adverts for 8 to 10 strokes. Pissed off.


Ranjith Rc  6-3-2021
Please upgrade online releases


Madhuri Mhatre  6-3-2021
dozens advertisement


Gias Uddin  6-3-2021


Kevin Odaro  6-2-2021
The release is splendid enjoyment and the graphics is so good... But the trouble I have is the update, Sega must have upgraded it to have a tale mode,female players, creating characters,new locations and ability to check any gamester using exhibition... And the adverts is too much, please Sega work on it, I've been playing the release for years now.


Avinash Bhatia  6-2-2021


Iftekhar Uddin  6-2-2021
Just Awesome. But need Online veritable time mission a


Haris Ali  6-1-2021
exquisite release of tennis


José Tejos  5-31-2021
this was my beloved sometime ago, but now... dozens ads, you can't run it without internet...


Jayvee Pascua  5-31-2021
There's too tons adverts than the actual release itself. The other releases are definitely tons better than this one.


Shiva's vlog dogs  5-31-2021
I like this release


Phaiksim Lim  5-31-2021


Jerome Jacobs  5-31-2021
fantastic release graphics is realistic only problem is there's not alot of variants and the release only allows you to run with ten gamesters enstead of fifthy otherwise it's a fantastic release


Caren Juganas  5-31-2021
Cpu knows your input before the shot. straight winners slowed down. Cpu do es all the idea through court to gain the point. extremely intractable is only intractable because you don't hit with the power that you must and cpu knows the where you're aiming before the hit


Nazma Akter  5-30-2021


Beautiful World  5-29-2021
good 💥💥


Quân Trương Quốc  5-29-2021
A lot adverts


Charm Charm  5-29-2021
Denielle C. Illeses


Giribhargav Bhargav  5-27-2021
Too tons of adverts irritated to run


Mohnd Algbre  5-26-2021
Why not develop the release and ameliorate it and add recent arguments


Naveen Bangaru  5-26-2021
release is excellent but multiplayer is not accepting from long time


Rakesh Bisht  5-26-2021
good release but in multiplayer style replay cannot be skipped thats why i gave only 4 stars.


THE PRO GAMER  5-25-2021
enjoyment but too tons adverts


Vishal Shahi  5-25-2021
Third class release so dozens adds and not offline this release is offline availabe from google without any adds please don't download this release from run shop


Yanawut srimhuen  5-25-2021
Pay for No adverts but still have some when running the release


Rithik Raj  5-24-2021
Worst release ever


Amol Sharma  5-24-2021
Too tons adds spcly the one of olympus trading.


Shantanu Singh  5-23-2021
Lots of ads, ruined it


Ollie Norris  5-23-2021
release ruined by adverts after each single release in a set an add pops up dozens of the them 30 seconds long that you can't skip extremely boring don't annoy downloading this game.


Govind Sunil Sneha Pawar  5-22-2021
Worst After advertising release accident


Pranav Nandu  5-20-2021
exquisite tennis in mobile


rocky r  5-20-2021


Pravin Jadhav  5-20-2021


William Flynn  5-19-2021
empty image


Kensley Muzanima  5-19-2021


Ali Lodhi  5-19-2021
Its wonderful release Cam u add online style in this release please so we can run with random guys not with bot


Timmy T  5-18-2021
Multiplayer style not working


Ahmed Ahmed  5-18-2021
No excellent whenever struck


Rob Moksa  5-18-2021
enjoyment release spoiled by ads which fail to close and take you to random websites or the shop even when clicking the X


Sasi Gudimetta  5-18-2021
I don't mind playing with adverts cos they generate profit but the olympus ad is really annoying. There is no option to skip it after a few seconds of watching it. And feels like the edition is intentionally playing the same ad for each serve break and wasting time. I also exited the edition by mistake and the release i was playing was lost. UI is alright but usufructuary experience is awful. I am deleting the release and also recommending not to download


kyle pillay  5-18-2021


Tameem Kheireldin  5-17-2021
enjoyment release and good graphics but needs less adverts


Arun ks  5-16-2021
Ad everywhere


Makarona Sir  5-16-2021


J N Tech  5-16-2021
good tennis release on mobile


Ronald Pinnix  5-15-2021


Ayuning Harum  5-15-2021
whenever issue in multiplayer mode.


Sharul Samson  5-15-2021
The exquisite tennis release ever... Highly recommended...


manan mehta  5-15-2021
So dozens ads. Loved the release run but adverts sucks. If there were an option for less than 1 star rating, I could go for that option


mohit goyal  5-13-2021
How to turn off sound in this game?


Ali Ridwan  5-12-2021
The exquisite tennis release ever, but it'll be more enjoyment if this release can run versus online gamester so it feels veritable and also added ladies gamesters as well.


Gitesh Dubal  5-11-2021
Pathetic release


mandeep sheoran  5-11-2021
Too dozens ads... nearly impossible to finish a release with too tons waiting time due to ads.


sanjan hegde hegde  5-11-2021
Love u heart


Sumit Debbarma  5-10-2021


Jatin  5-10-2021
The exquisite ever tennis release ive ever run ❤


Jayesh Pradhan  5-9-2021
Latency in controls.. gamester moves after a short lag


Marcos Torres  5-7-2021
I enjoy the release have had it on and for a long time could like to see future game's


Fred Spofford  5-7-2021
Why can't I restore my purchase after getting my recent phone? Now I'm forced to watch adverts on a release I already bought? permit me restore my pro version! No I do not desire a refund, I desire to run my game! 1 star for now and gonna avail pirated/patched copy soon if this isn't fixed.


halid cr7  5-7-2021
please add online multiplayer style


Thavaraj M  5-7-2021


Chithra chithra  5-7-2021
Sunni release


ريكلمي الكاسول  5-7-2021
The exquisite tennis game. Honestly, I hope to add the gamester via the Internet


Ashish Anwekar  5-6-2021
No control on movements extremely dissapointed


Subhodeep Sahoo  5-5-2021
Too tons ad. You just can't run a match.


82-Mueez Vhora  5-4-2021
Op broo trusted


Neelesh Sharma  5-4-2021
release save is not working!!!! I whenever end up at the start of the release no matter how tons I have advanced in SPT tournaments.



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