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Why Uread? Immersive reading experience and diurnal upgrade of carefully selected novels. Here with our simple UI, you gain more by doing less [Content] All you want, from romance, urban, sci-fi to action, historical, be it short or long, we’ve got you covered. [explore] Here you gain to examine a broad spectrum of quality novels neatly arranged into well-laid-out sections. With Uread, novels have not been this straight to find. [Reading] Sit back, rest and enjoy what Uread has to offer: well organized novels; gratuitous sample chapters; completely downloadable magazines for offline reading; personalized reading settings, etc. Your reading must be that simple and easy. [Interaction] Make like-minded buddies as you read along. Leave your comments or solution and engage in heated discussion. Let’s hear your voice.



Elida Gatdula  3-2-2021
The tale costs too much. You pay 15 stars per chapter which is really pricey!


maricel mpascua  2-27-2021
I love it


G'ma Armstrong  2-26-2021


Maxine Mathews  2-23-2021
Cannot step from chapter 18 because it is giving network connection error. This doesn't execute sense as is wifi being used.


Akeila Goodridge  2-22-2021
I upgrade an the stories I was reading I can't read


Shishi Ngongo  2-20-2021


loluy Seco  2-20-2021
So excellent


Arsenia Addon  2-14-2021
Just starting to read....


Ma. Theresa Llenaresas  2-14-2021
love it but i dont jave enough rock to continue reading. can i have a gratuitous reading of this?


Sajmin Masrufa  2-13-2021
Woo oo


Gaming Rois  2-13-2021
So good


Selina Rambakupetwa  2-13-2021
extremely excellent


Leafe Bernarte  2-10-2021
This reading edition is so greedy, the stories must be gratuitous to read bevause of hundreds of ads. There's an ad while you're reading and there's an ad while you're flipping not to mention the adverts that suddenly pops-up. & Yet, it still require star or rock to read each chapter. This edition is definitely a waste.


pumulo muyatwa  2-10-2021
Couldn't complet reading a extremely interesting novel because i have to watch ridiculous adverts to execute stars, so inconveniencing.


Shahana Sajid  2-9-2021
Even 10 vedios to watch and win 5 stones is not working . This edition needs some improvements. After few days I have found some changes. Now instead of 10 clips we can watch just 2 videos. check to be more generous and openup the remaining 8 clips too


beaular dandahwa  2-9-2021
Not wrong


Vhon Ryan Viclar  2-8-2021


Rebecca Becky  2-4-2021


THATCOOL KID  2-4-2021
This edition is terrible tbh , needs more details , like put on some adds to read it for gratuitous and a lot other needs update



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