Android Version: 4.4App: Universe Master - Break The Earth
Release date: Mar 20, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: MysticGame StudioCategory: game simulation
Name: Universe Master - Break The EarthExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Universe expert is a simulation spot game, you can initiate your solar system, execute your planet, find the universe, gather a meteorite and finally, you can attack the solar system of your friend! All trait in-game : - Creation your star: White dwarf star, a red dwarf star, protostar, red enormous star, neutron star... - Creation your planet: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Moon, and a lot planet other - You can break your buddy planet in PVP mode - lazy release with auto gather material - run with Black Hole - examine Universe, Discovery recent Galaxy - Meteorite collision with Planet - Have enjoyment with simulation gravity system, ability of your planet - Pvp with buddy



Store Camera  6-12-2021
Where is Vfact event?


Kirbi Serna  6-7-2021
I like it bit idk how to open the chest you gain from the apocalypse style


Ahmed Hassan  6-5-2021
Noting beats free! And I will check to discover a bug


Ma. Andrea Argana  6-4-2021
Cool release im just using my mom's tablet so cool release il love this release alot


ham core  6-1-2021
I declare give us more personal variants for our solar system


Grace Seidel  5-31-2021
release excellent . extremely funny!!


Christian Joyner  5-30-2021


Ajay Maindola  5-21-2021
release has potential but it's still growing as i read developer Post that they are still growing nd group of 3 . Well that's beautiful excellent job of 3 people... But uninstalled this because everything is depend on ads. Like restore planet... diamond.... war.... everything you can earn by ads... which is beautiful annoying.


Gaming 2.0  5-17-2021
The release is good but there is a bug in meteor belt style always any planet touch the sun it appears black image


Keith Franks  5-8-2021
fantastic time killer


Kanwardeep Singh  5-6-2021
It is extremely wonderful release


camster  5-5-2021
I love the release but when is Galaxy conflict coming?


Christian Calo  5-5-2021
Wow enjoyment release exquisite release in the world


Henok V  5-4-2021
good excellent


Robert Noel  5-4-2021
excellent release


Học Power Point  5-1-2021
release ko ỏn định, thường xuyên đứng khung hình. Giật lag, nói chung cảm giác như nhà phát triển ko tôn trọng ng chơi


Yardley Kim Santoso  5-1-2021
omg guys have any plans for the weekend of ground hehe how am going to kill of oll gamesters so sucks am just kidding it's enjoyment so enjoyment attack the same solar panels 😉😉😉😂😂😂😂😂omg its to straight


Nguyen Hoang  4-30-2021


Jerica de jesus  4-27-2021


Arlyn Ogatis  4-26-2021


Shook Savage  4-25-2021
Its basically a combat royal but u chuck your planets at stars, fantastic release


DIAMOND PINK  4-24-2021
So Cool


An Lê  4-24-2021


BE STUNNED  4-22-2021


justin redden  4-22-2021
It's broken. The translations are nearly not there and if you go to the black hole at any point then pvp you gain stuck in a loop pvp-blackhole. Its broke


Garib Nawaj  4-21-2021
Good. Spas. Games. Suppr. releases


Tieuphi  4-21-2021
Fun, but a lot of bugs, not good, ravage my experience


Tricia C  4-20-2021
Terrible, needs a thorough tutorial, was guessing at what the heck I was doing .


Subh Techno Maniac  4-19-2021
Lots of bugs in first run When hitting sun in gratuitous asteroid belt, the image gets black and release becomes unresponsive. Also sometimes image stuck, you can't click on anything. Sometime the image jumble between PvP and the Black hole, you've to restart the game. Loved the release 🎮 excellent concept. Thanks from India 😌 ❤️❤️


devender singh  4-18-2021
I like it


Nate LazoSaucedo  4-18-2021
outstanding release excellent graphics enjoyment interesting and entertaining, but one trouble there is a glitch when I'm in the meteor belt if anything hits my sun the image goes black. Please repair then i will give 5 stars. Thank you!!


Timothy Ives  4-17-2021
Love the release


Thiên Huyền  4-16-2021


Sharon Tamukathe  4-14-2021
I'm only giving it 4 stars cause its been only 1 day since I downloaded it but so beautiful excellent


Jarminx  4-14-2021
30 second adverts all over the pathetic tutorial... No thanks.


Avianne Montañez  4-14-2021
I hate the release when i turn my more of My planets but i gain to more moons And i cant do it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Its a bug


Scottyyy B  4-12-2021
extremely excellent release


Swan Htet Lin  4-12-2021
This release sucks!!!!!!!!! I desire a release that can demolish univereses and planets. And after a while u start getting bored... soooooo this release hella sucks!!!!!!!


Theuns Kruger  4-11-2021
Not the exquisite release out there, but fantastic overall.


Derrek Castillo  4-11-2021
I love this release


Mariam Nady  4-9-2021
THIS IS SO COOL, I LOVE THIS release TRULY LIKE EVERYTHING IS COOL,except the sun accident glitch. Basically in asteroid belt, if you hit the sun it will execute your release crash, so yeah everything is rad unless that glitch. check to see the suns codes maybe that's what's making it crash, also execute it have no collision. Thank you for making this game. That's all I have to say. Goodbye :D


Nguyen James  4-9-2021
Rất hay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


ryuk the god of death  4-7-2021
Only thing keeping it from being a 5-star is that the release will sometimes force you to do black hole and than you leave it forces you to do combat in a never ending loop


Kevin Reeves  4-6-2021
Your release I love it it's the exquisite


Git’s Life  4-5-2021
Its terrible you can't even run the release


Becki Becki  4-5-2021
I could appreciate it if I would merge planets please 🙏.


Daniel Vestal  4-3-2021
It's a fantastic release and spot is pretty just like what markiplier says. spot is pretty and a cool idea of space! It's a cool release for dozens dependents to enjoy and in making friends!


Doge  4-3-2021


Christopher Paul  4-1-2021
I have had a fantastic experience with the recent updates and will continue to run this release for ever... Lol 😆 but all and all its enjoyment and that's all that matters...


connie mj  3-31-2021
I like this release but yesterday i found glich or bug i just won a combat and than i quit to house and than it instanly go to the black hole and i quit the black hole and suddenly go back to ather brawl and i check a lot of time and i still go to the black hole and the brawl and than my planet play out and it still go there go here and this i found i dont now is this a glich or a bug


Gillian Horner  3-30-2021
It looks like veritable spase 🌏


Giovanni Cupido  3-29-2021
Its a little bit slow


Shyam pyari Singh  3-27-2021
extremely pretty spot


J&R Mulholland  3-26-2021
Some sort of starter news or stroll across could be practical


Nathan Murdock  3-26-2021
It's really not wrong


CongThanh Dinh  3-25-2021
release hay chỉ có hơi giật


SuperzockerTV YT  3-23-2021
Its a excellent release but some things arent explained well


Lynn Naylor  3-13-2021


Jelly Daquila  3-12-2021
I like it😀😀😀😀


Stephanie Santos  3-11-2021
I love this release because i can update nearly EVERYTHING check this release out it will execute them delighted


The Brawlstar Player  3-11-2021
I love making plants


Star Platinum  3-9-2021
Its alright, it could be idea more enjoyment if it was more like other planet destruction games, like that solar release


Green Ghost  3-8-2021
excellent to pass the time.


Quý Đô Lê  3-8-2021


Be Bup  3-6-2021
His release is so good


nguyen ha thien phu  3-6-2021
release chơi rất vui nhưng cũng khá khó chịu. Lúc ở trong vành đai thiên thạch hay trong lúc tấn công hàng xóm, thì rất khó để chọn trúng được hành tinh để bắn. Tôi thường phải chọn đến 4 hay 5 lần mới trúng được hành tinh. Đôi khi chọn hành này thì lại trúng hành tinh khác và bị bắn ngược chiều về phía sau.


Thắng Phạm  2-27-2021


bao pham  2-27-2021
release hay


Suraini 01  2-21-2021
Sun cool


Anh Tuan Truong  2-21-2021
Rất hay và cuốn lối chơi đơn giản dễ hiểu. Mong nhà phát hành có một năm mới tốt đẹp và được nhiều người ủng hộ hơn nữa


Thông Nguyễn Quang  2-17-2021


Tùng Tạ Hoàng  2-15-2021
wonderful excellent cut admin


kent sakura  2-15-2021


Bùi Văn Trương  2-14-2021
i feel .it is extremely wonderfull


Bình Dương Ngọc  2-14-2021
Rat tot


Black Gaming  2-13-2021


good release . i love this release so much. This release developer is great. Goodluck.


Kshirod Chandra Das  2-10-2021
I thought this could be a sandbox release but it's really a release of creating your system. And this is the exquisite of this series. Actually, the developers are extremely BAD! I SAID THEM TO execute THE PLANET IN METOR BELT TO GO IN ONLY THE idea I DIRECT IT, BUT THEY MADE IT seize ON METORS GRAVITY!! I SAID TO execute ME ABLE TO SEE THE details OF PLANETS SUCH AS MASS, GRAVITY, HP AND SO ONE WHICH I DIDN'T disclose BUT THE PROBLEM STAYED THE SAME!!!


Just Some Random Minecraft Floating Sand  2-6-2021
beautiful excellent


Badmash chorra689  2-6-2021
Cool release i love ❤it


Ốc Tiêu  2-4-2021


faweerty fawerty discord mod  2-4-2021
I know it's excellent release but you need repair Mercury Venus ground mars Jupiter (nepturn) saturn uranus pluto nepturn doesn't exist his place or change his nepturn name Neptune


chu lam  2-4-2021
This release is extremely excellent for dependents


Chiến Nguyễn  2-3-2021
Tuyet voi release


Boom Boom Bang  2-2-2021
Quá hay


Hoang Cao  2-1-2021


phạm đường lâm gamer  1-31-2021
Sao ko làm gì đc chỉ bắn nhau đc thôi vậy


Giang Phong  1-31-2021
hay lam


Vu Quan  1-30-2021
the restore time doesn't go parallel with the time watching ad. When I watched an ad, the restore time is 50s, and when I went back, it still 50s.... common @_# this genre of set up is extra waste of time


Brett Munson  1-30-2021
NO INSTRUCTIONS. excellent graphics, but otherwise, lousy execution. Uninstalled after 10 minutes.


Craft PvP  1-30-2021
choi duoc thuong nhieu qua troi luon


Kiên Trung  1-29-2021
Goog release I love it


Thiem Tran  1-29-2021


Khang Quang  1-28-2021
Bấm ko ăn, mệt vl ra 🤬


Văn Kim  1-28-2021
Lúc nào cũng có ít nhất 1 'viên bi' bị lỗi quỹ đạo bay, bắn thẳng ngôi sao của kẻ địch nhưng khi sắp va chạm nó sẽ tự chuyển hướng rồi bay mất.


Isnelle Rene  1-25-2021
I love it!


YendotheGamer  1-25-2021
When you combat others your planets gain stuck jointly around the foes star and you can't do Anything and it whenever happens. please repair and I'll give five stars


FCH 888  1-25-2021


Quan  1-24-2021
Rất tốt


Gacha Nhoxcen  1-23-2021
release hay nhưng cực tốn thời gian, đòi hỏi phải tính toán cẩn thận trước khi bắn, tập kiên nhẫn.


Vinh Nguyễn  1-23-2021


Hieu pham Hieu pham  1-23-2021
release này rất tuyệt mông bạn ra nhiều sự kiện mới để chúng mình cùng trải nghiệm xin cảm ơn


titanium Gamer  1-23-2021
good release


Fan Undertale  1-23-2021
Đập vfact nhận thưởng thì hay đó


xuan dong pham  1-22-2021
release hay các bạn nhé, nhưng nếu có hướng dẫn cho từng nguyên tố thì sẽ tốt hơn


Huy Vũ  1-22-2021
hay ad ạ


huy nguyen  1-22-2021


Jsn Rtrs  1-19-2021
The release has potential. im a supporter of releases that has actual planetary physics. When a planet gets shot out of the image when atking a neighbour, it doesnt come back. can their be a button for a recall? also, when all my planets are destroyed, nothing happens when only my star remains. can the star be moved around aswell? also, please add more release modes. please add more variants to the update menu aswell. looking forward to future updates


Truman Walls  1-18-2021
would avail some more features, beautiful repetitive as is. I don't know, maybe implement moons, or gas clouds and comet clusters to have an outcome on the "battlefield", or even civilizations that would produce a dyson sphere or set up tech for defense.. (thought I'd check to be helpful. Lol) Otherwise fantastic time killer.


Black Silver  1-18-2021


Tùng Nguyễnz  1-18-2021


Ngoc Nguyen Dang  1-16-2021


coi nguyen  1-16-2021
But I can't change my plant


Bảo Nguyễn  1-16-2021
OK release HAY


mefre8e8  1-16-2021
Mình không thể tìm được chỗ nâng cấp mặt trời ở đâu mng ạ??? À quên release rất hayyy ❤❤❤


Aki san  1-16-2021
release rất giải trí,hay và thực sự đáng để chơi


STFU I'm confusing  1-16-2021


Tiến Ngô Phúc  1-16-2021
release rât hai ^_^ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


BottleGuy  1-15-2021
exquisite release ever


Khỉ Ngáo  1-14-2021
wonderful excellent


EVIL DOG  1-14-2021
extremely excellent 👍👍


Dat Nguyễn  1-13-2021


Tuan Hoang  1-13-2021
hay lam


Hung Nguyen  1-13-2021
rất hay và thú vị


Quốc Thịnh Phí  1-13-2021
1 111111


Strangers  1-12-2021
From Vfacts with love ❤️


bf  1-12-2021
excellent release


Nguyn Huyhf  1-12-2021


Mạnh Lê  1-11-2021
Hay vl


Trần Pii  1-11-2021
Hay lắm mong nhà phát hành làm nhiều sự kiện hơn


Vu Hong ngoc  1-11-2021
release vn chat luong cao co khac kkk


Carnotaurus funny vids  1-10-2021
This is enjoyment and satisfying


Ngọc Duy  1-10-2021
release rất hay


Shital Das  1-10-2021
This is a extremely excellent release 👌👍


Đức Vũ  1-10-2021
Vẫn còn khá nhiều chỗ chưa dịch sang tiếng việt


Austin Vlogs274  1-10-2021
excellent release


Bảo Phạm  1-10-2021
Amayzing god job release


Mouhamed Ezz  1-9-2021
I love you



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