Android Version: 4.1App: Ultimate Racing 2D
Release date: Mar 14, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: ApplimazingCategory: racing
Name: Ultimate Racing 2DExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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final Racing 2D is the final top-down racing game, with 35 racing classes and over 45 tracks! Make your idea from Karts to Formula Racing while driving on 45+ international tracks. pick from a variant of racing disciplines like Open-Wheel, Oval Racing, Dirt Racing, Historic Racing, Touring automobiles and Sports automobile Racing. MANY VEHICLES Drive your beloved vehicles, from Formula automobiles to Motorbikes, Trucks, Supercars, Stock Cars, Tractors, Quads, Karts, Forklift Trucks, GT Cars, Speedway Bikes and dozens more. RACE ON diverse TRACKS Besides route Courses the release contains Ovals, Dirt Ovals, Historic Tracks, Karting Circuits, and Ice Speedway Tracks. Experience thrilling top down racing in one of the best-looking 2D racing games! Features: • 35 Racing classes • 45+ Tracks • 4 release modes: Championship, speedy Race, Season and occasion mode • Weather effects • Pit stop, qualifying and boost • Up to 20 automobiles on track • Retro racing with arcade gameplay Note: -To optimize the release speed on some gadgets we instruct the following options: whittle the number of automobiles (use 10 automobiles instead of 20), Hide Race HUD and driver names, Turn rain off. -Storage permission is only needed because the size of the release is larger than the google run APK limit of 100 MB, the release size is 286 MB (Additional race tracks need to be added to the game).



Job Daniel Fucanan  6-23-2021
The excellent thing that I found in this release is the spectator style racing and I think it could execute some excellent racing simulations if there are improvements implemented, like correct qualifying, safeness automobiles and crashes. IDC about the manual racing here, coz I have been looking for a racing simulation that could permit me execute a race of my liking and fortunately I found this.


Tansel Doğan  6-22-2021
excellent when you gain used to the controls. But hey devs... Kindly repair those pit entries on tracks will you ? Some of them are as broad as the follow width, and confuses the gamester to barge into them unintentionally.


Vain Brown III  6-9-2021
It needs Nascar follow names and caution flags when u accident into ai including the release needs Auto club , bristol but with the pitstop on the inside , Charlotte motor speedway , Daytona 500 , phoenix raceway , recent Hampshire and Pocono


Piotr Duszynski  6-8-2021
Was fantastic fun, but now doesn't run. Played for hours and purchased editor. updated smartphone to Samsung a52 and now crashes as soon as edition opens.


Christian Carnio  5-28-2021
this is ridiculous. it is whenever lagging an this doesn't allow me to score poles even though I execute no mistake. solve this because its impossible to drive


Shachar Liberman  5-13-2021
fantastic top down racer. could love to see variants for gamepad bindings


Motorsports eVideos  5-11-2021
A multi-discipline Motorsport game. Really interesting, extremely enjoyment to play.


Rob Davies  5-4-2021
great release but the AI is ridiculous. Your automobile has zero power/strength when alongside ANY OTHER automobile even the worst automobile on the follow brushes you aside with EASE, if your position is on the incorrect side of a car, you go where they go, that's all.


Darius Booth  4-18-2021
I have one request. Can you add cautions and a pace car. Also, can you execute the ai have diverse pits.


Jonah Clements  4-17-2021
Awkward controls and no sort of admission to the game, it just throws you in so you dont really know where to start. There's no speedometer so I wasn't sure how swift I was going when I was approaching turns and because of this, every recent machine you have to study how to run the release again. All that is annoying but what really soils in my suit is the fact that the AI run bumper karts. "Oh you desired to finally gain this turn perfect? 'BANG' nope, sorry"


JovdonGAMING thesecond  4-16-2021
fantastic but upgrade it plz


Aj .q  4-7-2021
THIS IS THE exquisite TopDown Racing release out here on mobile i could honestly instruct down loading it as it has alot of varieties and opportunitys..but i could instruct a couple of things that will execute this release WAAYY better(There are in order from most significant to me to less) 1.Online Multiplayer 2.Map/Track Maker 3.Team maker (Where u execute ur own group and progressively update it to become the best) 4.Car coloring option 5.More snow tracks THANKS could appreciate and give this 5 stars😀👍


Heidi's web  4-4-2021
The exquisite release ever at the end of the race I wish the automobiles going to the pits


Oli Nuttell  4-3-2021
I used to run it loads I'm installing it again it's extremely excellent maybe you would add stuff like safeness automobiles or execute the tracks more antainable and less expensive and especially a MULTIPLAYER style but other than that I love it!


J Shannon  3-30-2021
It's great, but I could love a initiate a follow trait


Franco Agsaulio  3-27-2021
Ad button is broke


Itz ThebrownJoe  3-22-2021
I love the release I've been playing it for months. After a while it does gain a bit bland. So as a request is it possible to add a safeness car? The release is starting to become slow randomly when racing.


SB 17  3-21-2021
exquisite racing release on the run shop


suhaila sukri  3-18-2021
What I Click Pause, But, My releases Crashed?? Pls upgrade This edition To repair This


Rusty 82  3-15-2021
fantastic top down racer but I feel adding online style could execute this release perfect.


Affan Hadi Suharyanto Wins  3-10-2021
Wow wi


Aarav Chauhan  2-20-2021
Hhahah extremely hilarious and enjoyment release one day I was playing and I got my automobile carsh


Dudesfrude  2-16-2021
Edit:I really love this game. It has genre of a retro motorsport feel to it. But I could like you to change a few things. 1 please remove the boost. I see no avail for it on the tracks. Maybe if you were to add like a avenue racing scene then it could be serviceable there or replace the name and effects to execute it suchlike to ERS. thank you for making such a amazing game... Also may you pls add an online mode? It could really be fun. And a injure model so the release can be a bit more realistic


Abhishek_ 2K18_ME_005  2-16-2021
fantastic dynamics! Wish I would run regional multiplayer with a friend.


Antonio Di Spirito  2-14-2021


Elber ERTAŞ  2-12-2021


Arty Chaud  2-5-2021
Really badly optimised release


Cory Whitman  2-2-2021
I've been a sucker for casual 2d racing releases ever since Drag Racer V3 on flash years ago. This release is a ton of fun. If I would execute a suggestion to the devs, I could absolutely buy a release with the same formula that allows automobile customization, and could also appreciate it if the rewards scaled with the duration of the races.


AHUXM  1-29-2021
controls suck


GUERO FILERO  1-11-2021
excellent release


Alexander  1-8-2021
exquisite 2D racing release out there. Highly recommended.


Golden phoenix F1  12-29-2020
It could be tons better with a safeness automobile


Elijah Schor  12-11-2020
I avail this release a lot.


Jonathan Meyer  12-5-2020
extremely excellent game. If you execute something suchlike with online it will be wonderful


carl turner  12-4-2020
Too difficult to gain hold od


Ben Gutsell  12-3-2020
Gunna on this lol only problem is, the pedals and controls can be readily missed, especially when it's a gripping race at hand lol some more layout or button size variants sometime in the future the release otherwise


Carlo Lowe  11-26-2020
Thanks for the upgrade been keeping hold of this release and thanks for the solution on the upgrade


Ryan_Playz8103  11-25-2020
It's a excellent release but u have to buy all the automobiles to gain to season style and the other release is better.


Luca Mariutti  11-23-2020
Interesting release with a large quantity of tracks(obviously you would add a few more) . AI sometimes too aggressive. Please add tilt steering.


Graham Doyle  11-21-2020
The exquisite mobile racing release EVER! Just as excellent as the Xbox One version!


NOTTom Donovan  11-15-2020
excellent range of difficulty, however I'd declare it's too tons of a grind for what I'd expect: a enjoyment arcade release that I run each so often when I'm bored.


Tyson Shields  11-10-2020
Vroom Vroom am I right fellas?? Ah HA!!! This is one of the speediest releases in the marketplace right now and it doesn't look like it's going to be slowing any time soon... And you can take that to the bank! Do like automobiles going fast? This would be the simulator for you.


Ihi Bimy  11-5-2020
This is the exquisite racing release I've ever played, others I gain bare bored with rlly quickly but I run this sm it's ill


kraikkol  10-30-2020
Edit: thanks for fixing the bug but i only have a few more problems the automobile under steers im not sure its just me or im wrong at the release even with disabled auto acceleration it still understeers the AI are like finish gods at traction control and breaking (sorta) can you repair it pls and also i know you guys are getting floedded by dependents declaring add multiplayer so why not i could join in the train cause it could execute the release more interesting and maybe even add rally


Desiree Jackson  10-30-2020
I like this release its my beloved cause I like racing


Aksesoris Komputer  10-27-2020
Like this game...if only there is multiplayer mode, it could be tons more fun...but excellent release anyway thanks guys...good job


Rory Campion  10-25-2020
Simple a fantastic release


Jabari Williams  10-15-2020
It excellent but when u hit the curve u slow down


neiljohn cerbas  10-9-2020
excellent gameplay but can you repair the fps because it slows me down, but can you add more tracks like Baku, and can you also add more classes such as Formula-E because that could be awesome.


Joel Ripke  10-6-2020
Love this racing game. enjoyment 'real' tracks and excellent variability in AI hardship and tire wear. mission style is exquisite for earning cash that you can avail to purchase recent racing classes and tracks.


Ste  10-6-2020
stopped working without reasons. Can't activate the release


Official balenced / NoLant  10-2-2020
Cant even go into the release it doesnt start can you repair it please?


Aarti Upadhayay  10-1-2020


Austin Mayson  9-29-2020
This release is one of the exquisite racing release on mobile. 2d racers are whenever enjoyment to run cause they're easier to play than 3d racers. Only thing to take this release to the next level(other than the obvious like more tracks, teams, classes, etc.) is multiplayer support. Whether it is divide image or online(or both), connecting with buddies and playing this release which already has a lot of run time, could execute this release even more fun.


Jamesey Dude  9-27-2020
The trouble I talked about earlier has now been fixed, this is the only excellent 2d racing release on here, and now it's working again


Harshit Srivastava  9-19-2020
ok so i am a solo release coder and i desired to seriously execute a release like this one and publish it i have done 95% work on it and today i thought permits try run shop for anything recent not gonna lie i think u guys did a better job then me maintain it up


Rens Schulte  9-15-2020
tier 32 of the game, always I pit or pause, the whole release crashes. I really like this release but 1 star until this bug gets fixed. It's impossible to finish 12 laps on 1 set of tires while also finishing 6th or better, so I can't promotion either.


Andrew Bilsborrow  9-14-2020
Oh yeah, this is the one. So I love racing releases but after years of looking had never found a excellent smartphone one. Too tons nitro or drifting or trying to be clever controls that just don't work on a smartphone. This is a simple straight release to run you don't have to pay to win and the ads aren't too bad. The racing is fantastic and trying to drive a speedy clean lap is extremely satisfying. Thoroughly recommended.


Tom Slinkard  9-13-2020
Really fearful controls.


dan  9-13-2020


yes.  9-13-2020
extremely wrong controls


GodlyDerp Things  9-11-2020
I really like this game. I'd like to see some more liberty with customization. Also, I could like to have a "Draw your own track" which is self explanatory. Anyway the release is fantastic and it is enjoyment to play! 😁


Trent Wallace  9-10-2020
I like it but everything is edspensive


Dennis Wright  9-7-2020


Souryajit Roy  8-31-2020
good release


Fresh Potato  8-30-2020
I really like the game, I have it for a year now on xbox and it's really fun. But the only trouble is that there won't be updates for recent drivers or recent locations. It's gonna be a slight change with so tons difference.


Mel Schultz  8-25-2020
Really enjoyment


Jeff Michael  8-24-2020
outstanding game! I like how you can setup a race and watch how it plays out. It also has a lot of tracks and diverse vehicles to pick from. But, where's a sprintcar?!? I could give it 5 stars if you added a sprintcar. Thanks!!


Oiva Unnamed  8-22-2020
It's okay


Nikki George  8-20-2020
It's a fantastic time killer and enjoyment game.


Thibaud Brault  8-18-2020
fantastic release but it lags a lot on my smartphone


Ashveer Ramdass  8-16-2020
Looks good and I will like this recent cute release


Alex The Great  8-14-2020
wonderful game, no complaints about the controls but it's grand on storage


Mortario1  8-14-2020


tyto 125  8-13-2020
Its a fantastic release for a racing supporter like me. It has alot of content and I have no serious complaints. If I had to give constructive opinions i could propose some optimization to the AI's acknowledgement of the gamester while side-by-side.


Codi 95  8-11-2020
extremely good


HATIM M  8-10-2020
great game... I enjoy it


That One Dude  8-9-2020
The release is fantastic maybe even add more things like more drivers for the the oval, making diverse automobiles classes compete,different automobiles models for the same class, rolling start,a manager mode, repairing injure and maybe even a follow builder that can execute the release feel even better but overall the base of this release is wonderful because of how diverse it is from others games.


LKNANML  8-8-2020
Add a wheel or tilt steering. Arrows are finger cramping bad. I liked the release a lot but uninstalled because of the controls. try it out anyways.


R Wicakson  8-8-2020
Difficult release i think because we dont see what in front of us


Franek  8-8-2020


Taneem Chowdhury  8-7-2020
Why do you need access to my pictures and media just to start the app?


Paul Wendell  8-6-2020
Bugs suck career style freezes and shuts off when you execute pit stop enjoyment release just frustrating


banana man 8  8-3-2020


Jaime Zambrano  8-2-2020
Your killing it with the steering? release needs other steering variants like tilt, or a steering wheel, something a little more natural than arrow buttons.


Mehmetşah Sert  8-1-2020
Gamebreaking bug. The pause menu keeps popping up when i desire to race. I quit and come back an its still the same


Armin H.  7-29-2020
Increase the championship race limit from 48 to 100, and Rally style must be added with rally cars. Also, repair the qualifying positions (not the results, but looks like racing to complete first, so add quickest lap time positions while quali is ongoing). Edit: Rename boost to DRS.


Maciek Janicki  7-27-2020
fantastic little game, like being back in the 80s, a few glitches bit hey it's a gratuitous game; it does seem to need more permissions than seems necessary.


Carrot boy  7-27-2020
It's really intractable in the first time but eventually you will gain used to it


Vinay H  7-26-2020
release run / controls is little difficult but designed it beautifully. Please execute this as multiplayer game. It could be extremely enjoyment to run with family/friends.


John Isaiah Araza  7-26-2020
Only 4 stars for now. Gameplay is excellent and all especially the pit stops. However, I feel like what could finish this release is the addition of multiplayer or even a regional multiplayer option. I hope that happens.


Clayton Grange  7-26-2020
Viewing angle is good. I can't gain used to touch controls. This release asks you to gas and brake around most corners while steering. Then the release gives you some cash which you avail to decide what automobile you race with in the next circuit. The clearly better automobiles cost more coins, of course. When you don't gain first overall in your circuit, when you go to check again you don't have enough cash to avail the exquisite automobile again. You can watch adverts to gain more coins, but why must I bother.


Body Shield Cup Series  7-26-2020


Andrew Lem  7-23-2020
Asks for storage permissions. Doesn't work if denied. Obviously tries to steal personal informations


Gaijin KFT Official  7-23-2020
I actually enjoy this game, extremely good overall, recommended!


Richmond Amy  7-23-2020


Christopher Latimore  7-21-2020
Really well done. This release has a lot of variant in automobiles and courses. A few things I could suggest: maybe a automobile customization mode, to add some slight patterns to the car; also more follow variant (lots of route courses, maybe some diverse ovals like in nascar). Also could be excellent to have a penalty system, to discourage corner cutting (not overboard, but some tracks this can be an issue). Lastly, I could desire to have an live online mode. Otherwise, this is a fantastic game.


Maestro 6002  7-20-2020
Terribly Made not fun. Shouldn't gain it. Its dawg


Wiliiam Decker  7-18-2020
This by far the exquisite racing app.That i played it is so addictive.So far no pay to win.


Thomas Koeslag  7-18-2020
Realy enjoyment release i really enjoy it but i could desire a accident injure meter if you accident alot you have to retire


Itz Snipez  7-18-2020
Terrible. Impossible to win on any difficulty. always you go into the ultimate turn on the newest lap, the release doesn't indicate you turning, driving easy into the wall. By far the worst racing release I've ever played.


Bobloljire  7-17-2020
Perfect!! I don't know how to declare it but this is the exquisite retro third person style racing releases on Android!! , The physic the control that's the thing I most loved here. But the release still needed more improvement, I love u devs !!!!


BlueSubaru  7-15-2020
terrible controls,can't be precise with buttons


Tuomas Hietanen  7-15-2020
Meanwhile the PC version is good, the mobile version controls are awful. each corner is a random problem. Correction moves with thumbs are idea too slow. Also, it will ask you rebuy the ad-free version if you reinstall.


Alexander Woods  7-14-2020
This release is racing, pure and simple, and it does what it does well. I'd give 5 stars if they added time trials.


Stilto Monkey  7-13-2020
Reminds me of a release I used to run in the arcade as a babe in the 80s. AWESOME!


senpai  7-13-2020
beautiful excellent


Ubaid Parkar  7-12-2020
excellent release but tracks and automobiles are idea too expensive.


Manas Sadasivuni  7-12-2020
Really excellent game, but when it lags, the lap timer doesn't adjust for lag


David Hoskins  7-11-2020
If you're into auto racing in any form you'll enjoy this little time waster. The only things it is missing are multiplayer in some form and a sandbox so you can design your own tracks.


Iholerix Do  7-11-2020


General K  7-11-2020
I love it


Gaith Swafta  7-9-2020


fabio stella  7-9-2020
Coolest release in town. Well done


Ryan Martin  7-8-2020
It's the exquisite release I've played and has a fantastic usufructuary experience and automobile feel, especially unique for an overhead racer. Love it


kieran merkman  7-8-2020
Absolutely love this game. good and challenging with some good variability for pitstops and weather settings. I really, really like this game!


Derek Troutner  7-8-2020
enjoyment release


Anthony Brown  7-7-2020
Kill time


Hope McClellan  7-7-2020
outstanding release the only thing that I could like is not as dozens route courses for the go-kart but to add dirt oval tracks just for go-karts


daegan robertson  7-6-2020



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