Android Version: 6.0App: Ultimate DragonMaster
Release date: Apr 27, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: Studio DrillCategory: role playing
Name: Ultimate DragonMasterExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The brilliant Incremental release ever! Looking for an easy, yet entertaining, and not-so-ordinary Incremental game? You've come to the right place! The official sequel of Blade Crafter that has recorded 3 million downloads! Play final Dragonmaster now! ◆Fuse minerals in the Mine and equip them to your dragons to execute them stronger. ◆Spin the roulette to gain peculiar rewards and run mini-games. ◆Don't worry about using abilities while fighting—they're used automatically! ◆A formidable Boss behemoth appears each 100 stages. mission Boss behemoths now! ◆Clear phases and gain a variant of bounty rewards.



Dream SmSimp  6-21-2021
Really enjoyment release update dragon if you like lazy you will like this


yosafat waluyo  6-20-2021
Really interesting game, im really exited & addicted to this release


Kid Clayton  6-16-2021
Haven't played this release extremely long yet. Just installed it yesterday. So far it seems to have a excellent balance. The dragons are cute. Will upgrade review when have more information.


Yduy Ebandu  6-15-2021
good release


Chris Groat  6-12-2021
fantastic so far, not a large cost to gain rid of ads.


Liz b  6-10-2021
This is a excellent release not to dozens adverts and cool concept!


ArRayyan Firas  6-10-2021




Mitchie Davidson  6-6-2021
lovely fat dragons, but it gets repetitive and boring after a while. 😔


Juliusces Burgos  6-5-2021
good release


Joel DadPool  6-4-2021
It good.


Alex Haas  6-4-2021
Deffinetly did not think i was going to like it as tons as i do fantastic release


PLaYer02 Jhon  6-3-2021


Elprimo 2K  6-3-2021
beautiful amusing release


tony espinosa  6-1-2021
I love the release you can pick if you can adverts to


Trevor Crane  5-30-2021
enjoyment release growing dragons


Shiroi Neko  5-30-2021
Wow this release is cool I can contact 1b coin and The dragons is dozens evolution.


Michael Ruonavaara  5-30-2021


Carol Niven  5-29-2021
could be excellent if quest was not obviousyou would click and it could rescue you


Anthony Rocks123  5-27-2021
Ots really cool


Gaming Demon  5-26-2021
Its excellent if they added more animation


Patrick Bohan  5-25-2021
Fun, clean execution, not naggy about adverts or purchases or rating.


Nguyen Khanh Hung  5-25-2021
good release


Juan Hari Maandal  5-24-2021
Been playing for 2days and i'm liking it. It can be a grinding release but we'll see


David Steenvoorden  5-24-2021
enjoyment and straight release to start playing. However, after playing for a while I noticed the balance between artifact pieces and gems is extremely unbalanced. Currently I am buying 3 or 4 artifacts with gems for each artifact I buy with the artifact pieces. each play brings about 20 - 30 pieces on avarage. Meaning I need to run 75 releases of around 3 a 4 minutes to gain an artifact with pieces. This requires around a week of playing time for me, while I gain 200 gems in around 1 a 2 days.


Mark Manatad  5-20-2021
Good, hope there will be blue gem event.


TheTricky1  5-20-2021
So far this release is lovely and I like the idea the dragons evolve the higher the level


francis ian alico  5-18-2021
I like u release I gonna give u 5 star🤩


Ekant Chawla  5-17-2021
Everything is really well designed unless the double up challenge. Sometimes the card that is shown is the highest of the 6 and, no matter what you pick out of the other 5, you will loose. Please repair :)


Sterling brown  5-14-2021
excellent release


Haidon Davies  5-14-2021
excellent release (probably because I love dragons) but I wish it if you desired it to it could auto start another brawl when you lost.


gg. bo  5-14-2021


Missy Wilson  5-13-2021
I love your releases execute more releases like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Emilystardust1  5-9-2021
wonderful release


jon j  5-9-2021
I like dragon releases because I'm a dragon lover but not in love with the dragon


Kishor Medhi  5-9-2021
excellent release but 3


CHUNG-YAU Tsou  5-9-2021
Simple and fun, addictive!


Kelsy Edblom  5-5-2021
So far I like it you have a lot of diverse update variants from your mine to the field to your actual dragons. straight to gain money and to advance.


M S  5-4-2021
I decided to come back to this game, but I'd like to start from the beginning. I couldn't discover the trait so unfortunately I'll be uninstalling.


Caleb Wederquist  5-3-2021
Simple and straightforward. generally set the combat and permit it go. would avail some automated process or add on for combats to have more control, but otherwise excellent lazy game.


Branden Carroll  5-3-2021
Finally, an ad based release that doesn't have too dozens ads. Here's my 5 star rating


Brendan King  5-3-2021
I think this release is so excellent


Rury Eprilurahman  5-2-2021
good release


DIKO  5-1-2021


Muhamad Hafizan  4-30-2021


Alan Measures  4-27-2021
excellent so far


pencil  4-27-2021
Ur an online release but i kinda like the release


Henry Wiyanto  4-27-2021
Decent game. Crashed 3 times on intro. Now that I'm in for a bit, this release is grinding grand and quite linear progression. No customization, no unique trait compared to what i see so far from other games.


James Connell  4-27-2021
So far I haven't been having any issue with the game. It's fun. would avail a little more recommendations on hand play.


Reyansh Kadam  4-26-2021
wonderful game! Love it👍


Daniel Shires  4-25-2021


Don Jean  4-25-2021
Too dozens little things to do between battle and too little action in the actual combat. So you just really sit and watch numbers


Keion Palmer  4-24-2021
Love the release it's straight but enjoyment so it's excellent for babes and adults


Samantha Malan  4-23-2021


Jason Carter  4-23-2021
This is an okay release audio is okay but repetitive since there is only one follow of audio to listen to


Kiel Hiem  4-23-2021
Love it!


John Christian  4-22-2021
the release could not even start up.


khal Khal  4-22-2021
exquisite release


Drakken 666  4-21-2021
beautiful enjoyment lazy release and definitely will run it for a few. But nothing really recent other then a diverse theme


John Gabriel Belino  4-21-2021
Already rated it. 😬😬 I hope there's a reward for a second review lol. fantastic game. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


Vinh Pu  4-21-2021
I love dragon and this release is wonderful !


Corentin Lamoureux  4-19-2021
Not has excellent as I thought it could be and alsow beautiful boring


Woots  4-19-2021
After weeks playing this release absolute time, my conclusion is....1. You need to up mineral level to step forward, and spent more than 2 HOURS absolute in mine doing nothing but tap-tap and fuse only to gain ONE level 15 mineral, while you need more than 10 pcs of it for your dragon troops (without doing this, your troops progress will suffer) 2. Grinding phases for gold start to lower drastically as you progress and you need to spend more HOURS to update your dragon.Tbh this release is fantastic but lack fundamental logic


ME NAME  4-19-2021
its enjoyment


Nic Mathis  4-17-2021
The release seems fun. Haven't gotten to far in yet but I'm enjoying it. Not a lot of waiting for energy


Hazim. putra  4-17-2021
Gak exquisite


Bluu Jelli  4-16-2021
fantastic time killer, and all around enjoyment game.


Phone Khant  4-16-2021
Simple, lovely and fun. Evolving the dragons and watching them getting stronger is the most satisfying thing for me. behemoth characters are interesting too. I'm having so tons fun. Thank you, developer-san >\\<


Krystal Mc Auley  4-15-2021
Its wonderful words cant explain to excellent to even check and explain so now ima continue idk how to spell that but its to wonderful to explain


Nisha S  4-14-2021
beautiful excellent and wonderful release


Christian Franks  4-13-2021
It's really enjoyment and it keeps my attention but I wished it could be easier to tier the dragons up


wilmer rivera  4-11-2021
Hi good


Gael Lomeli  4-10-2021


Jason Allen jr  4-10-2021
declare hi for me


Jacob Davis  4-9-2021
Uber fun!!!


Hema Swaroop  4-8-2021
extremely excellent ,very Eel


Shane Adams  4-8-2021
outstanding but it sucks that I need to watch my dragons attack.


Olasubomi Fakeyede  4-7-2021
It's a extremely enjoyment release


VJ L DELEON  4-5-2021
the notif saod ther is an error 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠


Aldin Cj  4-5-2021
What can I declare its a well made release and pls don't execute it any complicated I love the idea it is right now.good job developer's 😁👌.


Sadek Cell  4-4-2021
the release is extremely good


Skevi Flourentzou  4-3-2021
I love the way of the release and the graphics are fantastic


Indra Sarif  4-3-2021
good release


Tracey Courage  4-2-2021
Um ok ive been playing dragon releases for awhile & whats the point to this game. Its stupid


Conrad Lam  4-2-2021
outstanding release just leave it on afk awhile


Brittny Van Camp  4-2-2021
Absolutely adorable! straight to gain resorces and all you need at a decent enough pace.


Scotty Eldridge  4-1-2021
Decent gamr


Chelsea Hayes  4-1-2021
Its lovely and super straight and enjoyment to run


J.D. Miller  4-1-2021
Over all this release is beautiful enjoyment I feel like there is whenever something recent to disclose the only problems I have is that I saw this in the offline section but some details if the release dont work online


Sufou Saetern  3-31-2021
Decent quality


Adonis Del Valle  3-31-2021
Solid game. Keeps you motivated to disclose the next dragon and had a excellent balance of input vs idle. I just reached tier 100 though so we'll see how it plays out from here


Diego Yerse  3-31-2021
enjoyment and deep!


Fritz Delos Santos  3-30-2021


track pad gamer  3-30-2021
enjoyment release


Justin Barrs  3-29-2021


William Racer  3-28-2021
extremely few ads, extremely good release


daniel woolsey  3-27-2021
I like it simple yet enjoyment


draggy212  3-27-2021
This release is fantastic if you don't mind waiting and grinding a bit ,20/10 release


Zachary Adkins  3-27-2021
outstanding little farm and enhance release without the need to purchase anything to have quality enjoyment


Enrique Berrios  3-27-2021
It's a fantastic game. Simple controls. Smooth release play. It's enjoyable



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