Android Version: 4.1App: ✦ TREK ✦ Sounds [Pro]
Release date: Dec 21, 2014App Rating: 5
Author: NSTEnterprisesCategory: personalization
Name: ✦ TREK ✦ Sounds [Pro]Extension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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This is the Pro version of the Soundboard. Same as the gratuitous version with just a lot more sounds (300+), including the more iconic ones. Sounds are styled after the Star Sci-Fi films and shows from the 60's to today. Sounds can be saved as ringtones, notifications, individual contact's notifications, and alarms. This soundboard contains: ★ 300+ sounds ★ Sounds are categorized into eras to execute them easier to find. *Disclaimer: These sounds are extremely simple and all edited or created by myself mostly with just a couple tones. However, If any of the sounds are simmilar to anything you have trademarked please permit me know which one along with supporting documents and I will remove it. ↑ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ↑ Light up the stars :-) It helps me. Like and track my Facebook page for the fresh games and updates. Also try "More by NSTEnterprises" below to see my other offerings.



Jeremy Weems  12-7-2020
Still A fantastic App.


Steven Farrar  11-26-2020
entirely awesome. I bought the pro version and am elated especially with all the TGN sounds - super high quality. Well done!


Marvin Leininger  11-25-2020
I love these sounds; they're a should have for Star Trek fans.


Al Nunez  11-20-2020
fantastic repository and straight to use!


Ezekiel ben Israel  11-19-2020


Dan Albro  11-11-2020


ray cranham  11-10-2020
Dont work


Mark Carboni  11-4-2020
good enjoyment edition


Michael Mitchell  11-1-2020
I love this line of apps. I thought there was a smartphone theme for it also.


Flimshaw Racklespank  10-31-2020
What, no DS9 or Voyager?


David Atkinson  10-26-2020
fantastic edition


Raymond Smith  10-26-2020
outstanding 👍


So Over The Rainbow  10-20-2020
No Voyager or Deep spot Nine sounds at all. each sound is shorthanded, so except you run all gazillion of them, theres little idea of knowing what they are. extremely disappointing.


Tim Martin  10-16-2020
Love it


Gary Brown  10-10-2020
It has nearly each sounds in Star Trek you can think of, so if you like Star Trek it will change each sound into whatever Trek noise you desire unless button pressing, it can't change them, but all the other sounds change.


Christopher Henry Garcia  10-9-2020
Functions manual availiable?


Marcelo Gallardo  10-8-2020
good App! tons easier to avail than I thought. It h as the look and feel of TNG! fantastic job!


Steven Farrell  10-5-2020
extremely nicely categorized for straight selection. Definitely value the few dollars !!


Pederson Jason  10-4-2020
I love this. These sounds are awesome. You dont whenever seize the slight changes they execute in the exhibit as it progresses but its editions like these that lests you experience that and enjoy it. And bother my family the more my smartphone becomes a trek computer.


Rofay Mishaguyas  10-1-2020
Love the app. Love the sounds. I've purchased *almost* everything from this maker. Definately value the price, and NST is speedy to answer and to update.


William Bradshaw III  9-23-2020


Dabria bauman  9-19-2020
Love this


monty penn  9-17-2020
Love these sound effects.


Thomas Docherty  9-15-2020
100% authentic sounds


Kat Panko  9-13-2020
enjoyment app, most sounds not extremely useful. i avail tng_bell04 for my intimations


David Greene  9-7-2020
excellent set of sounds


Temujin Morris  9-7-2020
Although the opening image must be more interactive.


Sean Green  8-20-2020
enjoyment customizing my smartphone with the diverse Star Trek sounds. I was able to assign sounds to individuals so I know who's calling by effect. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


Michael Hunt  8-20-2020
fantastic upgrade


RICK CLOUSER  8-11-2020
WOW! Now this is MORE like it! Amazing!!!


WILLIAM STAATS FK7 - Talia  8-5-2020
cheerful this is back. Wish the computer voice sounds were in there and a manual download. But over all fantastic sounds.


Chris Heath  8-4-2020
outstanding as whenever


Johnny Ekweonu  8-3-2020
I've whenever had this edition but what happened to the original ringtones like the star trek theme melody (Edit) Okay after understanding the Viacom situation I think this deserves 5 stars. I'm thankful just to have this edition back. Thanks you!


USS Eagle NCC 956  8-3-2020
Just got the upgrade and WOW. There are now sounds spanning most Trek shows including the Discovery reboot Enterprise! My only trouble (a slight one, at that) is a lack of variant for other sounds(warp, tractor beam, transporter and weapons(both ship and hand). Other than that, it's great!


Zane B. Johnson  8-3-2020
I love the theme. The clarity is awesome. Dev has continued to deliver us the love of trek. Looking forward to more of this style.


Dave M  8-3-2020
2 years to conform to a review? That is dedication right there. readily 5 star app!


Gary Brown  8-2-2020
good & normally I could write lots, but good is all it needs. fantastic edition & alot of the recent version of the 1701 sounds in there too, plus the classics as well. Gaz-1


Miguel Rivera  8-2-2020
Developer delivers again with more sounds than you can venture into a valued experience. I am enjoying the sounds, the usufructuary interface and simplicity of avail thank you!


KC Carpenter  8-2-2020
The recent one is even better. I can't believe it! I got it a while ago but still us it each day. I gain tired of other editions and delete them but this one I whenever keep.


Walt Kaczmarek  8-2-2020
fantastic selection!! ❤️


Louie Su  8-2-2020
Love this upgraded app...


Melvin Maynard  3-17-2019
far out experience reminds me so tons of home!


A Google user  3-14-2019
None of the iconic TNG sounds. not a one.


Tim Little  2-28-2019


Devon King  2-27-2019
Looks and works great!!


Rob Hawk  2-20-2019
sounds not accurate


Ken Russell  2-1-2019
its awsome


DF Burkhardt  2-1-2019
you can't here your choices to select what you desire


Geoff Montgomery  1-10-2019
The edition has a decent variant of sounds, but they are nearly all passive and quiet, therefore unsuitable for ringtones or info alerts. The older Trek intimations app, which i cannot find, was much, tons better. My smartphone model is a Moto x4.


Allen Ortiz  12-21-2018
Only a handful of sounds in a UI that doesn't scale with image size. Got a refund after buying it.


Matthew Rhodes  12-6-2018
This edition is terrible. The design is not intuitive. I guess I must have tried the gratuitous edition first. I desire a refund.


Christopher Mason  11-30-2018
All I desire is the TNG combadge effect. Most of these sounds are obnoxious. Goodluck


Davi Barbosa  9-15-2018
Only a few sound effects, definitely not value the money


Dad Minus One  4-16-2018
Doesnt work at all for LG G6. I replaced my G6 with the Note 8 and tried again. Definitley my beloved ringer app. But can we gain some TOS bridge sounds too?


Daizyfairie Da  2-13-2018
WHAT happened to the correct star trek sounds all there is are from the recent movies , I prefer the ancient sounds because those to me are star trek sounds these are not ,,


A Google user  1-29-2018
The communicator sound for my text messages worked for a week then stopped. I have an Lg smartphones smartphone v7. extremely frustrating. Help!


Dale Brunet  1-12-2018
enormous supporter just wish the whistle alarm was on here.


Lisa Inouye  11-30-2017
The gratuitous version worked fine. The absolute version works for 3 sounds and then something happens, instead of the run button staying on for duration of the sound, it just flashes the run icon for a second and then back to the not run icon. Got a fix?


Mordewis Bliss  11-8-2017
I thought I was getting cool Star Trek sounds. Well, there are a few, but not the ones I was expecting and lots of selections with no sound at all. The communicator sounds in specific are not good, and I paid to tons money for this paltry collection.


jonathan desmith  10-31-2017
extremely limited and lame sounds.


Ferry Widargo  10-5-2017
I don't gain why a large bulk of the sound effects is not included in the app. While it is excellent that the sfx is provided; at the end of the day, I desired a speedy idea to select trek sounds across the app, and hoping that it could upgrade it with some slight sound bits from the recent series in the future.


A Google user  10-1-2017
How can I hear samples of the sounds?


Wil Schweitzer  9-25-2017
I understand the practicality of using "fair use" specs for the app. But its really tedious having to set the sounds one by one, just to listen to determine whether or not thats the sound you desire to use. In the long run, however, for nerds like myself, who wish to embellish their life in all that is Trek, its entirely value it. I'm cheerful to have found these apps.


Per  9-7-2017
Excellent. It gives you exactly what it offers.


Jacob Davis  8-20-2017
outstanding edition


Gerard Cullan  8-16-2017
I think!


Brian W  8-12-2017
This edition boldly goes!!! Love it!


A S  7-29-2017
To the developer: Sorry! Missed the reboot wording in the description. I do like the graphics and sounds from it. I do already have and enjoy your LCARS theme that you gave a site to. Unfortunately, my gadgets do not exhibit the sounds as variants for the diverse smartphones functions. That is why I was looking for a separate app. The sounds with your theme are ideal and work well but are not attainable to the system, it appears, for assigning to smartphones alarms and other system sounds. Does your theme have the sound files achievable somewhere on the devices? Thank you for all the efforts


Naaman Harris  7-26-2017
The messages are not straight to delete . Also needs a spam filter.


Edward Bourgeois  7-17-2017
Some of the sounds are just duplicates. No hail tones, communicator tones (tng) or door chimes.


Evin Herzberg  6-8-2017
Not S.T. sounds. Mislabeled and horrible UI. Don't buy


Marcus Verhey  5-21-2017


Arch Nissel  5-17-2017
Looking for actual Star trek sounds, not here


Michael Summers  5-6-2017
Nice... But it has a tendency to stop playing SOUNDS when you check and listen to them to choose one to use. I have to restart my smartphone to gain it to work again.


Human 72  5-4-2017


Mohd Fariz Ismail  5-1-2017
The sound selection for the listed element in the menu sounds diverse when activated on my phone: oppo r8006, where i've selected 'communicator 01' but the sound goes like 'computer 01' instead for my primary info option.


mark s  4-24-2017
Love the sounds, but after listening to a bunch of diverse ones, it stops playing. Then I have to restart app. Hopefully devs repair this trouble so I can upgrade my rating.


Jay Isherwood  4-2-2017
fantastic sounds but can't seem to access them on Go Locker, any advice?


[iG] iGodfish  3-17-2017
Have the sound don't work!!


Brody Beeson  2-18-2017


Just Beyond Gravity  1-29-2017
fantastic sound quality and extremely speedy response time from dev team. Top marks! :)


Joseph Cummings  1-12-2017
I love all of these themes and add ons!


Jem Jemison  11-24-2016
amazing addition to the Star Trek launcher.


Shelly Hanson  11-6-2016
Ringtones work contacts work but it won't work for my intimations or alert


D. Thomas  10-27-2016
5stars for cool and epic sound effects, but I should b doin something wrong, even tho I have the sounds pro absolute version it seems I'm missing some funcions and details still.


Jake Messingham  10-7-2016
Like the gratuitous version so tons i bought the pro version easy away!


Rick Mabrey  9-9-2016
Posted a former review thst the sounds weren't working and recieved a conform to allow the software time to process the request. Works fantastic now. :)


Mike Malloy  9-8-2016
Just wish I would save my themes after I switch between themes I lose all of my modifications


A Google user  9-7-2016
Cool edition



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