Android Version: 4.4App: Train Station: Railroad Transport Line Simulator
Release date: Apr 16, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Pixel Federation GamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Train Station: Railroad Transport Line SimulatorExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Join hundreds of thousands train dispatchers, gather thousands of train engines and study real-life railroad stories about them. Manage your station, your railroad, earn resources by managing transport of passengers, gold, cargo and get diversified materials with freight trains engines. avail them to build up your train station line and to transport more passengers and cargo with trains! Become a railway magnate in this outstanding train simulator, complete hundreds of achievements, ship cargo to contract partners to get outstanding rewards. Cooperate with your buddies to become a railroad tycoon, or compete with them in leaderboards to exhibit off the power of your train yard fleet. Explore with buddies the epic collection line of steam, diesel, electric, maglev and hyperloop railroad engines from manufacturers all over the world - including USA, Germany, India, Australia and other Euro countries. TrainStation railroad release Features: ▶ Enjoy regular weekly updates absolute of amazing rail station content ▶ find recent achievements, rail contract partners and trains in seasonal events ▶ discover recent buddies among train enthusiasts from all over the world ▶ Build your rail station to get bonuses for your freight trains ▶ Send passengers to diversified destinations and earn gold ▶ gather veritable life locomotives, study about them across news about them in museum ▶ Compete with buddies from all around the world, your country or buddies in leaderboards ▶ mission yourself in strategic planning ▶ examine the world of railway trade line ▶ exhibit your unique station to the world Personalize tracks on your train yard station with varicoloured railroad themes like Western, San Francisco, Orient, London, recent York and dozens more. Engage in fascinating tale based quests provided by numerous contract partners and earn experience points and outstanding rewards in return. Build hundreds of diverse residences and railroad decorations with gold and initiate your dream station, permit your buddies admire it and visit their own station and tracks for inspiration, gather real-life trains and study about them in your train Museum. Enjoy dozens occasions throughout the year, including spring, Halloween and Christmas events, every containing unique railroad achievements, seasonal contract partners and themed locomotives, residences and decorations. PLEASE NOTE! TrainStation is an online gratuitous railroad simulation release to download and run that requires a network connection to play. Some in-game elements can also be purchased for veritable money. if you don't desire to avail this trait please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Do you have any suggestions or problems in your train station? Our caring community managers could love to hear from you, visit! Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Do you enjoy our train simulator game? track @TrainStation on social media to gain the fresh information and updates.



USSR  12-17-2020
i like it OFFLINE style PLSSSS


Ethan Afzal  12-16-2020
Good. release


Ryan Jay Abordo  12-16-2020
5 star for the Ratings 😇 I'm extremely grateful about the Creator They responce and message you to your problem. for now, My release run is came back and continue after a incorrect pick of account. hehe . thank you TS TEAM. 5 stars for that...


Bharat Gami  12-16-2020
Bau mast release che


Darryl Stone  12-15-2020
Love to run it and it's addicting


Aakash Saroj  12-15-2020
Meri excellent


badal pandey  12-15-2020
extremely bed release


Arjun Hati  12-14-2020
exquisite release of India


James Coombes  12-13-2020
good release but could but could be good if you can sell email and buy needed things with gold not gems


Yogita Shinde  12-12-2020
I am playing this release since 2012. But now I have just downloaded the release to my recent cell phone, I am not able to login to my account


Kevin Calkins  12-11-2020


Shree Mahaveer Maths Classes for 6th to 8th  12-11-2020
I love one feed back is that when i switched to train ride when engine play then sound of the engine cut.... it irritates me sometime so please solve this and please add blur motion when ride to engine


Tim Huey  12-11-2020
Been playing this release for years and still love it. If you like trains or enjoy building, you'll have enjoyment with this game.


John Wheels  12-11-2020
Love the release ,great graphics .you have everything you need to play.without all of those annoying adds everytime you do something,like with other games.both trainstation1and 2 are the bomb of all traingames.i run them enjoyment enjoyment


Diana Cintean  12-9-2020
The product closes itself, 3 seconds after opening.


Feeza A  12-8-2020
download nya lama, sama pembukaannya lama banget !! k e c e w a - !!


Gamer Zone  12-7-2020
If no one warning that when i leave the release and open gallary there are much of png screen from the release and its extremely 😡 to delet it all. I hope to repair this × soon.


kirk.S young  12-7-2020


Clyde Reyes  12-7-2020


Santosh Kumar  12-6-2020
extremely worst release


Grandmaster Sub-Zero  12-6-2020
Absoluteblove this release


Joelwalker jaw  12-5-2020
fantastic game. I enjoy waisting some gratuitous time on it. idea better than the 2nd one in my opinion


Path S*  12-5-2020
cute release but would be better


Gregory Barlow  12-5-2020
upgraded review, 12.5.20. So, after 2 mts I figured out how to maximize benefits and run everyday. I like the game. Have spent some money but you don't have to so I did. The reviews are beautiful harsh for TS2 so I will probably stay with this except devs gain greedy. If you don't log every day and don't take the time to study how to earn things without constantly short cutting with gems you'll gain frustrated. Go to the forums and read a little. If you like trains this is a decent econ/dispatch game.


Alex Otey  12-4-2020
fantastic release my mom and i run it, and my grandfather did before he passed. Can you all please add a option to chat with your friends. And a world chat. And more contracts


Daniel Moygannon  12-4-2020
I love trains just add the veritable trains like sd-40 -2


Showrin Sarkar  12-4-2020


Nitin kannojia  12-2-2020
extremely excellent release


Aishu Mulge  12-2-2020
good edition


Setyo Kevin Januarna  12-1-2020


Charlotte Cherrie de Klerk  12-1-2020
It's online. What's it doing in the offline releases section. I hate online games. They suck all your data. informations costs money.


Bual Kumar  11-30-2020
Yah wala release Apne se khelenge


Judy Chacon  11-30-2020
Same as... TRAIN STATION2.


Harry Kraaij  11-30-2020
Why is my pretty lesson v300 train changed in an utmost ugly locomotive? Please change it back!


Surendra Trivedi  11-30-2020


Mukesh Dhatwalia  11-29-2020
This release is extremely good👍


A Google user  11-29-2020
Love the game!!!!


Forrest Plummer  11-28-2020
Once I have began thinking as a authentic train conductor it all makes sense. Love playing the game. Updates maintain getting better and enhances play. Still playing diurnal as of 11/28/20!!!! tier 1002


AS Praja  11-28-2020


KingAlobar21  11-28-2020
Crashed a few times on just one day, but other than that I really like the release and the histotical news on the steam engines. I enjoy strategy and resource games, and this one is a lot of enjoyment to play. The landscapes are gorgeous, the sounds are a lot of fun, maybe a bit repetitive too frequently, but Train Station has idea more positives than negatives. Give it a try!


dantez m  11-28-2020
Looks enjoyment


Mike Stokes  11-28-2020
Crashes about each 60 seconds. could rate 0 if possible.


Viktor Hitra  11-28-2020
Kitünö plánae ha lene kiegészitö is hozá.


Uzam khanam  11-27-2020
I love this release


Md Afshar  11-27-2020


Mimi Mimi  11-27-2020


Gavin Fage  11-27-2020
Good. release


Ken Wright  11-27-2020
I paid for 275 gems @$9.99 but have not recieved them. Otherwise fantastic game. Can I please have the gems??


This release is dum when I run this release this release is struggling


Dj Dj  11-27-2020
dummy bekar faltu


Cheeki Breeki II  11-26-2020
I'm not like other dependents who give wrong response after the Error we all expect, I just desire to declare that I hope the problem will be repaired even if it takes years (not actually years) I don't care, just the problem you're facing right now should be fixed. Stay safe!


Divya Bharti  11-25-2020
This release is exquisite


Prashanta Mandal  11-25-2020


Darla Stokes  11-24-2020
enjoyment game. Love the weekly challenges.


Carl Anthony Browne  11-24-2020
extremely good release


Poloko Mogorosi  11-23-2020
beautiful Enjoyable.


T-Series Remix song  11-23-2020
excellent products


Ariyan Khan Limon  11-23-2020


Focus North -America  11-21-2020
extremely outgoing game. I win by helping other dependents win,


Sheri Jones  11-21-2020


Jason Woolridge  11-21-2020
outstanding 💖


Don Rico  11-19-2020
My fav release period. I haven't enjoyed a release this tons prob since I first bought GTA4. Too wrong there is no one in my life like Mr. Bill or I could be a lot further in life. The addition of the train ride and the 25 min Metropolis was a fantastic touch


Sorin - Ioan Rus  11-19-2020
I LOVE THE release SO tons 😊


John H  11-18-2020
A enjoyment release that has a lot of depth and information. A should for train enthusiasts.


Chris Krebill  11-17-2020
wonderful game! Everything i desire in a simple, mobile train simulator


Michael Guard  11-17-2020
buy a train set


Praveer Kumar Sodhi  11-16-2020
veritable fraud game. The image remains black when you desire to start it.


Jacob Blackard  11-16-2020
I love it


Christina Conradie  11-16-2020
good release like it


Tawana Maphosa  11-15-2020
It's not offline


KONGO JOSEPH  11-14-2020


Grant Cole  11-12-2020
Really enjoy playing this addicting game!


Fadlan Rabbani  11-12-2020
good game!


Chavii Rajpurohit  11-11-2020


Moby Santo  11-10-2020
I love playing the release i what to run the release but this the 3 time i started this release up to around 3hundred score had to a recent smartphone and lot all my points can gave them back to


Jenny Armstrong  11-10-2020
outstanding to run


Arrived Knight7  11-9-2020
Pixel federation, if you ever decide to close this. Please don't, this release is the exquisite and the only original 2D train tycoon I have seen. You execute fantastic games. Don't permit this one die.


Aloke Basil Jomon aloke  11-9-2020
I'm sory this is extremely bor


Alexander Otey  11-8-2020
wonderful game!!! Love it, my grandfather who passed newest December got my mom, and I into the game. Only thing I desire added is chat support, with like a worldwide chat. And a chat with friends. Please add!!


Sam Johnson  11-8-2020
Fun. A little trick or something might be good.


jason kamfer  11-7-2020
l love it


Leslie Ephland  11-6-2020
I greatly prefer this tons less complicated and more relaxing release to Train Station 2.


Camper Westmoreland  11-6-2020
extremely enjoyment game, you would run for nearly years and not be be done because this release has a slot of stuff for you to do in it, not only that but they have furlough themed stuff that you can gain


railfans kopites  11-6-2020
When i refresh buddy in setting, list my buddy fb is gone.. plz repair it asap, thanks


Rajeena Mk Rajeena  11-5-2020


Braden the e2 class a thomas fan forever  11-5-2020
This is good but the offer is getting on my nerves


A Google user  11-5-2020
enjoyment !!!!!!!!!!!!


James Francis  11-5-2020
I like the release extremely tons ! But dont buy a recent smartphone and and desire tech to tranfer from the ancient one to the recent one when you do desire they desire it doesnt happen! Ive got 500.00 to 600.00 dollars gone now if they cant load my release to the leveli was at with everything i had i will not y there release any more


Toni Taylor  11-5-2020
I am so ill and tired of being cheated on completing the contracts. When the materials arrive at the station I have to go to the contractor to see if the materials are added, some are and some aren't. extremely frustrating. I'm taking it from 5 stars to 3.


Carlo Di Francesco  11-5-2020
Works well, extremely good graphs. would be more involving.


Renee Kilian  11-5-2020
It can give you ways


Daniel Corona  11-3-2020
extremely challenging, but like all releases now they check to gain you to spend money to gain a better result. I do not spend my money on releases so I do the exquisite I can. I enjoy the game. I wish there was a idea to run without spending money. I will see how far I can get.


Heath Hunt  11-2-2020
outstanding release


mayank Khandwe  11-2-2020
good release



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