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Makes from your smartphone or pad a finish GPS gadget with the detailed topographic map of Denmark. Viewed maps will be stored on your gadget so that Topo GPS can also be used without an internet connection. Why must you buy an expensive GPS gadget if you can install Topo GPS? Topo GPS contains all functions of a regular GPS gadget for less money, has a tons more detailed map, and is more convenient to operate. The exactness of the position determination is in favorable conditions about 5 m. Ideal for walking, hiking, cycling, mountainbiking, sailing, horse-riding, geocaching, scouting, trail running and other outdoor activities. Also suited for outdoor professionals. Map * finish topographic map of Denmark, 1:25 000, last edition. * extremely detailed maps, with buildings, cultivation, all routes including the smallest forest trails, contour lines, and characteristic items in the landscape. * Future updates of the map are included for free. * The map can be zoomed and moved. * Percentage of map that is offline achievable is indicated on the top left of the map. * All maps of a certain zone can be made offline achievable using the map download screen. Intuitive interface * Clear menu with most significant functions. * diverse dashboard panels with distance, time, speed, altitude and coordinates. * Clear manual at Routes * Recording of routes, with pause and restart possibility. * Planning of roads via road points. * Importing roads in gpx format and zipped gpx format. * Editing routes. * Sharing routes. * gratuitous access to road collection Topo GPS. * Searching roads with filters. * roads can be organized into folders. * Maps of a road can be made offline accessible. Waypoints * Adding waypoints by pressing on map. * Adding waypoints across location or coordinates. * Supported coordinate systems: WGS84 decimal, WGS84 degree minutes (seconds), UTM and MGRS. * Importing waypoints in gpx format * Sharing waypoints. * Editing waypoints. * pictures can be added to waypoints. * Searching waypoints with filters. * Waypoints can be organized into folders. Current position * Position and movement direction indicated by arrowed marker. * Displayable in WGS84 decimal, WGS84 degree minutes (seconds), UTM and MGRS coordinates. * Sharing and saving as waypoint. In edition purchases * Topographic maps of Finland, Netherlands, recent Zealand, Norway and Sweden. * OpenStreetMap world map. If you are recording a route, the GPS will play in the background. Continued avail of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Rdzl, the brand behind Topo GPS, does not acquire in any idea the position of the usufructuary of Topo GPS. Rdzl does also not acquire the roads recorded by the user, and save the roads planned by the user, except the road is shared with Topo GPS. We sell our product, not our usufructuary data.



Gustav S  12-26-2020


Victoria Xia  4-22-2020
stop my subscription from today. not serviceable for me.


Peter Bjørn  2-15-2020
Simple and good.


Wiebke Heß  7-25-2019
not extremely serviceable for me, as the layer with all domestic cycle roads does apparently not exist for the smartphones version.


Carsten M  8-16-2016
wrong quality when zooming in...



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