Android Version: 4.4App: TOMATO CLINIC
Release date: Apr 12, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: npckcCategory: simulation
Name: TOMATO CLINICExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official



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Tomato Clinic is looking for humans interested in taking a tour of a blood gift clinic! study a few things about vampire life and vampire culture, and if you want, you can even donate blood at the end of the tour. ~ TOMATO CLINIC is a visual novel about going on a tour at a vampire blood gift clinic. Play time is ~30 minutes with multiple endings.



•little bee•  6-22-2021
Gakuto made me feel extremely delighted in some idea he made me fell calm,when ever I whould she his name pop up I'd be happy. But overall this release is outstanding and I whould lobe a second one. Not gonna lie I think I'm in love with gakuto ❤


exu1qnsis  6-22-2021
One of the exquisite releases I played. I really instruct playing this :)


axel  6-22-2021
super lovely game!! I love that gakuto is trans!


cristopher afton  6-21-2021
GAKUTO IS infant BEAN WE should defend HIM


C W  6-20-2021
extremely enjoyment game!


camilaaA Aaa aAa  6-20-2021
Um dos jogos mais fofos que já joguei! Me diverti muito, só acho uma pena ser tão curto, gostaria de saber mais sobre os personagens.


ᴀɪᴋᴏ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ  6-20-2021


nuraisyah bintimisran  6-19-2021
I love this edition


Cool Guy  6-17-2021
I LOVE THIS GAME. Marie is downright miraculous and Gakuto is awesome. I enjoyed playing around with the variants and stuff to see what could happen, but when I failed the experiment each time, Marie's reaction broke my heart, especially since I had already done a playthrough where I nailed the quiz and stuff. The exquisite reaction I got was when I was doing the blood-tasting with Gakuto and I tried pouring my glass into his, I'm still cracking up. I love the releases you/y'all execute and I hope we gain a sequel!


Gray Barra  6-16-2021
This was really cute! The fact that you can change your pronouns at any point is a good feature, as well as one of the characters sharing that he's trans and you having the option to talk him that you are as well. I like that there was a extremely good balance of reading and diversified categories of interactions. As short as it is, it beautifully shows the importance of values like open-mindedness, consent, and healing. I could definitely love any form of followup tale or something like an epilog. 100000/10


radishrida  6-16-2021
I loved this release it was extremely enjoyable to run and with each desicions I made within the release I would see the creativity <3 I also loved the inclusivity of the release as it allowed the gamester to choose pronouns among other things~ :))


• s t r a n g e r •  6-15-2021
It was an wonderful release to run and i really enjoyed it! The only thing is that you must add more pronoun variants like it/its and have you be able to choose multible pronoun options!


Archelle Vergara  6-15-2021
I really enjoyed the release ! It's miraculous amd calming.I love it♡


Nazrey Shamsuni  6-12-2021
This release are so cute♥️


Charlotte Taning  6-10-2021
I loved this game, I desire to know if there is going to be another release sort of like a sequel to it, it was wonderful and I have played it 10 times over and over again


forgetfulmrtux  6-9-2021
very lovely release loved the art mode pretty little tale extremely enjoyable I wish this had more to it! lovely characters unique personality made me grin seeing how lovely this was


Ghost_boys  6-8-2021
It is such a excellent release with fantastic art and storyline 10/10 could instruct if you desire a lovely short visual novel. :))


wierd human being  6-7-2021
I JUST LOVE THIS release !!!! 💗


Malic wolf  6-6-2021
It was a extremely lovely and good game.


Dení Ojeda  6-6-2021
This release was ADORABLE. 100% instruct if you need a enjoyment little feel-good game.


Nightmare Carcass  5-30-2021


Sasha Lilly  5-27-2021
It was short but extremely sweet! The art is extremely lovely and the characters are well-developed. excellent game!


Najman Salleh  5-26-2021
I love this edition so much! It's aesthetic and straight to me.. The topic about vampire.. Maybe, I'm not sure it's authentic or not.. Because my knowledge is false about it?


Sabrinaynah Quiambao  5-25-2021
Da besttttt 🤩 but kinda upset it's quite short but It's really enjoyable :D


Caizelyn Shaine  5-23-2021
Such a really lovely release with a lovely storyline. should download!<3


CK Aesthetic  5-21-2021
Really good game, but it was too speedy to end. I wish it could be a bit longer, with chapters also, but other than that I love it <3


joel maranan  5-16-2021
It somehow reminds me of Blood Bank haha. Anyways, the release is so lovely and nice. I simp for Gakuto (?) I already forgot his name haha. I completed it in 10 like that was damn fast. I hope you execute a release that is longer:)  5-12-2021
the mode is wonderful and i loved the story. 10/10


ERROR_ Zzz  5-10-2021
Really sweet and loved the inclusiveness of pronouns and the lgbtq+ character


Acoustic Angel  5-8-2021
A amazing imagining of a realistic world with vampires. The only thing it leaves to be wanted is a continuation.


papiya sarkar  5-3-2021
It was a cute-little game, with a really relaxing storyline. I enjoyed a lot! I thought like the Haru-Erika-Manami series, this too could have exceptional endings, but it did'nt. Its not a matter tho. I really appreciate playing it. And i never leave a review for any games, just , this one was special. Love it!! Plz execute more npckc!💙


•Ray• is an Edgelord  4-30-2021
It was so cute! And I just loved it :D Marie was super good :) definitely instruct ❤️


Jessica Woodhull  4-30-2021
It's a short release but super sweet. I think it's really well done and I think the interactions were really cool.


Gen Silva  4-30-2021
I LOVE IT!. My Pfp Is So Cutee! But i have one feelings that they're vampire


James R  4-30-2021
A short n' sweet release about consent, overcoming stereotypes, and getting to understand others better. Played it two times in total -- one for every character present!


Cronchy garbage  4-29-2021
This release is absolutely adorable, I love Gokuto (even if I can't spell or declare his name) and I got really delighted when he ended up being trans. Also the they/them option made me delighted too. This release is absolutely wonderful and I love it. The characters are cute, the gameplay of the activities is enjoyment and I just love it ❤️


Світлана  4-22-2021
sweet release


lu  4-21-2021
extremely lovely game. a fantastic little tale ab sum vanpires. i wish it was longer though


Xanthe  4-18-2021
Words can not describe how tons I love this game. First, the pronoun selector at the start made me feel validated. My only note is that maybe you would add some more pronouns because not everyone uses she/he/they but I know there are a lot of them. Second, the art mode is pretty and the story, while short, is really enjoyment and sweet. Third, the releases are so tons fun! Fourth, the lgbtq+ character. Yet again, I feel included and its good to see some representation in a babe outgoing game:)


missylaneyyx  4-17-2021
lovely and interactive, but definitely intractable to read sometimes and felt like a chore getting across the dialogue since it was sorta basic. enjoyment though!


Jeon Jungkook  4-14-2021
This release is Beautifully amazing! Haha, it's so cute, and enjoyment and the gender variants made me really delighted (also the fact that Gakuto is trans cause I love the rep for all the trans icons out there😎). I just desired to declare that I maintain getting stuck on the sunscreen part, it won't permit me do anything ;-; Like I check to click on something but it just freezes


Phox Havice  4-13-2021
This was so enjoyment I wish it was a little bit longer tho. I really like Gakuto! (I think that was his name, sorry if not)


blurry •  4-12-2021
This is an wonderful game. Its really cute. I love the characters and to discover out that gakuto was transgender made me really happy. I understand what he obviously went across with being transgender because I am transgender to. If you are reading this you must download it. Also aid them, you can buy like a coffee thing in the release it doesn't disclose anything but it helps them execute recent wonderful releases like this 👍👍


Xena  4-10-2021
Super lovely but it's unhappy that it ends extremely quickly


Roni_plays  4-8-2021
I like it soo much! and i dont know but gakuto execute me blush whenche converse after mehhh😍😂


Egg  4-6-2021
This is a fantastic game! It's really short and sweet!


itzy pink  4-6-2021
I like the animation and the story!


Alexis Eliana Bonifacio  4-3-2021


arcee1corps  4-2-2021
It was really lovely and charming! I loved the art mode and how the characters act!


Moved  3-31-2021
Everything in the release is cool :D though it could be better if you add more pronouns such as: Xie/Xem, Zie/Zim, It/It's, Sie, Es/Er. That's all, thanks. :D


Skelever  3-29-2021
I love this game, it makes me feel delighted and warm inside


Mica arts :3  3-28-2021
I LOVE THIS!! I hope there is part 2, this is sooooo lovely and fun! I like the characters, background and more! Is so aesthetic 💖✨


cheesecake107  3-23-2021
This release was so wholesome!the art mode was amazing. It was so lovely and him being trans at the end was a surprise, but I loved it. I also love the option for your pronouns. Highly recommended!


So Fox  3-23-2021
Loved it so tons ❤️❤️❤️


Trashy Weeb  3-23-2021
loved it.


Mauro Krmpotić  3-23-2021


BOTCH Vatch  3-22-2021
The art mode and tale are solid 10/10. The characters are miraculous and I love that you added some lgbtq+ love and I'm cheerful that I would pick my gender and I loved how the characters were so enjoyment and cute. and I appreciate the quantity of thought you all put into the lore and stuff about explaining the blood transfusions and the blood tasting.


Paper Song  3-19-2021
Super lovely game!


lelanipa :3  3-16-2021
Soooo cuteee :c


Lusandra Rivera  3-16-2021
Quite charming, and fantastic for beginners on visual novels.


Jessica Akagi  3-16-2021
I really liked this release but the only other motive is that the release is beautiful short i could love if they made a part two that could be awesome. Over all i loved this release and i think any body could love it


SlenJay  3-12-2021
this release is miraculous and I wanna hug all the characters in it ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆


allie bear  3-4-2021
This release is really fun! Though I wish it was longer but overall extremely fun!


Gauri Mishra  3-4-2021
Its wonderful and loved the tale i hope they execute a part 2 on this it could be lovely.


dani  3-4-2021
extremely lovely !!


Study With Lynn  2-27-2021
I luv it it's soooo cute! I think u must initiate a Nintendo version!


smexy avocado  2-25-2021
Super fun, relaxing, and cute! I was unhappy when it ended bc it's intractable to discover releases that are like this. fantastic game!


KPZ-Entertainment  2-24-2021


joo. ꕤ  2-23-2021


ᴀʟᴇx•ᴠxʙᴇs  2-22-2021
It's a really enjoyment release I have played ur releases and this is the exquisite and can you please execute more releases where I am here too like I can maintain my name in I'm included in it.Thank you


Sofia Elize  2-22-2021
I LOVE This Aesthetic Game! its quite Relaxing and rlly cute! I've actually bern finding lovely releases and I found this! 💖😉


bunny bf !  2-20-2021
The release was amazing. The aesthetic, the idea they asked for pronouns +. I just wish it was a little longer ! =(


Ayesha Siddiqua  2-18-2021
extremely lovely and simple.I love the little activities like the sunscreen one. i think it eould be better if we would gain more endings but overall , i love this release and instruct it.💗💗


erin  2-12-2021
this release is so excellent i was so unhappy when it ended :( and it asks for your pronouns as well like wow


Zarka Maddy  2-12-2021
lovely game, good artstyle, good little world.


Dimalumping Jabon  2-12-2021
This is a fantastic visual novel! My heart also melted when Gakuto finally smiled <3


Mojiii  2-12-2021
lovely edition


luv forgs  2-12-2021
I LOVE HOW REALISTIC U MADE THE VAMPIRES HERE !! LIKE I CPULD REALLY SEE IT circumstance !! it's extremely lovely and calming like the other releases and the plot is sooo lovely and nice! i appreciate the mini releases and I'm so repetitive but it's just sooo excellent !


Madison Wampler  2-12-2021
It was cute😊


カットショート  2-9-2021
It ended so quickly😲 If there's any opportunity I could desire to translate to Turkish.


Milktea  2-8-2021
This is excellent but it is super short, was hoping for a second season of this!


Sahida sahabudin  2-3-2021
inlove with this release ! ❤️


bada badabam  2-2-2021
As always, npck is delivering quality games! I really liked how interactive the release was, the characters (especially Gakuto lol) and the storyline! And, the color scheme and the audio were lovely as whenever


anna andreassen  2-2-2021
It's short and sweet! extremely good


Ainzura Dysania  2-1-2021
I whenever love visual novel especially with a lovely art mode like this , love how interactive it is. generally visual novel in mobile are boring but this one does'nt!


Shreya  1-29-2021
If u love lovely visual novels and fantasy then this is the release for u!


Tanzeel Rustam  1-29-2021
outstanding game. lovely graphics, enjoyment music, beautiful art, amazing tale line. instruct 🥰🤩


Pink Pastel Goth  1-26-2021
First of all this release is amazingly wholesome! I am only rating it four stars because the release is kinda short and I didn't discover the diverse endings and varied enough for replay value. I do greatly appreciate the transgender representation in this game. It also doesn't require Internet which is whenever a good plus.


daditoni berida  1-22-2021
when i started playing tomatoe clinic when i first saw in the product the they/them my heart explosion into joy i just know the release could be wonderful / immaculate✨


Tyler L  1-18-2021
I have the general same opinion of the 5-star reviewers, but for the [spoiler] towards 'the end' for identity felt forced imo.


Abhishek Gaurav  1-18-2021
Absolutely love your games!💝💝 extremely extremely thoughtful and lovely! maintain up the excellent work!😺🍅


Lexie M.  1-17-2021
I loved this game! The graphics and aesthetic are just gorgeous. I love the characters, and really love the trans representation! fantastic game!


Angela Bouse  1-17-2021
It's such a sweet game. I've quite literally fallen in love with Gakuto and the whole release is just amazing. I love the art mode and they idea everything is scripted. I genuinely love all of this creators games.


Ibuki Mioda  1-16-2021
In my head I was wondering if he was trans and I was surprised when he said he was This was a fantastic release I was so enjoyment


banana pudding  1-16-2021
I absolutely loved it♡♡ its a lovely and aesthetic game, I was genre of unhappy when it got to an end to be sincere cause I was really into it. I'm a roleplayer and normally role-playing releases are whenever genre of dry, this was really enjoyable. I loved the fact that I was able to give myself pronouns aswell! Him being trans was extremely unexpected yet I loved it because I am aswell. Love the release and hope you succeed:]


Wither  1-14-2021
Everything was just so excellent with this and it was all so beautiful i just loved it a lot


CameraMan1972  1-13-2021
extremely wholesome


hanim aiman  1-11-2021
it is a extremely lovely and comfy visual novel! can visualize it turning out as a veritable book. anyway, I could love it if you can expand the tale because I completed the release in like an hour and half. I really.enjoyed the game, thanks for creating it!


Madhu Deepa  1-9-2021
It's a lovely game. The graphic is sweet and cozy. I enjoyed the fact that it's a speedy release play. I enjoyed it.


• InotCharliXD  1-5-2021
It's so cute! Yet short but you whenever can replay!I love it so much!


That Local Weeb  1-4-2021
This release is really cute❣


Ivona Gjorgjievska  1-3-2021
I love this game! The animation is extremely lovely and the storyline is interesting!!!


yea im vin.  1-2-2021
love it!✨


Yare Yare  1-1-2021
This release is actually really good!! LIKE QJZJJA Please upgrade more! This is so gold i love it and i like Gakuto!! i hope you update, i'm really cheerful i found this edition ♡(∩o∩)♡


Angie Johnson  1-1-2021
Short but enjoyable, the art is beautiful, the tale is interesting and I had enjoyment playing it!


bea wasdestroyed  12-31-2020
Honestly as a cottagecore/goblin core lesbian it is so sweet how you can put they/them pronouns! I love your releases so tons they are extremely tons my conveniences <3


Jasmine Putri  12-30-2020
I come after playing Tavern Tea. It pleases me! A fantastic short visual novel with lovely art , the tale also productive and well made.


Duggo 76  12-28-2020
enjoyment little game. A certain character coming out as trans came out of nowhere but it didn't affect the storyline or anything so it was still a extremely pleasant game.


SquishyJimHawkins  12-27-2020
another wholesome release from one of my beloved developers. no complaints!


07_Daniella Metta Hadyanti  12-25-2020
I reallyyyy love this game, the art syle is so lovely and the tale is so excellent


Squwee  12-25-2020
the art mode is so lovely and the tale is outstanding


Ann C.  12-23-2020
I don't even know what to say. I love your games. Everything is so thought out and wholesome. The idea it's designed is ideal and the storylines are beyond value it. I'm so delighted I found this game. I generally never leave ratings for games, but I just had to for this. Thank you so tons for making these releases from the bottom of my heart❤️


Huong Nguyen  12-23-2020
Short and sweet I love it


Kobe Jauod  12-23-2020
this is so lovely and enjoyment i love it even gakuto and marie is good so i tried it and i loved it pls execute more releases with gakuto and marie


Ryx T  12-21-2020
extremely cute/wholesome release that's sweet/short and raises conversations of consent and stigma. lovely and emotive art, and both NPCs have developed personalities despite being such a short game! **Spoiler Alert*** Gokuto's path mentions that he's a transman, and I really liked how this was handled; I felt seen.♡ I noticed some reviews that said his being trans wasn't "hinted" at enough and that it was sudden/unnecessary, I disagree. fantastic intersectionality without definining him solely by his labels


Witting_ Gull181  12-20-2020
Loved the release and tale loved the quizzes and mini releases they put inside they were funny there were some strange bits but all in all in wonderful release and I didn't expect anything less


tangerine  12-20-2020
Well this release is extremely calming and its lovely too! I'm hoping there's more episode of this game! Thanks God I found this game♡


X.O Alex  12-19-2020
The edition Is beautiful good, it's just that maybe add more colours to the hair and also add more hairstyles, and maybe eye colours?, Still 5 stars from me


Kelsey  12-18-2020
miraculous little game! Fell in love with Gakuto from the second I saw him, heh


miranda elg  12-18-2020
All I would declare is that I love the characters and the lovely art mode


princess sanduni  12-16-2020


Luna Talia  12-15-2020
The tale is good and decent but not that great. It's just a simple tour of a vampire clinic and Gakuto coming out as a trans out of nowhere is odd? There's not tons tale or subtle tricks so it feels like the writers just put it for the sake of being LGBT-friendly. It could be better if there was a plot build-up and not just a random confession. Overall, it's a decent short tale and nothing else.


Dado  12-14-2020
A short, extremely sweet release that is simplistic, yet really good. It's a unique and enjoyment experience definitely value 30 mins of your time.


ItzjustErika Quijano  12-13-2020
As whenever ideal


Isa  12-11-2020
This is a fantastic short tale about acceptance and misunderstandings, and it felt heartwarming to have representation on trans people. It's a good idea to talk dependents about accepting everyone equally!


Gan Shanae  12-10-2020
It rly fun, I liked all the activities and the characters are rly nice. I FINSHED it in a couple of mins but I wished they would have added more stuff and continued the release so it wouldn't be so short however I still enjoyed it extremely tons


Melon :D  12-10-2020
This release was so cute! Like a 30 min cool down release after a stressful day. Loved it!!



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