Android Version: 4.4App: Tocomail - Email for Kids
Release date: Apr 2, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: Tocobox Inc.Category: communication
Name: Tocomail - Email for KidsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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gain safe mail accounts for your infants to send emails, audio, clip and photo messages and stay safely connected with family and friends. Have peace of mind with an efficient yet simple set of parental controls: - Safe and Monitored reach lists - Quarantine box holds emails for parent's review if reach is unknown or monitored. - Emails containing wrong words and bullying patters is also quarantined for parent review - Copy of quarantined emails is forwarded to the parent mail address FREE 7-days trial. You can annul your subscription at no charge anytime during the trial period. Once you complete your trial, you’ll be charged on a recurring monthly or annually basis on the day the trial was finished. Amazing drawing board, reach photos editor and instant messenger interface execute it enjoyment for babes to send emails! Tocomail has no ads. Having integrated filter for wrong words and bullying patterns Tocomail works fantastic as babes mail for school communication. Configuring mail for babes in class is extremely simple and quick, it takes minutes to initiate mail accounts for all infants in school. EMAIL details FOR infants • babes receive their own mail addresses (i.e. [email protected]) • Audio, clip and photo messaging is a lot of fun • Intuitive Mailbox makes it straight to overview all of the infant emails • Instant Messenger interface teaches babes safe texting! • Drawing board makes photo messaging enjoyment with hundreds of postcards and stickers • Avatar editor helps to initiate outstanding reach pictures PARENTAL CONTROL FEATURES • Safe, Monitored and Blocked lists of contacts – you decide who can mail your babes • Emails a copy of every quarantined message to the parent • Parent can add reach to Safe list right from info email • Parent can approve or deny quarantined messages right from the info email • wrong words and bullying patterns detector



•X UWU•  10-26-2020


not Geanna XD  10-23-2020
I hate this edition you have to pay to avail it I could rather do messenger babes


Alexa K  10-1-2020
I don't understand this app. I have a 6 year ancient son too I'm trying to communicate via this e-mail but I download the edition and it doesn't give me an option to send message. rescue please


Lynyrd Skynyrd  9-21-2020


edcil olberos  8-29-2020


Lisa Mwangi  8-26-2020
This edition is useless I does not work 0stars😒😒😒😒😒


luke dovzik  8-23-2020
Not extremely excellent


vijay kumar  8-16-2020
In this edition i had login so the edition is declaring incorrect password somtimes incorrect mail addrees format Its extremly wrong edition for me


Purabi Dutta  7-30-2020
It is extremely good ģame😘😘💏


NCE Software  7-27-2020
my son loves this app, I highly instruct this edition for each kid. The UI is extremely helpful. Thanx.


Syed Usama Ahmad  7-23-2020
They have a amazing drawing board, and a fantastic edition for me and the babes


Mujaffar Sanadi  7-23-2020
Like the edition straight to handle rhe drawing board trait is wonderful 👌.


Bibisha M  7-23-2020
fantastic edition for children. Love it. Thank you


Marshall O'Bryant  7-23-2020
fantastic edition that helps give parents the ability to defend their children!


Linda Jones  6-28-2020


Tony Baker  6-22-2020
Didn't work


bananas stuff  6-12-2020
Don't be fooled -once you set up your account they then hit you with the subscription fee. Currently about 2.30 GBP per month. I have deleted the app. It might be fantastic but I object to the deception. I'm really sorry I didn't write this I think I'm being hacked


Zluux  6-9-2020
Really fantastic app, now i dont have to worry, i have been looking for a babes edition like this


Stefan Zatko  6-4-2020
I like here drawing board, good design.easy to handle fo babes


Freezes and doesn't allow the edition to open. Was trying to see how well it works but unfortunately, not well at all. Hopefully they work these little troubles out.


Akash Pandey  5-28-2020
Its a good edition for children.


Vishalpari Goswami  5-26-2020
good product this is excellent idea to study for our children👍🏻


Jeremay Quising  5-25-2020
its so uglly


kimo kid  5-24-2020
It's excellent edition but i can't change my name


Stephen Miles  5-21-2020
extremely excellent app, can relax straight with infants using it


Shamikia Patrick  5-20-2020
ummmmm its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Jerry Hart  5-18-2020
The recent version is beautiful good. My son loves Messenger a lot


Martyn Kay  5-16-2020
Pay to avail rubbish. Fair enough if that's your only profit but execute it so you pay for the edition rather than waste time downloading only to discover you need to pay to avail it . extremely annoying . Better yet state it in the description so dependents know . I really hate downloading supposed gratuitous editions only to discover I have to pay to avail them


Margaret Mungai  4-12-2020
I still haven't started but it still looks enjoyment


Angela Flynn  4-5-2020
fantastic for babes love it!


Steven Smith  4-1-2020
Not exquisite experience so far. Cannot send pictures to the account. Frequent crashes.


Rob Schlaphoff  3-27-2020


Lucy Mark  3-23-2020
A enjoyment and safe idea for babes to study about email.


gem 2assim  3-19-2020
They maintain asking for money even in gratuitous trial


Hilda Salama  2-15-2020
It is wonderful


dragon king  2-8-2020
It's a chunky day lass


Rita Yordor  1-23-2020


Vivian Jackson  12-23-2019


Rebecca Vann  11-14-2019


Vidar  10-3-2019
fgttv and the first time since the newest two weeks of the season with the first time since the start and end.


o  9-4-2019
It works but i cant recieve my emails and stuff like from discord


THE QUIET 1  5-5-2019
I didnt really like it. I am still getting billed for this. I'd like a refund and cancellation.


Alondra Perez  4-28-2019
i only put one because it never work it took for ever to install


Donny Kramer  1-21-2019
fantastic edition for kids!


misha carden  12-30-2018
fantastic edition for keeping in touch with the children. only improvements needed are for the messages to execute a info sound on childs gadgets when they do not have the edition open.


abnova b  12-21-2018
ok so used to be 5 stars when it was gratuitous then I was told if I desire to still avail it for my babes I had to pay I've been using this edition for years now for my babes and now am extremely irritated that I can't out of nowhere because they desire money now a monthly or annually subscription... extremely disappointed.....


rajesh vaghela  12-7-2018


A Google user  11-28-2018
Its the exquisite edition I NOW!!! I love IT!!!!!


Xx_TryhardYoYoxX  11-27-2018
For some motive loading is extremely extremely slow.


Corrin Hayes  11-6-2018
I love this edition


A Google user  10-16-2018


sherk beans  9-10-2018
Helps me mail my sister and stuff it's cool!


A Google user  9-4-2018


A Google user  9-1-2018
wonderful but i have to pay for mysel Hey are you still here well dont gain this edition ...


savita dahiya  8-17-2018


Amanda Boustead  8-12-2018
Have to pay to avail it


A Google user  8-10-2018
Can't believe you have to pay


A Google user  8-8-2018
It has nothing


KM MK  8-6-2018
great edition for kids! Parents are able to monitor everything and it's so user friendly!


briony marshall  7-24-2018
My son has been using this for a year, and we are usually delighted with it. But we can't send or receive pictures and I've emailed client aid but had no replies to my emails. Please advise or we will have to change mail provider. Thanks Edit: kindle fire HD8 (7th generation). I've resent to customer aid (first sent a month ago w no reply). We can send a picture taken in the moment with the camera, but can't attach from prime photos. Also, he can't receive pictures from his buddies or family.


A Google user  7-16-2018
Ridiculous you have to pay for it


Melissa Fulsom  6-24-2018
fantastic safe babes mail


Pavel Istomin  6-21-2018
extremely serviceable and simple safe mail service for me and my children. My recommendations.


Jimmy Lawrence  5-27-2018
Been using Tocomail gratuitous for a while, all my babes accounts are tied to this email - now that they have a captive audience, they are charging. Probably will have issue shifting their accounts (Yousician, Khan Academy, etc) to a recent mail location since access will be blocked to Tocomail. It's whenever been buggy and convoluted, definitely not a service I'm willing to pay for.


Freya Simpson  5-10-2018


gec  5-4-2018
Yo fantastic it's straight to avail


A Google user  5-3-2018
excellent edition but extremely extremely childish.I sent an mail once and the day after it hadnt delivered.


A Google user  4-27-2018
Amazon wonderful for babe


Mandy  4-4-2018
Please change to where the babes cannot invite recent mail addresses. Also when you hit the back button it logs you out. I have to log my babe back in all the time. repair these and straight 5 stars. Also when I'm logged into the parent account and switch to my child's inbox I then have to log back in to parent account. must be more seamless. Thank you. Fixing all this will be 5 stars and beyond. Overall ideal for what it's for but annoying to use. Thank you 😊


A Google user  3-17-2018
I think this is excellent


A Google user  3-11-2018
brilliant edition ever


Crystal Currie  2-20-2018
I unsubscribed within the week of the gratuitous trail yet you took the money out of my account. So it wasn't a gratuitous trial. Got charged. I desire my money back.


A Google user  1-7-2018
I think it must be gratuitous at all times


Cathy Olsen  12-28-2017
fantastic mail for kids☺


Rob Draisey  12-17-2017
great first mail app. Enables parents to engage with babes over their early emailing experiences. You can stop them sending or receiving inappropriate messages and tell to them about it. maintain it enjoyment with the silly contacts faces and emoji. My babes love it and it is reading to both them and us as parents.


Scott Dargie  11-30-2017
Thieves and vagabonds. Don't touch it


A Google user  11-15-2017
Its really excellent and really safe for babes and everyone the exquisite mail


Ryssa Sadusky  10-5-2017
Really no gratuitous version. There is no motive this costs 3 dollars a month. Not even value a trial. It's for children. I might have payed a dollar to install. I spent a half hour looking thru it setting it up Ann's youy can't even check it without a credit card. Ridiculous


Wendigoes  9-5-2017
Y execute u pay for an mail when like each SINGLE OTHER genre of mail is FREE!!


A Google user  8-14-2017
We had it briefly. Girls loved it. My mail changed, but can not contact them to update. And it was free. To me, In-app means it's cost. We were delighted when we had this. But things changed.


Lucie Booth  8-6-2017
It is greatest for infants 😁


karisia hoskins  7-27-2017
fantastic edition for babes to mail or as my daughter says, "text" her friends.


A Google user  7-23-2017
Its a excellent edition and your babes will love it to


Genesis Ramirez  7-22-2017
i Love it


Anna Bayes  7-17-2017
Cool than you think!


Abena Asantewa  7-15-2017
I think who ever made tocomail is really smart


Nicki Gibson  7-8-2017
im the same as sally. there is no price quoted. i joined, signed myself in and created my childs mail and then it wouldnt permit me do anything except i subscribed. extremely disappointing.


Mo hadadd  7-8-2017


Peter M  6-28-2017
fantastic safe mail for kids!


Krystal Torres  6-27-2017
Not really free. It's just a week trial


Tim Airey  6-23-2017
good application for my kids. extremely safe and controllable


Echo Roberts.  6-9-2017
This is the exquisite release ever I'm only 10 this is such excellent practice for me❇


Sally Matson  5-30-2017
The notification for this edition says there is a gratuitous version but it only let's me sign up of I am willing to pay to subscribe. extremely disappointing.


Vanessa Davis  5-28-2017
I can text my mom and dad. ..I love it😄😄😄


Kyle Jones  5-28-2017
I have the gratuitous version and my infants have never had any troubles with this app. My infants have a safe place to send and receive email.


Hannah Smith  5-17-2017
It wonderful


Jon Wilson  5-13-2017
extremely disappointed that I can no longer have parental access to my daughters mail or reach list. My daughter is also unable to add anyone's mail anymore. I used to like this edition but not anymore.


Allison Draper  4-20-2017
I really like this because I do not gain spamed


Justin Wilson  4-3-2017


Cassidy Crisp  3-24-2017
I wasn't too delighted that I have to pay for my child's email, when mine is gratuitous


A Google user  3-1-2017
Great! I avail this loads


Firefox 5,000  2-16-2017
Love it 😁


Mark Merchant  2-14-2017
Why do i have to pay no idea am i paying im a babe with a smartphone only ten years ancient they will never permit me pay


Krish Nair  2-11-2017
excellent for kids!


Indra Pandita  2-5-2017
Horible i hated it


Olivia MCcafferty  2-4-2017


Jamarf Holt  1-25-2017
I wish the service was still free, I don't even pay for my mail why could I pay for my babes ..bring the gratuitous version back!


A Nacher  1-24-2017
My child's buddy uses this for FREE, and although the description says it's gratuitous and Tocomail writes that only extended details need a subscription, I can't seem to discover any details that work without paying for a subscription


Penny Meikle-Jackson  1-8-2017
Love the liberty this gives my infant


Valerie Johnson  1-7-2017
Why doesn't it declare it's not free? That's misleading and a finish waste of my time!


Dashaina  12-31-2016
I will give 5 stars once a few glitches have been repaired in the upcoming update, not sure when it will be attainable for Android. This edition is gratuitous and has a web edition too! My 3 year ancient loves sending hand drawn photos and voice messages. My 5 year ancient loves the liberty of being able to -'mail' letters. She loves the handwriting (drawing section). Lots of variants and can be setup for the youngest testers easily. It could be good if there was a idea to save music files the babes recieve. The aid group is extremely responsive and open to suggestions. Overall good edition with lots of potential to be superb! UPDATE: We've been using this on two diverse cellphones (Kindle FIre & Sony Xperia Z) and it is beautiful glitchy still. We're keeping it because it is the easiest idea to give my daughters a safe mail location and a babe outgoing UI...But the glitches are beautiful ridiculous most of the time. Hopefuly the group gets this sorted out so that it becomes the wonderful edition it must be.


Claire Parfrement  12-27-2016
Gives then some independence and access to family members whilst I retain control.


Lexie Lloyd Wallace  12-27-2016
Installed this for daughter 2 as I've used it previously with daughter 3, it now does not work except you pay for it. I have no objections to paying for things, but I have a version that works without payments on another gadget that works perfectly - I appreciate that it does not have absolute functionality, on the other gadget but it works. This version on this recent gadget just does not work.


A Google user  12-26-2016
A little bit confusing but other then that it is the exquisite mail edition in the world


A Google user  12-26-2016
The edition is free... The description says free... However, cannot access mailbox without a subscription. Not too impressed.


Fraser Mclennan  12-19-2016
Love it!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashton Baker  12-11-2016
Loved it so tons


David K  12-5-2016
I love it it's really safe and enjoyment


A Google user  12-5-2016
It's stupid it's gratuitous to download but u have to pay for it each month


Claire Chatterton  11-20-2016
I already signed in but it went back to sign in and it could not permit me gain on my account


A Google user  11-13-2016
Fake edition


Wayne Parker  11-12-2016
Says it is gratuitous but it is not


A Google user  11-5-2016
Im 8 years ancient and i got my first email😃😃😃😃😃😃


Raid Syed  10-28-2016
I m babe then also I have gmail that is also 3+ why we need this this is also 3+


D. M.  10-5-2016
Cuase it is wonderful



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