Android Version: 4.0.3App: To Do Reminder with Alarm
Release date: Aug 16, 2012App Rating: 4
Author: App InnovationCategory: productivity
Name: To Do Reminder with AlarmExtension: Apk
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To Do Reminder edition - “Make life easier” It's a quick, simple and straight to avail reminder app. No Stress, Feel Relaxed. It will remind you everything!! Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need to remember all those things that you have to do, because To Do Reminder will do that for you! It’s speedy and straight to use; you can set a task in the reminder list in mere seconds. It's a exquisite reminder edition with alarm. App can helps you to remind - diurnal Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments, Taking Medication/Pills, Paying Bills, terms renewals, significant Calls, Birthdays, Anniversaries and dozens more. It has following key features - straight and speedy to set reminders. - Customise your reminder in your own idea with repeat variants minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly, weekdays, yearly. - Can set in-advance alarms for Reminders. - Can pick reminder alarm as info or Alarm. - It will remind you with alert info with your favourite sound. - With Speech-to-Text, no need to category to initiate an Reminder. - Can smartly handle your reminder info in case of Driving automobile etc for your safe drive. - Synchronise birthdays and anniversaries of your buddies from Facebook, Phonebook, Google Calendar, or add them manually. - Post birthday wishes with cute cards on your buddies Facebook wall or send them Wishes by Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp. - diurnal Google drive Auto backup - With Backup & Restore, you can save all your reminders to SDCard, as email attachments or upload to Drive. - You can see all reminder notes on house image using edition widget. - Can pick Day or Night theme for excellent visibility. - You can set reminders to buddies and remind your buddies to remember something important. With this Send Reminder feature, you can : 1. Set an alert for your buddies to meet up. 2. Set an alert for your husband to buy groceries while he returns from office. 3. Set a Reminder for your office meetings. 4. Set a Birthday Reminder. 5. Set a tender Reminder to a buddies who owes money. Important Note - If you warning that some reminders are late or may not appear at all, Please try usufructuary indication (FAQ) page in app. it has first option "Reminder not working?" . Just tap on it and following the suggested steps to repair the issue. For Help, Please write us using "Report bug" option in app.  Why does the edition ask permissions to access personal data? Contact access - It allow the edition to sync birthdays from phonebook and exhibit that on Birthdays screen Photos / Media / Files- It allow the edition to take backup or restore the tasks and birthdays. Got a question or suggestion? Just mail us, and we will be delighted to help. YOU CAN HELP! BY * Give Rating and comment on Google Play. * Like us on Facebook * Share and join on Facebook, Twitter using this site It will maintain us motivated to work on recent features.You can reach with us at [email protected] Thanks :)



El Asoy  1-22-2021
fantastic editions


gma Kratz  1-22-2021
avail it quotidian


Rahul Singh  1-22-2021
good edition


Anil Sharma  1-22-2021
Some time its not gives alram and time has passed when you open todo list it shown as red only. I tried your setting but still reminder is not showing on time.


Riz Ahd  1-22-2021
edition is excellent but alaram sound does not ring continuesly but overall is excellent app.


mita banik  1-22-2021
Too excellent


d yash  1-22-2021
Really excellent edition


Eileen H  1-22-2021
I'm extremely disappointed. I've used this edition for several years, moved it from ancient smartphone to recent phone. I had to reset my smartphone today and I made a backup before doing so. I see it in Google Drive, but the restore trait in the edition doesn't see it. Up to now I've been extremely satisfied, but no so tons now!


John Tarbin  1-21-2021
So far so excellent


Susan Zimmerman  1-21-2021
fantastic edition for reminding me about what I need to remember! That's all I have used it for so far.


Agatha IKPEMOSA  1-21-2021
I love this edition is extremely Nice.


Doston Kamalov  1-21-2021


Bilhar Devindrappa  1-21-2021


Diana Zuniga  1-21-2021
outstanding love u guys❤


Sindhu J  1-21-2021
should have edition


Saeid M Moattari  1-21-2021
fantastic edition for organizing appointments


Carly Bianca Mead  1-20-2021
Couldn't stand not being able to swipe away the tray icon from my smartphone even after completing tasks so deleted edition


Rachel Bell  1-20-2021
This is just what I wanted, replacing my ineffective Outlook


Nosherwan Sethna  1-20-2021
Just what I was looking for.


Jonelle Kaaihue  1-20-2021


Roy Harris  1-20-2021
no problems been using the past week.all good.


Sai teja  1-20-2021
fantastic app.Very serviceable


Kailey Hertl  1-20-2021
I like this reminder app. The edition allows you to customize your date and time. I could highly instruct it.


Murali Sn  1-19-2021
alert future and usufructuary outgoing


Ahmed  1-19-2021
excellent remimder app.


ABC Signs  1-19-2021
Does not notify you when it's supposed to


Ryan Baer  1-19-2021
The edition allows me 1, 2 or...multiple hourly reminders repeated throughout the day. Just what I need to gain a recent concept or lesson to be repeated and maybe stick with me.


Sunny Neji  1-19-2021
fantastic !!!


Tina Sturgeon  1-19-2021
Ok edition helps me out


jamaal siddiqui  1-19-2021
Nice. Now I am delighted with this app. Thanks




Eben Agyapong  1-18-2021
extremely fantastic edition by all standards


Basheer Baker  1-18-2021
extremely serviceable app..


Dwayne Johnson  1-18-2021
Says what it does, does what it says


Mayar Ismail  1-18-2021
extremely serviceable


Swaroop M N  1-18-2021
The ideal edition for reminders in an smartphones phone. The only that gave me the trait that I was long looking for - an alert for my reminders. Suits my needs perfectly. Plus, not too intensive on the smartphone resources. The layout and usage are quite straight for anyone to use. Highly recommended!


Robert Rose  1-18-2021
fantastic edition


Chris Coote  1-18-2021
extremely excellent edition and straight to avail


Leslie Reisig  1-18-2021
Works well. Only suggestion for improvement could be to add color coding and subject/ folder/tab/ title divisions.


Joe N  1-18-2021
First one I have found that I liked and I have tried dozens


Gurukul with style of dashingdeep  1-18-2021
👍 fantastic edition to perform well


Michael scholz  1-18-2021
So far so excellent


fhio estuita  1-17-2021
The best! It reminds me always!


Kristy Smith  1-17-2021
Does what you need for a simple to do list


Joe Intili  1-17-2021
This edition FINALLY hits upon all the things you need to schedule calendar reminders such that they are not missed, including choosing any calendar date, recurring-interval reminders (monthly, weekly, daily, week days, whatever), and alerts which ring and ring (rather than chime briefly and then nothing), and snoozing a reminder. Kudos. Most definitely.


Mohammad Redowan  1-17-2021
A extremely excellent edition


Amit Jaisar  1-17-2021
Just perfect.


Ganesh Bhat  1-17-2021


epic dragon one  1-17-2021
I am planning to avail this from today. Need sometime to write any comments. Thanks


Hareth  1-17-2021
excellent edition


Maltidevi Soni  1-17-2021
extremely practical app. Amazing. Enjoying it.


A Google user  1-17-2021
extremely simple, effective, no-frills To Do list with reminders. Works wonders. Withholding one star for a bug : if you dismiss reminder of a repetitive task from info area, it does not exhibit as 'missed', but that instance simply disappears. Only the future instances of the task remain in the list. Also the tasks database cannot restore past (but missed) tasks. So, potentially, the missed tasks will remain missed.


Di Si  1-17-2021
I loved the app, extremely usefull


A Google user  1-17-2021
straight to avail and I like that the reminder intimations are big with variants to dismiss or snooze. extremely helpful!


kemar brown  1-16-2021


Chandan Dafale  1-16-2021
straight to work with.


Josette  1-16-2021
fantastic so far!


Ikin Yahaya  1-16-2021
I highly instruct this because it extremely straight to us to set the task day , weekly , month and annually . we can set the reminder as well . It helped me maintain up with all of my responsibility.



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