Android Version: 5.0App: Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep Sounds
Release date: Mar 10, 2017App Rating: 2
Author: Tingles, Inc.Category: lifestyle
Name: Tingles ASMR - Relaxing & Soothing Sleep SoundsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Tingles offers music & clip relaxation tips based on the ASMR relaxation method. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxation technique that helps dependents who struggle falling asleep or suffer from anxiety and restlessness. ASMR manner is used by millions of dependents around the world and has been proven to have numerous health profits including relieving stress, anxiety, and improving sleep quality. Tingles is the #1 edition global for ASMR relaxation method. ASMR manner uses personal attention and soothing sounds to trigger an wonderful relaxing feeling also know as "the tingles". The manner has dozens therapeutic profits and is an effective idea to switch off and fall asleep. Join the millions around the world relaxing more and sleeping better with our extended quality guided relaxations. Benefits of ASMR: • Effective sleep help, cure for insomnia • Better sleep • Stress and anxiety relief • fantastic for meditation and relaxation • Increase mindfulness and focus. Features: • diurnal recommended videos • Thousands of hours of content • 1500+ creators • Listen with your image turned off • Sleep timer • Watch in both landscape or portrait orientation • Download clips for offline playback • And tons more



Victoria Hadley  12-18-2020
I love this app! If you are someone who uses ASMR to sleep, you must be using this app. There are no ads, so I don't have to worry about an ad popping up and waking me back up. The edition has some of my beloved ASMR people, and it's been amazing.


The Hex  12-18-2020
Recently re-download the app. newest time I left a review I said it was going down hill but still solid, now it is finish and utter garbage, and not value your time. You now have to pay to watch fundamental clips you can discover on YouTube which is stupid, and they took out all the extended clips as well. Like I said earlier, do not gain this edition until they even remotely repair it


Dylan Barnes  12-15-2020
Everthing is locked it is no point of extended when i can just go on youtube and listen to asmr pls repair it where there is no extended pls


Rita Lawrence  12-15-2020
My first night and I was pleasantly surprised. I fell asleep beautiful quickly. I enjoyed this edition and I hope that it will continue to be a calming effect.


Sofia  12-15-2020
Changed my rating from 4 to 1 because the edition no longer has a gratuitous version. All the clips are now behind a paywall, not just the extended ones.


Darren Milson  12-14-2020
Tingles is an edition I used to avail all the time, plenty of gratuitous clips to browse and sleep to. Now that I gain tingles again theres what- 1 gratuitous clip in every kind category? I mean come on they might aswell execute it all extended at this point. Seriously come on, I love the background feature, beats using spotify or YouTube but at least they're gratuitous to avail


Ric Sherman  12-11-2020
Hands down exquisite edition for drifting into deep blissful sleep or just to rest & unwind !!


TheBorisShow  12-11-2020
I didn't gain a subscription, but I don't feel like it's value getting. Just seems like something that's a excellent way but poorly executed.


pithon7777 Kool  12-10-2020
Hmm, Kaya sent me a message to leave a review, so I will. First, I think you must call it the Kaya app, because she is perhaps the only artist promoted. But truly, there are hundreds and hundreds of ASMRtists on the platform, but you have to scroll for 30 minutes to find, as they do not appear in kinds or Series even if they are skilled ASMRtists. Thus, Stop capitalizing off my tingles, except your going to promote all ASMRtists, not just Kaya, Loreley, and Jessa. #UnfairPromotion. #Whack


Fabio Nardelli  12-6-2020
horrible. now you're force to pay to watch anything


Shefali Singh  12-6-2020
I love it. Esp the trait that the clip does not stop playing when you go to another edition or homepage. This was something I really struggled while using YouTube. I really love it!!!!


TPWK  12-5-2020


Lucy Morales  12-5-2020
Relaxing and love it


Frank Samudio  12-4-2020
Besides the developers dubious history with ASMR content creators, the edition was somewhat good, you would track creators, download clips and "tip" creators with stickers. Out of nowhere they changed the version and all of those functions were stripped away, you couldn't even manage your subscription in-app. When I emailed aid asking what happened, I got no reply. At the end I chose to aid my beloved creator across YouTube partnership instead.


Graham Wells  12-3-2020
Weird. All clips are locked. So I saw this edition promoted in a fantastic you tube clip of Mars sounds. However when I uncover with the word 'Mars' all I discover are unsettling clips of dependents stuffing candy into their mouths. Is this some sort of fetish thing? 'Asmr Mars' had the same results 'mars sounds' returned the sounds of dependents eating candy. The other planets seem to work fine but are locked so can't access them.


Brayden Farris  12-3-2020
full garbage


Emily Pulsifer  12-3-2020
Look. I liked the edition at first, dont gain me wrong. I love that I can go into other editions and it does not stop playing. I also like that I can download clips for when I lose service. My trouble is that most of the clips are locked. What I reccomend to execute the edition better is at least have a gratuitous type and only lock like extended videos. It is so wrong that I only found 2 gratuitous clips newest night. If you repair this problem then I will repair my rating.


Mark Johnson  12-2-2020
Was using this so tons instead of YouTube because I would lock my smartphone and still listen... now its just another money grabbing scheme! Won't even permit me complete my gratuitous trial! I have 6 days left and it keeps directing me to subscribe for 29.99 yeah right! Another uninstalled edition


John Freitas  12-2-2020
Cons about this edition are that it may declare things are gratuitous but really you have to pay for like half of the clips in this thing and I maintain looking up gibi ASMR because she is my top beloved and it doesn't permit me see her actual Channel. Otherwise it's a excellent edition but a large pain in the ass


Mubelotix  12-1-2020
No ads. But no content too.


ʙᴀʙʏx_ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅᴢ  11-30-2020
SMH. permit me start my rant. For one, WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING. I know the creators need to gain payed but cmon now. The recent upgrade is HORRIBLE!! I used to enjoy this app, but I WILL be deleting it. Gn/Gm to everyone💕 Hope you had/have an wonderful day.


Jade  11-29-2020
More and more continues to be taken away behind a pay wall, barely value being considered gratuitous


Das Mi  11-29-2020
WAS good. Is now rubbish Edit:it got worse


Freddy Fazbear  11-27-2020
lol we literally can listen asmr in soundcloud or spotify


Journey FF  11-26-2020
Everything is behind a Paywall


Jesse Montgomery  11-26-2020


Lilia Mourning  11-26-2020
YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING! I was super excited about this when I heard of it and found out all my fav asmrtists where on here, only to download and find you can't listen to hardly anything for free. This could be a really excellent edition if it wasn't such a rip off.


Sydney Blaisdell  11-26-2020
It makes no sense to have to pay to watch clips when you can watch them on YouTube. I was getting it so I would turn my image off while listening but is is a better transaction to just go and gain YouTube premium.


Rae Dancer  11-25-2020
Took away all of the gratuitous content. Can't discover artists that used to be on here. Difficult to navigate videos. sick just watch youtube with my browser to block the ads.


b Z  11-23-2020
It became horrible! You can't even watch your faves anymore!


Taehyung's private Instagram account  11-22-2020
You have to pay for nearly each video. I know that the creators need to gain payed somehow, but each video? I used to love this edition but I hate it now. What's the point of having a gratuitous edition and a for you page on the edition when all of them are locked? Just execute the edition cost money, not the content. Not everyone can gain a job and pay. In the US, the legal minimum age to gain a job is 14. Half of them probably don't even have a bank account. A lot of dependents are under the legal age so just execute it gratuitous


MD88Pilot  11-21-2020
The fact you are forcing dependents to purchase this is ridiculous. Literally just go to YouTube and watch it for free. The devs killed their own app.


G. A.  11-19-2020
It's getting better.


Janikozoki  11-18-2020
I can't even do anything at all lmao meager edition


BlackLotus  11-18-2020
This used to be a extremely excellent app. I just reinstalled it. Doesn't even open. Shows the start image for a brief second then crashes. Everytime you open it. Kindly repair this. Also, please look into making a fully gratuitous version for the edition (within the edition could be fine). There's just a few clips that you can watch for free. Thank you.


Selina Zheng  11-18-2020
Im editing my review for nov 2020. More content is now locked which is so frustrating. This edition must look into some genre of advertisement to allow more content to be unlocked for gratuitous users. This is so simple yet they haven't done this yet. I'm gonna be looking into other platforms for asmr except things start changing.


Smoggylynx 98143  11-18-2020
Didn't like how you had to pay and not a large supporter of how it runs


Trevor Silwones  11-17-2020
Paywall for anything and everything


- Lets - Slytherin -  11-17-2020
Due to an unbalanced work schedule my sleeping partern has been a wreck then I found tingles ever since I started listening to asmr's I've found it a lot easier to sleep tingles also helps with a lot of other struggles I have within. It's super straight too set up so I highly instruct it Really love this edition it's just what needed!! Thank you


Whisper Playz  11-16-2020
2020 update..App still sucks :). Used to be my beloved app, but i can gain youtube premium, have more details and download the clips for offline usage for..say it with me now..CHEAPER THEN WHAT THEY desire :)


Tia Potato  11-15-2020
Everything is licked its a waste of tine and money


Sirena Claire  11-14-2020
The edition used to be fantastic where you would see the fresh clips from your beloved artists I can't even do that any more and it takes a long time to discover it. The only motive I am still using it is because YouTube got adverts


Jorge  11-14-2020
It sucks no longer free. And clips accident


David Murphy  11-14-2020
One asmr artist on YouTube called "Isabel imagination," from watching one of her clips brought me to this edition I never knew existed until now and I am cheerful she mentioned it as I have issue sleeping most nights, so when using the edition the details like having a sleep timer, downloading the clips and saving them to favourites are beneficial from being a extended member you also gain to aid all of the asmr artists overall as well, so from me I will give it a thumbs up 👍


Robin Bernal  11-13-2020
I lalalalove this app!! Oh my gosh 😍 it is thee exquisite 💪🔥💯💯


Twiggy Ramirez  11-12-2020
I like Kaya 😍😍💖💖💖


Alex Cipher  11-12-2020
This used to be a fantastic app, it really did. Until everything was locked away by a paywall, if I'm being honest, I miss the ancient version of this app, I miss being able to go to sleep listening to asmr without having to pay for wanting to listen to more than two asmr clips but sadly... that is the truth now.


Dont Care  11-12-2020
Pay to watch only


JD King  11-12-2020
Previously gratuitous edition with subscription options/tipping now a subscription only service.


Rain Booom7  11-11-2020
It used to be a fantastic edition but it's fearful now You cant watch any of the vidoes unless 1 or 2 not extremely good ones without buying


whitehead 03  11-11-2020
This used to be a fantastic app, but now everything is locked behind a pay wall even though you can readily access the clips on YouTube. I miss the ancient app.


Amber Roe  11-11-2020
These clips are stolen and used without the permission of their creators. The asmr artists who took the time to initiate these are being cheated. Do not gain this app. Watch them on YouTube and exhibit your aid to the creators, not a third party edition with no affiliation.


Alexandra Good  11-11-2020
I had thus edition when it was gratuitous to watch and it was great. I could have uninterrupted tingles and gain a excellent night's sleep. Then the upgrade ruined it all, I gain it, in order to remain gratuitous without ads, paying is required, but its upsetting as someone who had been there from the gain go. I'm rating this a one star because of my disappointment with the updates and how tons money it is to gain the clips open, as well for the fact that nothing works after you pay. SMH


Michael Marmo  11-10-2020
Nov 2020 update: They emailed me and asked me to leave a review. LOL. The edition is still rubbish compared to newest year. They are slowly brining back fundamental details but it is not swift enough. I still can't sort an artist's clips in any way. I can either see clips "for me" and "recent". Is this a joke? What does "for me" mean? Why are these clips for me? At this point I am convinced this is an intentional choice. Some MBA probably told them this will increase retention. It actually just pisses me off. The recent edition is still trash. dependents may by delighted to know they added a sleep timer!! WOOOOOOO!!! A trait that was in the newest version before they ruined everything. Playing catchup with your former trait list is not progress. It's an embarrassment. -- The recent edition is terrible. Can't track artists and can't view most new videos. clips don't even have a date anymore. And the feed is gone. deliver these details back or I will annul my subscription.


Ikram Rafi  11-9-2020
I knew where this was going. It was an wonderful edition but now it doesn't even execute sense to have it. All they think about is money.


Grueling Guitar  11-9-2020
avail to be an wonderful edition used it quotidian but since the new upgrade everything has been locked behind a paywall before I was able watch all the vids ( aside from exclusives of course) I think this was a horrible business decision so I other words this went from being 5 star edition to a 1 star edition 👎


Dxa Hardcorre  11-9-2020
Stubid edition


Aaron Couto  11-7-2020
fantastic app! You can turn off the smartphone image and still listen to music while you sleep. extended is value each dollar.


Mnd Mnd  11-6-2020
Everything is locked


Leslie Rivera  11-5-2020
You have to pay if you desire to avail it, yes, the whole app.


Nicolás Dobrican  11-4-2020
Only desires your money and all the clips are blocked you need to pay 20 bucks


krump  11-4-2020
(EDIT: even the for you clips are locked. im done for good. smh. 11/1/20) recent upgrade IS HORRIBLE. i have no way what happened. the edition was my beloved and i used it nearly each second of the day. i open it and all of a sudden everything is a behind a paywall?? ive had all clips (except for exclusives) for gratuitous for over a year: and now EVERYTHING is locked?? it used to be 5 stars but now its awful.


Lucille Ramsey  11-4-2020
fantastic asmr they do and avail but you have to pay to gain the asmr that you have seen on youtube or other apps.70% you must gain the app.


jorge m  11-3-2020
For an ASMR edition with not that tons variant in asmrtists, there is idea too dozens pay walls. The edition was ideal when signing up for a subscription was optional. Now, you can only watch 2 gratuitous clips from one asmrtists, permit alone ASMR tingle categories.


James Hurt  11-2-2020
It was excellent but found out they where stealing people's videos, and now they are charging for the clips


flint and boom  11-1-2020
I just desired to see one of my melodies ice listen to across YouTube and see if its on there and I cannot see it


〜鳰川百合  10-31-2020
this edition is trash, you have to pay for EVERYTHING. i just wanna sleep, no idea i'm paying every time 🍌🐟


Scottish Unicorn  10-30-2020
I remember using this edition newest year and the whole point of this edition was to watch asmr without adverts AT ALL but yet everything is pay to watch now, it's worse than youtube at least they don't execute you pay to watch your favourite channel's last videos. What's the point of this edition anymore if we can already watch it for gratuitous on youtube? Only 1 person does gratuitous clips on it now and it sucks.


Gothic Monocle  10-30-2020
Uninstalled nearly immediately. I couldn't discover any gratuitous clips everything was behind paywalls.


Liam H.  10-29-2020
gratuitous YouTube clips stuck behind a paywall lol, excellent job I can mod it and avail the edition for free.


Bob Jenkins  10-28-2020
fantastic videos, sounds and ambience.


Neon Yuzu  10-28-2020
For a couple dollars a month it gives you a gigantic library, exclusive clips by Tingles' own ASMRtist roster, and a excellent clip player. gratuitous version has just a few clips attainable as a sample, but no ads. This is the exquisite edition if you desire more than what Youtube allows (playback with image off, sleep timer, offline videos).


Javier Carrillo  10-28-2020
Una porqueria, obligan a pagar, no hay diferencia con youtube


ash  10-27-2020
I dont even remember downloading this tbh..


bigjim and the twins  10-27-2020
When did this edition start costing money


Amanda Austin  10-26-2020
Lots of artists, well made edition


Wolfie Advanced  10-26-2020
All my favourite ASMR artists, and I can listen with the image off. No ads, either. 10/10


Tamia Montoya  10-26-2020
This edition was okay at first. There used to be 2 gratuitous clips you would watch from every asmrtist now even those are locked! You literally can't do anything! I know you guys need money but this is not the idea to gain it! 😤


mohammed yassine boukili  10-25-2020
entirely the exquisite asmr edition but for the exquisite exp you must gain the extended excellent tingles


actuallyScrap  10-25-2020
U can't watch anything without extended


Colton Brunner  10-24-2020
Absolutely terrible. 99.99999% of content is pay-to-unlock and too dozens ads. It practically forces you to hand over your wallet. Do NOT download!


Adrian Rodriguez  10-24-2020
Love it


Leonardo Landgraf  10-22-2020
Got really bad. Used to be gratuitous and paying was optional, Just go on YouTube instead.


Mariel Cabezas  10-22-2020
unhappy app, you can't listen to who you desire a everything is locked. And the edition chooses one gratuitous clip that you won't like. deliver back the ancient tingles.


Marvin Nyanteh  10-22-2020


device private  10-20-2020
extremely few gratuitous one and the all bad. we hve gratuitous excellent one at YouTube you know..


Amanda Grey  10-20-2020


Roger Eye  10-17-2020
excellent God monsieur why couldn't you have brought me to this sooner


MyFriendlySins  10-15-2020
There is no gratuitous content to my liking. You can maybe discover a gratuitous clip in a wierd kind but there is nothing.


Sunshine Girl Miss Riddler Entertainments  10-15-2020
Worst edition ever NOTHING is free!!! It keeps crashing too!!! I'll redownload ONLY if everything is gratuitous and it stops crashing!! DISSAPPONTING!!!


paps  10-13-2020
Really liked using this app. Was a ideal idea for me to rest and enjoy content from all my favourite creators. Unfortunately, after logging in for the first time in a few months, I found that all the clips that I enjoyed watching had been blocked behind pay-walls. It is very dissapoiting that such a fantastic edition has been ruined by the creators being selfish in policy of profit and forgetting about who the edition is really about. The user. I hope changes are made in the future.


근팔도  10-13-2020
No no no that's not what i desired It's edition only request the money


Kiki Wuvs Turtles  10-12-2020
(Edited update) Recently upgraded the edition after a long haitus, and now i cant watch any of the clips i watched before. Apparently im supposed to pay money for conyent that was originally free? Its no excellent anymore if i can do the same thing with youtube.


Des Watts  10-12-2020
Was an wonderful edition then u wasn't able to listen to anything because ass plus they desired u to pay for everything


sophie  10-12-2020
They require a partnership for basically all of the content now


thelazyboy444  10-11-2020
Paid the subscription yet the clips still feel limmited as your favourite artists don't gain their fresh or even their older fresh clips upgraded into the edition so you play out of vids pre speedy doesn't feel value paying for.


Coffee Fueled Curmudgeon  10-10-2020
It's gone Pay Per View..... uninstalled. Might as well avail YouTube.


Hannah Quay  10-9-2020
So delighted to have found this app!! It plays with the image turned off and while doing other things on the phone. fantastic design and even better content!


Powlow  10-7-2020
Looooove it. Has nearly each top asmrtist


Tapiwanashe Nyabvure  10-6-2020
There's a limited quantity of gratuitous content on this edition so I can't declare that it's totally excellent for dependents that are looking for diverse ideas to rest for gratuitous 😅. Despite the above fact, the edition is extremely serviceable if you willing to pay for the material that they offer. Their asmrs got me sleeping in seconds and I got the edition yesterday. I really enjoyed the gratuitous asmrs on the app👍 I just wish they would have more gratuitous content😅 otherwise the edition is fine to me.


Shane Parks  10-3-2020
extremely little gratuitous content just wanna be able to listen to ASMR with my smartphone shut off but nearly each clip I click on is restricted to a gratuitous account there's nothing incorrect with having paid content on your edition but this is just ridiculous


Queen Bri  10-3-2020
This avail to be great. Now we have to pay. Less than one star.


Frances  10-2-2020
This used to be a fantastic edition to maintain all the asmr clips I liked in one place. I've just logged on for the first time in a few months to discover a cute recent interface and that 35/38 of the clips I'd 'liked' previously are now under these padlocks. extremely disappointed, will be going back to youtube.


Callista Lazarus  10-1-2020
extremely extremely highly disappointed with the edition Iam I mean I was a recent usufructuary and I was really looking forward to seeing the video's but then we have to pay WHY???!!! I could NOT EVEN GIVE IT ONE STAR !!!!! 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😠😠👎👎👎👎


Sxnity  9-30-2020


Kenneth Lyday  9-29-2020
They added a paywall


Lichlim  9-27-2020
I was thinking about this app, so I thought why not download it again? It used to be so amazing, excellent asmrtist and all, but now you have to pay to run the videos, which is just unacceptable. I hope that they at least give us more clip to watch for gratuitous


Fish in a bowl  9-27-2020
This edition has locked clips now you have to pay a extended subcription for, including dependents who are on youtube, and that absolutly makes no sense at all.


Holly Dowd  9-27-2020
Next to no gratuitous content. I'd declare less than 1% you can access without the paid subscription as you only gain like 5 videos. And those gratuitous clips are wrong anyway. Plus all the locked clips you have to pay for are up on YouTube to listen/watch for gratuitous anyway. The concept of the edition is fantastic but greed has ruined it.


Cory Loker  9-26-2020
Its just a collection of all the asmr clips on youtube alreafybbut you have to pay money to watch. Youd be better off buying youtube premium. If it was a one time purchase id do it but you only gain access to about 20 clips a day. It constantly throws extended in your face and it feels less like a extended vs standard experience and more like a gratuitous trial that im getting. each single frature is closed off. Maybe check adverts with no music ie photos rather thsn subscriptions. Im good, thanks.


Ashely Gamergirl  9-26-2020
One star! Why? Half of gese clips are locked and you can't watch them. The majority if these clips are for money and thats not fair!


Tyler Guerrina  9-25-2020
Was good, now you should pay for everything. The only clips you can watch now are forced on you by the creators. Sad, it used to be so good.


Carly S  9-25-2020
I could willingly watch adverts for a set time of gratuitous content, like Pandora does. But locking vids that are gratuitous on YT behind pay walls is ridiculous. I used to love this edition so much. Really disappointed.


Theadora Roy  9-25-2020
For an edition that claims to be gratuitous it isn't extremely gratuitous is it ? All we we desire to do is fall asleep while our images are off ,well most of us anyways


Bex W  9-21-2020
No response to emails about a refund. Not delighted with the application or the service. I annulled the trial but have been charged for something I won't use.


Rina  9-21-2020
Well, it's not gratuitous yet, but the choice of clips is wider. I love the design and the ease of use.


Original Epicnata  9-20-2020
This edition was once wonderful and straight to use, nearly suchlike to youtube in the sense you can discover an artist and see their new uploads or playlists and then you would pay a little extra to see the exclusive clips that they uploaded. But after an upgrade a while back they removed most of the functionality and it became difficult to stay upgraded on what artists had uploaded if they still even did. It's no longer value downloading until they repair or revert their changes


Charles Wheeler  9-20-2020
large pay walls. Stay away.


Timmy  9-19-2020
devs decided to block all clips behind pay walls, useless..


shawn_ the heated  9-19-2020
WHY JUST WHY???? I used to love this edition and avail it each night but I come back and now I have to pay for damn near each single clip I used to watch daily????? I do not reccomend this at all.


Megan DeMarco  9-18-2020
The edition is a little bit better but I prefer the ancient version.


filipa goncalves  9-17-2020
It's worth. (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。



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