Android Version: 4.1App: there's this girl
Release date: Nov 30, 2018App Rating: 5
Author: Angela HeCategory: game simulation
Name: there's this girlExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Experience love between two girls, earnest stargazers and still searching for their path in life, across pictures. The future is unclear: Will their dreams be broken? Will they stroll diverse paths? And.. can their love be torn apart? Features 💫 ∴。 * ★ Emotional narrative told across pictures ★ Original, hand-drawn art and animations ★ 10-20 minutes of compact gameplay ★ attainable on mobile and web Credits 🌟・゚*。・ By Angela He; audio by vowl, ktvsky btwrks, dj unhappy wikipedia, luvbird. Thanks to Gabrielle Cohn for aid 💓 ⭐ 。・゚*.。 Support me with $5 to gain 24 wallpapers! Find the code on Github: Thanks for playing :)



Aizawa  6-16-2021
i love everything about this edition


Plant Friend  6-15-2021
fantastic tale telling releases , hate the ending but l enjoy it


-ne muff-  6-15-2021
I love this game!! Both the art and plot ^^


Jenny Olarve  6-15-2021
QnQ so bootiful


No Name  6-15-2021
good release


토끼_  6-15-2021
The release is really good and the art mode is wonderful the only part that was intractable was the controls like it was a bit confusing other than that it's a good release though I wish it was longer


Nigella Mae Dimalanta  6-15-2021
The artstyle is so good and I have a feeling that this is based in veritable life occasion


A  6-15-2021
Its absolutely wonderful :')


Yuu  6-15-2021
The ending😕🙃


LinVEE  6-15-2021
I really enjoyed the art of this game! It was also a really lovely storyline and I dont really have anything wrong to declare about this! Though I do wish there was more to run after you chose to step on or turn back! Maybe a second game? Idk I really instruct downloading it!


ghostierat  6-15-2021
haha gay


Mmmmkay  6-14-2021
I really loved the art mode and the point that it was inspired by veritable life. Loved it that it got kinda mysterious ending and you got to pick how to end it. But after all an wonderful release <3


johnny king  6-14-2021
extremely lovely :)


Watermint Bug  6-14-2021
We need more releases like these


Helen Torres  6-14-2021
Overall it was a beautiful good game, I was able to complete it in around 20 minutes. I do wish it would have been longer and what I mean by that is that I think it could have been good if we saw what happened after the choice we made, if we pick to look back we gain to see a slight montage of their relationship and if we pick to step on it could be good to see screens of them moving on then have a timeskip where we see the other lass and gain an way of how her life is.


-Clemee -  6-14-2021
It's sooo good. I don't wanna spoil what happens but it's such a lovely and unhappy story. Plus the art is amaaaazing! This release must NOT be free.


Meagan Gallegos  6-14-2021
it's a pretty tale


xlavsomes  6-14-2021
It's a pretty and excellent game. Even without words you can understand the storyline extremely well and it's just fantastic.


JR Consuela  6-14-2021
This release is outstanding and a little unhappy because i though the lass was trying to kill herself i was relief because the lass she wasn it but im a little unhappy because the other lass was unhappy cause she so depressed cause of money problem plss execute some outstanding and little more drama and delighted ending and saddest to unhappy ending i will aid this and 5 star in this release


Crying_ Clxuds  6-14-2021
This release is wonderful from the art to the tale line just run it


Mia Aguilera  6-14-2021


Cara Johnson  6-14-2021
I haven't played it yet but I know it's gonna execute me cry


Liliana Barajas  6-14-2021
I cried.


MiyKa Mitchell  6-14-2021
I love this release so much. It made happy, it made me cry a little. It's just amazing. Oh and no ads.


kirby baby  6-14-2021
It's so cutttee


Thistle_Live  6-14-2021
Was kinda short, but I really liked it! The art is super good, and even though there's no dialogue you can clearly talk what happens. <3


N O B O D Y  6-14-2021
I loved this game!! I rate it 5 stars :D


Sarah Gallego  6-14-2021
Love the game, but when the bit where you have to chop the photograph, after I chop it It just scrolls up my controlls and I can't gain to the next scene. Its realy annoying.


Jenelle Grosse  6-13-2021
excellent release but can you add more tale thank you and tis edition is 100/ 10


fishyE  6-12-2021
pretty art & story.


Rotten Society  6-12-2021
Amazing. Made me sob :,)


Melody Whisman81  6-12-2021
I just desire to appreciate the art work in this release its absolutely wonderful. It has so tons meaning and with little words spoken. I hope to see further updates with this tale and more releases like this :D


ayumi delita  6-12-2021
Are u kidding me!!! This is the exquisite game. The story, the art,The soundtrack everything is really good. Oh god it's really beautiful, u will fall in love so readily with this game. It's 1000% value it, i need more something like this!!


ItzGalaxy  6-12-2021
so unhappy I love it


Marisol Padilla  6-12-2021
pretty artwork, music, and an wonderful story.


e g g  6-11-2021
I LOVE IT SO tons 😭😭


Oxise  6-9-2021
I Love Everything in this release


MotherM0th  6-8-2021
Love this game! The art is amazing, the tale even without words is still so straight to choose up on and is amazing. The only problem I had was the controls being a bit confusing at first but I don't think this release deserves a star off for it. I could reccomend playing this!


Kaii kunzz  6-5-2021
Need part 2


Knaw  6-4-2021
The only downside of this release is that the release is too short :'((


Darija Milosevic  6-3-2021
Best. Thing. Ever. Made.


Kaeena Severin  6-3-2021
Woww thanks u for this even though I complete it in 30 minutes...


Larissa  5-29-2021
Heart wrenching!! The art and tale are absolutely beautiful.


Gabriela Celeste Velázquez Castro  5-28-2021
Did the newest chapter hurt?... yes, did I cry?... yes, but was it value it?... the respond is yes.


Weebvibing kk  5-27-2021


Asha Powers  5-26-2021
Such a pretty and relaxing release ❤️❤️❤️


jazzy Cruz  5-26-2021


Jewel Kopfkino  5-26-2021
Thiis is so cute!


ッhanxko  5-26-2021
super lovely release !! I love the (L)GBTQ representation :) I wish I would discover more releases like this


Gamer99jz  5-23-2021
extremely calm,nice and romantic.its like reading a book!i hope there will be recent tiers soon!


Princess Liane  5-22-2021
This is good story/game


Glitzy Meteor  5-20-2021
exquisite game... I'm delighted after playing this... Thanks! I wish this release was little longer...


Chim Chim  5-13-2021


yesmynameisjade 0_0  5-11-2021
I liked this release it was extremely interesting and the art was beautiful and so were the characters but I really wanna know what happened next!


daímonas skeletoú  5-11-2021
This release was so beautiful, I love it so much!!


MurderMan  5-9-2021
pretty and clamming


Bria  5-9-2021
i love the tale the art is fantastic its just extremely short if you would continue it if you desire pls do


`kinichuu  5-5-2021
lovely ~~


Tsukki  5-1-2021
I really love the unique and design of the game! Even tho the stort is short it's was so enjoyable and bittersweet.


Claudia Gabriel  4-26-2021
I wish it was longer!!! The art is so good!!!


Nick JZ  4-26-2021
A short story, yet extremely lovely and realistic. A couple who met by fate, the story's ending is placed on your hands. :D


h3ll0. k1tty  4-25-2021
i literally cried like 10 times 😎


Maria Eduarda  4-23-2021
I loved it! Everything is lovely and beautiful💜


Savannah Hernandez  4-21-2021
Love it....


Rachel Zoe Sarmiento  4-17-2021
Im just- speechlessh rn, it's so amazing😭🤧 im absolute of emotion's rn ....🤧 so good...♡︎ (とてもすごい、みんなにオススメです♡)


Lee  4-17-2021
Love itttt


Rihards Visnsakovs  4-17-2021
i think this release deserves 5 stars because it has some wonderful ways put into it


Missy Spring  4-12-2021
I love it but it ends to quickly 😢


Eren Cat  4-9-2021
I love this game! I only wish it was a bit longer. I was able to complete the whole thing twice in about an hour. It has the most pretty artwork and the tale is amazing. When the second opportunity image comes up, it could be cool to have like a separate path where there's 5 more chapters of them becoming a couple and such. It was a veritable tearjerker and this is probably the exquisite visual novel I've ever played! :)


Random JellyFish  4-8-2021
This release melted my heart I love it so fricken tons


Cera Fisher  4-6-2021
extremely sweet release with absolutely breathtaking art. This release is like a excellent short story. I highly instruct it as a speedy distraction some time, as a mini vacation. It is short, and it is probably only excellent for one run thru, but sometimes things in life don't last.


itzy pink  4-6-2021
I like it so tons the tale and the animation!


qiqisbestie  4-2-2021


Jamil Martin  4-1-2021
it ok


Zagreus Lear  3-29-2021
ITS SO pretty AND unhappy :'D


Alliyah Antar  3-29-2021
Is it me or did I nearly cry during this. It's sooo beautiful...the graphics and the art mode is such an inspiring touch to this. I love the tale in this and I wish you made more like this😭


Natalie Keens  3-28-2021
It's really sweet, it's not something I could normally download/play but I saw it on tiktok and gave it a go and I'm cheerful I did, I really enjoyed it :)


Who am I?  3-28-2021
would you execute it longer please 😭😭😭


Ananya Gupta  3-27-2021
Absolutely sweet 🥺


Gamer Girl  3-27-2021
extremely beautiful, simple yet thought out well the audio fit the storyline amazingly hope to see more like this!


Jasmine Nguyen  3-27-2021
sincere review here. It is honestly a fantastic game. The design, music, and tale are all wonderful. I think my beloved has to be the artwork of the game. The creator developed this really well and I encourage you to check it out. If you're supporters of Life is Strange, this release has the same vibes (not gameplay). There were some cons throughout, but what's an edition without any flaws. It's a short game, but the tale makes it enjoyable as a single run through. I hope you all enjoy as tons as I did.


Kirsty Dunn  3-27-2021
It was a outstanding release I cried wonderful art wonderful tale and the audio was pretty


Liam Blake  3-24-2021
The ending broke my heart, the tale is wonderful and value expiriencing!


Kass  3-23-2021
It's so wonderful and miraculous


Violet  3-21-2021


Krystle Brook  3-19-2021
Just BEAUTIFUL! music? outstanding art? outstanding story? Short but so heart touching and emotional. It said a lot in just a few words.


Bam  3-18-2021
I never completed it but I wish I did... looks wicked


Itz Nana  3-15-2021
I love this edition 100/10 the tale is extremely pretty I came out to my sis with this pt2 plz🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


hikaru gami  3-15-2021
The arts and melodies were so good and heart touching but the release was boring and short and meaningful i didn't enjoy .


cucumberr sauceee  3-15-2021
I love it- the art and storyline and audio is awesome! Thank you!! I really enjoyed this game, it's really cute! ❤️


quack  3-14-2021
It was a beautiful excellent release


Yugi Tsukasa  3-13-2021
this is the most saddest and cutest release i've seen. who each made this did a fantastic job


Zediclaire  3-13-2021


José Mendoza  3-12-2021
fantastic story, yanky controls


Tatjana Stanković  3-10-2021
I love it soooooo much!...tho... it gets stuck on the part where she is cutting the picture.... please rescue and talk me what to do! 😞


Tanu Chan  3-2-2021
The art mode is pretty but the tale was short.


Tyler Cope YT  3-2-2021
Such a lovely release and the graphics are so lovely ❤️❤️❤️


im babie  2-28-2021
Such a excellent release omg I really hope you upgrade this soon <3


caca kitty  2-24-2021
It's just so unhappy but cute it made me cry 😀😢😭


Lord Lucifer  2-23-2021
Super lovely but storyline is kinda rushed


Middlemist Moon  2-22-2021
This release made me cry. I love the art design. The audio is so soothing.


QUXNSY  2-21-2021
10000/10 its not that wrong and i love it the audio just fits perfectly with the tale and i love the style, maintain up the excellent work.


ßutter ok  2-17-2021
It was amazing, you know, and the I don't have a problem that they left this off with the only 3 things, but I really do love the art mode on this and I love everything in it quiet, but overall, it's a extremely excellent release


Rose Bloom  2-13-2021
I loved it it was so lovely and culm


ginger  2-13-2021
Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Juliana Louise Cortez  2-11-2021
Yeah 4 stars because its too short which made me desire more...i propose you to upgrade it and add more storyline, thats the only wrong thing because it ends....But all in all its sooo lovely and unhappy at the same time so please execute it longer


Carlishere  2-10-2021
pretty ❤️.


maui roxy  2-9-2021
It has excellent art


Tùng Nuyễn Sơn  2-9-2021


Lucy Woolhouse  2-8-2021
A pretty Lesbian Love story. I instruct this to any wlw or nlw out there. It's unhappy but still beautiful. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🌈 PRIDE!⚢


Tanishq Joshi  2-3-2021
This release is truly pretty I can't believe how well was the art mode was and the audio was just so pretty


Alberto Formaggio  2-2-2021
I absolutely loved this game, each single part of it. The art is absolutely stunning. I think Angela He is an wonderful artist and she has done a amazing job with this game. I enjoyed also the background audio because it fits so tons each single chapter... At the end I was even close to tears. Thank you so tons Angela for this masterpiece ❤️


Elise  1-27-2021
Veryyyy nicee


Ariunbat Aminaa  1-26-2021
I love it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥so beuteful


Carlos Eduardo Costa Gomes  1-18-2021
O jogo é incrível. É curto, mas a história dele é boa, e por mais que você não interaja tanto no jogo, você sente um pouco a história que o jogo te traz


Lil Hoddie 999  1-18-2021
I'm crying I love it 😭 so unhappy why did they break up


Yaboijay  1-17-2021
I love the tale it would avail a bit of lag repair butother than that its absolutely awsome. I love the art mode of these categories of games.


X Rangel Garden X  1-16-2021
I love it


Sailor Egg  1-15-2021
Its so beautifully done uwu


Emo Nightmare  1-15-2021
I loved this. The art, text, tale line, everything. I loved it all. But the only thing I don't like is how it doesn't talk us what the two were talking about while fighting.


Jia105  1-14-2021
Its so unhappy i cant even visualize if that happens to me


Samantha K.  1-14-2021
This was a pretty experience. Thank you!


neeshi lol  1-11-2021
Loved the game. Especially the drawings, they were so fantastic. Just wished there was a authentic ending, like if she turned back what could happen? And if she moved on, could she discover someone new? fantastic release though!


Myke Peters  1-5-2021
the aesthetic of this release is just pretty I love it so tons and I really personally wish that there was more of it because it was such a fantastic experience


Rini  1-4-2021
I realy love it I entirely will instruct it to others it got me tho I was like awww at first then I cried my eyes out at the end really excellent job


Enti  1-2-2021
I cried lmao


David got REKT  1-2-2021
It's short but amazing especially the background and artwork in this Though I still wish it was longer.All in all it's a excellent release


PokeyLe The Potoo  1-2-2021
It was great. It has a fantastic storyline but the controls are a little intractable sometimes. The five chapters are short but talk a fantastic tale


I make art, I guess  12-31-2020
No words, this release is just beautiful.


Chibi chan  12-30-2020
It's a lovely game. Love the audio 👌


Faria Akter  12-30-2020
Love this release 🖤


Nialee Mass  12-29-2020
fantastic release but I feel like there's a plothole I feel like they must execute a second release to this for if you turned back


shinCrAckHeaDryujin  12-29-2020
so pretty !



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