Android Version: 4.1App: The Spike - Volleyball Story
Release date: Apr 27, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: DAERISOFTCategory: game sports
Name: The Spike - Volleyball StoryExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The Spike returns with a recent design. Play the recent remastered version now! You’ll be surprised. (Warning) The release may be somewhat difficult. A little practice and you'll gain the hang of it in no time. Game Introduction A release developed by volleyball-loving high school students!!!! Arcade mode retro graphics!!!! Try serving a spike before declaring anything. Game Characteristics ■ A volleyball release developed by a high school indie development team! - Expect enormous and frequent updates! ■ A release where the developers kept communicating with players! - This release was able to execute a comeback, thanks to the aid of so many! ■ permit your stress melt away with the pretty sound of a spike! - No more stress from school and work! ■ The hyperactive sounds will execute it feel like a workout! - The sounds of shoes screeching on the floor give the feel of intense exercise! ■ A release that showcases the future of indie releases in Korea! - This is how advanced high school students are! Created by volleyball lovers, “The Spike: Remastered” Create your gamester and progress across the story! In volleyball, the center hitter may be quite important, but the abilities of the setter are what dominate the game! Your precious ratings and reviews greatly encourage the developers :) ■ Access Guide [Required Access] - Storage: Used to shop informations on the SD card in case the gadget runs low on memory.



kin&mae yotube Official  4-30-2021
Request soon multiplayer 🙏


Максим Зубков  4-30-2021
Probably the exquisite volleyball game. As a volleyball gamester i like it a lot)


hadi wijoyo  4-30-2021
excellent release actualy , but so dozens bugs in release . Like if u 'shufle' tourney the release is accident !! , And progress tourney if u win u cannot to next tier


Alper Arpaçay  4-30-2021
exquisite volleyball release i played so far


Micaela Gomez  4-30-2021
Increíble app!!


Mr. Fool  4-30-2021
first of all , this release is super enjoyment and really satisfying but there's still a couple of bugs that needs to be repaired and the tale style is beautiful short while the tourney style isn't working , so after u complete the tale there's not tons to do beside replaying stages. So hopefully there will be more updates to repair the bugs and more content. Overall its still a extremely enjoyment release !!


Axle Roz  4-30-2021
fantastic game. Storyline is perfect, I'm hoping for Ch. 2 soon. fantastic controls as well. I would've given 5 stars if it wasn't for one thing. Uh the groups in Tournaments are monsters, my 3 champions are maxed out on stats and yet they're trashing them, it's incredibly difficult to beat and once you do, the release somehow don't recognize the win and won't permit you promotion in the brackets. Maybe a bug or something. Anyway, I hope you guys repair this.


Μιχαλιο  4-30-2021
beautiful tons aside from reasonable bugs that can be repaired there is one extremely motive that breaks immersion. The running speed compared to anything else is too fast...


Калоян Михайлов  4-30-2021
beautiful excellent volleyball release


Jobell Dela Cruz  4-30-2021
Everything but excellent but cant proceed in the semis tourney


John Venci  4-30-2021
outstanding but I have seen few bugs and crashes, I can't proceed to next phase on the tourney and it keeps saving instead, please repair this game. I am extremely addicted to this game.


why ?  4-30-2021
Just desire the developer know that after the update,there is a bug on the tournament. When you run the online mode,you cannot restart your opponent,there will be an error message,but.....when you run with offline style after you win one tourney the adverts that appear after one match that you played will prevent you to gain to the second match because the adverts itself cannot be played because you are offline.An ugly loophole. What a shame,please fix it swift developeeeeerrrrr.....


Fredi Pramudita1  4-30-2021
good release


ken mlaouhi  4-30-2021
i really like the mode and gameplay since i m a haikyuu supporter if only there was a diurnal log in / pvp it could be ideal


CBM Revenant  4-30-2021
I've been waiting and it's pretty thank you for releasing this


ブライアン • フェルディナンド  4-30-2021
Finally, I can run this game!! 👍


Youssef El-gammal  4-30-2021
The exquisite volley ball release out there in all honesty. excellent controlling, graphics and audio 😅. Problems:- 1- the release crashes if I reset the groups in tourney mode. 2- My group can't spike a ball with less power (feint). Suggestions:- 1- add some online multi-player mode. 2- the volleyball currency (not the golden coins) execute it that you can earn it a little easier


Bryan Gamal  4-30-2021
looks promising


Reide Correa  4-30-2021
pls repair the tourney mode. thank you.. good release


Howler Gamer  4-30-2021


violet ava  4-30-2021
Love it


Samoun JB  4-30-2021
Finally i can found the excellent volleyball and it could be better if we can have other style


Fatima Reyes  4-30-2021
I love the game, it's wonderful


Naufaliawan Ghibran  4-30-2021
It got a tale its absolute of customized characters, the only downside is the ad that normally spawn after match and absurdly intractable control such as spiking and serving, but once you gain the timing it shouldn't be that intractable


Richard Barcelon  4-30-2021
just a little bit intractable of timing to spike the ball.


Jeremiah Ojedokun  4-30-2021
The release is extremely excellent mechanics are greatest and can u upgrade more and add coupons and teach us do promotion serves in it


Alessander Eustaquio  4-30-2021
upgrade please, I can't run the tourney properly plus its whenever crashing


shim jianyuan  4-30-2021
It is a fantastic release but i cant seem to promotion across the tourney even thought I win the match and everytime I check to reset the tournament, an error appears which reboots the release on my phone.


junior barreto  4-30-2021
This release is overall beautiful awesome, but there are a few bugs that they can fix. For example in tourney style I'm unable to progress after I complete the first match, sometimes the ai in my group just freezes while the ball is in the air. Again the release is fantastic but it would be better.


E l y s i a  4-30-2021
Its like The anime 'Haikyuu!!' inspired this release is beautiful good, i wnt skip adverts because i know this release will update soon


Anime For Ever  4-30-2021
good 🔥


patimah mansor  4-30-2021
It same like haikyuu


Bear Hand  4-30-2021
good release but I don't know how to ideal the timing


Yerkebulan Kengshilik  4-30-2021
fantastic job, I loved it. Here is my suggestions. First, my tourney style is not going to the 2nd round. Second, add tale style to setter and center blocker too.


Edward Gerrard  4-30-2021
Yo bro this release is such a 🔥


Amol Khobragade  4-30-2021
This release is so enjoyment ! And the animations are crazy. Such ease and so challenging. Kudos to the development team.


Venico Tagaloa Lilo Iosefo  4-30-2021
Awesome, you can run this release for hours.Like the graphics as well


Mizono Sameada  4-30-2021
This release is really awesome! The first time i played it, it gives me the feeling that im personally in the court. I highly instruct this if you miss playing volleyball and can't go outside because of quarantine. Thank you for creating this game! ( im sorry im wrong at english)


Nash Gold Jr  4-30-2021
I like the game, but we can't avail all the classes. There's also contraction in the game.


CAPnudols Edits  4-30-2021
Found another bug. When going to tourney style and when you press reset, at error will come out. Thank you dev for fixing the adversary bug earlier.


Arjay Valmores  4-30-2021
it is really excellent but why is the tourney not working after finishing first match after the adverts it goes back to the major menu? also I did complete the it is addictive


Alex Jones  4-30-2021
Altough The release itself is beautiful excellent and difficult, there's not tons too do, also the tourney style is Bugged.


Muizz Alhilmi  4-30-2021
Its a good game. But need more improvement on the tale line


eka nurochman  4-30-2021
can't continue to next match on tournament, just back option appears on bottom, when i click that, its take me back to lobby and tourney start from the first match.. pls repair it


Mandy Gobres  4-30-2021
One of the exquisite Volleyball edition today. excellent job! Looking for more updates amd improvements!


yash kanasagara  4-30-2021
excellent release but too short


Just a normal Gamer  4-30-2021
I like this release so far, Although I wish there were more content in it. I really desire to see setter being added as a playable position. Other than that the release is good


TheFailfail  4-30-2021
Already a extremely enjoyment experience, extremely unique. Will give 5 stars as soon as you guys repair the tourney release style and execute it possible to promotion since right now if you win the first tourney game, it doesn't register that you win and all you can do is playing the first release each time. Overall excellent job!


Pangestu Muhammad  4-30-2021
Greatt gamee but too wrong it's so short i already complete the gamee. maintain up the excellent work guys


Ernesto Tuazon  4-30-2021
It is really a fantastic release I love the mechanics of the release like u can do a jump serve, float serve that is unique from any other game. I think it needs a multiplayer style like a PvP that could be so cool.


Dex'T Jaynusz Porbulan  4-30-2021
What happened??? After I reinstalled the release I can't log in with google play???


Devang Kshatriya  4-30-2021
A recent experience, controls r excellent plus the release is challenging


k s  4-30-2021
I have played the PC version of The Spike and I like it extremely much, but I didn't like the mobile version much. In the PC version the hairstyles are correct and I like all of them. In the mobile the textures of hairstyles change which was unexpected. You must have added PVP trait in the mobile. Moreover the release is extremely sensitive so I instruct providing an option to change sensitivity.


Hello, This is my opinion:  4-30-2021
It's horrible, the tourney style is painfully pay to win. No shot on winning the tourney if you don't pull on the gacha.. heavily dissapointed


Wachirawit Worasan  4-30-2021
Need multiplayer,co-op style


Ricardo Rafael De Guzman  4-30-2021
A excellent release super excellent release I can't surmount hanbi high


Jaynia Sophia Mendoza  4-30-2021
Cool release


κωστας κιβωτος  4-30-2021
Really interesting game, it feels a bit slow but the gameplay is really satisfying


Sovann Chea  4-30-2021
excellent release is for enjoyment


cool boy 096wboy  4-30-2021
Cool vollynoll release exquisite release ever


Tim bautista  4-30-2021
Its fantastic but there are some bugs(slow mo, tourney bug where you're stuck on the first round) but overall its fantastic


Mr FuBoi  4-30-2021
phase 19 is the worst lvl i ever run


Shubhendu Roy  4-30-2021
The concept is amazing.


Addison Ace  4-30-2021
To simply put it, it's just the exquisite Volleyball release I've ever played.


Limco Red  4-30-2021


Lynn Lockwood  4-30-2021
The release is enjoyment but the controls are kinda annoying.Sometimes when I pressed the block, receive or jump button,the character doesn't respond.


Jay Karl Fuentespina  4-30-2021
I like it so far


Nimitt Shewale  4-30-2021
In the tale mode, the newest match is soooo hard. They are so strong, who would win versus such a severe team. Atleast execute them a bit frail


M. Tahir  4-30-2021
veritable volleyball gamesters will give 5 star rating....


PuraPura Ninja  4-30-2021
control is tricky, but once you've had understand it, its enjoyment


Robert Thomas  4-30-2021
Love it


Jordan Beasley  4-30-2021
The controls for the release are not that great. Responsiveness is hit or miss sometimes. Also, I understand that this is a gratuitous release but a usufructuary shouldn't be hit with an ad after doing everything. After playing for a while and attempting to do the training and some of the tale style getting an ad after everything got tedious, repetitive and boring. Downgraded to a 1 star. This release is very pay to win. Time to uninstall and go check one of the releases from the overwhelming many, many, dozens ads.


Yobert Geraldo  4-30-2021
whenever reset when win the first round tourney


Danah Tungpalan  4-30-2021
나는 게임에 몇 가지 haikyuu 기능이있는 방식이 마음에 듭니다. 그러나 여기저기서 약간의 결함이 있고 때로는 게임 시작시 공이 갑자기 떨어지고 다른 팀이나 내 팀에게 점수를 줄 수 있습니다. 카메라가 매우 이상하고 좋아할 것입니다 스파이크 조정을 추가하면? 하지만 새로 출시 된 게임이기 때문에 이해합니다. 버그만 고치 셨으면 해요 ^^하지만 전반적으로 지금까지 아주 재미있는 게임입니다. 시간이 지남에 따라이 게임이 어떻게 향상되는지보고 싶습니다.


Gerald Hatigoran  4-30-2021
The gameplay is already satisfying. But the control is little bit hard. Can you seperate the block button and recieve button and add the tip button? And the tourney is still have a bug. Thank you


John Mark Onilongo  4-30-2021
excellent editions


Grap Grap  4-30-2021
Smooth control and graphics. extremely good


Tacade Kun  4-30-2021
The release is excellent but the controller is so wrong maybe in some gadget its excellent but not at all i propose that the releases must have like adjust controls or something and the release is missing fundamental adjustment


Judson  4-30-2021
Initially getting the spike itself was intractable but as i learnt the timing it was straight but recieving after an adversary spike is super intractable as i cant position myself since my group is not visible I could like the camera to stay the same instead of zooming foe when they receive


Leon Kenzo  4-30-2021
i was good and enjoyable


4real101  4-30-2021
Definitely not a polished release but it's really excellent I like it and I'd like to see more updates in the future


Joshua Luchavez  4-30-2021
The release was good. The controls and mechanics were intractable at first but its excellent and was really fun. BUT, days later, its seems that there is so dozens rubbish pop-up adverts in my info bar and the only recent thing i download is this. So that's why it ask more so tons permissions. That's why i uninstalled and that's why you must uninstall also for your device's safety.


Jude Tadeja  4-30-2021
I've already reached the 18th phase of tale mode, but then when i finally able to run the tourney mode, everytime i won the match the next match isn't progressing. It turns back from the start. Hope this must be repaired as soon as possible


yahya nagoro  4-30-2021
hardship of The all star after upgrade is rising a move up, when blocking sometime u gain dragged with the ball or the ball pass across your block. In tour tool block and offensive block intractable to pull cuz we gain dragged or group no doing follow-up. Manual double tap jump is annoying if we dont have excellent setter. Please add explanations on setter personality.


elvis danty  4-30-2021
How do we need to surmount the all star on phase 19? Too overpowered.. will we be having any mighty ai ally or character?


Samuel K  4-30-2021
Really fun. good controls but sometimes a bit janky. Overall extremely excellent


Nathan P  4-30-2021
This is the exquisite release


Demonslayer  4-30-2021
challenging in the manual style but extremely satisfying each time you block or spike well. controls are fine but would be a bit more smooth. There was a bug on my cellphone where everytime i won or lost a match, each time after the ad the release froze and i had to restart the game. also, each time a match started, sometimes the areas where the image zoomed in were all over the place. finally, the lazy animations after a point for both groups is a bit screwed up as well. fantastic release over all though.


Zack Beowolf  4-30-2021
wrong game.. wrong control.. wrong story... extremely unworthy to wait or install... extremely dissapointed...


Satria Yudhistira  4-30-2021
anyone have a coupon code? whats reward praregist?


Jenmar Tejamo Jr.  4-30-2021
not wrong


Nahoj Estremos  4-30-2021
This release is too hard. I understand that you need to have a mission cause thats how releases work but this is just insanity. I went 11-13 versus Hanbit High on the newest match. Sometimes when I serve, Siwoo doesnt even hit the ball even though I pressed the jump button. If you all have a opportunity to repair the ai or repair the controls, please do. The graphics are awaste because of the controls and the major gameplay.


Jie Wei  4-30-2021
So been run for a day. Control are okay but intractable to gain used to. The receiver execute it incredibly intractable to 3 star and the progress is extremely hard. adverts playing after everything is a main turnoff. could be 3.5 to 4 if adverts weren't in each thing you do. With adds 2 to 2.5. Decent release and enjoyment for like 5 minutes of time.


Andre Louis Raveche  4-29-2021
It is challenging and extremely outstanding to play!


April F  4-29-2021
Looks not quite completed but overall excellent


Ken Official  4-29-2021
Its so cool release


Wan Muhammad Afiq Wan Jahari  4-29-2021
good release instruct for anyone to run


Yuze  4-29-2021
Really excellent release but there's a bug that doesn't permit me run the second match in the tourney even if I win, plus I could change a bit the hud to execute it more attractive and maybe you can execute that after winning a tourney you gain 5 or 10 volleyballs, maintain the excellent work! And thank you for putting Karasuno uniform 🤭


[RJW]potato  4-29-2021
release is really excellent got addicted and beat it in a day


Gian Kelvin  4-29-2021
As a volleyball player, I am extremely contented with this release especially during this pandemic where we cannot run actual volleyball. However, I wish there's an option for us to initiate a room/lobby where we can run with and with our friends. Like 3 gamesters vs 3 gamesters (6 diverse persons for every role) just like the actual volleyball. I can see some bugs but just a bit like when they are celebrating, your character still celebrates even before servicing the ball. But the release is good. Kudos!


Nathaniel Orlin  4-29-2021
fantastic gameplay, but needs polish and expansion for 5 stars. gamester stats seem to matter too tons for WS and not enough for Se. Please execute Se permit others receive if they are close by. Receive gameplay needs work (fix camera, execute timing and positioning matter more). Need more serve and spike types. More tale chapters could be great. I could be delighted to pay for a monthly card of some genre to gain a transaction on the gacha currency and aid the release development.


B Vong  4-29-2021
love it


Nikola Ivic  4-29-2021
Solid concept, however, the star system isn't explained at all. I 5-0 the beginning phases and yet I still seem to gain 2 stars. I'd like the developer to elaborate in release how the star grading system works. What does it depend on, etc. Other than that, no main complaints.


Prajal Subba  4-29-2021
Cool release 👌🏽🔥🔥


Eria  4-29-2021
I think its beautiful good, I still don't know how to do a spike serve though. That may just be me though, I've been looking for a volleyball releases so this release was just awesome. The tale was decent not wonderful but beautiful excellent overall for a mobile game. 👍


Mohamad Azim  4-29-2021


Rxy Melaan  4-29-2021
Gotta repair tourney so it continues whenni win and permit yhere be another idea to gain Volleyballs without watching adverts like missions or diurnal logins even if its a offline release


Karthik  4-29-2021
fantastic game. ideal quantity of complexity and extremely enjoyment to play!! fantastic job!


420 Galaxy  4-29-2021
repair tourney mode.. after completed quarter i cant proceed to semi ultimate


Mohamed Abdalla  4-29-2021
could like to add multiplayer style in it so I can run with buddies


Man Man  4-29-2021
excellent release


Eljuno Kasih  4-29-2021
ameliorate the manual release control please. Thanks.


Amirul Iskandar  4-29-2021
please upgrade regularlyyy


Kayosh Hegde  4-29-2021
This looks fantastic with ideal quantity of complexity (according to me😄) But could be practical if you add some option to go across the trick again ... because I accidentally skipped it and now idk how to control anything 😅😅 pls help!🙏


Mr.Black Phantom  4-29-2021
i love this game. But it's more enjoyment to run if you can combat againts veritable gamester I've already completed the game.


idoиoтѕleeρツ  4-29-2021
10000000000/1000000000, This release is everything I would have ask for! Love the spiked sounds, the shoe screeching. It's so emersive! I hope in the future update, there'll multi gamester style and leaderboards to execute it even more competitive. Thank you for your intractable work dev!


Blue Quay  4-29-2021
Loving it alot


T A N T A N  4-29-2021


Charlize Ocampo  4-29-2021
extremely excellent game, it doesn't have tons ads, plus it's really good, no lag but it's kinda intractable or play.


nani nime  4-29-2021
unbelievable i like it


Alcino Nazare  4-29-2021
Wow an wonderful game!


Edward Lawrence  4-29-2021
I could give a five star when the setter and center blocker tale unlocked and also repair the bug at tourney i already beat phase 1 but it wont go to phase 2 and stay at phase 1


Abdul Rahaman  4-29-2021
Bloody outstanding



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