Android Version: 4.1App: The Oregon Trail: Settler
Release date: Dec 21, 2011App Rating: 4
Author: Gameloft SECategory: game casual
Name: The Oregon Trail: SettlerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience the next move in The Oregon Trail story, where you and your family can finally settle down and build a recent house in the Wild West… ***** “Very addictive. I can't put my smartphone down” ***** “Great combination of building, socializing, and side games” ***** ”Love it! This release is awesome, I remember it as a babe but now it’s even better” The Oregon Trail: American Settler is a enjoyment and addictive release stocked with heaps of engaging details to maintain you entertained for hours and hours! Build the largest and brilliant municipality the Wild West has ever seen! FEATURES: √ A fun, free-to-play adventure! √ initiate and manage your own frontier town √ Relive memorable moments from The Oregon Trail! √ Place hundreds of buildings, livestock and crops √ Customize your character with diversified outfits √ run hunting or fishing mini-games for resources √ Go prospectin’ to search diurnal rewards √ Face the dangers of the Wild West: stampedes, hurricanes and more! √ Visit neighboring villages to collect hearts and avail them to grow your village! So go ahead, start playing for gratuitous and join the dozens other gamesters who’re already having enjoyment on the frontier! For supporters of simulation, farming and tycoon games. ___________________ The Oregon Trail: American Settler is gratuitous to download and play. You will gather virtual currencies called “Coins” and rarer “Cash” as you run which you can avail to care for your municipality or buy in-game items, energy, and resources. If you don’t have enough virtual currency to buy an item, restore energy, or perform an action, you can pick to earn additional currency gradually over time as you run the game, or purchase additional virtual currency with veritable money. In-app purchases range from $1.99 to $99.99. You can restrict in-app purchases by adjusting your usufructuary Controls in your run shop settings. Supported languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese An additional download of 50 to 150MB is requisite to run this game. Please note, the size of this requisite download may change without notice. Certain aspects of this release will require the gamester to connect to the internet. Certain aspects of this release will require the gamester to connect to a social network like Facebook. Please note this connection is never compulsory to progress across the game. This release may contain third party advertisements that will redirect you to a third party site. For client care matters please visit _____________________________________________ Visit our official blog at Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to gain more notification about all our upcoming titles. Check out our clips and release trailers on Discover our site at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft. _____________________________________________ This edition allows you to purchase virtual elements within the edition and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site. Terms of avail : Privacy terms : Terms of avail : End usufructuary licence Agreement :



Rvr Rvr  12-10-2020
Got a recent smartphone release won't even open large disappointment only release I bothered with give it a 2 because I liked when I would run it


Ade Sevilla  12-10-2020
i played this release like 8 years agoon blackberry and found it again, but it crashes on smartphones phones.. works well with an ipad though..


James R Weis Jr  12-10-2020
Fail,resets after trick each time !


ishank verma  12-10-2020
Doesn't even start edition keeps crashing on


Arnel Delos santos  12-10-2020


Kristin McCallum  12-9-2020
Downloaded the release twice and both times it could only pop open and close.


Kristina Spivak  12-9-2020
excellent game, it could be excellent if you would add more energy as you tier up. It could be good if the dependents actually walked around the path instead of standing still.


Jenny Martin  12-8-2020
release shuts down and restarts smartphone


Dubzzzinyaface  12-8-2020
Newly downloaded, edition will not open. LG Stylo 5.


David Hollander  12-8-2020
Can't even open the edition


Elizabeth Tinsley  12-8-2020
Doesn't open (Galaxy S9), not value downloading.


Victor Chounard  12-8-2020
I erased smartphone and started over an x now when I downloaded Oregon trail it won't open it just bugs out and closes and says it not responding


Kirsten Dent  12-7-2020
Downloaded today and edition won't even open.


Lazi Levin  12-7-2020
edition won't even open. I have a hauwei p30 lite, if that helps


Summer G  12-7-2020
I'd give 0 stars being that the release don't even open at all


Dayton Chapman  12-7-2020
Don't waste your time. release breaks all the time. Shows no aid to execute release work better.


Aurea Laracuente  12-6-2020
Love the release


Jenasis Couch  12-6-2020
Don't bother. You HAVE to connect to Facebook to gain anywhere in this game. Disappointed.


T. Preston  12-6-2020
Even after uninstalling and downloading again it keeps closing when I check to open it.


lindsey woodward  12-6-2020
extremely bad, I downloaded this yesterday. I have not been able to run it at all!! Everytime I press on to load it, it force closes immediately. So as I cannot run I will have to uninstall. I can't rate release run or anything because I haven't seen anything at all!! Just fearful


Martena Norwood  12-5-2020
It doesnt download


Lindsey Force  12-5-2020
Ok game. You must be able to rotate residences so you can set up your municipality better. It could also be good if you would shop things you've already built to execute it easier to step things around.


Michael Federer  12-4-2020
Can't even open the crashes immediately. 👎


aphrodite onlygu  12-4-2020
cute release


Mamunur Rashid Anik  12-4-2020
Stops each time I enter it.


Evette Stephney  12-4-2020
maintain crashing


Hokyoak Hall  12-4-2020
Have a Samsung s10 and edition will not open. on fresh and brilliant update. Uninstalled.


Joe Currier  12-4-2020
Can't open accident right away


Lahna Backer  12-3-2020
Can't even open the keeps exiting out


Crystal Knepper  12-2-2020
Wish the release could permit you repair the injured residences and rescue damaged people/animals before having another disaster occur. Tiered of just fixing things. Also no recent quests for awhile. Where are they,? Played this release several years ago and don't remember these issues.


Kristyn Robbins  12-2-2020
release won't open


Kyawaung Hein  12-2-2020


Four Kings Clothing Co.  11-30-2020
edition does not open after downloaded. Continues to crash.


Margie Wolfe  11-30-2020
I am tier 100 and have been playing this release forever it seems. I have been waiting this whole time on the promise that there could be a repair so we would add neighbor's, however to date I still have no neighbors that I can add.... extremely frustrating!


Èva Santmier  11-29-2020
Sweet love it but it wont permit me invite my buddies got all they idea up to tier 97 and I deleted it trying to down load again and its giving me a intractable time but love the release i give it a 100 out of a 100


Cherise Isherwood  11-29-2020
Gotbnew cellphone & started over. Got to tier 45 & my map stopped working again. Wouldn't permit me in. Deleted release & again started over. Map works now but won't permit me log into Facebook so can't travel to neighboring town. Asks if I desire my newest saved game. When I declare no the release freezes or crashes. And of course my release progress won't be saved. Now at tier 45 & when time for recent map it gave me my just completed one. Having to wait out the 3 days.


Rosalind Lindsay  11-29-2020
It wont even turn on for me.


Kimberly Beaudoin  11-29-2020
respond your emails developers, ameliorate your release


Michael J Ramirez  11-28-2020
Crashes and doesn't open


Michelle Reese  11-28-2020
I got a recent smartphone and edition wont open... I love this game..please repair


James Gaubatz  11-26-2020
4 star. Its 2020. residences must be able to rotate and we must have indicators to what neighbors we've visited. Besides those two things. The release is great! Graphics are good and the attention to detail is there.


Douglas Massey  11-24-2020
It kicks me out of the release each time I go to the travel residence if I delete it the release and reinstall it gives a saved release some other save file aggravating


tina layton  11-24-2020
Worked excellent till today and the map release stopped working...


Leann DeMarcello  11-24-2020
I've been playing for a couple of weeks and now all of a sudden all my progress is gone and I had to start over. And it keeps resetting


Nick Dasko  11-23-2020
They took Oregon trail and made it into Farmville


Ramblin Rogers  11-23-2020
Not enough energy to really play.


Amanda Hart  11-23-2020
I love this release but when you gain to a recent tier it stops it needs to be upgraded swift


Dana Lindberg  11-22-2020
fantastic release but cant visit other cities


Elijah Anstey  11-22-2020


Julie Pep  11-20-2020
Force closes on startup. Can't even play... how does this have a 4.1 star review...


Pamela Almanzar  11-19-2020
I like the game. Personally not into anything like magical plants, so ignore that instruction. But on the whole I enjoy the game. I dont like co ops and can run this by myself. There was one ancient man that you would go and gain wood or something else you needed but they seem to have deleted him. Seems like each time I discover a release that I like they upgrade it and mess it up.


Amanda Barroncini  11-19-2020
Won't connect to Facebook for buddies cities


Sanice Francois  11-18-2020
Coin and land. I've played this release for a several years now. My cash have amassed to 2.4G which im assuming is billion. After getting to that quantity the release has taken a lit of my cash and dropped me down to like 30 Million. This time is dropped me to 35 million. Well I earned more and now it dropped me to 260,000K coins. Also not able to expand my land.


Raluca Oprea  11-17-2020
I really expected the ancient game, I am sure that could have been something for lits of usufructuary to be delighted about. This is just another farming stupid game... Too bad, you shouldn't avail the same name as one of maybe the brilliant releases ever.


Max Perry  11-16-2020
Pretth excellent but atm i cant invite people. Now it wont download recent map for gold hunting.


Randy Goodman  11-16-2020
Played for over a year and now release edition wont load the game. I was told they are working on these troubles but nothing was ever done. The money spent just gone. There response was oh well.


Tabitha Nicely  11-16-2020
Love this release


Youtube Pejoratian  11-15-2020
Serial Killer Game. Do Not Toy With. dependents Only Dream To run This release


Christopher Hall  11-15-2020
Used to love this game. But now it resets my Save file.


Buffie Stewart  11-14-2020
Gameloft client Care November 14, 2020, 07:55 Thank you for your message. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. I'm afraid that this trouble cannot be resolved at the moment. Our development group is currently supporting the development of a recent Gameloft release that is approaching release. It’s a gigantic effort for all of us so we have to put on hold the recent updates for The Oregon Trail. WOW horrible client service! We are just not as significant as a recent game! so basically transaction with it


Michael Joseph  11-14-2020
So, I just started playing this release for about a day and i have Few troubles with the game. 1. I don't like how i have to add buddies to promotion in the game. I think that part is done on FB. I'm not going to annoy dependents to run a farm release with me. 2. my farm caught on fire and to only stop it was to either pay veritable money or have a buddy rescue you. No thanks. I could write all the other troubles i had with the release but there is not enough room.


Suesanne Smith  11-13-2020
A great release 😎


Katrina Sheppard  11-13-2020
I loved this release but when i got a recent smartphone i installed it on the recent smartphone and when i tried to step things around it told me the trait was locked until i was completed with the tutorial. But at tier 41 how tons farther do i really need to gain into the release before i am no longer considered in the trick phase. I tried uninstalling the release and starting over but after reaching tier 22 it told me to visit a buddy then it reinstalled the tier 41 release with all the same issues.


Felicia Long  11-12-2020
I love this release and have it on my smartphone but does anyone know how to download it on a laptop? It may just be an trouble on my side.


Nathan Franco  11-10-2020
Needs to repair the bug why it can't connect to fb


FANCY SMYLE  11-9-2020


ashley ratliff  11-8-2020
Deleted my whole game. Super pissed and uninstalling.



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