Android Version: 4.4App: The Matching Dead
Release date: May 25, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: 37GAMESCategory: game puzzle
Name: The Matching DeadExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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To anyone who survived the zombie apocalypse: If you are reading this, well, congratulations! You haven't been turned into a zombie. 3 months ago, a zombie virus infected 90% of the population of this city. Only a few lucky dependents like you and me managed to survive. Now, you need to build a shelter, recruit survivors and gather weapons to brawl off the zombies. Here are some guides for you: [Unity is power] Get help! You will need to recruit as dozens survivors as possible. They might be veteran soldiers, previous police officers, nurses and doctors…everyone can be helpful. Train them and protect your shelter versus tides of zombies. [Match & Fight] Match tiles with strategy to initiate combos and wipe out the zombies. [Build Fortress] Turn your shaby shelter into a fortress where you may collect resources, train champions and produce eats and weapons. [Alliance] Sometimes you don't have dozens variants on means when you have to brawl other humans in order to survive. Join alliance, brawl for resources. [The Tower] Built by a mysterious organization. You might discover abundant resources there but they come with fantastic risks. Send a group of the exquisite champions of yours to examine it! Find our official supporter page on Facebook: Do you need help? Feel gratuitous to reach us via the in-game client Service or send us an mail at: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:



DJ'S GAMEBOX  6-15-2021
extremely enjoyment match 3 RPG!


excellent release a little repetitive


Wayward  6-14-2021
Don't like energy systems.


Gaia Sartori  6-14-2021
I'm like it so far, good graphics and excellent crafting


Drury Berny  6-13-2021
I like the gameplay and the art mode the most


Edelmann Draydon  6-13-2021
I literally sat and played hours upon hours


Leah Matthews  6-13-2021
I am loving this release so far. So tons promise.


Bradly Alan  6-13-2021
I thought it could gain better but it's just another money hungry gratuitous to run he. Where the dependents that are playing for gratuitous gain screwed. You can't do enough to earn gas cans so you can gain stronger. I'm done. This release won't newest long . excellent luck cause I'm never gonna run again


Ackred Kwabena  6-13-2021
I could like to start off by declaring that my experience has been largely positive, i have not encountered any bugs that prevent me from playing the game.


Simon Chidera  6-13-2021
It was excellent


Aud Gulbrandsen  6-13-2021
fantastic poduction!


Hovie Mabrie  6-12-2021
Works fantastic on my phone!


Petican Cedriana  6-12-2021
Just got the release today and I have to say, what a enjoyment game! A deep, well balanced game, with enough staying power to maintain you entertained.


Humbles Nanci  6-12-2021
Not a wrong release to spend your spare time with


Patel Braiya  6-12-2021
I enjoy it so far, i do instruct


doug hambidge  6-12-2021
fantastic match 3 zombie killing game, you build up ya base, gain materials from doing stages, uncover for heros, etc fantastic little release love it no in edition purchases shoved in your face their there if you desire them but not forced, takes time to promotion if you don't pay but the experience is just as good, every character has unique battle abilities the tale line is excellent


Guinan Stokley  6-12-2021's beautiful gud!


Mundell Hermania  6-11-2021
I open this release first thing in the morning, and newest thing before bed


DeAndre Thompson  6-11-2021


Fleckness Dalonzo  6-11-2021
Kudos to the developers!


Dochon Tusha  6-11-2021
I can't rescue it, I'm in my 40s but I still run this like each 6 minutes...its definitely addicting


Dundredge Zoelle  6-11-2021
beautiful tidy release to pass the time


Boban Grujovski  6-11-2021
good game, continue to ameliorate with occasions


Acarson Jamarria  6-11-2021
lovely game, extremely enjoyment and addictive


Kremer Dokken  6-11-2021
I had a loooooooooot of enjoyment


Victor Correa  6-10-2021
lovely and unique concept


Pardew Riky  6-10-2021
What can i's decent


Marcin Janik  6-10-2021
fantastic game. straight to learn, intractable to master, overall a fantastic enjoyment time.


Lozano Meela  6-10-2021
It's a farily decent release if you run with buddies


Milena Dudek  6-10-2021
enjoyment release to Bond and kill time with friends. Interesting layout, Highly Reccomended


Yakubowicz Caylob  6-10-2021
My buddies ask me to check it, not disappointed


Walid Acemrar  6-10-2021
Just activate this release and you'll be gucci!


Farbrace Williamjohn  6-10-2021
Cute, funny, engaging. I love it!


nono dodo  6-10-2021
Empires and puzzles copycat,only diverse characters design .


Cezdormusic  6-9-2021
This release is extremely balanced. Gaming is a pleasure. You must add injure counter per one turn and execute multiple rankings around it.




Philip Lehner  6-9-2021
ummmmmmmmmmm what can i say? it's a amazing game, solving puzzles and defeating zombies are straight and fun, especially when you have buddies playing together. i think this is beautiful tons a release of when candy crush meets zombie apocalyse. excellent for killing time.


Matusevich Jonbenet  6-8-2021
I enjoy this release a lot. I joined an alliance and made dozens friends. More relaxing than I imagined and it is fantastic if you wanna kill time. There are quite a few zombie themed releases on mobile, but this one is definitely the best, in gameplay, graphics, audio etc but still room for improvements.


Jimmy Nalls  6-8-2021
Really meager client aid experience and far too expensive for a name change. The release has potential but the devs are far too greedy with their pay to win scheme.


Klagge Leester  6-8-2021
I think this is the first zombie RPG mixed with match-3 puzzles? Surprisingly, it's beautiful good. And I've played probably too dozens smartphone games. This one comes with more details.


Hamza Ahelluc  6-8-2021
It didn't seem like a large transaction at first but the release becomes alot more enjoyment after the tutorial. Overall excellent experience. Gameplay is user-friendly. champions are plentiful. i'm not a reviewer genre of guy, but i think this release deserves 5 stars, had so tons enjoyment in this apocalypse commander simulator lol


Tulsi Ayer  6-8-2021
Guess what! They made a roguelike rook in the game. I played lots of mobile games, but this one is the most peculiar so far. The champion roster is different and varied. They declare there're 200+ heroes, but Katana Wielder is my favorite. Can anyone please talk me how to gain this hero?


Chappel Leicia  6-8-2021
I really love how I can manage and customize my own little survivors' shelter. Super cool! Ive been clearing the land and making my shelter look good and orderly. I hope the devs add more decorations in the future. I grew attached to my little shelter already.


Coram Nuraz  6-7-2021
there are a lot of release details to examine in this game. i basically enjoy the match three battle the most because it is intuitive while givining us the opportunities to be strategic with champions combination. wonder if there will be more occasions in the future for different gameplays.


Larry Fazekas  6-7-2021


Gerarod Hernandez  6-7-2021
it's actually more of an RPG release than match 3 puzzle games. lots of diverse characters to gather and train for challenging combat. could love to have more champions of diverse classes.


Adea Demiri  6-7-2021
There are dozens champions in the release for me to develop different and strategic playstyles. I think this adds more depth to the match three combat, which makes the release better than simple match 3 games.


Harini Verma  6-7-2021
At first I thought this is a zombie version candy crush, But it appears that it actually integrates a lot of RPG items and strategic gameplay. The characters in the release are quite extremely designed. I think RPG supporters will discover this release to be fun.


Tmnu Don  6-7-2021
I'm loving the release so far, maintain up the excellent work 💯


Julia Key  6-5-2021
Won't even load


Theodore Karakiklas  6-4-2021
Freezes up. Lags.


Patricia Butler  6-2-2021
5 start


Kalen Johnson  6-2-2021
enjoyment release


Alvaro Miranda  6-2-2021
Keeps on crashing even if I delete and download it again...


Lori VanElswyk  6-1-2021
Been playing for about a week. Takes time to grow. If you desire to grow faster... PTW is necessary. But if you have patience then you will grow.


Pavitra Ail  5-31-2021
Need some improvements And the release is interesting 😊😊😊


Amey Naik  5-29-2021
Generic and lazy.


cyanotic1  5-28-2021
Clone of each other match3 game. P2W. Lootbox drop rates for creatures that arent rubbish tier, are so bad. Total ripoff and anyone who spends money on this is insane. F2P gamesters must step along. Nothing to see here. This release is for whales only.


Romy  5-28-2021
extremely stingy release with their extended currency, constantly over capping with resources, and the tale skips if you're trying to speed up the text


Shaw Young  5-28-2021
The match 3 tiles part was enjoyment lol. didn't know a zombie release would have such a casual but also tactical gameplay. I think it's a release that works for both casual gamesters and grand players. Personally I could like to have more visual outcome in the battle to execute it more fun. But overall I did enjoy playing the game.


Adalyn Marks  5-28-2021
Casual and enjoyment match-3 gameplay in combat. Woud like it to be more difficult.


Emily Dillan  5-28-2021
good game. It has a casual match 3 gameplay. extremely straight to choose up and good for killing time.


Langworth Nathan  5-28-2021
I really enjoy the match three gameplay in this game. It would be extremely casual yet it also provides different combo variants to keep playability. Definitely value a try. I will give it a four.


Vernon Bigelow  5-28-2021
A good option for killing time. I enjoy the match 3 gameplay. Feel like it doesnt gain super difficult but still challenging most of the time. instruct it.


Robert Thomas  5-27-2021
Love it execute another one


Nebojsa Djordjevic  5-27-2021
Extra game!


Kevin Perez  5-27-2021
Boring, just plain boring!


Andrew Lindberg  5-27-2021
Definite Potential 👍


Luis Heredia  5-27-2021
great match 3 release highly recommended and extremely amusing


Paco G. L.  5-26-2021
Easy, simple, no original, slow tutorial,....


jOsHwA  5-26-2021
fantastic concept 👌


Dezmond Lim  5-26-2021
I love this game. straight to play. The cartoon screens and characters are extremely special!!!


elvis kellenbeck  5-26-2021
This release is a joke . P2win , VIP system. Per-register donation is nothing excellent energy system is so stupid . And the summoning is so wrong u gain 1-2* each check . Don't download this release


Ronnie Harris  5-26-2021


Zynaps ZX  5-26-2021
extremely excellent game. Insta buy!


Redux  5-26-2021
Same ancient P2W gameplay, tutorial, adds nothing new. The only thing I did like was the art style.



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