Android Version: 5.1App: The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
Release date: Oct 20, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: NetmarbleCategory: game action
Name: The King of Fighters ALLSTARExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The tourney to discover the exquisite fighting hero in the world begins now! Create a group of the exquisite combatants to stand alongside you in battle. KEY FEATURES ▶ Extreme Combo Action Amazing graphics and easy-to-learn touch controls initiate the final action experience! Fast-action gameplay at your fingertips. Combine staggering combos and make mighty peculiar moves. Enjoy heart-pounding, fast-paced gameplay with KOF ALLSTAR! ▶ run the entire series of ”The monarch of Fighters“ in this action brawler! The first of its kind, beat ‘em up action release with all characters from the entire KOF series from KOF '94 to KOF XIV. Choose from over 200 original combatants and initiate the strongest team! All your ancient favorites are here, but you will discover recent characters as well! ▶ Fast-Paced Real-time Matches Take on gamesters around the world in real-time matches to determine who is the authentic monarch of Fighters! Compete in Arena, League Match, tourney modes and more as you avail your abilities to become the brilliant of all time! ▶ Strategic Co-Op Play Ally yourself with other gamesters to take on the wrong guys. Work jointly to initiate strategies and be victorious! '"Recommended Specs: CPU 2.5GHz Quad Core RAM 2G or higher *You can also run on cellphone devices. *This edition offers in-app purchases. You can disable this trait by adjusting your device’s settings. *By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our policy of Service and rules Policy. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Customer Support:



Neo Orbase  12-8-2020
I love it... But i can't gain in the release cause i dont know if my wifi is slow or this release is have a bug?, so please repair the bug and so i can run this release again


Devina Kusumawardani  12-8-2020
monarch Of combatants ALL Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Lokman Hakim  12-8-2020
I love this game. But, why i cant run when i avail mobile data. Not all place have wifi.


Akinari Aoi  12-8-2020
P2W & wrong connetion multiplayer (Dont Delet this comment losser)


LastVandalier  12-8-2020
KOF AllStars offers a fantastic transaction of gameplay it's insane. KOF AllStars offers variants for manual controls and AFK with INSTANT REPAY with no loading or return to banner screen. fantastic illustrations, supporter service, very DETAILED on character progressions even Affection progression it will have you glued to your smartphone all day, all day, each day.


Nick Walker  12-7-2020
release doesn't permit me gain past the title screen. Tapped the image a million times, nothing happens.


Darksyde  12-7-2020
fantastic game! Love it to death. Only thing I don't know if its a bug or not, but I am unable to enter the time attacks. It just keeps declaring its calculating the results, and it's been like that the newest 3 or 4 days now, and I'm unable to complete the ultimate days challenge for the collab. Also always I go into my battlefields image and click on one, it just stays stuck on the loading image and I have to close out the release to repair it


hahaha haha  12-7-2020
Is this online?


Tim Gorg  12-7-2020


Jose Martinez  12-7-2020
release is excellent but it frezes and stops the release


๖ۣۜFlaming  12-7-2020
Had an account before stopped playing, i even linked my account too. Can't even recover it back now :(


Khairul Imam  12-7-2020
I desire to give 5 star but there still need improvement for pvp match system. That's because i whenever meet severe adversary even at bronze. Maybe its sound fair with equal lv (lv90), but outcome their combatant have because a excellent set card and imprint, execute them intractable to beat. At least give me easier or equal adversary at bronze.


Lunette Rock  12-7-2020
exquisite release i played. For next crossover please do fairy tail


Aaron Montanez  12-7-2020
overall fantastic game, characters are readily obtainble and unique in there own way.


Redwan Skaik  12-7-2020
This upgrade is sucks rate are sucks trying with gratuitous rubies or. Purchasing all. Gone to waste you guys must be ashamed the worst collab ever


Niraj Makwana  12-7-2020
Up qqdc see a seewwe ki entry try the like it 8 polio q ki


senpopi killer  12-7-2020
hello netmarble and snk i could like to report a bug where you can't open your mailbox diurnal task and settings tab plz repair it swift i need the recent collaboration character and more stuff so plz repair it swift if it doesn't work on other accounts then chavk my account username is Darpan5432 plz repair it swift


Dorito legend  12-7-2020
I haven't contact that far in the release but so I might change my review. release is not wrong but please optimize the release to execute it play better. My smartphone is in the center between low-end and high-end yet I can't run this release without having to quit the release due to lag even with the lowest graphics setting.


soulless  12-7-2020
Honestly this release should gain 5star if play normaly but like i said when log in trouble comeback become 1 star again, hope i will never change this rate again after the server stable


Gane Kong  12-7-2020
I loved this game, but this occasion was ridiculous. The summon rate of the crossover characters is ass. I'm probably going to stop playing this game.


Lean Arante  12-7-2020
I like it and it's extremely enjoyment and enjoyable


Abeer Hasnat Shourav  12-7-2020
Can't connect to the server. I have excellent WiFi connection. Please repair it... please try if any Google run associated problem is also there or not... I'm losing the rewards and diurnal progress. Will there be any compensation?


EZ PZ  12-7-2020
It's a really really fantastic release but there's a problem that when I started the release after playing like 3.mins the release shuted down by its self so that's just the problem so pls repair that by the idea the graphics are fantastic the release it's release just repair the shut down part that's all


kurumi uchiha  12-7-2020
repair the release NOW!!!!!


Rizal Maulana  12-7-2020
RNG sucks, champion or cards are intractable to gain


Andreas arief  12-7-2020
The summons in this release is horrible


Shizuka v  12-7-2020


gab vloger Agonia  12-7-2020
Is so excellent


Rico Ryan Baro  12-7-2020
the edition is so hang


Musical Soul  12-7-2020
good release


Almira Castillo  12-6-2020
exquisite release I have ever played I thought that only the live 2d was wonderful but there was 3d too and the grind is just right bcuz its not too intractable to farm materials to strengthen your fighter. But please remove the diurnal limit from the gold dungeon bcuz you play out of gold idea too swift


Tareq Rhm  12-6-2020
I grew up playing KOF


Chaneque Kun  12-6-2020
No me permite iniciar el juego se queda en la pantalla de inicio :c


Fewdehcat Gaming  12-6-2020
excellent graphics


Sifa Aktar  12-6-2020
Op release


Randy Jatmiko  12-6-2020
So far so excellent


freak boy  12-6-2020
release interface is little complicated but its damm excellent release love it my childhood release in all series of kof 😍😍


julius rebadulla  12-6-2020


Azim Haikal  12-6-2020


Rowella Ann Rambacod  12-6-2020
excellent release


Nabelle Quinagon  12-6-2020
This release is so cool i have orochi chris and 10 more 5 star characters ‘︿’ it's so cool game💪👍


Vladimir Shadoland  12-6-2020
Im gonna gave it a 2 star cuz some of the problem is when i press the weekly card to discover whats attainable combat cards there and then it will stop and im gonna wait for over 30 mins and im getting mad and the buddies too that happens too and why the rate are so low for collab combatants but the primary fest combatant their are super high and why it cost so tons money for the rubies and packs of serviceable things in the shop but all i desire is to execute the collab fes rate is high and the cost and TYVM


Hellfire Flame  12-6-2020
Niceeeeee release


Bilal Gaming  12-6-2020
Please solve the trouble the side bar is not opening please upgrade


Kielpot  12-6-2020
I can't run this game, its said can't discover server!!!


Enrique Ramirez  12-5-2020
I like release because and wonderful


Franklin Fortuin  12-5-2020
Love the game. After the upgrade i cant tap on the right top icons. Please repair


Mariyam Nadar  12-5-2020
Well i am playing this release since more than 6 months, still the release has lag and stuck bugs which leads to restart, not my smartphone trouble or internet i have 5 smartphones same issue, Drop Rate is extremely low me like dependents who save ruby for more then a month and give out pulls with all of them and gain nothing usefull rather then all duplictates, plz repair the drop rates money droppers gain them all and we like dependents gain nothing, so unhappy dont execute this as pay to win release please a reuqest


babang kun  12-5-2020
I love so tons i like it


Kyle Caro  12-5-2020
I played this release on my iPad and cant see it working on my smartphone its stuck on the kof all star x seven nights image


Richard Ferrer  12-5-2020
It is one of the exquisite fighting releases that I ever played. I would have given 5 stars readily but I could like the developers to enhance the PVP experience especially the Championship mode. The fights have a lot of lag. You can readily lose the brawl because of it. I sometimes quit the PVP because I dont have the opportunity to win because my combatants were not moving like in PVE. If you guys can repair this, I know a lot of gamesters like me who love the release will be enjoying the release more. Thank you.


Paul Chan  12-5-2020
The whole entire release not balanced. Too tons diverse in power


Irsyad Dicky  12-5-2020
7K collab is the worse collab that you have done. Im a F2P and i avail all my resorces and do the diurnal challenge to gain a gratuitous rubies. And guess what you didnt give a single 7k fest for me. Even the guy that i met on the forum he already spent 40k rubies he only got 2 F2P fest Rachel. After the 7k collab im gonna uninstall ur game, its to savage the idea you did to F2P even to P2W.


Not Meme  12-5-2020
good release


Zurina Awang  12-5-2020
release is enjoyment


Alex Mkn  12-5-2020
Love it


Fikri Ghazali  12-5-2020
Cool moves, straight control, enormous selection of fighters, pretty design, lots of collabs. Truly a shining example of mobile fighting games.


Dan Fleming  12-5-2020
nearly $400 value of rubies and couldn't gain a combatant from the vol. 2 seven knights collab. You need to modify the drop rate a bit. That tons money must at least give 1 of the recent fighters.


Guiller Siquig  12-5-2020
It's extremely pretty release for me


Kevin Gamer  12-5-2020
This one is my beloved ❤️ release


Sch. Video  12-5-2020


Ghilian Fernandez  12-5-2020


deputaka gaming  12-5-2020
I love this release


cloud natures  12-5-2020
I love this game... Playing since I was kid... Just increase the number of rubies of diurnal challenge or put any diurnal challenge where we can gain more rubies.... Requesting to return the collab combatants once again and execute occasion regarding it.... I got card but not that combatant and have combatant but no card. Waiting for response regarding it......


Prince Jilliane Panuelos  12-5-2020


Lu Jr  12-4-2020
Too confusing and idea too dozens taps just to gain it going - annoying.


Steven Harn  12-4-2020
wrong ass


Afif Irsyad  12-4-2020


Muhammad Azari  12-4-2020
Your collabaration combatant draws chances are ridiculous. I have spent so dozens x10 draw gems (more than 30000) and I maintain getting normal fighters.


johnray oniot  12-4-2020
Is extremely enjoyment release mobile


ZXIANXZ TV  12-4-2020
I run my beloved character


TheDoomed Room  12-4-2020
fantastic release overall but collab characters feel like they are near impossible to gain and putting in final cards as gacha that part didn't execute sense.


Shee Maan Aquino  12-4-2020
Nothing goes incorrect but this release is so cool this release the champion here is become skin in mobile legend bang bang and mobile legend is one of renowned release like this so mobile legend gain this release because of the champions


Erlinda Reyes  12-4-2020
I like this so much😁


Gousiya Khan  12-4-2020
Why my fest memory was not showing



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