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Abhay Gajwani  6-6-2021
excellent edition


Avik Chakraborty  6-6-2021
requisite subscription for ad gratuitous information


Vaibhav Saha  6-6-2021
Not all the media videos are fully shared. ET must start sharing fully on this edition


gollure Anand  6-6-2021
extremely wrong


sonu rathi  6-6-2021


I discover it extremely rescue absolute


Rajneesh Singh  6-6-2021
fantastic information paper


Aditya Agrawal  6-6-2021
awesome edition


V BASINI  6-6-2021


Ravi Sirur  6-6-2021
extremely nice, it could rescue investers planning, If alist of brands is published periodically which are likely to ponder bounty and Rights troubles in near future, 6to8 months time. Ravi Sirur


Zinzuvadia Ramesh  6-6-2021
excellent product


prafulla chandra kesh  6-6-2021
Ahead of deliver the fresh information to public


bharat shah  6-6-2021
excellent reporting


Viren Mehta  6-6-2021
ET is the most trustworthy source of the information. extremely intellectual platform


Deepak Agrawal  6-6-2021


Azam Khan  6-6-2021
extremely informative and practical


Vinod Varghese  6-6-2021


Akshay Jadhav  6-6-2021


Ram Niwas  6-6-2021
Trust worthy and informative.


Ajit Pokharna  6-5-2021
What a amazing coverage of economic information of entire world.


David Samson  6-5-2021
excellent Content. Useful.


Prasanth chinna  6-5-2021
money asking


Dinesh Kumar  6-5-2021
Right platform to gain updated.


pets world  6-5-2021
Not fantastic app. It's paid service


Jayan Vaishnav  6-5-2021
It gives me the topical upgrade about marketplace which is extremely practical to me..


Deep Gour  6-5-2021
splendid content


Sheraz Bhat  6-5-2021


suresh kumar dahuja  6-5-2021


GD Pandey  6-5-2021
Valuable news


palash mazumdar  6-5-2021


Mohit Soni  6-5-2021
Buggy & resets & copy paste is really fearful for anything more than 5 words


Pankaj Tiwari  6-5-2021


Sanjay Sarwe  6-5-2021


Rkl Swamy  6-5-2021
extremely excellent upto to date information.Very true & knowledgeable app.


Amrish Kumar  6-5-2021
Please give information & news of all main crops u give more coverage to Gold & share market.


Amarsinhji Rathod  6-5-2021


Narendra Pujara  6-5-2021
fresh and upgraded information whenever available.


Manoj Yadav  6-5-2021


YOGENDER KUMAR Kumar  6-5-2021


Gaurav Kumar  6-5-2021


Shirish Ranade  6-5-2021
extremely serviceable and informative


Sandeep Gupta  6-5-2021


Ankur Bhutani  6-5-2021
It's fantastic 👍


jarnail singh  6-5-2021
good information


vimal sharma  6-5-2021


UDAY SHAH  6-5-2021


Alok Tiwari  6-5-2021
good 😊


Mangesh Dhande  6-5-2021


R.N. Singh  6-5-2021
It is excellent information for


Arindam Sarkar  6-5-2021


paras soni  6-5-2021
information with truthfullness.


Subhaschandra Pai  6-5-2021


Aman Agrahari  6-5-2021
usufructuary interface need to be ameliorate


Rama Swamy  6-5-2021


Ashwini Rai  6-5-2021
each significant bites of information attainable on single page


bhavya kanani  6-5-2021


prabhakara rao Yerramilli  6-5-2021
fresh information is giving the clients time to time. Service is extremely good.


Budhadev Singha  6-5-2021


Amit Jain  6-5-2021
Any information value reading is only for paid subscribers here


Pankaj Patel  6-5-2021
extremely good


Swaroop kumar Dey  6-5-2021
Prati din ak akta kora logo asbayy ... ? GDha kothakar.


amit anand  6-5-2021


vijay kumar  6-5-2021
excellent knowledge


Romnath Sinha  6-5-2021


Anjal Angrevar  6-5-2021
one of the exquisite product for reading information in fantastic method


permit see now former experiance pathetic


Animesh Shah  6-5-2021
Please deliver in dark mode.


Govindasamy E  6-5-2021
After new updates, the edition drains the battery severly even when restricted. Consumes more than 35% battery in 8hrs even not used. If it is not installed only 2% drain is observed. trouble needs to be fixed.


Neeraj Kandoi  6-5-2021
All information not visible regarding Finance & Markrt. I don't know how to see all because on Tickertape Zerodha, I see from ET but directly on edition not visible


Vijay Raikar  6-5-2021
Subscription cost is too high compared to news


Narinder Kumar  6-5-2021
It upgrade my knowledge in few minutes


NEERAJ MEENA  6-5-2021
excellent and authentic information


AK VARSHNEY  6-4-2021
good edition for serviceable news on economic activities.


Venu Gopal Chintada  6-4-2021


manoj bansal  6-4-2021
Nive aap


Somya Arora  6-4-2021


Md.Fakhrul Hossain Chowdhury  6-4-2021
Crime and unlawful Reportar


Satya Mohanty  6-4-2021
Hi I am unable to log in to the app. It's showing all the time the error message "please check after sometime"


Ash Athawale  6-4-2021
excellent edition but does not seem optimized to work on a Samsung smartphones tab. A veritable pity given all other suchlike editions allow reading in landscape mode,


Jose Kollamparampil  6-4-2021
Results and an analysis of some more brands would execute it better for marketplace watchers.


Shailesh Kumar  6-4-2021
good experience


kajol khare  6-4-2021
exquisite for knowledge....


Arihant communication  6-4-2021


hushang verma  6-4-2021
amazing presentation of news. It's appealing


R. J. Vyas  6-4-2021


Srinivasan R  6-4-2021


Chandan Abrol  6-4-2021
Lots of adds pop up.


jjjosephjebaraj  6-4-2021


Amrit Singh Matharu  6-4-2021


jayant prabhu  6-4-2021
Scintillating Irritation


Bhargav Tej  6-4-2021
so informative


Gagan Sharma  6-4-2021
ET prime stolen all excellent content of the ET.


Harshabardhan Lenka  6-4-2021
extremely informative


dinesh pant  6-4-2021
Hindi m bhi uplabdh keraye


PRABIR BARIK  6-4-2021


Vishal Gupta  6-4-2021


sanjay sahay  6-4-2021
It is still extremely excellent but like any other business diurnal main articles are hidden and cannot be accessed if paid subscription not availed.Not expected this from TOI group..


kktarania  6-4-2021
Good. But the e paper must also be attainable


Tapan Mukherjee  6-4-2021
I have got the correct news from this page


Rahul Manik Gaikwad  6-4-2021
extremely Impressive


Vrishabh Sonwalkar  6-4-2021
Stock marketplace guides are extremely trustworthy


Ashok Kumar  6-4-2021
fresh information attainable


Apoorv Garewal  6-4-2021
I really enjoy the prime reads .


Selva Kumar  6-4-2021
edition is extremely serviceable as It provides vast number of articles in nearly all of the topics


Why must i pay to read what's on editor's mind for a specific subject. They must avail advertizement to generate revenue, we have not reached a phase where we must have to pay for news. We have business channels who supply detailed news at Rs. 12-15 a month, that too in HD.


Gaurav Tyagi  6-4-2021


Mohammed John  6-4-2021
As a reader, we expect Neutral from your desk. Anyhow you are covering most of the matter.


Harpreet Devgan  6-4-2021
I doesn't gain every of each info of my interest. There is plenty of quality news. That's good.


Viju Philips  6-4-2021
A comprehensive commentary on the Indian Business, Economy n Fiscal policies..... is what I like about ET


vishwas date  6-4-2021


santhosh kumar M  6-4-2021


Subhash Sharan  6-4-2021


Arun Sharma  6-4-2021
extremely informative.


Rakesh Reddy  6-4-2021


Umang Shah  6-4-2021
good - upgraded


A Google user  6-4-2021
extremely useful....


baljeet walia  6-4-2021


Shyam Kumar  6-4-2021
excellent edition for business information


virender online always  6-4-2021


Parkash Singh  6-4-2021
V. excellent


ASHISH SHAH  6-4-2021
Over all good.


Nanda Gopal  6-4-2021


Iam one year subscribe ET PRIME..Latest version overall good & extremely extremely USFULL FOR INVESTMENT IDEA.. Really Thanks fo ET... & worth for our money ... 🌷🌷🌷


jaya lakshmi  6-4-2021
Stop all the cars industries for 4 days.


Aryanand P  6-4-2021
good edition


Dhruv Mandil  6-4-2021
pata nahi kaya hai yeh


Manisha Verma  6-4-2021
You know what sucks about your app. Even if you pull down to exhibit the whole notification, you just gain a bloody photo instead of getting the whole deadline. In fact, some times you see even lesser words after you pull down. Buddy, I am not putting in the effort to pull down to look at a picture. I desire to read the headline. What's even the point of pull down if it serves no purpose? Yours sincerely


Premratna Jadhav  6-4-2021
extremely good


Master Chaos  6-4-2021
ET just consumed 1.5gb of my informations today in the background. would you please talk me what did just happened? I'm not sure what news you uploaded or downloaded. It's a information application, I'm not streaming any films for sure.


Sikderdipon Sikder  6-4-2021


Turri Choudhary  6-4-2021
extremely wrong


Naresh M  6-4-2021


Arihant Jain  6-4-2021
Can read absolute information only after subscription. Don't download.


Kumar M  6-3-2021
Bunch of marketing cheats. I had a 3 month trial coupon from Times Prime_ downloaded the ET edition using the same email id_ accepts my auto sign in, yet takes me to remittance page! WHAT genre OF MARKETING ETHICS DO YOU FOLLOW?


Sandeep Kumar  6-3-2021
Too excellent


naga srinivas  6-3-2021


Piyush Patel  6-3-2021
good edition


Kotibabu vantaku  6-3-2021


Mahendra Sultaniy  6-3-2021




Rajendra Shivaraikar  6-3-2021
need to read absolute article


Manoj Kumar Yadav  6-3-2021
Please add Historical share price section in Stock.


harsh thakkar  6-3-2021
Give a widget for et


shyamkumar mane  6-3-2021
serviceable edition


Deepak Kumar  6-3-2021


Thuanmei kamei  6-3-2021
each relevant to hit In exam flash over time.



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