Android Version: 5.0App: TERA: Endless War
Release date: Nov 2, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: JOYCITY Corp.Category: game strategy
Name: TERA: Endless WarExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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[Welcome, Commanders!] Hero, 'Arin' Guaranteed to the recent Commanders Who Arrived in the Arborea Continent! The exquisite strategy release with hexagon tile maps, and large-scale battles! [Heroes of TERA at your command!] Players can recruit fabled champions from the world of TERA to defend Arborea from the Argon invasion. “You are the savior of Arborea. You should believe in the champions and your instincts.” [Supreme strategy in unpredictable battlefields!] Formations to optimize diversified classes and abilities Gain a strategic advantage by constructing camps and teleporting your troops Cooperate with gild members across rallies and aid to turn the waves of conflict at any moment. “Your strategies will determine your fate.” [Occupy towns and subdue the continent!] There are big and slight towns within a hexagon-tiled field. Players can occupy towns across borough Sieges on a regular basis Now, Arborea awaits you. [Explore numerous gild content, the more the merrier!] You cannot defend the peace of Arborea alone. Recruit gild members to brawl at your side. Guild members can aid every other by providing support on construction, resource transportation, and research. You will brawl jointly in borough Sieges and more! [Top notch graphics using Unreal4 Engine] The world of fabled heroes, troops, monsters, fortresses, and 4x mode hexagon tile maps are all created with Unreal Engine to supply top quality SLG gameplay experience. ◆ How to Disable Access Authorizations [Android 6.0 or Above] Device Settings > products > Select the edition > Permissions [Lower than smartphones 6.0] Cannot revoke permissions. You should delete the app. *The policy used above may vary depending on your gadget or OS version. [Precautions] Revoking requisite permissions for access authorizations may upshot in failure to log in to the game. ◆ release Access Authorizations [Required Authorizations] Access to photos, media, and files - (For Updates) We need your permission to save the upgrade files onto your device's SD card. - (Storage Access) For saving release settings, cache, and trustworthy 1:1 client support, we need permission to access photos, media, and files stored within the device. ◆ client Support: ◆ policy of Service: ◆ Operation terms : ◆ rules Policy: ◆ Facebook Community:



todd dean brown Brown hammond  3-30-2021
Brace and CLOUD ☁️🌨️ in the same time


adlay varmint  3-26-2021
This is super


phthisicky haplocaulescent  3-26-2021
fantastic release


Art Lif  3-25-2021
Wasnt too fantastic unfortunately....too bad, because i like the mmorpg. This one could have been better if it was based on races, and each race had a diverse city, creatures etc....but its not, currently its a coins grabby mess. Edit. Ok Ive given you my maximal rating..despite i dont even play, or like this game. Here are 4 stars.


slodfleyedly naphthosalol  3-25-2021
Feels like in the veritable battlefield!


Niko VF  3-25-2021
I have not been able to log on since this newest update... It keeps declaring resource updating, please rescue


gifford lee  3-24-2021
After one day the release is running again today, I have 44K of crystal lol.. not letting those goes to waste at all. So far it's running again


daeng jebat  3-24-2021
outstanding game, maintain it up a excellent work.


최경아  3-24-2021
excellent game!


Jilbert Delacruz  3-20-2021
Such a pity to this game....please repair the bugs that your release have... Know your release because your the creator of it and know your work.... Don't as me or a photo of as a prove wheres the error of the game.... It's your release edition so I know you know how to repair it without relying on feedback..


Mark Angelo Posugac  3-20-2021
You desire us to pay more and whales will burn us all? Is that what you want?


Jorrell Dove  3-19-2021
It's basically release of conflict Fire Age with TERA'S Universe and skin. It sucks that this is the TERA Mobile release we gain instead of the TERA M MMORPG or any other TERA releases that released on Mobile devices. Also, the in-game community is beautiful tons either Korean or dead in the English language.


Olu Segun  3-18-2021
wrong the release is not excellent at all


Alexander Vincent Ayson  3-17-2021
I can't run the release its not fair,when its starting its just automatically leave:( Nopebstill broken,sorry


yohotobio  3-16-2021
It's a excellent release it rewards you some rare resources the more you played but the problem is it was laggy that it took away the fun.


pedro faria  3-12-2021
Super disapointing... i thought it was an MMORPG with an open world and we got a borough builder instead.


Geraldlance Yabut  3-9-2021
run now


Mitanur Akter  3-8-2021
excellent edition


Eno Kospov  3-7-2021
After few months your turret will be a excellent space for whales


JaeL  3-7-2021
Yay another release from joycity infant hmmm to veritable the troops is lame you guys need to concentrate on improvement the army's mode they can attacked attention too and that all for now.


Boyam ANDREW  3-5-2021


Nami Kulo Martha Official  3-2-2021
Can't even open the game, lol. I did dozens times still stuck, and suddenly force closed. UNINSTALL


꧁༺Lex༻꧂  2-23-2021
There is literally so tons to do, you will not gain bored. idea more to it then just upgrading your buildings. I'm waiting for server 2 kingdom 11 to open up. I'm excited about it. Kingdom 10 is absolute and already has several dependents with high power so I'd like to start fresh. Hope it opens soon.


Jorell Rx  2-10-2021
Updating resourceses forever? I guess there's no such thing as infinite lol


Submarinesnet Submarinesnet  2-9-2021
fantastic release with good graphic and gameplay... should try.


Loli Ta  2-6-2021
Not wrong


sammylito mantilla  2-5-2021
Its a infinite conflict between AI/monster......BORING...not value to lvl base for behemoth conflict only


Soksok Calumpang  2-3-2021


Elijah Cooper  2-3-2021
It's ok


Melissa Elhajjar  2-3-2021
While the release run is enjoyment and the diurnal occasions give you something to do, the updates are fully ludicrous. All releases have updates but this is the ONLY one i have ever encountered that after each playstore upgrade you should regive not only access permissions but ALSO REDOWNLOAD gigantic informations SET each SINGLE TIME. There is absolutely no need for this and is a total release turnoff.


Otako 2030  1-29-2021
ممله ولا تمت لتيرا باي صله


James Matthews  1-28-2021


Luta Games  1-26-2021
The only thing "TERA" about this release is half assed character copies.


Nicolle John de la Cruz  1-26-2021
Not a Tera Game,


Artiom Ploticyn  1-26-2021


Robert E  1-26-2021
New? Different? It just another resource release :/


Atabak Rad  1-23-2021
I can't open it, after some second showing logo its close automatically and back to house image !


Sheila Mandra  1-21-2021
Ive played alot of games. Graphics on this release actually beats most releases like this one... thoses who aren't giving it a veritable chance.. its really straight to gain started and run it extremely straight enjoyment and rewarding...


Frederico Ramos  1-20-2021
Exceptional! This release is really awesome! It has a system that rewards you the more you play. Has diversified gaming genres(building your city, doing dungeons, world events, etc..) and they don't share the same resources(i.e. Energy, stamina). Once you complete using one you can allways do the next thing. At 1week of run I'm at lvl18 or 19 with my city. My commander is at 33 or 34. And I barely invested any time comparing other games. I thought they wouldnt do Tera's mmorpg justice but I was wrong!


Isaac Ntow  1-20-2021


Riad Assaad Moussa  1-20-2021
excellent release well im a large supporter if tera pc release so im ok wit this one to XD


Pavel Zavjalov  1-19-2021
Плюсы - красива Минусы - стандартный донат, играть практически нельзя, тупит и глючит. Мозг для игры не нужен


Angelo Hurley  1-19-2021


Veronica Aseidu Aseidu  1-17-2021


L BEEZY 225  1-16-2021
excellent release


NiteShadow  1-15-2021
Not a fan, wasted potential of bringing Tera to the mobile devices.


ニコラウスフランツ  1-10-2021
Hope Tera Mobile could come sooner though, I change the rating as you suggest, thank for the replay


Joseph W  1-8-2021
Ok entirely deleted my review! after a month of playing release is extremely boring. conflict is lame & basically becomes a farmville release and basically everything in the release is purchase only, i used well over 1000 adv summons once you gain a gold champion to gain shards to promotion them is none existant but you can buy them for a conflict release it sucks worst i have seen..its a gigantic coins grab release with no release run invovled if you like spending money for no motive knock yourself out, if you desire conflict discover recent game.


Khairul Azmi Bajuri  1-7-2021
Lagg whenever


Ovo Bill  1-6-2021


Darian Ross  12-30-2020
Keeping TERA alive is excellent for me. The developers have done an good job to maintain the release enjoyment for F2P players, and also extremely competitive if you're a P2W player. dozens of the heroes, like the sexy Fraya and leader Dougal, are there to deliver back discover memories. Thanks for keeping TERA alive!


ANKIT SINGH  12-29-2020
Ankit snjgh


Alejandro Morales  12-24-2020
Doesn't work on smartphones 11 at all.


Shashi Singh  12-24-2020
fantastic release but can u give us variants on choosing our commander....and a bit of character customisation might just do the thing....


Cay M  12-22-2020
I love this game, and TERA NPCs, and have played since launch, i feel like it emulates what most mobile releases must be (i.e. not hardcore, etc.) I feel like dependents are intractable on a release only in it's infancy but at the same time i understand why. There is a p2w aspect that is overbearing especially with the recent upgrade with resources and your power tier versus f2p gamers. I look forward to recent updates, but the devs need to speak with gamesters that are not out right insulting them.


Joshua Auman  12-20-2020
The release sucks. If you desire TerA exquisite to run the veritable game. This release may exhibit Tera stuff but its just chop and paste


Eric Simon Casas  12-19-2020
I bought the growth bundle declaring that I could gain 201,000 crystals upon purchase. I did not gain the 201,000 crystals upon purchase. I have not received a conform from the developer. I plan on topping up but if this is how you treat paying gamesters then I will no longer invest in this game.


Jason Asis  12-19-2020


Rony Martinez  12-18-2020
Okay cool well I quit untill this is sorted out and I highly instruct others do the same Have played for 167 days and am in a world with less than 50 active gamesters what a joke Shows how tons developers care about the gamesters Now they check to force dependents to buy resources with $ by destroying the only viable resource manner this release is a afk simulator now log in once a day then log out Is 0 motivation for gamesters to be active The quantity of gamesters that will quit before the January change


Oscar Martinez  12-18-2020
The recent upgrade has made the release so bad, now there is literally no motive to attack an Argonian turret they made it just as useless as attacking an Argonian Camp. Anything i can gain from either of them i can more or less gain from just attacking behemoths etc without having to wait for a senseless 5 to 10 min rally. It wasn't whenever useless, now it is because they lowered the reward from attacking any of those to not even a reasonable amount, like it really doesn't execute s


So-So Gaming  12-17-2020


rodrigo campos  12-16-2020
Giving 1 star. Ever since the upgrade getting rss from turret is a joke. Can't afford to do anything. dependents are upset. World chat is dead. And my gild colleagues won't run Change it back. Or the release will die fast!


Todd Ashkettle  12-16-2020
Your last upgrade is trash. It has fully killed everyone's motivation to even log in other than to gather resources and gain right back off. I was actually enjoying the release up to this point because it was fairly balanced even if you were a F2P player. repair the Argon turret resources back to normal. It literally cost me more resources to heal my army then what I gain in return. Also your copy and paste response bot is retarded as all hell. Actually respond your playerbases concerns.


SMD5k MUEE  12-16-2020
wrong release retarded devs


A Google user  12-16-2020
upgrade has made it impossible to maintain up with RSS


FallenGoten  12-16-2020
newest upgrade turned the release into an lazy champions release with armies added. No more resources to be had from raiding. Only veritable idea to f2p progress is to stay afk and collect farm. rock purification is a joke. Overall release killer, they turned into pay to run (no not pay to win, you can't progress after a certain point because resource bottleneck is too much)


James Williams  12-16-2020
Pay win


ContesaRubia  12-14-2020
It's been enjoyment so far.


Faith Zellner  12-10-2020
Cant gain the edition to work on my smartphones


angelique d.  12-9-2020
this release is possibly the exquisite mmo rpg release ive played in a while! It's expansive, productive and fun. You can track the storyline or freeplay with plenty of powers and customizable character's to pick from and fabled behemoths to battle! mind blowing.


Zikomo Pitcher  12-9-2020
Like non I have ever had before. It's great.


Mervin Carimat  12-9-2020
Love this release


colinleekb  12-9-2020


Akin T  12-8-2020
One another auto release & P2W. extremely diverse with the PC version. I hate this recent mobile version.


Aboudi Abbass  12-7-2020
This release sorry for declaring that but its horrible, each thing just automatically not like the veritable Tera launcher on PC, plus its to tons lagging and i have fantastic internet 4G+ and having problem when opening the release even i tried to reinstalling it again and didnt work, so i deleted it, i wish you can execute this release better, exquisite wishes.


Mithinga Brahma  12-6-2020
Confusing....server absolute of whales


Unknown Human  12-5-2020
Sadly it's an auto attack release where u just have to tap for peculiar moves 😕 unhappy these developers think so little of mobile releases !! Deleted release 10 mins in .. its just watch ai brawl


Kaiki Deishuu  12-4-2020


Vantasy Gaming  11-30-2020
Cant run anymore because your updates. Only high end gadget can run this.


Hope Gilliland  11-30-2020
Started release but unable to play. Those three swirling circles at the beginning came back and covered up my residences and I have no controls to use. :( I have Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. *Update...I finally started over in another server and now no longer play. I already stated that I have reinstalled release several times in review and 19 days afterwards gain a robot category response telling me to do that. extremely disappointing client service.


SnomaN-  11-29-2020
veritable enjoyment for the first while. I played 29 days of consecutive logins and activity in occasions just to be faced with the strength of pay to win. You cannot compete with players/guilds in PvE or PvP occasions who spend money consistently in this game. If you liked Tera the MMO this is fantastic nostalgia. The graphics are outstanding for a mobile release and the way of the release is well thought out but it's a veritable money grabber to run end game. Definitely value playing for a while and for PvE otherwise.


Kua Siong loong  11-29-2020
trash dev. Too tons dog gamester and the dev of this release also like a dog.


Orvin Saputra  11-28-2020
the release is bad, I KNOW. this is not bluehole studio. the 5 stars are just to thank myself for the excellent ancient times I had years ago. RIP also a moment of silence for Melodiana (Lv.65 Sorcerer - Server Fraya EU West)


curtis kilbourn  11-27-2020
I went to gain my account back and it wouldn't permit me


092é4 Ím0àç5  11-26-2020
release is excellent but release quality is bad. I hate releases with residences upgrade, timers and nonsense things around to do. It's my opinion but other fools may like your game.


Bojidar Martinov  11-26-2020
First was 5 now 1 NOT run the release if you are not KOREAN, devs are Korean and the server time and siege time was designed so that it will favor them...i repeat, do not download if you are not KOREAN


Vijeesh Vijayan  11-26-2020
Boring gameplay


Mike Petracca  11-26-2020
My one trouble with the release is that after going to settings and turning off all sound the loading image still plays audio even though the setting is off


VladiuMFPS  11-26-2020
This release is awesome, love the graphics. Kinda desires me to be part of staff group lol


Ari Master  11-26-2020
Unik dan beda


Snack Jackal  11-26-2020
My only guff about this release is the insane language filter. I can't declare anything with the letters con? Consistent, consider, confused. Ass is understandable, but that means I can't declare passerby, or passtime, or simply just pass. Vag is another understandable one, but now I can't declare vagrant. Which is really the only word I might declare but don't need to say, still, it's extremely limiting. Wordplay is significant to me. I like language. All language, whether it's pleasant, foul, or fowl. gratuitous my speech!


RCZ TV  11-25-2020
Why price element mall increase? occasion discount diamond but increase price in other items..


Tania Nunes  11-25-2020
A excellent release if you are into building/training category of games. The graphics are nice. The trick is extremely complete- entirely tips perfectly into the game.


Lloyd Branco  11-24-2020
Takes contacts and tons access to smartphone


JP Zombie  11-24-2020
This is a conflict game. There are few single gamester things to do on this release but join a gild and fast. It can be savage at times. The major problem I see is that all of the top guilds are play by and maintained by whales who will crush your little scrub behind with the quickness. You will know them when you see them with might scores that reminds what your place in the cosmos of this release is. I was in the gild first (lor). fantastic gild but the release is not my cup of tea though sadly.


愛染 Aizen  11-24-2020
Graphics and release run was excellent but as time goes the release kinda looks more less interesting since i don't know if this release is by server(where you're the only plauer on that continent) or everyone is in the same server(everyone can build their kingdom on the same continent) which is kinda weird for me i'm lost in thought if this one is either excellent or wrong but i don't think its bad😄


sandy c  11-22-2020
Overly complicated without any attempt to teach the recent gamesters what to do. Lots of weird, non intuitive terminology (eg, "limit break"). Detailed graphics, but the image is horribly busy. fearful usufructuary experience.


Gil McComb  11-22-2020
Utter rubbish. Auto-battle and base builder. I hate it


Lee Young  11-22-2020


R S  11-20-2020
Dont play. Unbalanced rush to end release army and might. No war, no strategy just more of the same. Slow the growth down and it may be fun.


Shehab Joker  11-20-2020
جيد جدا


frans fermont  11-20-2020
ideal good release 👍


x 2  11-20-2020
RIP The Elin Realm of America. Edit: good bottled rating, this release is awful. It could never hit 4 or above.


Fredys Castillo  11-19-2020
deberían meter el la traducción al español


Nanashi Mumei  11-18-2020
I'm disappointed


simon parker  11-18-2020
Keeps you thinking


Lemuel Galera  11-18-2020
Loving it so far. I have one suggestion though, with regards to the map on the upper right hand corner, hoping to have an option to enlarge it absolute screen, just to have a absolute view of the whole map so as to plan the road on reaching the goal or exit. Thanks.


Miguel Arkanghel Manuel  11-18-2020
release is back, Thanks


Cody Banitt  11-17-2020
outstanding release run the tera release for xbox 1 i love it


Robert Sero  11-16-2020
Wasted potential, if the whole raise your kingdom concept is removed and ameliorate the early release combat mechanic to be able to adjust champion position with unique adversary abilities and movement where you can adjust realtime position (able to aim skill is a excellent start) yet the money concentrated concept like lords mobile ruined the release for me


Revan  11-15-2020
Hi guys! I have found a bug..a minor one but still a bug which I could like to report yet still I rated the release 5 stars! ;) I could like an e-mail so I can send you the picture! Thanks!


Betty PVP  11-14-2020
I Give this release 4.2 Stars. 👍 TERA: infinite conflict release Pros: 💖Good release trick 💖Rich in release Content 💖Good release Art Design 💖Great Animation 💖Auto Attack. 👏 Thanks to JOYCITY Corp. ❤️ My Youtube Channel 👉 bettypvp


Sean M  11-14-2020
Changing my review to permit others know of the criminal activity / hostile view of Joycity has on Western players. 1st Joycity paid for review, this release went from 2.6 stars to 4.5 in less than a few hours after they were being bombarded because the release does not work. 2nd this release is nothing new, if you like Tera you will hate this. 3rd Joycity hates western players, they just made changes to aid all Eastern gamester with occasions so the Western gamester cannot join in.


KHR Moments  11-14-2020
needs alot of improvlents


Austin Thomas  11-14-2020
Alright where to begin, this edition is majorly invasive and no not because of the permissions you ask for but what you are doing with them. Once we gain beyond that the sound will maintain playing once you've closed the edition and even closed all new used edition the audio is still playing... Hmm weird. Upon further investigation JoyCity is funneling much of informations across this app. To what end not sure but it isn't essential for the release to run so why do it? Uninstalled don't trust JoyCity.


mathew canning  11-14-2020
It kick me out of my alliance again sick fury quit


Sam Anderson  11-14-2020


Michael Lavoie  11-14-2020
Nothing like it's name sake. Only another pay 2 win PvP BS release


KnS Foster  11-14-2020
Not impressed . Not like the ad in any way.


Dorian Wynn  11-13-2020


고민규  11-13-2020
Well made. But pay to win.


David Spoon  11-13-2020


Astaz3x TM  11-12-2020
Oo buying ratings this release is gonna shutdown in 34 months


Raven Darhk  11-11-2020
I really like the ui in this game. However, I have now created my alliance 3 times, having to pay gems each time and each time my alliance has just gone away. I am tired of having to initiate an alliance at my expense only to have it go away. For me, it makes the release unplayable.


Akash Khaire  11-11-2020
Hmm... It's a excellent release but... The purchase I have made isn't given to me yet. Please look into it developers. It was gain a gratuitous fabled champion with any one purchase of diamonds. I paid, my bank debited it, but I got no confirmation email, nor I saw diamonds increasing in my game.


Mihai Acsinte  11-11-2020
It has potential but as it is presented now it honestly looks like this release still needs work


Juliuzkazama Games  11-11-2020
Freeze at start up



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