Android Version: 2.2App: TENVIS P2P
Release date: Feb 19, 2013App Rating: 3
Author: TENVIS Technology Co., LtdCategory: video players & editors
Name: TENVIS P2PExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official



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TENVIS P2P Description: This edition allows you to connect to TENVIS P2P network cameras and helps you complete camera setup in a breeze. It’ll notify you of significant motion detected occasions while you are away from home. With this app, you can watch playback of clip recordings with time stamp and tell to the camera using two-way music function. Set up camera in 3 steps: 1. Plug camera into power and connect it to router 2. Download and install TENVIS P2P 3. Scan QR code and enter password to complete setup! SUPPORTED MODELS: TENVIS IPROBOT3/IP391W-HD FEATURES: Totally gratuitous for smartphones users Simple to avail and straight to control Suitable for smartphones mobiles and tablets SUPPORTS: *Capture live clip and music streaming *Add camera readily via QR Code scan or regional auto-search *2-way music communication between phone and camera *Take snapshot and watch playback of clip recordings *Push significant motion-detected occasions to your phone or to mail box *Customize camera name and change password *5 clip quality tiers (Highest/High/Medium/Low/Lowest) *Video flip and rotate *Set Camera WIFI *Turn on/off or adjust sensitivity tier of motion detection *Select shove style (silent/ring/vibrate/ring and vibrate) *Select clip recording style (deactivate/24 hour/motion-trigger) *Remotely format SD card inserted on the back of the camera



Wan Tanamas  3-28-2021
Useless, don't buy this camera


Ionel Anghel  2-1-2021
It's working only over wifi, can't access my camera from away, which execute the all way of remote access and viewing... useless.


Leighton Richards  12-31-2020
No longer works over informations works on WiFi only camera now useless


lassa itaoui  10-24-2020
excellent editions


ASHOK WADHWA  6-5-2020
Unable to avail


Karthik Natarajan  5-24-2020
This edition no longer works. Download Tenvisty edition for Tenvis camera.


Teddy Crawford  7-24-2018
Tenvis is Garbage! UID is not recognized for their own product! I have tried all of their apps. None of them are working.... No aid or response from them.


Neil Bartlett  3-19-2018
Simple edition that works extremely well giving remote control of camera. Im using this with an iprobot but am wondering if it will work with the newer JPT3815w-hd?


Darren ward  11-21-2017
Camera's are readily Hacked. Have to replace all 3 of mine will never buy again . Tenvis could rather declare something incorrect with the camera's than confess they have been hacked. But when you record absolute time and can see that someone's moving by themselves. Not delighted .


Carl L.  6-18-2017


jayesh sawant  2-18-2017
It's been ages this edition is updated..Needs a serious update..Works ok but more stuff needed..


Derick  2-16-2017
edition is quite unstable but it works


jej Miller  1-30-2017
This edition and tenvis cameras are trash iv scrapped the lot of them


Dave Sykes  11-23-2016
Have like 9 of the cameras...I have a nexus 5x and before that nexus 5 and also have a recent ASUS Zen pad runing 6.0......All accident A Lot! Sometimes in 15 minutes sometimes in 1 minute......I avail it to execute sure my elderly parents are safe......


Paul Anderson  8-31-2016
The picture gallery doesnt allow you to scroll between have to back out and open another picture separately. There is no share button for photos. Panning the camera is sometimes unresponsive. The edition keeps downloading in the background even if it's not active on-screen. This wastes a lot of mobile data. Cameras are sometimes listed in duplicate


Terry Edwards  8-26-2016
Never works outside of my own wifi. I only need it if I'm not home....and it never connects! Waste of time and money.


Robert Mcquaide  5-25-2016


Tony Weavers  2-24-2016
Just cheap Chinese rubbish. With poorly written software. Not value bothering with.


Frederick Bern  1-31-2016
Slow crap


Ross Cowan  1-23-2016
Is it possible to display 2 cameras on the same image ? clip playback via sd card is a hit or miss. Only works around 50% of the time . also can no longer view via ip location on computer (windows 10)


Syman UK  1-9-2016
This camera will exhibit the world your network password in plain text and permit anyone in. Only works for 3 4 hours then the camera screws up. Keeps declaring unknown device. trash cam and app. You gain what you pay for. Spent £60 on a cam that will only work for a few hours. Cam needs unpluging each 2 hour. odd how the only 5 star ratings have nothing to say. I think they all belong to tenvis. Remove them and this edition could gain 2. To add this f****r will drain you battery in a couple of hours as well .


Zach Reynolds  11-29-2015
No panning trait


A Google user  11-20-2015
The camera will work better on the house wifi network with other apps. Tenvis program is the worst I've had to transaction with, its full rubbish. Even after resetting the camera the connection lasts for a couple of days before you gain the usual message "UNKNOWN DEVICE" Tenvis you should have made thousands of these cameras - now sort out the program


serge jazon  10-23-2015


John W Kingsbury III  9-27-2015
Freezes in less then a min on each gadget I have it on. My smartphone and tablet. Really fantastic for about 50 sec.


Mike McGrane  5-26-2015
I have installed and unistalled this camera over a dozen times. None of the editions work on Android. Even tho I finally got it to work on computer in Web browser. A total waste of money. Worked for about 60 days. Then can't discover network etc. No client aid and no RMA.


mark luke  5-26-2015
No faults so far.


John Osorio  3-8-2015
The edition struggles with wrong connection, need optimization in all areas. Needs a mic volume option and repair dozens bugs that cause crashes.


Ian Howarth  2-24-2015
Mediocre at best. Limited alerts, have to manually try recordings and regularly fails to view recorded files correctly using severe wifi connection


Stephen C GN10  1-9-2015
Please Can you initiate a gamester for the saved files .V264 as there is nothing on mobile, only PC. So now I avail 'Tiny Cam Monitor Pro' has better functionality on smartphones than Tenvis editions do. You can select listening or/and microphone. good joystick and programmable positions (4 in portrait style and 8 in landscape). So Please as it's your product, a incy wee bit embarrassing that there better edition for it than yours.


Shastri Motilal  12-11-2014
edition freezes on smartphone too often.


Paul Swarthout  11-29-2014
I installed this program from outside the network where the camera is located, but the program has no idea to connect to a camera via a URL. Camera setup assumes that it's on the regional network. In my case, it's not. Uninstalling.


Pradeep kumar  11-13-2014
extremely excellent application


R R  10-29-2014
excellent on android. Yet.To gain updates.


Mikael Taieb  10-15-2014
- veritable pain to tilt the camera move by step. could be better with preset positions. - music is one idea at a time only and wrong quality... useless - motion detection works randomly.. can't trust it... useless +infrared on iprobot3 is actually cool - could be good to have a widget - sometimes iso exiting the edition pressing the back button , it brings me back into the edition creating a temporary duplicate camera (bug)


A Google user  10-12-2014
I've done what its asked, but for some unknown motive it says Unknown Device? I can't gain to advanced settings to connect over wifi instead as the button is shaded out. I have re booted several times to no avail. Seems I have bought a dud !!!!!


Ariel Nieves  9-26-2014
Tenvis cameras are the worst. You never know with Tenvis If you will gain a excellent camera or a brick. quality control is non existing.


Mrr Khan  9-22-2014
Coool galaxy s4 snapdragon.


Jasneet Singh  7-22-2014
Better than those paid editions I avail this readily no fuss rhe ones I paid for r intractable to avail


Wil Chiera  7-13-2014


Stephen Fletcher  6-29-2014
It could be perfect for this edition to have the option to view the camera gadget with 1280x720 view as you can only see 640x480 view with iprobot2 and ipw391w-hd gadgets


Ashwani Bhat  6-26-2014
extremely decent app. Though crashes sometimes but still fulfilling my target


Momad Lashkar  6-13-2014
On v. there is no idea to get/set presets. music ( in or out) is so muffled that its useless. Cant see all cam-feeds on the same screen. No preset Alarm-audio-clip.


Craig Sharp  6-4-2014
Not enough things to customise and keeps declaring unknown camera but it's not changed in 6 weeks


Raj T  5-20-2014
Needs night vision control..


Sobar Boy  3-4-2014


Nicola Fuser  2-21-2014
Cannot visulaize more than 3 cameras...


Mei Yi Wang  1-25-2014


Andrius R.  1-23-2014
Other category editions require paid version, this one does all for free. Well, i bought tenvis anyway didn't I? Not the most stable app, but can be used diurnal and it is enough for my needs.


Paul Burrows  1-21-2014
Crashed galaxy s3. Worked before update. Edit : Working again after new update.


Matt Squire  1-21-2014
Crashes on my HTC amaze. former versions worked fine. Stay away! of jan20 seems to work again.


Chris M  1-7-2014
since updating I can only see the camera if I am connected to a wireless network. entirely defeats my needs. I am extremely sad about this and no idea to go back to ancient version. If you do manual updates, DO NOT upgrade to the recent version.


Matt Germain  1-7-2014


Haris CC  1-5-2014
In combination with IPROBOT 3 Tested and works seamlessly via 3G and wifi. Installing cameras is soo simple good products


KOH CHIT YONG  1-2-2014
Working now.


Eran Milo  1-1-2014


mohd izhar mohd yunos  1-1-2014
Cannot open at all after fresh upgrade.


Scott Moncrieff  1-1-2014
The upgrade does work but you need to clear edition informations and re enter the cameras after updating otherwise it will force close. would have been avoided... idle programming!


Serdar Bekiroğlu  1-1-2014
its not working anymore after newest upgrade :(


James Hwee  1-1-2014
After the auto update, the edition began crashing on launch. Tried reinstalling it and so far the edition is working, but you have to recreate the camera profiles. Running a Galaxy S4


Brent Crane  12-31-2013
Wont open at all anymore on my note 3. Jb 4.3


Robert Hirschi  12-27-2013
This program causes my nexus 4 to accident and reboot. It works as it must on load but it reboots the smartphone when you look at it the second time. horrible coding. The other Tenvis editions do not accident my phone. Can't instruct until fixed.


Norasmadi Abdul Rahim  12-23-2013
good apps, but more better if you can put password protected..


Yoram Malka  11-3-2013
there is a problem with this app. whenever when i open the edition its return back. i dont know whats happend it used to work excellent . please experiment it


Wayne Dean  10-6-2013
Not a wrong app, its extremely meager when 720p HD is used. takes long to answer


Kukly Kuklus  10-3-2013
I like this edition but sometimes had problems


Andy Donaghey  9-26-2013
Why have the permissions changed to request smartphone identity and status? 1 star till it is explained or changed.


Jainendra Kumar  9-24-2013
Why recent upgrade require access to reach news on mobile ?


Phil  9-19-2013
Works, straight to set-up, but missing options. Unable to configure based on I.P. (Yes, some of us have static IP's, or even gadgets that stay within a LAN). Often only a black image (even with a high kbps), forgets clip quality settings.


Number 1!


Kenny Gunter  9-8-2013
I could like to be able to save clip videos to my network storage from my mobile gadgets like I can in the desktop version. As of right now it only allows you to record to TF card in the camera from the mobile edition


Tim A  7-14-2013
Had an LG G2X and it worked great. Still works fantastic on that phone. But on my recent Galaxy S4 it won't recognize the IP cam. I can add the cam, but it says unrecognized and won't exhibit a pic.


Tarun  6-16-2013
Does not work on jelly bean galaxy s3


adey ford  6-8-2013
could it be possible to put in a reboot command maybe a record to mobile gadget aswell ?


Griffen Yu  5-15-2013
Same problem with the P2PCam264 edition that came with the installation CD, edition crashes when trying to add camera. Please fix. IPRobot3, Nexus S running smartphones ICS 4.1.2


TY C  5-11-2013
After the fresh update. Cameras maintain failing to connect.


Julian Alder  3-25-2013
Sound problems now fixed. But not sure how it records video. If repaired I could give it a 5 star rating. extremely excellent for a gratuitous app.



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