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Release date: Jan 31, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: TaskRabbit IncCategory: lifestyle
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WHY EARN MONEY ON TASKRABBIT? o CONTACTLESS To ensure everyone's safety, TaskRabbit now includes the option for tasks in any type to be contactless. o YOU CHOOSE As your own boss, you decide when and where you desire to task, the abilities you use, and how tons you charge on our online marketplace. Schedule around life’s moments and earn flexibly when you want. o BUSINESS WITHOUT THE BUSYWORK We’ll supply the marketing and aid you need to grow your business—so you can concentrate on what you do best. o HOW TASKING WORKS Simply set your schedule and customers will send you invitations to finish their task based on your unique qualifications and availability. o execute MONEY Invoice and gain paid directly across our secure remittance system. customers are encouraged to tip following every finished task—and you maintain the whole amount. ___ Download this edition to register as a Tasker.



Azur Re  5-13-2021
Extraordinary Even though they are scammers that check to abuse the system taskrabbit group works diligently to execute sure that taskers are not ripped off and vise versa.


Ariel Worden  5-13-2021
Constantly having troubles as with any edition but unbelievable slow to be resolved. I manage work around for most troubles so I guess it's OK.


Emmanuel E  5-13-2021
the exquisite so far


Matt Thomas  5-12-2021
This edition is awful. It says it was unable to finish my background check. Doordash didn't have any problem with it. It's been over a week. They took my money and all of my personal news and won't supply any tasks. Also there's no idea to set up a recurring schedule. You have to manually enter when you're attainable for every day. Don't waste your money.


pagan Thorpe  5-11-2021
greatest start up for my own company! could recommend.... if anyone needs and quality work done give Perry thorpe a shout in the Birmingham area!


Matthew Sileo  5-11-2021
edition still buggy. Annoying troubles with setting availability times, often should close and restart edition in order for it to work...


Ioannis Sarantopoulos  5-10-2021
excellent experience using the edition as a first time tasker.


Kylenn Petersen  5-10-2021
They desire a registration fee without giving you chance to see if there's any demand in your area, nor is there a idea to see what/where/if there's any demand at all after you pay to avail their service. You have to upgrade your schedule frequently (no repeat by the week option in availability), and have to upgrade diurnal that you're willing to take same day appointments. I've been on for two weeks with several task catagories I'm willing and able to perform and no tasks or messages received.


Charles Duncan  5-10-2021
horrible experience-people will hire you for stuff that is nowhere near what you marketplace for-I have also been signed up for jobs in parlous parts of the borough that I do not service, yet your score can be lowered if you decline. I've had customers engaging in unlawful activity around where I'm working, it's all highly compromising & you WILL have sketchy clients. And now I just received an mail declaring if you don't ask for "market rate" aka, a stone bottom wage, you won't appear, thanks, TaskRabbit!


Adam Spadafora  5-8-2021
fantastic idea to put your abilities to avail helping others and getting paid fairly!


Annina Matuzkova  5-8-2021
It is full horses**t. Don't bother.


Chatera Johnson  5-8-2021
I paid the background check, in the edition said that I needed one done. So I called and they sent me something separate. Online the background try went across but after uninstalling the edition twice resetting my smartphone restarting the edition calling client service multiple times and waiting over a month, the edition still says that I need a background try done. No one has yet gotten back to me to check to resolve the trouble and you can only book gigs across the app.


Jay Noland  5-6-2021
Be aware. You are only made aware of the $25 sign up fee after you have gone across the process of giving all of your personal info. In response to the developer. The page with this says nothing about it being for those items. You might desire to include your statement here on that page.


Denis Muzica  5-5-2021
Recently TR started monitoring chats which is versus policy of Service and randomly put bot messages in the task chat threads like "Hi ** and ***! This is **** from TaskRabbit HQ. I’m cheerful to see this task has been scheduled. Blah-blah." Or "don't forget to schedule task and blah-blah" It's so intrusive, out of context, unprofessional and senseless, especially when task is scheduled and/or with returning clients. extremely annoying for taskers and clients.


Grace Renner  5-5-2021
Frustrating that I would go across the entire initiate an account process and then found out I had to execute a one-time payment. Im looking to execute money, not spend it.


Jimmy Gonzales  5-4-2021
It gets by. Seems like the edition would still avail some improvement and clear more dust bunnies. More variants could be nice.


angel leon  5-4-2021
beautiful cool edition thought it wouldn't work thanks tasker


Erin Aquilante  5-3-2021
Even if your selected borough has paused recent registrations for becoming a Tasker, you must still be allowed to finish your profile/setup. What if there's a particular task someone desires done that the topical Taskers in that borough don't know how to do? How could you know to contact out to other Taskers on the waiting list if we can't even complete our account set-up and profile?


CharlotteSky  5-3-2021
Registration Fee??? RED FLAG. You shouldn't have to pay money to execute money. This has SCAM written all over it!!!


JC D  5-2-2021
Solid gig work that actually pays you what your value because you set the rates ...Get Some!!


Doom Cosmetics  5-2-2021
Not able to register as a professional.


Damian Holt  5-2-2021
You might desire to change your sign-up process to inform dependents of the $25 sign-up fee BEFORE you collect their personal information, and gain a background check. That is a extremely slick and sinister idea of conducting business. I will be contacting your brand to retract my background check. EDIT: I attempt to reach them by their rescue mail location they have listed, and I gain this: Unfortunately, it looks like you are writing an mail location that does not accept incoming mail. We desire to rescue y


Benjamin Hodgins  4-29-2021
First task, not s bad.


trueXdante  4-29-2021
I desire to give this a better rating. However I'm unable to finish the account set up. When I check to tap "continue" after typing my notification and agreeing to the term and conditions, nothing happens and I remain on the starting page.


Maya Kenkel  4-29-2021
This is a fantastic edition as a little side hustle, but if you are looking for steady work, this is not the road I could take.


Michael Graves  4-28-2021
Task bunny has been fantastic for me! After working a job that I hated for 25 years a buddy suggested Task bunny and I've been doing what I like to do for the newest 4 years. It's not ideal but it works for me.


Joel Tashinian  4-28-2021
Keeps crashing always i look at my business photos. Galaxy J7


Daniel Curry  4-28-2021
Paying $25 to register as a tasker can be a door opener for tons larger money-making if you have marketable skills.


Chris Turley  4-28-2021
fantastic person to work with!


Toby Smith  4-28-2021
full load of rubbish. Dishonest. Impossible to gain hold of and if you do they tell trash to you... and getting your money isn't straight


Leah Crews  4-27-2021
Setting availability trait not working.


Bruno Payne Barbosa  4-25-2021
Can't login anymore, I changed my tablet and now Everytime I check to login it's says "We're experiencing and trouble with your account"


Charlie H  4-24-2021
Been working with taskrabbit for years .. I love em


Travis Hill  4-24-2021
The time scheduling is glitchy and does not whenever update. This causes important issues.


C West  4-22-2021
So you desire me to pay 25 dollars just to see if there are any task in my area.


Winston Cheayan  4-22-2021
fantastic edition


Anmar Bassam  4-21-2021


Delicia Castellanos  4-21-2021
Tried to endure during the pandemic. They couldnt verify my identity and sent me one mail declaring there's nothing they can do and that they are keeping the registration fee. They did nothing to help. They sound like they are just taking registration fees and not trying to verify me. They only tried once. I askee for further rescue and what was incorrect because I've never had this issue. But only said they are keeping the fee. I have been getting identity theft emails that started when I signed up.


Daniel Neef  4-21-2021
Can't even check the app... Not in my territory


Christian Rumbaugh  4-21-2021
weird occasional crashes that have cost me some jobs, but other than that, I've had a fantastic time on here. execute sure your borough is tasker outgoing before signing up.


Angel Bolton  4-20-2021
if we do not answer I do not think that we must be held accountable for not responding. there are numerous of reasons. smartphone can drop and the image is injured or our smartphone is stolen and it takes a while to gain a recent device. that is the only trouble with the edition and then our percentage rating decreases each time don't answer


Chris A  4-19-2021


Juan Torres  4-17-2021
loving it


Don V  4-17-2021
Just awesome. Haven't found any client aid yet.


Antony Jarvis  4-17-2021
Unable to initiate an account as soon as you open it.


Kyle Gaffney  4-17-2021
This edition is fantastic for making extra spending coins retired vet. I do tasks all over San Antonio have not met a rude person yet.


hedgeil antoine  4-16-2021
only one slight issue, I have to maintain closing the edition each single time it freezes on me on the Callender section.


Mariana Lowery  4-16-2021
fantastic edition for extra side work and money


Brian Povlsen  4-16-2021
needs improvement


Michael Huens  4-15-2021
I love the edition for smartphones but the smartphone function has not worked for over a year and between all the smart folks at Task bunny and those who designed this app, that problem must be fixed. My problem still exists. In the Tasker edition permissions, smartphone doesn't exhibit up. I wish someone could answer to my issue.


Robert Ede  4-15-2021
good looking and professional edition however scheduling is unusable! You press on the schedule page mid afternoon and it sets at 8-9.30am and doesn't permit you change it. For this motive I am unable to schedule any tasks. I think this is a fantastic way but work on the edition is needed urgently.


Girth Brooks  4-14-2021
They took my $25 and I can't even avail the app. I passed the background try and it doesn't permit me even go to my dashboard. Be careful because they won't give you your money back. I hope I'm not screwed out of my money.


Dustin  4-14-2021
Sooo this edition is messing alot of dependents over. If anyone is interested in a class action lawsuit versus them shoot me an e-mail at debey1250 at gmail dot com. They aren't fixing their troubles and maintain taking peoples money. If I gain enough dependents on board we'll gain this repaired in court.


Hassan Almomani  4-14-2021
After Paying The $25, and Spending 8 Hours setting the Profile. I don't See Task in Days. client aid Line waiting over 1 Hour No Answer. Live chats are auto Answers. Live Person Interact just to Dissconnect the Conversations. extremely Disappointed 😞.


Thomas Hurt  4-14-2021
There's a limit on how dozens dependents can work. Stupid AF


Eric Rdz  4-12-2021
Lost in transition... I moved to a diverse borough and I had to transfer my account with me, I was assured by a tasker agent that my recent territory was accepting taskers and I also saw my recent borough as open to more taskers online, so it turns out my transfer was declined because the recent borough was never accepting recent taskers and now a diverse "help" agent says the other guy had it all wrong! Well woo hoo guys, how about getting in the same page for the sake of your company!!!


Random Access WebTV  4-10-2021
This edition is stupid. I have more then enough abilities for over half of your "task" catagories...I just got back into the Austin, TX territory (Liberty Hill to be exact...1 hr outside of Austin) but AUSTIN, TX is the only borough listing close to me. I gl to sign up to be a Tasker and my registration gets paused because "Austin has too dozens Tasker's at this time we are not excepting any recent taskers". Are you nuts? 2.9 million residents, and you don't need anymore taskers?! BS!!!


Gordon Lee  4-10-2021
The picture editor function needs to allow zooming out. Seems like only zooming in is possible.


Marcus M  4-9-2021
Was referred to this edition by 4 clients off another edition because no excellent contractors attainable in our area. Signed up and it could only permit me pick atlanta instead of an hour north. Then it said registration is closed. Why could registration be closed if dependents can't discover contractors at all in my area? client service was no rescue at all so I think I'm just gonna stay away from this edition


Nicholas Perdigon  4-8-2021
I cant pick the borough im near....just the closest borough from their list which is over an hour away! What a joke of an app!


Alexis B.  4-7-2021
Registration is paused for now because there's enough taskers in my area. What a unhappy excuse of a gig worker app.


james rodgers  4-4-2021
UPDATE: THIS edition HAS STOLEN MONEY FROM ME I WILL BE SWITCHING PLATFORMS. DOES NOT PAY LATE CANCELATIONS. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIE. I have been both a part-time and full-time Tasker. I decide when and where I work, and how tons I gain paid. I have built such a big pool of repeat clients, and can open my schedule on the edition at anytime to fill any gratuitous time I have. I love the work I do and this helps me connect with dependents who appreciate my services.


Jonathan S Fisher  4-3-2021
horrible experience using this app!!! They suspended my account because apparently I breached the policy of service 3 times because I canceled three or more times on customers and because I failed to exhibit up to a task because the customer didn't permit me know the task wasn't achievable by public transit. Also all the customers I had were rude to me and used me and made me cry. Yeah....I wasn't impressed. At all. Thanks anyways for the extra money anyways.


Yaroslav Galitsin  4-3-2021
aid group is terrible, they desire to rescue only for clients, the Tasker is nothing!!! Not recommended.


Amy Evans  4-2-2021
Sounds to me like taskrabbit is pocketing BGC money and not even running checks... Has anyone looked them up on BBB or Trustpilot?


Matthew Turner  4-1-2021
The edition can be exquisite described as "ok". The actual service is great, but the edition fails in genre of pathetic ways. For example, they added a "goals" feature. It's been there for a few months now. Suddenly we cannot enter values over 3 digits. I execute over $4k newest month with a goal of 3200. Now I can't execute a goal higher than 999.


biz phone  3-31-2021
It works


Edward Evans  3-31-2021
This brand is extremely wrong to work for . They desire you to pay $25. Dollars to gain your back earth try done , And execute you wait over a month to be approved for this brand I could not even do it,,,, and I never did gain approved they told me I was still waiting for background and registration And i wouldn't check to call them Because you gain the play around and don't even gain a legit respond extremely extremely extremely wrong place to work for And personally I wouldn't even give it one star for this brand


Chris Garcia  3-30-2021
Biggest scam. Told me in my territory the average Tasker makes 17-23/hr. I've had it for 4 days with my same day inv on and I haven't had a single message or notification. They charge a 25 fee for the edition fee. Wish I knew this was BS. Word of advice, go to HomeAdvisorPro. This edition sucks.


Jay Buchta  3-28-2021
horrible app... Waste of time to download.


Meesh Fry  3-26-2021
Spent 2 months communicating with them after paying for the background check, trying rescue them to repair the edition so I would access it. They never did and stopped responding to me when I asked to be reimbursed. It's a scam!


NMNM Sadek  3-26-2021
Unable to edit my availability times on app.. wont permit me slide and edit my availability based on what times i am able to work.. kindly repair


C J  3-25-2021
Hello Taskrabbit I applied 6 month ago.I dont care about 25$ it's nothing compare to what I can get from working with you guys.But I'm confused cuz nobody know when Brooklyn Ny gonna have open spots for recent taskers.So I patiently waited 6 month please permit me know I already work with other editions and I feel like you guys dont really care


Tyler Knauff  3-25-2021
Okay. How are you going to have an edition that acts as a middleman, but will talk the client a predicted time that the Tasker doesn't gain to see? Why even give me the option to set how long the job is going to take? I just got a bad, lengthy, 1 star review because of this terrible idea of setting times. TaskRabbit told my customer that the job could take 2.5 hours. It took me longer. And that made the customer mad. And it made me look like I have no way what I'm doing. Thanks TaskRabbit.


Yvonne Acosta  3-25-2021
Can you have clients hire a tasker only between the availability time from 8am to 11pm? Because I don't desire to maintain turning it on and off and have dependents hire me at 3am chatting with them so my rating won't mess up. Also sometimes I have to try task history for client notification from the past. It must have a letter bar instead of scrolling for 2 min on a clients name.


Shannon G  3-23-2021
Yup they've charged me the $25 bucks as well and I'm having the same troubles as others. And NO I wont mail you elsewhere.


Eric Camara  3-23-2021


Michael Cook  3-23-2021
I attempted to sign up, went through, put my social protection number in, added all my notification and then when I got to the end it said there was a registration fee. I am upset because it asked me for all my notification without declaring anything about payment. It seems like a wrong idea to do business. To the response: I'm not upset with the fee, it was when the fee showed up during the sign up process. There was nothing about money until my notification was in


Steve Smith  3-22-2021
What a fricken joke


Christian Tobon  3-22-2021
work for them and its fantastic


Jarek Barringer  3-21-2021
Says I can't sign up in my own city, says there's too dozens dependents already signed up. It didn't even evaluate my abilities for specialized tasks I'm sure there's not dozens can do.


Michael Lemery  3-20-2021
I put 3/4 of all the abilities on the app, and it will not permit me continue to verify my news because it says that there is low demand in my area. I can't even complete starting my account!


Hunter Bequette  3-19-2021
Do not avail this app, I paid the $25 fee and went across all the disclaimer and when my identity failed to verify (for no reason) they wouldn't even send me the mail to repair it. I wrote multiple emails to them to repair it or give me a refund and they have done neither to this day. Do not avail this app. I have waited even longer now, still no response from them.


Joe Well  3-18-2021
When I first tried task bunny I had troubles with registration not going through, and it took bugging task bunny aid a few times to gain a refund (but I did eventually gain the refund). I tried again recently and it went a lot more smoothly, and so far I'm liking the platform. It seems a lot of the negative revieoare over registration issues, so if you have problem bug them until they refund you and check again. I could be giving it 5 stars unless for the initial troubles with registration.


W Stephens  3-16-2021
Not sure


Sunday Adeboye  3-15-2021


Adam KACZMAREK  3-15-2021
Had bug, in the past. Took me out for almost 7 weeks. Never before ,or never after it repeated 🙂


Danielle Garcia  3-14-2021
Registration fee??🤔🤔


Benjamin Counter  3-13-2021
It's not attainable in my city, population well over a hundred thousand, yet closest borough in my state is absolute so registration has been paused.. seems to me you're missing enormous opportunities to expand


William Johnson  3-12-2021
This brand just desires to charge you for a background try and then do NOTHING for you. I don't think anyone believes this brand is legit.


Souffiane Brahmia  3-11-2021
exquisite option to advertise, no fake leads, no lies, I have been using it for nearly one year now no problems , highly instruct for someone who just started his business


William Hine  3-11-2021
Wow thank you guys I am a extremely active gig employee it looks like you save me a lot of hassle this brand sounds fearful to work for, you can talk it should be authentic by them charging you for a background try LMAO, no edition I avail does that even the smaller known editions pay for the background check. Again thank you I work to intractable to have been scammed


Tanner Dalton  3-10-2021
I'm beyond satisfied. This edition is THE job for me. I've 100% control over when I desire to work and my rates, I execute buddies with most of my clients, I gain to study recent stuff like how to operate a corded pushmower for yard work, etc. The exquisite part is it only gets better for everyone. As time flies, you gain more. You buy and study to avail recent tools, you may gain a diverse automobile just for work, you gain more reviews, and you may increase your rates. Now your customers have a better Tasker.


Ron Bowman  3-10-2021
They barely give you enough time to conform to a task. I had like 6 mins to conform because 7:54pm when they notified me of the task. They said 8pm is the chop for responding to all tasks. There's barely any work now. I feel like I got penalized for being busy. I have two peculiar needs infants that I take care of by myself. There are times when I can't just pause the app. Things happen quickly and on top of that they didn't even give me an hour response time.


Carlos Lunna  3-9-2021
I think everyone can agree that paying to play a background try without first knowing if its value it , your loosing ppl that can and are intrested!


James Hill  3-9-2021
Paid for the service and I'm not able to finish the registration process because "currently there is enough taskers in your area" TLDR Waste of 25 dollars


G F  3-8-2021


Rainbowblitz13  3-5-2021
Id give it less if I would


Chris Waldo  3-5-2021
Just got the March 3rd update, the edition still has me cycling across the "init" process at login without ever taking me to the dashboard. I've sent two separate aid emails. Both received replies declaring they were escalating to the registration group and I could hear back asap. No response yet.


Javier Giron  3-5-2021


Stephanie SCARELI  3-5-2021
do not coins any checks for them they are doing unlawful stuff FBI will be contacting them and anybody who tries to seize any genre of try for them do not send them donation cards this is a fraud fraud fraud fraud fraud


David Henderson  3-5-2021
When signing up, I put down my preferred name. I paid for the background try and was expecting it to ask for my legal name, but it just automatically took what I had already filled out in the app. Naturally, it failed, but included the message that Task bunny could contact out to me in a few days. They never did. That's $25 down the drain.


Indio Pero Edukado  3-4-2021
good app. I'm falling in love with it. There's more room for growth though. 👍


no thanks What nothing  3-4-2021
SENSATIONAL...... I've come through and met many and many of fantastic dependents within families and organizations. It's linked me to dependents that have needed a little rescue and has challenged me to rescue dependents in life changing ways. The rating on the edition is not remotely close to how phenomenal this edition is. Please start collaborating with Facebook to gain out there more and rescue more people. -Fernando Medrano


#1 Nobody  3-2-2021
terrible, its a SCAM DO NOT SIGN UP, you will reget it!


Muhammad Tariq  3-1-2021
Unfair regulations Towards Tasker. finished a delivery Task for a client. extremely straightforward task. Everything was set beforehand, including exact price. Picked up the element and dropped it off. Next thing I gain 1 star review. Contacted client service. client service said nothing can be done regarding the review because it's the customers opinion, even if it may be racially motivatied. I feel now I may have to drop my hourly charges to gain work, which seems like an exploitation to me.


Kelli Black  3-1-2021
Started my business with this app. Metric system is poor. horrible process. Doesn't whenever sync with my calendar


Mohamed El fadli  2-28-2021
This is really ridiculous, I paid $25 for the background try ✔ and before I gain my first task, they locked my account and asked me to pay another $25 for a recent Background check... Ha slurs!!!!!


Ken Fortunato  2-28-2021
outstanding edition money comes beautiful swift


Edward Alison  2-26-2021
This is full nonsense, I've taken my time to upload photos and documents and then when I add my abilities it keeps telling me to add more skills. So frustrating, I could warn dependents not to waste their time, don't permit Google or this edition fool you please.


Derek Stefanuk  2-26-2021
Horrible. If you like working for gratuitous and at your own expense this is the edition for you. You will never be paid!


Ben Daftari  2-24-2021
I drove all the idea to client, nearly one hour. He annulled the task on his door steps, and task bunny didn't qualified me for a cancellation fee, they said the customer must have confirmed in writing that they agree on that time. But this is the customer that request that time and date, why could they confirm it again. Task bunny is a excellent platform for customers and a wrong one for taskers.


Barros Gamer  2-22-2021
finish garbage, i paid 25 dol for submission but have been waiting over a month for a 3-5 day background try and have emailed them about it and now i cant even avail the edition because it wont permit me accept the recent policy and conditions, over all garbage edition and aid group ty


Scott Smith  2-22-2021
They declare 3-5 business days to finish your background you've got my 25 bucks now please do your job and open the edition it's been 2 weeks already, thanks for setting a excellent example.


Gerald Schulz  2-22-2021
Gets you at the end of setup, asks for $25


Sarah Arowosegbe  2-22-2021
I adde my abilities and nothing, I added all the abilities still nothing. It won't permit you step forward. This edition is useless


Alex Barker  2-21-2021
Failed to gain passed the abilities staged. ended up ticking all the abilities and still said add more skills! This really needs sorting before it's any avail


Andy Glover  2-20-2021
could be 0 stars trying to set up account. I selected the jobs I am able do myself then its telling me to select more. So I selected all of the jobs still wouldn't permit me continue and finish??


Pauliten Funny Clips  2-18-2021
Mitten in der Einrichtung begann die edition auf Französiwch alles anzuzeigen. Einfach nur nervig


Chris Berheim  2-18-2021
If you how to avail it-- it's dynamite. like the other editions it works for you and the clients are great.


Kiki Alex  2-16-2021
No variants to go any further than just first image


john fry  2-16-2021
The services I listed we're not enough to set up an account.


Ayesha Begum  2-15-2021
This edition is the most frustrating thing. When it asks for your abilities I chose the ones I would do but it kept asking me to add ones that are in demand in my territory so I chose all of them. Despite doing that the same message kept showing again and again. It's a waste of time, dont annoy with it.


Tiffany Campbell  2-14-2021
Really liked the app, but then today I was unable to log into the app. client aid couldn't offer me any direction. The edition would avail some improvement. I ended up Changing my password 50 times, just trying to gain into the no use though. There's NO IT aid to assist you either.


Jason Smallman  2-14-2021
It's hilarious how i put a wrong review on here and they desire you to reach client service to repair the situation. I did and the situation never got repaired they talk you the same thing over and over they don't really care about the pros then they will talk you you must put your site from taskrabbit on your business card so dependents can come to your site and you earn money that idea why could I give you guys money if you guys won't rescue me if I would give 0 stars I could I finished a hundred task or mo


Leo Montoya  2-14-2021
Suck for setting up on lG smartphones fml


Darrcelle McGinnis  2-13-2021
The entire experience with this edition and brand has been the worst by far. No one responds to calls or emails. Onboarding is horrible!


Heather Dunn  2-13-2021
Waste of Time. I signed up in NYC and selected a handful of service areas and was blocked from moving to the next move because there was apparently "low demand" in NYC. So I went back and forth adding more services until I eventually checked ALL of the services, and it still stopped me with the message that there was 🤷‍♀️ low availability in NYC. I literally couldn't finish the registration process. Maybe Task bunny has gone out of business? 🤷‍♀️👎


Garry Singh  2-13-2021
Looking for $25 for volunteer work, lolz trash ..


valentin andriescu  2-12-2021
After I check to register and set up all the abilities is says that there's low demand of this abilities in my territory and it not permit me pass on next tier to complete registration as a tasker.Sorry guys but u need to work harder on this edition


alisha wilbeck  2-11-2021
Has lots of glitches. Certain functions will stop working all together, i.e. the chat. The availability will gain stuck. Have to constantly upgrade and restart smartphone to reset. Needs lots of work.


Miriam Hinthorn  2-11-2021
Doesn't work, and aid staff ignores requests for help.


Isaac Cohen  2-11-2021
I finished all verifications and now the edition is still not letting"check my dashboard"it's stuck on page 3


Cod Japan  2-11-2021
I was unable to complete signing up for the edition I selected all abilities and the edition said there is a low demand for abilities in your territory I can't go back and change zip code


Mithat Sayılgan  2-10-2021
trash regulations team. Took 3 and a half weeks to conform even though 2 reminders were sent afterwards. Absolutely rubbish!! They are whenever on the customer side, not fair, even when a customer makes up a complaint from nothing about a tasker. Like about coins payment. Tasker loses his job. Taskers are not slaves and edition doesn't work great. regulations group should understand these before making a judge. And there are liar fake customers who work for taskrabbit.


Iamonlygirlshan  2-10-2021
I just signed up To be a Tasker. I made an account but I can't gain past the part where you add your skills. I maintain getting an error message. How can I add any of my skills, if I can't go to the next section. rescue Asap


Kenny Stella  2-10-2021
Not tons jobs and not a excellent service 1 star from me do not avail this edition shady as hell!!!!


Sherry M  2-8-2021
Tried signing up as a tasker but said no jobs in my territory for ANY the things I checked off, WHICH was over half the things, said check adding more jobs!! Look, I can't put ikea junk together, or other handyman stuff. They won't permit you go forward except you try more boxes. I'm not going to lie and waste people's time for a job I can't do. I just wasted an hour with this.


David Kirkbride  2-7-2021
Not attainable in Northern England.


Coyote Moto  2-7-2021
Does not work. Wont permit me start tasking until i add "in demand skills" but doesnt declare what they are. client aid has no answers and their live chat is whenever freezing and disconnecting.....Dont pick this edition for freelance work.


Jeremy Gonzales  2-6-2021
Some bs got passed to need a buissness licence and tasker doesnt give any notification on it for my area. The editions useless now.


jason shorts  2-6-2021


Review Editor  2-6-2021


P Vilas  2-6-2021
I have had this edition and paid my fee two weeks ago and still they have not set me up. I dont reccomend this. Its a money grab for your $25. Stupid me. They said they could help! They havent responded and its been another two weeks! Such fearful experience!!!!


H2Raby  2-6-2021
edition not opening! I am trying to open the edition across bluestacks smartphones emulator on my pc and it's just refreshing the google run tasker page. The TaskRabbit customer edition seems to work fine, but no luck with Tasker seller app???


Arturo Anyson  2-5-2021
execute decent money beautiful excellent I love doing this


Alexandru Lupu  2-5-2021
Installed the app, tried all the abilities in the list, nothing attainable in my area,couldn't complete the account registration because there are no jobs available, incredible. Closed the app, uninstalled. excellent way trash design of the app, not properly tested.


Jake G.  2-4-2021
It's been over 3 weeks and I'm still waiting to hear back on my background check. I have a clean record and have never been in any genre of issue and nothing. I reached out to client service every week(3 times now) and was told it was escalated to the right group and to be patient. I'm ready for my money back and to step on from task rabbit.. I could give zero stars if I could, save your money!



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