Android Version: 4.1App: Tap Souls
Release date: Mar 6, 2017App Rating: 3
Author: TaleSoft StudioCategory: role playing
Name: Tap SoulsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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In a demolished world a champion was born from the debris to brawl the dark lords. He wakes up without remembering his tale but he should surmount foes and surmount the dark lords... Improve your champion stats to brawl versus the enemies. Recruit allies to rescue you increasing your injure per second or even healing you! gain elements and study spells to execute you stronger! Are you prepared for... TAP SOULS ?! ------------------------ Tap Souls RPG Clicker. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to give us opinions to continue improving! ^_^ Follow us on Twitter:



Landon Atherton  6-3-2021
Hey can a yall add the faraam set


LoffySmooglz  6-3-2021
Not bad.Sometimes the monarch scamms me but it is what it is.


Derpy Gaming  5-29-2021
It's a extremely excellent release but it keeps crashing


Brandon Betke  5-28-2021
Cant even activate the game.


Berserker X7  5-23-2021
I cant even run I do no injure so please upgrade the release and repair it it happens at the beginning and I cant proceed with the release uninstalling dosent repair it or anything so please repair it


Meemu  5-20-2021
It kept on crashing and bugging such as when I went to see an element it was pitch black the tiers are fully impossible not even an auto clicker would beat this three phases in and it hits you with 1000 HP bosses oh and it could randomly reset me each 10 minutes release wrong please repair for a dark souls mode release I was excited but that went down the drain due to it being unplayable because of game-breaking bugs and impossible levels. 1 star please repair and then I'll return


Thrownoshade 777  5-7-2021
fantastic release extremely epic


KroiCH  4-23-2021
could have been ideal if it wasn't so lag


MrSmuckerDuk  4-10-2021
Idk if they still upgrade the release but the updated combat axe the double axe or something is broken as in when you tap there's no animation it's just a white screen. Other then that love the release fantastic enjoyment


Benji Acosta  4-9-2021
Dark souls


Riley Partridge  4-7-2021
Can't run without signing into google play. Garbage.


Hayden Sanders  4-3-2021
excellent release but won't permit me watch more adds for gold


The Black Knight  3-23-2021
excellent release but it's intractable to do buy stuff because its idea to expensive. And for some motive i can't access the edition anymore.


Billy The Dinosaur  3-22-2021
extremely enjoyment game, I really enjoy it and like to gain into it always I have nothing to do. Bit bothered though because I paid for no adverts and I'm still getting some ads.


Tristan Lentz  3-17-2021
This release reminds me so tons about dark souls and it's really challenging and intractable because that is what makes it fun.


Aksel Tilk  3-13-2021
fantastic souls-like


Drunk_Milkshake  3-10-2021
Lost my save but it is a excellent release


ddy thiccms  3-9-2021
it's just fun. that's it, the quantity of love i have for this release is purely indescribable, maintain up the excellent work developers (:


Ryan Jeffery  2-6-2021
I love it but it keeps crashing ever time I press return please repair this


C_A_R_N_A_G_E  2-6-2021
This release had a lot of Potential, but you stopped Updating the release and fixing bugs I'm disappointed.


Shane Rehu  2-6-2021


Dragon God17  2-1-2021
I do agree with some or a lot of dependents about this. The elements need to be more affordable or recent lower in injure weapons that can still rescue you across the release to progress.


chonce  1-31-2021
Has a lot of potential but the release can gain repetitive and once you finally gain a grasp for it the release breaks and is unplayable


Juancho Caballero  1-9-2021


chaos_drake3545 Tictoc  1-8-2021
Difficult but really enjoyment


Stephanie Stimac  1-7-2021
fantastic release but I wish that the armor and weapons were more affordable (with in release money).


Aidan Binkley  1-5-2021


Icedflame  12-30-2020
Really excellent release the only thing is that i think the adverts are a little bit annoying i can understand an occasional ad here and there or wathcing one for a reward but they are a little bit more frequent than id hope and the loading times are also a little bit long but other than that a really excellent game! maintain up the excellent work devs.


Jed Lamoreaux  12-20-2020
There is currently a glitch where I can't gain past the tutorial, I transaction no injure even thought the injure numbers appear.


Daring Do  12-15-2020
amazing Dark Souls tap clone, only problem is it crashes frequently. An uninstall/re-install helps but crashes still occur each 20mins or so. Other than that, no complaints!


Luke Jackson  12-10-2020
I absolutely LOVED this game. If the devs paid attention to the complaints and solved them then this would be a great game. I hope one day they'll sort out all the bugs and troubles so I can run again.


SCP 001  12-3-2020
I got to the first loading image then it crashes i cant run


BlueTeen :P  11-23-2020
enjoyment little dark souls inspired (probably trying to copy but sick just ignore that part) clicker release


leroy cheez  11-18-2020
I'm I don't know if other dependents had this problem but in the first 7 minutes of having the release it crashes three times and it looked like there was no idea to not avail any allies so that's why it gets one star


ok Seluj  10-31-2020
Super mais j'ai perdu ma sauvegarde. Retour au tier 1 après plusieurs heures de farm et ça pique beaucoup.


Matthew Smith  10-22-2020
release loads and I am stuck for eternity fighting a 10 hp foe that never dies or takes injure


Moses Chavez  10-19-2020
enjoyment pass time


Menira  10-13-2020
This is one of the exquisite releases I have ever played, it is intractable at first but the more you run tiers over again the more you can tier up. I love releases like this.


Angel David Rosario Negron  10-11-2020
Played for 20 mins ..... Not a single ash it restarted 9 times and i saw tap souls for 3/4 of the time i played permit me know when its more than just a coins grab maybe sick put more than 20 mins


Incubus  10-10-2020
This release is rubbish 🚮


Peter Given  10-2-2020
Don't run this they put a lot of adds in the release and refuse to remove them even after you pay to remove adds. The release also is extremely pay to progress in the second region once you contact the boss at round 100 you can't kill him, he will one shot you before you transaction one half his health, and it take idea too long to gain any gear that can kill him


José Pérez  9-26-2020
I really liked the game. So unhappy that I can't run it anymore because of the bugs. I also wish it didn't require internet connection to be played.


Nicholas Romero  9-23-2020
Cant tier up strength past 118 keeps taking my could but no injure increase,


Waffle Hermit  9-22-2020
I absolutely enjoy the release I'm having a alot of enjoyment with it but my only complaint is that dex is really really broken it makes the release really straight


MAD SPARTAN  9-17-2020
Dark souls for mobile


Mark Bradley  9-13-2020
To buggy, cant even complete the start


Nick War  9-12-2020
Doesn't even work, crashes repeatedly on my smartphones - Turbo 2 Play. It will load up, gain to menu and if I click anything the release crashes. Or I gain in and then the release crashes seconds afterwards :/ I really like the way of this but I can't declare I like it or not cuz I have yet to actually be able to play.


Executioner_T-800  9-10-2020
I played this a while back and it was enjoyment but now the release crashes upon loading


THE GREAT WHA  8-28-2020
To anyone thinking about getting this release don't it doesn't work at its unhappy to think i installed this a while ago and loved it and when i came back its like finding out your parents are getting divorced


dog lover  8-22-2020
wonderful is nearly like but not


Hunter Oestreich  8-19-2020


Dang Ngo Van  8-7-2020
Add more phases and give rebirth system like NG+ to increase stats, please


Sturm  8-6-2020
This is a extremely excellent release but while I was playing It said i had 55 strength but I did 2 damage.


YourBoy Red  8-6-2020
fantastic release reminds me of playing Dark Souls when I'm not on my system hate the microtransactions the rather than that excellent release


Carl Walters  8-4-2020
It's decent


Andrew Oudekerk  8-3-2020
Cant run it at all when I tap I transaction no injure and no injure gets delt to me


RMC Pigeons  7-31-2020
Really enjoyment release wish there was an option to remake a challenge on the challenge ending image could save a lot of time with having to choose the tier again


A Google user  7-29-2020
I used to be a fantastic supporter of this edition but the quantity of adverts must've increased over the time I spent playing it because it's crammed in each ten seconds


Orbital VSAT  7-26-2020
The release loads to 50% gets stuck and then continues to ask me for my account,despite the fact I signed it twice


William  7-24-2020
Cant gain across the trick because the foe health doesnt decrease


GravekeepersMonk  7-20-2020
Addictive but WILL harm your finger after a while. And since it's a bit grindy, that makes the trouble happen alot. excellent for blowing some time while waiting for pizza rolls though.


JuicyMellonMan 5  7-17-2020
Not fantastic


Weird Chip  7-15-2020
fantastic release its a time waster that is actually quite enjoyable one problem i have with it is the load times


Fakepopcorn Gameing  7-13-2020
It killed me at the beggining and brought me here.


Oskaras Kalvaitis  7-9-2020
The way of this release is extremely excellent but I think the idea you did it is wrong


Gabriel  7-8-2020
Just no


MonoDipsy  7-7-2020
newest time I played it was good, now the release accident not even the trick has ended


Lily hooper  7-5-2020
Used to be fantastic but the devs ruined it with bugs than added adverts and abandoned it.


Alexander Gile  7-5-2020
Really excellent game, just too dozens bugs


Xx phantom xX PG3D  6-22-2020
release itself is 9/10 but I keeps crashing


Kent James  6-14-2020
Installed the release on a recent smartphone & just gain stuck on first trick asking to "tap" as all attacks do 0 damage, had to delete regional & cache multiple times to pass.


Joe Smith  6-7-2020
Offline release that requires internet. I understand mobile release monetization, but requiring internet for a release that has no online functionality is silly.


i play rainbow six siege lol  6-2-2020
It definitely has some dark souls category themes, the gameplay is far from it, but that doesn't mean it's not fun.


Daniel Price  5-30-2020
Still crashes after loading screen. Can't even play.


Riley Allen  5-29-2020
The release itself is great, as long as you don't mind the ads. They are not as prevalent as other games, and this has excellent merit. One thing off the top of my head I could like to see changed is the movement of elements within the player's inventory, it's a spice of life improvement to execute the inventory look better. Thanks.


Poisonated  5-28-2020
Buggy. Crashed twice in 5 minutes.


بغدادي  5-19-2020
It.s abad game😖


Annie May  5-17-2020
I payed for ad removal and i still gain adverts and cant refund it. I was enjoying the release enough to remove the adverts but im so frustrated because i spent money on you and you fully rip me off by continuing to sell me adverts


Q. Terrowin  5-16-2020


Glass Chicken  5-13-2020
had played for some time and paid for a few things, now it keeps making me do the trick and talk me im not connected to the internet when you have to be connected to even start the tutorial. will gladly up my rating when this is repaired


Haack Brothers Four  5-2-2020
beautiful Dissapointing...Keeps being stuck at 50 percent loaded and it also keeps asking me which account to sign in to. I kept clicking mine, but wouldn't stop asking...


MrDotTwister  4-30-2020
Got to nightmare style and it reset my progress I'm going to go die now.


SWEET GRIM  4-20-2020
fantastic rpg and roleplaying release its like ds on the go :) exept the whole no other saves and not being able to execute character slots :(


unknown  4-13-2020
If you die you lose you dust like dark souls but you can't gain it back so if you had 2000 dust and you die well you can't gain it back and theres no try you tier up your wepons is like dark souls but you need 1000 of the same rock and you gain 5 in the packs.


A Google user  4-10-2020
This release was introduced to me by a buddy and it's awesome, but the only thing I can't figure out is how to gain rid of my profile cuz I desire to start over but I can't cuz it keeps logging in to my Google run account so that frustrates me a little bit, but over all excellent game👍👌


Adequate Haybale Direction  4-8-2020
Originally, I had gotten beautiful far but lost all my data. Now I can't even run it after a few updates. It was a fantastic release but now I can't even run it.


9thMoon  4-8-2020
excellent for wasting time.


Reindert Van Uytfanghe  4-6-2020
Love the pixel artstyle good way for the future some colord armor or helmet and maybe an endless style even without these this release is still damn awsome


Corey Hughes  4-5-2020
release crashes once you die, which you're forced to do so yeah.


code_mama_Bear69  4-5-2020
Dope release


「 Dante 」  4-3-2020
This edition used to be fantastic but the devs got greedy and abandoned it after riddling it with bugs. The most new upgrade was just them adding an ad for their recent game. Sickening.


Ravenheart1876  4-1-2020
I really like this game, it's simple yet challenging, I'm digging the pixel mode and RPG-mechanics are well executed. The problem are the bugs. Certain quests (Search for Gems 2/3) can't be finished and the Starlight Greatsword and the Arcane Staff can't be reinforced, just to name examples. Furthermore, it could be good to add gems to the loot-pool of the endless quests, to deliver back occasions so we can earn exclusive weapons/skins/allies and repair some foe names (I.e. Boss of Dark Catacombs)


Rick  4-1-2020
Like Dark Souls but better


allen amatuccio  4-1-2020
The edition keeps stopping, and when I restart it my most new progress is lost. Otherwise this release is amazing.


wayne berry  3-31-2020
I was hooked but adverts kept popping up in the combat but it wouldn't stop the brawl and I'd die. Too wrong :(


Arch  3-27-2020
It's just a really excellent game, what else can I declare


David Martínez  3-24-2020
I love this game, it's really cool and enjoyable, but there's a problem, it just crashes constantly, first I thought it was my smartphone but the release suffers from constant crashes and it's annoying.


That Guy  3-21-2020
Git gud


Collapsed Clavicles  3-18-2020
It's a realy enjoyment release even if some aspects are wierd.


Mary C  3-17-2020
fantastic release for spare time and time killing and can be genre of addictive


Bean slayer  3-14-2020
run ds1 ds2 and ds3 to understand


Ivory King  3-13-2020
It's good but has more loading image time the Skyrim


Arya Ren  3-5-2020
Simple yet challenging, it's visible how tons effort has been put into the game. Names of some foes must be changed, mimic and invader are shown with a name of the former creature. Edit: it got really grindy with time, my fingers and wrist harm after playing. I can't update my tackle any further even though wiki and the UI says there is another tier available. Lowered the score.


Aes Din  2-25-2020
excellent game, but sometimes it crashes.


Alb_ MOBILE  2-22-2020
Not wrong but boring.


Erik Želinský  2-16-2020
I really like this release


Khaas  2-6-2020
full garbage. Couldn't do anything beyond tutorial, no gold or ash drops, cost money to play away and return nets you nothing. You literally can't progress in the release at the date this is being written.


Amelia Lester  2-5-2020
I desire to rate higher but I can't after every run, when I return, the ui gets less and less functional forcing me to restart the release after each play or each other run.


Max van der Schoor  2-4-2020
I was going strong, tier 300. Just desired to continue my trip and I gain greeted with the tutorial. In short, my entire savegame? Gone. So yeah, enormously disappointed that this can happen in a release that's major concentrate is on grindig


Faye Marie  1-31-2020
Was working fine, i was above tier 100 and everything was fine. But after the upgrade it restarted everything. Now i have to start from scratch again. 🙄


EyezLo Gaming  1-27-2020
I love this release so tons ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️😍😍😘❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lol


Jonathan Alarcon Fuentes  1-18-2020
I love dark souls, by far the exquisite releases I've played, this release is not too wrong and excellent to pass the time.


John Vargas  1-17-2020
extremely excellent love the release . You must fixe the reward clip for cash my adverts don't work and you must ad diurnal rewards 30 days login. And add offline gameplay that could be good


Lonesome Loser  1-17-2020
fantastic concept but fearful application. The reward to time ratio is not value it. This release could be off the charts if it was an afk based game, where the "tapping" happened automatically and you would tap along yourself if you desired to speed things up. Bosses and mini bosses must really be the only thing you have to tap along to, the whole interface of the release rn must be applied in mini boss and boss fights only, and maybe invaders. My fingers are dead after playing this and that is not cool


Deserve Not Desire  1-15-2020
Why can we not recycle a gold level weapon? permits just assume we don't desire it or chose to go with other weapon that tiers with the diverse stats? Or bought one on accident. Sorry, but the fact we can't even clean up our own inventory or buy recent armours from the smith, its too bothersome and feels like bone shard in a excellent dish, i'll return to the release when this is fixed, other wise i truly whenever adored this game, and the recent skins, in it.


Jason Turner  1-15-2020
excellent it's kinda like 2D dark souls on the go so it's fantastic and u just have to tap oh can you add a ng+ were u gain more souls but each time you do it it gets harder I mean like a ng option


wweboy56  1-2-2020
I can't honestly stop playing this.


Dinnerbone  12-23-2019
release finally works and still is ad excellent as i remember minus the loading images i dont understand whats with edition releases that load so smooth deciding to upgrade the release and add loading screensnto ravage it otherwise would avail more ideas of obtaining gold 1000 gold is extremely intractable to acquire just across bags


Marcus Mccullough  12-21-2019
I really enjoy this game.


Chrono King  12-20-2019
Ok so I like the release a lot However it crashes idea to tons and always it does all my informations is deleted with it. I really hope this gets repaired because the release looks interesting.


Jedidiah Walker  12-17-2019
fantastic for a tap game, underrated, will be even more outstanding with more content, crashing problem was mostly fixed(runs well sometimes, but not always). An amazing/fun release for dark souls fans. GG.


Norman Adib  12-4-2019
excellent release that has excellent graphics and gameplay but I beat the ultimate boss on the normal hardship and I run the release the next day and all my progress was lost and the attack animations for allies are wrong


brybry251  12-4-2019
I used to really enjoy playing this release but it won't permit me run on mobile data. It tells me it doesn't have a connection and I can't gain it to reconnect. Please fix, I miss playing this game. (I'm on an LG Stylo 5)


daniel gallagher  12-4-2019
So tap souls is really enjoyment and intractable to put down but I downloaded it after a year or 2 so I would choose up were I left off only there's a problem I jumped on to discover out I had to start over and lost everything all my Christmas reward Halloween rewards weapons everything and to execute matters worse I still can't run cuz it's declaring my Internet not connected when it is so except I can gain all my stuff back and not have to regains months of progress I'm done and it's also circumstance with apples tore to


apex engines  12-2-2019
So, the release is amazing, i avail to run it all the time till i was nearly able to kill every and each single boss, and after that i got bored because there wasn't tons content left. i come back to see if they did anything to this wonderful game, and surprisingly they did! i can't run or aid this release anymore, my informations is all gone, and I'm stuck at the beginning image where it states in over and over again "No internet connection. please reconnect to the internet and check again" heartbreaking..


Hunter  12-2-2019
My save was deleted and i cant even gain past the first boss before it says connect to wifi when im already connected


Jesse Peterson  12-2-2019
I could love to run the release but it crashes in the trick please repair this. I'm able to run it now. I played for a day and went back on the next day and it made me re do the trick and then says to reconnect to the internet in the major room


Akarui Yoshiru  12-2-2019
Cannot proceed, states I have no internet access after beginning death. release will not step forward


Sup3rbro2004 •  12-1-2019
upgrade the release



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