Android Version: 4.1App: SuperStar ATEEZ
Release date: Aug 17, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Dalcomsoft, Inc.Category: game
Name: SuperStar ATEEZExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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8 makes 1 team! "SuperStar ATEEZ" is here! My beloved from today, SuperStar ATEEZ! SEONGHWA, HONGJOONG, YUNHO, YEOSANG, SAN, MINGI, WOOYOUNG and JONGHO from ATEEZ are with you! #Weekly Updates! · From the debut to the latest! Expect a recent melody to be added each week! · gather ATEEZ Themes for more rewards! #Compete supporters Worldwide! · accomplish higher ranks in Weekly League! · How excellent can you get? mission monthly My Records! · Prove yourself in seasonal World Record! #Exclusive Contents! · Meet moving picture Cards, alive in the game! · permit the ATEEZ voices indication you across the game! #Various Events! · Just run your beloved ATEEZ tracks to join the events! · peculiar rewards on the ATEEZ anniversaries! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Application Permission Usage Notice] We are requesting for access permissions to supply services as below. Required Access Permissions Camera/Storage: For saving the release informations in your storage Read, write on external storage: For saving settings and audio informations cache Device ID and smartphone calls: For tracking and analyzing advertising records and creating tokens for shove notifications Wi-Fi connection information: For sending indication messages upon downloading additional data ID: For creating and confirming usufructuary accounts [Access Permission Revoke] Settings > SuperStar ATEEZ > Access Agree or Access Revoke ※ Visual Setting If you experience lags in the release you can change your visual setting to low resolution for better performance. ※ While SuperStar ATEEZ is attainable for free, you will gain charged upon purchases of certain paid items. ※ If you have any inquiries or require any further information, please reach us at. E-MAIL: [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SuperStar ATEEZ Dalcomsoft reach Information Email: [email protected]



revewin  8-18-2021


Izzy B  8-18-2021
I love ateez and i love that they got to gain a superstar game. Im excited to gain better at the release because it's my first time playing a superstar game.


hannah chaan  8-18-2021
I had a little hardship getting into the release the first time, after I logged in, I went to run and everything was working out, but I had to go out to take a shower, and when I came back, I tried to log in and it came back whenever to the same place, uninstalled and installed again, I hope it solves.


Winnie Jean-Louis  8-18-2021


safa khan  8-18-2021


Any  8-18-2021
Amo este juego! Se los recomiendo mucho ❤


Losa Lisa  8-18-2021
I love ateez and their audio 🎶


Sher Cladd  8-18-2021
I love Ateez, and I comeback to these rythm release for them. First thing I've realized is that the melodies are splitted onto two diverse parts, verses 1 and 2. I can declare thay it is fantastic to do that, since Ateez doesn't really have that dozens melodies yet, and it does a excellent practice n more relaxed idea of playing. But also it's taking away the enjoyment challenging part of completing a whole absolute song, and also humming while playing it is the exquisite part. And also the newest part got chop off.. The exquisite part..


lemonjjxngie  8-18-2021


HOBI'S SUNSHINE  8-18-2021
It's so enjoyment recommed


Marii  8-18-2021
me la estoy descargando, no me decepciones


shut up e  8-18-2021


Ran  8-18-2021
the release will permit me sign up and do actions on the major page but as soon as i attempt to go to the melody selection page the release will freeze while loading or if i somehow execute it to melody selection when the melody loads to run the release will blackscreen. ive reinstalled and restarted my smartphone multiple times and it still doesnt work. so its a one star from me


Hajar Jiji  8-18-2021
I love this release 😍😍😍ateez I love you❤❤❤❤😘


Julieta V  8-18-2021
Nada para decir, buenísimo todo 1 porque temazos 2 ATEEZ 3 ATEEZ 4th gen Leaders


Fie yy  8-18-2021
I love it!!! As an atiny this release really entertain me.


Zelinda Imroatus Soleha  8-18-2021
good app. I love it so tons playing releases associated with ateez audio


Afifah Nur'aini  8-18-2021
I can't purchase element and didn't gain the preregister reward ;" why


Jowon Yeon  8-18-2021
I was so excited to run the release


Asyurah Johan  8-18-2021


N043 Jadhav Nirmayee  8-18-2021


RIFAT Gaming  8-18-2021
This edition is entirely hyped. You feel like doing your best. Don't think that an atiny is declaring this but, ATEEZ is a glowing star. If you're addicted to ATEEZ, you will gain the same with this app. Oh and there's barely any lag, so enjoy your ride🛫 KINGTEEZ👑


ParkJihoon ,Choi Jongho  8-18-2021
exquisite je yg selalu keluar connection lost tu sbb korg punye tenet slow tu


elizabeth re  8-18-2021
Okay so I was really excited for this release as ATEEZ is my ult team but I'm disappointed. The melodies are divide up into verses and you can't run the absolute melodies at the same time. Which is really annoying since I could like to listen and run the absolute melody without having to go to the next verse. Another thing is that it doesn't have a lot of their famed melodies such as the relax of declare My Name, Answer, THANXX, etc. Plus I didn't gain pre-registration rewards although I pre-registered.


Nurul Arisyah  8-18-2021


Hadeel .X  8-18-2021
So excited


Rishita Raju  8-18-2021
I AM wrong AT THIS release BUT I AM TRYING HEHE~ LOVE THE release AND desire MY beloved melody PRECIOUS IN THE release ASAP!!


NTN Next To Next  8-18-2021


extroverted mushroom  8-18-2021
bruh i know this is random but this release ? makes me a superstar atiny or must i call it finger and eye workout edition ? lmao hdkbdkdd


Melika Amini  8-18-2021
Ateez sarangheeeaa


atiny basma  8-18-2021
Like it 🤩💕


Arianny Bedon  8-18-2021
fantastic game!


wooyoung's mercedes benz logo  8-18-2021
i generally don't run releases but i'm addicted to this release


Maulidya Tri Iman Sari  8-18-2021
SOO enjoyment i hope y'all include more melody and why there's no declare my name and answer... it's their title follow tho...


zack windle  8-18-2021
The release was excellent i like it


양다이아몬드  8-18-2021
Such a enjoyment release especially with my beloved music. It is extremely competitive here lol. Like idol like fan.


Khushi Negi  8-18-2021
My ateez is exquisite


just keep it up  8-18-2021


urvashi  8-18-2021


ddoenghwa  8-18-2021


airianna madison  8-18-2021
Everything was going fine up until after playing the trick i was having enjoyment with the release but then like right after making my account and signing in the release froze and made my smartphone start acting weird and I had to reset my smartphone i desire to give this 5 stars but it was crashing


Fatima Attaria  8-18-2021
exquisite release EVER STAN ATEEZ 💪🏻


John Brix Malate  8-18-2021
First as a Atiny i am delighted because finally Ateez have a Super star release because i am playing the Super star jyp so the mechanics is not recent to me but its good and i like it also love the Ui of this and background audio also i hope i gain R card or S in each member specially Seonghwa Hyung 👌🔥


Hariz Azlan  8-18-2021
I need to maintain relaunch as after I run 3 or 4 music. Please repair it.


Salsabil Lukis Guslin  8-18-2021
excellent but please execute the currency attainable for each player's country. I desire to execute purchase but the currency is dollar, I live in Indonesia so my currency is IDR but when I desire to execute purchase, it's whenever written dollar. Please repair this as soon as possible.


Anis Feliesa Sukri  8-18-2021
I really ii like this release ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Clarisse Dianne Ballesteros  8-18-2021
This is literally my first time downloading a SuperStar release and I wasn't that confuse because they gave enough tutorials on how to avail the app. I'm having enjoyment playing releases while vibing to ATEEZ's songs, perfect!


cuteshit  8-18-2021


Kreanne Porcare  8-18-2021


Puteri Nurfatisha  8-18-2021
I hope you can give us all of ateez songs. Bit first, why? Why there was no Map to respond album. This is important! The first melody that brought me to ateez is there.


park soundar  8-18-2021
Super coooooooooooool 🔥🔥🔥


Anna Choi  8-18-2021
5 star for ATEEZ songssssss, we need more ATEEZ songssss


Ashley Lin  8-18-2021
It's ateez why wouldn't I give it 5 stars


Anime no Sekai  8-18-2021
I'll break seonghwa's global score


Hobii Hobb._.  8-18-2021
I liked the release A LOT AND I whenever WISHED THERE WAS ATEEZ IN YOUR OTHER releases BUT pls put "The leaders" it's also an ateez melody it's SO excellent


Shasha Nisreena  8-18-2021
I love how it doesn't accident when I first sign in. Superstar is not really confusing for my first time. It's really simple and I understand how to run it really quick! To those who is complaining that the edition is crashing, maybe you must wait for a few days since dozens gamesters download this edition and run at the same time :))


azwa  8-18-2021
Super excited heeee ♡


Tae Tae  8-18-2021
I'm rating it 1 star coz I don't desire disappointment again like SuperStar BTS, like your hardwork in this release will be wasted. Your favorite cards that you hardly worked out. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)


woo Kylie  8-18-2021


Rubina Akter  8-18-2021
This is Ateez so This is fantastic


roserixi  8-18-2021
stan ateez !


phaguni bidla  8-18-2021
I love Ateez so much. This releases is amazing. I m loving it😭😭💜💜💜


Chantal  8-18-2021
omg this release is so cool ngl <3


Jojo Oliver  8-18-2021
OMG I'm atiny and I loved this edition I would spend hour in 💗💗💗


Nikki Fabella  8-18-2021
I'd change my rating into a 4-star. I have no problems with the app. It's just that I think it could be better if all melodies from every album were included. excellent melodies like declare My Name, Illusion, and Dancing Like Butterfly Wings were not added. :(


Nanda Ardisia H.  8-18-2021


rainlynn llouviere  8-18-2021
love dis release so matchaa


T T  8-18-2021
Just for Ateez


Sheawll  8-18-2021
finally diverse intro


Shahul Hameed  8-18-2021
Its soo excellent ❤️🥀 I luved it ❤️


star_ syax  8-18-2021
I can't download the release resources!!😤 please repair it😭 I desire to play!!! sobsob😭


Esma Gülün  8-18-2021
I love this release sm. Love u ATEEZ🤍


BANGTAN Loves ATEEZ  8-18-2021
I could love to give it 5 starts, but I was trying to combine the cards and it is failing most of the time, this is really unfair... as well as the cards used for combining also gets disappeared. Not everyone can pay to gain recent cards, it takes time and they are getting wasted because of some error.


Boo Boo  8-18-2021
Ateez is the best, so is it!!


nina noona  8-18-2021
Omg the melodies are wonderful ... superstar generally contains a lot of artists which makes it more enjoyable so I was hesitant at first to install it when I saw it's just ATEEZ ...but wow their melodies are so epic I'm hooked


Kresty Laras  8-18-2021
On my idea ~


Jen  8-18-2021
I super love this


Jeho Jireh Monsalud  8-18-2021


Aulia Aziza  8-18-2021
Please fixing the remittance method. I cant buy starpass with google run balance. Please fixing it as soon as posible


Akshitha L  8-18-2021
extremely good!!! ateez forever 🥺


steven yee  8-18-2021


edalara rasya  8-18-2021
Soo excellent


Larisa Nimusiima  8-18-2021
I'm loving it. It's so interesting and competitive. I hope we gain more ateez games...


JikookBangtan131  8-18-2021


Nicole Bacayo  8-18-2021
It's so challenging ,you must download it! I love it .I enjoyed it.


The_Otaku  8-18-2021
Love it


Amy Jenn  8-18-2021
Loveeeeee playing all my beloved ATEEZ melodies exquisite superstar release since smtown for me ^~^


María  8-18-2021
I played each releases of superstar but I played sm jyp & pnation the most I was so bored I was thinking if ATEEZ had one too! And woooo my wish became true... Now hoping for THE BOYZ! 🖤✨


K- Dab  8-18-2021
exquisite SONGS= exquisite SUPERSTAR WBK


Normah Jamalluddin  8-18-2021
I love this games!!! ATEEZ!!!


fadiyah casania  8-18-2021
I still not used to ssateez display, but I really enjoyed this release a lot! I hope you can add more ateez melodies here such as answer, thanxx, and dozens more~ tysm!


Vida Esb  8-18-2021
I love it


Sharifah Syeida  8-18-2021
I'm so excited for this!


Yotika Ear  8-18-2021
I really love it 😍😍 ATEEZ ATINYS


Kaycee Castillo  8-18-2021
It says server connection lost. But my internet connection is stable. Please repair this


Dianne Margaret Del Espiritu  8-18-2021
As an ATINY, multifandom fan, I've waited for this and I already have accounts to all Superstar releases 😂😍 Still waiting for Superstar Astro, Maroo or Park Jihoon, Cube, or Bighit (I really miss Superstar BTS though I desire Superstar for BTS, for Im not used to Rhythm Hive). fantastic Job!!!!! 💙 maintain it up! 💕 Edit: Although I encountered a few crashes and told me to restart the release and had to run the melody all over again ;-; Still 5 stars for its understandable to its only released today,


Zh  8-18-2021
I cannot sign in. Everytime I desire to sign in, the edition gives warning that server time is expired. It happened dozens times. Please repair this.


Abhilasha  8-18-2021
I love it!!


Hwa Y Boo  8-18-2021
Fun! Hope they maintain the release smoothly running. The first few hours was extremely annoying as it kept crashing.


Zaeah Tolentino  8-18-2021
as an atiny, this makes me so delighted aaaa


hany  8-18-2021
ITS SO excellent BYE


djellab hadil  8-18-2021
The release is really enjoyment


Kricia Antoque  8-18-2021
This is my first time playing because of ATEEZ


Bangtan X Bizzle  8-18-2021
I remember few months ago I was looking for a ideal release for myself because I was so frustrated but didn't found dozens but then after few days ateez announced superstar ateez. I'm so delighted after I installed this wonderful release 😭 now finally I have a release in my smartphone which I can run always I feel frustrated. Thank u ateez, lots of love from Atinys 💜


L.O.V.E A.R.M.Y  8-18-2021
wonderful I really like this game💖💖💖💖


ich me  8-18-2021
5 stars bcs this is ateez


Nur Zulaika  8-18-2021
Sheeeshhhh ❤️❤️❤️


Caitlin Diango  8-18-2021


Wasan Younis  8-18-2021


Noor Farah  8-18-2021
like it


nadratul wardah  8-18-2021
I just love this game..anyway atiny here👆


ashxes  8-18-2021
So proud of ateez!


adrian  8-18-2021
Everything is excellent so far but please whittle the cooldown of headphones.


anokpoksyed  8-18-2021
Gotta maintain relaunch. Btw i cant buy the pack whyyyyy 😭😭😭


Alaa Ajmi  8-18-2021
its the best😭😭😭


hanbean  8-18-2021
this is fantastic edition but please ameliorate the interface and touch response. the touch responses aren't that excellent compared to other ss editions yet. but I'm sure it will ameliorate soon.


lisa  8-18-2021
Takes up so tons space. each time you check to do something it says you have to download more resources. I uninstalled it. It was a excellent check and I was excited to check it but no. Just no. Ateez are my beloved team and individually my beloved singers but I couldn't avail all the spot I have on my device.i reviewed earlier and it was deleted so I'm reposting.


Berja _Ash_ley  8-18-2021
Ambagal magloading


Sakinah Rahim  8-18-2021
It's so excellent


Rutchel  8-18-2021
Ang gandaaaaaaaaa sobraaa💗🤍


wooyoung's ponytail  8-18-2021
anyways y'all please stream ateez's: -be my lover -bulnoriya -wy aotm -wonderland ty! @atzcious on twt btw HAHAHA MUAH ILY


Maharani_933 kny  8-18-2021
I love this release


Kim SuE  8-18-2021
It's amazing, it's a exquisite he favourite 🤩🤩✨✨💎💎❤️❤️❤️❤️


Op Op  8-18-2021


kayla tiara  8-18-2021
i can't believe this release really exist now!!! i'm playing it huhuuu


Jackylyn Medina  8-18-2021


HEHE  8-18-2021



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