Android Version: 4.3App: Sunscreenr Mobile
Release date: Jun 28, 2018App Rating: 1
Author: Voxelight LLCCategory: health & fitness
Name: Sunscreenr MobileExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Now you can readily try sunscreen coverage using your phone. Sunscreenr permits you see where you’ve missed a space when applying sunscreen and where sunscreen has worn off your skin - even after sweating, swimming, or toweling off. maintain your loved ones safe in the sun with Sunscreenr. Sunscreenr is a peculiar viewer that changes the idea you defend yourself from sun damage. We've taken technology used by scientists and made it straight to see where your skin is covered by sunscreen and where it's not. There are over 1 Million recent cases of skin cancer per year in the US alone. When used properly, sunscreen can significantly whittle your chances of getting cancer. Unfortunately, most dependents only apply 25% to 50% of the sunscreen they should. That's where Sunscreenr comes in. Technology to see sunscreen. We humans are beautiful wonderful but actually our eyes are somewhat limited. Most of us see all the colors of the rainbow but that is just a wee portion of the light that our Sun makes. UV rays coming from the Sun are invisible to us yet we know that those rays can do us serious injure which is why we wear sunscreen. We designed Sunscreenr specifically to exhibit you the invisible - UV light. Since sunscreen's job is to absorb UV light before it hits your skin it looks dark when you look at it across Sunscreenr. Unprotected skin appears light. Sunscreenr is made possible by the combination of several key components: a peculiar filter that removes all light unless the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs, a fully custom lens made from peculiar materials and a carefully selected sensor that can actually answer to UV light. We combined that hardware with our proprietary screen processing algorithms to exhibit you the invisible, sunscreen on your skin. Beyond the capabilities of a smartphone. android and digital cameras are designed to only capture visible light. In fact, they purposely filter-out the UV light that Sunscreenr uses to exhibit you sunscreen. Here’s why: · The screen sensors in color digital cameras and phone cameras have a peculiar filter (Bayer filter) that let's them "see" regular colors (red, green, blue) and that filter just about eliminates the ability of the sensor to answer to the UV spectrum. · Lenses in both regular cameras and phone cameras are made from materials and have antireflection coatings that actually block most of the UV spectrum. · The job of a camera lens is to capture and concentrate light. Lenses that are made to work for visible light (like in your smartphone) do not concentrate UV rays properly. Use Sunscreenr at the pool, the beach, anywhere you and your loved ones need to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays!



Silas Chhetry  5-28-2021
Ghanta. .. Maka..


Pakhi Mukherjee  4-29-2021
Worst edition ever


Christine M  4-18-2021
Keeps declaring "please connect sunscreenr to your phone" what? 🙄


Azaria Battle  4-7-2021
I initially thought it was a really wrong edition but I found out that there is a gadget the you need to purchase in order for the edition to work. The gadget is a camera that plugs into your gadget and it's $99 so that explains why the edition may not be working if you only install it.


Dave  4-4-2021
Not working


Rachel Hensley  3-27-2021
It doesn't even work. Don't waste your precious time. Seriously. I wished so wrong that this did work.


Yulia Rizki  2-24-2021
It keeps asking me to connect it to my phone. I don't understand what is going on with the app, but I hope the developer can repair it soon.


Jessica E  1-31-2021
The edition is fully non functional


Megan Wilson  1-30-2021
Does not work in my address (NZ)


So Pheak  1-14-2021
Doesn't work, maintain asking to connect to my smartphone when it's already did. I don't know what else to do if it maintain denying my access


Army Kookie  12-30-2020
Not working


Aditi apurva Vats  12-26-2020
Does not work at my address 😑


meditation mind  12-5-2020
Don't install


Bea Patricia Lastica Perez  12-3-2020
edition not working


missCraisin  12-3-2020
Doesn't work on P20 smartphones


Andressa Monteiro  11-15-2020
It doesn't work! maintain asking to connect to my cellphone. I don't know what I can do. Disappointed


pota tor  11-15-2020
Doesnt work, it tells me to download sunscreenr which i have already downloaded. Useless do not waste your time on this.


Inusha  11-5-2020
Doesn't work


Pixie Frequency DNA subliminals  11-4-2020
Doesn't work.. It is asking to connect.. No option shown to connect.. Looks like a scam 👎👎


cherry blossom  9-23-2020
This edition is horrible not recommended!


Adelia Wong  9-11-2020
Super clunky, unreliable, and frustrating app. Camera quality is also beautiful terrible.


Jason Bourne  8-24-2020
Does not even *not* work consistently. Fluctuates between showing the screen and not detecting the camera. extremely frustrating experience. Obviously extremely shaky programming.


호다Huda  8-2-2020
How to connect it with my smartphone the uv camera is not working i got a message declaring "please connect sunscreenr to your smartphone to continue"!! I tried it on huawei and oppo


PaintedBooks  7-30-2020
It maintain declaring 'Connect sunscreenr to your smartphone to continue' but how?! I already gave permission to access my pictures n videos. I'm using Vivo S1 btw.


FOOTBALL FAN  7-30-2020


Darby Lambert Music  7-29-2020
It says I have to connect it to my smartphone but I don't have that option??? Idk what's going on but I was really looking forward to this.


christine estrada  7-29-2020
Useless edition


Swati s  7-29-2020
Not really understanding how to avail this edition


Lareb Fatima  7-26-2020
It maintain asking me to connect sunscreenr to my smartphone but there is no option to connect not instruct at all (aatho dekho thok bhi nhi nikal rhi)


Luiza Izabel  7-24-2020
Doesn't work


Riprechi Marak  7-20-2020
Not working


Deeza  7-19-2020
Doesnt allow smartphone to connect to edition


indri endarwanto  7-16-2020
It doesn't work! I tried this on 2 phones, galaxy note 4 & 8. It keeps asking me to allow it to connect to my camera. But there is no option to give permission to connect to camera available. Only for mic & location. Disappointed.


merciful Allah's lucky servant  7-4-2020
It doesnt work


Karissa Hunter  6-29-2020
Works perfectly as advertised, it's a lifesaver. I will declare the adapter on the end is as cheap as they come and broke nearly promptly with light avail on the first day. I bought a better quality adapter elsewhere and it works perfectly now. My only other complaint is that the "current UV index" function never loads no matter where I am. I can just look that up elsewhere though so it's not a large transaction and would've been a good perk more than anything. I'm on a samsung Galaxy s8+.


Yen Bui  6-25-2020
I love that I can experiment my sunscreens with this easy-to-use little device. To all the dependents giving negative reviews: you need to have an smartphones smartphone (but not Huawei), the camera itself, and this companion app.


Muskan Uppal  6-22-2020


Amante Calica  6-19-2020
It does not work


Huong Nguyen  6-6-2020
It didnt work


Seth Romero  6-4-2020
Doesnt work


Johan Björklund  5-26-2020
Can't connect to any device.


Monica Becho  5-5-2020
Worst app! Nothing works in it


Breshnaa Zalal  4-13-2020
NEGATIVE STARS! This would be such a fantastic application if it worked. I bought my sunscreenr camera newest year. It's never worked properly and the adapter in the end broke off. I spoke with the owner of the brand several times and emailed with him. blank promises of replacing it or doesn't conform back at all. Not a delighted camper!


Stef R  2-29-2020
Doesn't seem compatible with smartphones 10. Works on my ancient Motorola G5s, running smartphones 8, but not on my Huawei P30. beautiful useless.


Jyoti Yadav  2-22-2020
I bought the sunscreenr camera. the edition doesnt recognise the mobile. no aid from company. i have vivo smartphones mobike.


Yu Tar  2-17-2020
Non useless at Huawei Nova 3i


Surabhi  2-5-2020
Not attainable at all


nidhi vats  2-1-2020
How to connect sunscreenr to my phone???


MAFC ASPERA  1-31-2020
Waste of time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD


Vivek Dubey  1-6-2020
Demands Money !


Lucky Sandhu  12-27-2019
Dont download thiis edition


Arvin Andres  11-29-2019
This product doesn't work.


Mr KHAN  11-2-2019
This edition is useless it doesn't recognize camera in phone, don't waste your time and mbs to download it.


Gayle K  10-18-2019
Everyone who says that this edition displays a message that says should connect gadget to smartphone doesnt realise that this edition is for dependents who have already purchased the device, which is separate. Seriously, how do dependents think an edition is going to change how your camera works? Buy the actual gadget and yeah, it will connect and work seamlessly


Alyn Bulan  10-7-2019
Doesn't work at all


Chris Grady  10-1-2019
Bought the camera, downloaded the app, connected the camera to my HTC u11, edition still declaring connect the camera to your phone. Tried emailing support....1 week afterwards still no response. My brother has this and works fantastic for him. Come on guys, sort the program out then I can give it 5 🌟


Lita Nuroniah  9-29-2019
Doesn't work on oppo F7


Cherry A. Fajriati  9-22-2019
Can't connect to my smartphone


MAXY `S SISTER  9-14-2019
Waste edition not at all working


She  9-13-2019
Nonsense app. Uninstalled after 15 seconds of using this app.




Boo Ush  9-4-2019
It says : please connect sunscreenr to your smartphone to continue. What to do about that?


Nura Nisa  9-4-2019
I can't avail it because not attainable in my country (Malaysia). I hope you will upgrade it, so dependents around the world can used this app.


Blanche Ellaine Thelmo  8-31-2019
It is not working with my huawei y9 prime 2019


Lynchie  8-30-2019
how will I continue to avail the app!?



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