Android Version: VARYApp: Strobe
Release date: Oct 31, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: ZidsoftCategory: tools
Name: StrobeExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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More visible at night with your phone. Or permit your smartphone flash the 1–4–3 (I LOVE YOU) light! Sound activated trait to flash to ambient sound (requires microphone permission). Splash of colors. Flash the screen, alone or synchronized with camera LED flashes, with one or more colors. Widgets support. activate strobe lights with diverse frequencies from the launcher image by creating edition widgets. Supports front flash, if any. May be used as a coarse stroboscope, with restrictions due to gadget hardware, on gadgets that aid swift turning on/off of the camera flash.



Top Trollings  6-23-2021
edition keeps crashing , galaxy S 21 Ultra


Michael May  6-21-2021
It did exactly as hoped!


Leon Corral  6-20-2021
I love it


Alan Hovexak  6-20-2021
Love it


Ricardo Jacobo  6-20-2021
Sound activated is cool,!!!!


Lucy Lubis  6-10-2021


Dan Shultz  6-9-2021
Does what it says. Adjustable frequency and duration of flashes. Being play by program on a smartphone using touch outgoing sliders to adjust settings, it can be intractable to gain it perfect, and the timing consistency is not perfectly stable but it's fair enough to have some enjoyment - this is likely a hardware limitation, no fault of the developer, but it seems to be less consistent than a "real" strobe light e.g. cannot gain a spinning supporter perfectly dialed in to appear stationary. tons better than expected.


Ronnie  6-2-2021
extremely buggy. edition frequently crashes when switching between modes.


Travis Johnson  5-31-2021
exquisite strobe edition


Paul S. Hernandez  5-30-2021
Strobe edition works fantastic on my Galaxy S5 works good for emergency lights and walking on country routes after a flat. Won't gain hit from behind I instruct it 😂


amritansh aishwarya  5-23-2021
The flashing frequency control is extremely meager for a strobe


sadkastik  5-8-2021
THIS MY FAVE product


Karma Chameleon  5-3-2021
There used to be a slider by which I would change the strobe frequemce and the duty cycle, but an upgrade removed it. 5 stars otherwise. Edit: Thanks! Silly me ;)


Antonio_ jf  4-30-2021
It's excellent but I desired an aircraft strobe light outcome in which the white like blinks 2 times in a second. Pls. execute a recent update😐


Bharath Leonider  4-25-2021
The Best...👍🏼


Only 5 hz input and un controlled led flashing


Layzor Wulf  4-17-2021
The same functions beyond expectations with a decent smartphone the processing is without delay it's seemingly veritable time sound processing with lighting effects excellent job thank you now a motive without an ad banner could be good


Alpha Titans Dharnie1  4-10-2021
ideal edition


Will Shookspeare  4-3-2021
Buggy, crashes a lot, no declare to set image as strobe.


The Friendly Neighbors  3-24-2021
extremely useful. Love the UI


BlackHawk185  3-12-2021
This is the most useless edition in existence. 5 Stars.


Nikola Tesla  3-9-2021


Hozer s  2-11-2021
thumbs up 👍 for sound activated trait 👍👍👍


Umesh Naik  2-6-2021


Safin Er  2-4-2021
Mhan it outstanding


Asma Kargar  2-4-2021


Dmitriy Levashov  2-3-2021
amazing app. 5 stars!


whoDaGinger  1-27-2021
Perfect, exactly what I was looking for, 100% beats all the competition 👌


Mohadeseh Mokhtari  1-26-2021


Vaibhav Ughade  1-23-2021
Does what its required, clean UI straight to avail and exquisite part is can change FPM.


Wessel de Kooker  12-21-2020
oh my god this edition is aamazing exactly what i needed and dared dream of and more


Mateus Luan Maciel  12-15-2020
Crashes on the A50


Bennet Drover  12-11-2020
awesome tool, more than just a strobe light app. exquisite I found so far.


Felix K  12-8-2020
Awesome! speedy install and bpm controlled flashlight with good customization variants right away. That's the idea all editions must be like!


hOWPe  12-7-2020
Awww You shouldn't have to execute me blind, aww thank appreciated it❤️


H. Gh  11-18-2020


Atul Sardar  11-9-2020
Adarsh sardar apk .....AK PRODUCE...


Paul Swarthout  10-27-2020
advertising covers comtrols. Cannot adjust the strobe.


Alfred Lawrence Naguit  10-25-2020
i like it custom. we desire alert clock with light?


Shubh Padiyar  10-25-2020
The edition is heaven for any psych journey love this app. But please talk me dows this affect smartphone flash light or battery?


BS Creation  10-24-2020
This is my apk


Ethaaan  10-23-2020
Just repeatedly turns the torch setting on and off, useless. Also my buddy told me about this, he said it was horrible but he was using a Samsung S7 and I'm using an S10 but it is still terrible. Not organized or straight to avail just utter trash.


Tax Evasion 03  10-19-2020
wonderful edition ideal for a rave or a emergency at night for an emergency, I could reccomend 14.9 Hz and 900 fps for the most painfull outcome on the eyes. If your in a wrong siation this edition will save your life, wild animal , kidnapping , or assult. SURVIAL solution Dont avail this except your in danger or RAPE MURDER ASSULT Don't risk your life over getting robbed


Tomb Burner  10-19-2020
×a amust have for clips .. noSEC..


Stephan Pyles  9-28-2020


Conan D  9-23-2020
This is one of those editions that works even better than you expect.


Brenda Scott  9-9-2020
I was looking for an edition that could avail the camera flash to strobe in the case if emergency. This edition is ideal for that, it even has an SOS strobe. The only thing I didn't like is that it sends intimations when the edition is in avail but that is straight enough to turn off in smartphones settings. The only thing that could execute this any better could to also have the option to turn on a siren as well.


Tahsin Ahmeed  9-7-2020


Good Side of Gaming  9-4-2020
This edition is outstanding I played it with one of my beloved melodies and it was a banger!other editions like this don't have such excellent details but your sound activated trait is actually extremely excellent it was like an actual professional light exhibit with gobos and lasers outstanding work!


Danny Barker  8-26-2020
It's beautiful cool


Dennis Pająk  8-25-2020


Naveen Sai Charan Vijjineni  8-25-2020
outstanding App. I strongly instruct this app.


R 0  8-24-2020
It does what you desire it to do without any hassle. Thank you to the developer. I personally used this while I was kayaking on the Hudson at night. I set this to blink at a particular frequency so I have a light on my kayak for other boats to see. extremely little battery usage. It gives you the option to pick the rate of flash with frequency or flash per minute (FPM). It also let's you pick how long of a pause in between flashes you desire and how long you desire every flash to be.


aries subrata  8-22-2020
good 👍👍👍 excellent job 👌


extremely gooood


Kerala Jabbar  8-8-2020
Extream tier edition


Shashank Gavel  8-5-2020
Please adjust the strobe setting precisely for example please execute readily adjustable light frequency to match supporter speed. Overall the edition is awesome.


greg olson  8-3-2020
Not extremely intuitive


So excellent


Lane Face  7-28-2020
beautiful cool little app. Had a few tidy functions i did not expect. Only uninstalled for needed memory on fone.


Taxed Enough  7-26-2020
good control ability. Perhaps serviceable to avail volume up or down to adjust strobe rate could execute easier to adjust


Dawud Ahmed  7-18-2020
exquisite edition ever simple just please don't upgrade it and ravage it only upgrade bug fixes thank you


Иван Полотнянщиков  7-14-2020
Интерфейс просто изумительный!


sami arshidaa  7-14-2020


Night Shiner Studio  7-13-2020
wonderful app! My brother loves it so tons that always I avail it he dances on the floor!


Aaron Whitney  7-11-2020
Amazing. So dozens customization. Got a spinning supporter to look stationary in the dark it was so trippy


Navdeep Singh  7-1-2020
There are better strobe light edition attainable


Harjot Singh  6-30-2020
exquisite edition for flashlight 🔦🔦🔦 💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏


Summer Knuday  6-21-2020
A strobe that needs permission to record audio? This is a snooping listening edition behind the guise of a strobe light.


Justin RaylRoad  6-19-2020
fantastic little edition when walking after dark with a decent charge on your smartphone you can avail your smartphone camera flashlight as a blinking safeness light for visibility in dark areas... fantastic edition and the slight 1 time fee to turn off the adverts was definitely value it.


Salman Hassan  6-17-2020
Keeps crashing


Sai Teja  6-16-2020
exquisite edition ever


catsdgs ‏‏‎  6-14-2020
The developer helped me solve all of my problems with a restart! Both lights - front and back - work together.


Galaxie Goodro  6-13-2020
When I tryed the strobe it worked but I couldnt turn it off without deleting the edition


jeremiah allen  6-6-2020
I down loaded this edition out of haste for a nerf conflict and a rv but i was super suprised how usefuly this blinded everyone in the slight spot and theres even an music trait and you can customize it!!!!


morit frova  6-4-2020
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Farzan Rezaee  6-3-2020
excellent app💎💎💎


Xiaoda Xu  5-31-2020
excellent to avail as an alert light while walking at night


Keabetsoe Zimba  5-30-2020


Farhan Ishraq  5-24-2020


👍 👍 👍


mundane_potion  5-15-2020
I used this to execute my supporter appear as if it stopped, extremely cool!


McAga Arior Guesti  5-14-2020
exquisite editions for used when in party


Pam and Konrad Witte  5-10-2020


I was looking these genre of aap for so long 🤟🤟🤟🤟


RaisinBar  5-9-2020
Awesome! Super cool to run with on a ceiling at night and it looks like stop motion shadows and it's even better with spinny things like supporters that look like they're going backward! Also yes I was just bored at 12am and desired to see if there were any excellent strobe light editions and this one looked promising and it's fantastic why am I so excellent at making paragraphs and stories of stuff I'm like 12.


Devang Maheshwari  5-8-2020
Amazing. Installed this edition on my buddies gadgets as well. Now we do flashlight parties 😂


Paresh Roy  5-4-2020
Wow. Aswome edition


jacobian wianuke  5-3-2020
Gets the job done. fantastic strobe customization.


Farkas Szilard Levente  4-28-2020
A extremely cool app, had no way it will work so well. Love the sound activated led, beautiful responsive and can be custumized.


SontiReddy RangaReddy  4-28-2020
good edition


Safal Adam  4-18-2020
This edition is the torchlight edition on crack.


Debojeet Dutta  4-17-2020
Works exceptionally excellent 👍🏻


フペFupe  4-17-2020
Crashed immediately.


Akshay Sen  4-5-2020
outstanding details ❤️


Adarsh Sharma  4-5-2020
outstanding edition with lots of funtionality.


M.rezavatan Khah  4-3-2020
ideal It has all variants آقا عالیه فقط این


hosein njf  4-3-2020
بهترین چراغ قوه


Jeremy Backus  3-30-2020
cool sound activated strobe


Barry Lemoine  3-26-2020
Decent bud


Benyamin Ashoori  3-23-2020
good 👍


Christian Mathius  3-20-2020
finally found the edition that rescue me blinds my buddies without the flash on the rear camera epic


Porfirio Pires  3-16-2020
Control slide buttons are to slight and dificult to avail . The edition is a cool way . Little twicking and it could become 5* Thanks


EdmoreGamingTech 1000  3-14-2020
It causes my led shock but its extremely excellent i mean... DUDE!!! GERAT!


J. L. McLendon  3-14-2020
Lyft, Uber & other ride share brands have some sort of light helps passengers identify them so there's no confusion when trying to discover your ride. Since I've been using this app, I've not missed a single rideshare driver. I just talk em look 4 the strobe light! This, in turn, saves everyone money. It's not rocket science.k


Mobashshir Moin Ahsan  3-13-2020
Cool edition but please talk me how to avail the voice activated trait with my front flash......HELP Thanks for rescue glad devloper Have a excellent day🥰


Shikhar Aditya Srivastava  3-12-2020
splendid app, but the only fault is you must splash tuotorial at first.


Dr Jyotsana Lal  2-26-2020


Riya Verma  2-25-2020
outstanding edition with cool flashlight and image light details , excellent strobe outcome and excellent control on blinking of ligh and aslo working excellent with sound control


Shawn Sloves  2-23-2020


captain sriracha  2-20-2020
Works perfectly


free code  2-20-2020
Dont avail like this product because this will injure your LED.


Aryan Prajapati  2-17-2020


CallMe J  2-15-2020
gave my epileptic bro a siezure bit does as advertiaed


Adarsh Anand  2-14-2020
The exquisite andriod product is this 💥💥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Status Hits  2-14-2020
extremely bright light excellent edition


119 Ameen Muhammed  2-13-2020
Pwoli saaanam


Bob Buddha  2-10-2020
I just desired a 50hz strobe but the usufructuary interface is a sliding scale which went up to 19.97hz


Miguel Lago  2-10-2020
This is a excellent application. My only complaints are a intractable to understand usufructuary interface; rather cryptic particular functionality; and a certain lack of visual aesthetics. Otherwise, I like what it does, how it works, and how it feels.



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