Android Version: 4.4App: Starside - Celebrity and Drama
Release date: May 31, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Tapps GamesCategory: casual
Name: Starside - Celebrity and DramaExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Congratulations! You’re the recent owner of Starside Resort, a secret isle retreat loved by VIP’s from the world over. To meet their extremely high expectations for celebrity releases and hotel simulator holidays, you’ll have to beat enjoyment match-3 missions that will allow you to renovate and expand your tropical hotel into a first-class celebrity releases resort! Take a resort tycoon release vacation filled with match-3 releases in the most renowned hotel simulator and celebrity simulator ever! VIP HOTEL SIMULATOR HIGHLIGHTS BEAT enjoyment and satisfying celebrity releases match-3 tiers to earn as dozens resort tycoon release shells as you can. Swap and match hotel simulator fruits to crush them quickly and gain the celebrity releases currency you need to maintain residence and renovating your resort tycoon release isle paradise! BUILD recent celebrity releases hotel facilities and give your exclusive resort the makeover it deserves to attract more and more world renowned celebrities in this resort tycoon game! Give the wealthy and renowned the tier of hotel simulator luxury they expect and spoil them with all genres of tropical fluff for their affairs with renowned bachelor and bachelorettes! CHANGE the scenery of your resort release exposed secret isle fully in the most celebrity-peppered of renovation games, residence and refurbishing installations throughout the green and breezy beaches that will run host to the exquisite celebrity simulator vacations of your guests lives and sordid affairs! DISCOVER the resort release secrets of your celebrity guests in this resort tycoon release and dive deep into their lives and choices to understand the reality drama what brought them to the island. disclose the star-studded renovation games-filled chapters of a gripping exposed tale, meet different and unique bachelor and bachelorette characters and unravel shocking and emotional celebrity simulator truths and exposed drama episodes! If you think combining and crushing match-3 releases fruits and residence reality tv resort facilities in renovation releases are the only things you’ll be doing as Starside’s celebrity releases resort owner, think again. Hosting celebrity simulator VIP’s and celebrities comes with lots of resort release betrayal and drama affairs, and you’ll have to take part in all of it in order to give your guests the relaxing and soul-soothing celebrity simulator and renovation releases experience they crave! Cinema legends and divas, masters of renovation games, popstars, film directors, glamour queens, celeb mayors, and hollywood reality tv stars are only some of the categories you’ll host in your fantastic match-3 releases beach paradise! Just beware of the eventual ex on the beach! Enjoy a narrative absolute of drama episodes and match-3 releases as you build the ideal vip resort! Turn it into the jewel of celebrity bae retreats and watch the buzz around your glamorous hotel gets louder and uncensored as they execute emotional choices after emotional choices! Match tropical fruits like there’s no tomorrow to earn money in cascades of varicoloured explosions! Then, avail all this resort release coins to satisfy the builder in you and renovate Starside resort for the summer! Join your efficient diva of a concierge to manage the needs, drama and affairs of Starside’s customers and also give a helping hand with their violent exposed personal lives and betrayals. Attend their secretive match-3 releases all the while working to ameliorate the resort and beat ever more thrilling tropical fruit crushing levels. Pack your resort release sunscreen and stone your most trendy shades: the coolest summer job of your life starts now! Please note! This resort release is gratuitous to play, but it contains match-3 releases elements that can be purchased for veritable money. Some details and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for veritable money.



Mae Nelms  6-21-2021
could be okay release but it freezing up after you redecorate your first home


Suwimali Wijesinghe  6-18-2021


Joseph Mcallister  6-17-2021
Gets stuck then you don't know what to do


HAMZA REXX Jamal 41  6-10-2021
good to


Emely Temanel  6-9-2021
I'm enjoy this release


Patrick Long  6-5-2021
Slow to start next chapter.


Francis kujila  6-5-2021
It has been grat


Tari Treat  6-3-2021
It freezes when u check to go to a recent chapter


A Narci  6-2-2021
I desire to run it but i whenever accident when i click on next chapter.


First Boy  5-13-2021
Verry excellent


Hnin Shwe Eain  5-13-2021
No badgame .


amirali kyani  5-8-2021
اگه سکس داشت خوب بود


Gert A  5-8-2021
I like this release but it will not permit me go past 252 to avail the shells it will permit me run to gain them but not ungrad the resort. I am taking it off my smartphone it no Sean Im maintain playing it if I can't avail the shells .


Chantelle Hayes  5-7-2021
It won't permit me go to the next chapter it keeps freezing


Palak Bhati  5-5-2021
I enjoying this edition This edition is pretty 😍


Mark john Macawile  5-5-2021
nearly tier 5 and hung?? No more or maybe not running🙄??


Krissy Quinn  5-3-2021
It still not loading right on chapter too.


Ahmad Rasikh Nikfar  5-1-2021


Dorathy Charles  4-26-2021
I hate this game, it's stupid I tried to go to a recent chapter in the release but it freezed and won't allow u execute any step The producers of this release need to work better


Marlin McSmith  3-9-2021
Where to begin. Not only do I dislike this app. I dislike how Tapps has changed. So much. They removed all of their better games. releases that were whenever lovely and fun. I stopped playing your releases a bit after Go Viral came out. Not a wrong game. But you removed All of your older. BETTER games! Tree Fortress! High School Fighter! And Tappy Run! And the other Tappy the Fox games! And the care for animals games! This tarnishes what I liked about Tapps. Sorry. Im just in disbelief.


Rorisang Mngomezulu  3-8-2021
It is a excellent and outstanding release


Melissa Sprinkle  3-7-2021
?? Confused i played this release about a year ago so i installed it again but doesn't permit me connect to just keeps spinning


Francinah Ngoepe  3-7-2021
good release


Dawlat Afghan  2-23-2021
I love you


Robert Littlefield  2-23-2021
It's ok just not for me


Edmore Gwariwa  2-20-2021
I never knew i would have a release for two days. Everygame that i downloaded was deleted in a day but this....this is amazing.


Ma Ma mg lay ma ma  2-19-2021


rebecca randolph  2-14-2021
Didn't even start to run game, Tried to see if it could connect to Facebook book and it wouldn't. All it did was exhibit a loading signal and I will not run a release if I can't connect with facebook because I don't desire to risk losing my progress.


Brunelle Kasongo  2-13-2021


Gypsy Soul  2-11-2021
Really slow


Tracy Marie Ridner  2-11-2021
fantastic release but everytime I complete a tier and go back to the house image it doesn't exhibit the to do list or anything only the clip coin option


Susan Rhodes  2-8-2021
fantastic release relaxing .loads to do reall enjoyment . I will go all the idea with this release each day .


tinotenda kandiwa  2-8-2021


عاشق بچه  2-6-2021


Anil Varghese  1-30-2021
Not excellent at all


Grace Grace  1-24-2021


Nothando Mboto  1-22-2021
good release hope more like em are coming especially celebrity resorts with some love


Sachin Lenin  1-22-2021
upgrade plz


Sabelo Dlamini Sabelo Dlamini  1-19-2021
I love


Chris Stanfield  1-13-2021
Won't connect to Facebook!


Maryam Bagheri  1-12-2021


anita te brugge  1-11-2021
Played release to phase 600 logged out desired to run again and im on tier 560 again what a waste of time ? Can only gain to 600 end off release caannot save on fb what a waste of time


Makanakaishe Gurira  1-2-2021
Havent yet played it but seems dope


lee lloyd Munava  12-31-2020
cute stuff


Queen Usoro  12-30-2020
terrible and nonsensical!!!!!!!!


Cheryl Brown  12-30-2020
It freezes after each tier


Llavena Frances  12-22-2020
wonderful release I love it😘


Rafiq Malik  12-22-2020


Clauie Arellano  12-21-2020
I gave this edition a four star coz I really like it 🤗thank you for this amazing app,


Mariya mariya  12-20-2020
I loved it


Anyna Basheer  12-18-2020
whenever gets stuck


Carol Hirst  12-17-2020
I just desired to declare that I can't gain the release to load past 6 per cent


prudence Khoza  12-16-2020
release is pretty but freezes. tier 10 it shows nothing but the isles nothing else ..(tried Restarting phone, tried offline coz I was online when it started on tier has glitches guys). I'll install when glitches gain repaired hopefully on your next update🤷🤷


Sarah Trower  12-15-2020
Loved this release been waiting ages for more levels. I uninstalled it due to thought it had changed celebrities and updated but it is a lie, it is the same release but with now loads of ads everytime you have to place things around the resort. Don't waist your time downloading it, there is no pink or the stone celebs at all as shows in the pictures,just random characters. I gave 5stars before but now it is a 3star sorry.


merriam mokoena  12-15-2020
I don't like this releases 👎👎👎👎👎😭


Jan Arzaga  12-14-2020
I cant log in with my facebook account.


Selvakumar Selva  12-14-2020


Tamalee Robinson  12-10-2020
good release just loads slow and not enough cash


Karen Rittenberry  12-9-2020
This so stupid


Sony Ghuman  12-8-2020


Melina Mirizadeh  12-1-2020


Heather Matthews  11-29-2020
I loved this game, but now I cannot sign into Facebook so I cannot gain my release back. I do not desire to have to start the release from the beginning again so I'm going to have to uninstall until that gets fixed. Edited after about a year I installed again and Facebook is still not fixed! Keeping it uninstalled and even less stars now!


Chinecherem Goodnews  11-22-2020
I uninstalled the release before I would even run it. The release could not load past 25% both online and offline. Such a waste.


karan Nath  11-14-2020


Shanice Henry  11-13-2020
Good. Not wrong


Ron Wills  11-13-2020


Belinda Viljoen  11-9-2020
Whats incorrect with the game, I cant repare the peer. declare tape and hold but nothing happens


IWalkWaterRuns  11-6-2020
Its enjoyment and challenging!


Stacie Glenn  11-5-2020
To dozens adds


Masthan Khan  11-4-2020
3 star


Mahya Khlili  11-3-2020


Maricel Cueto  11-1-2020
Im delighted to my release verry good


Marlene Pothin  10-28-2020
fantastic game.


Mobile Sara  10-27-2020


John MacNeil  10-26-2020
fantastic release


Franchetta Thorne  10-26-2020


William Powers  10-22-2020
Love it


Janine Fraser  10-21-2020
whenever glitches. could be better if it loaded properly


Ama Gold  10-21-2020
This is my dream game. I love it!😍❤😍❤😍😍❤😍❤😍❤😍❤I love the graphics.


J k l. d. md Noor alam  10-20-2020
Md nooralam


Deandre Drain  10-19-2020
I really like this release it a 10/10


Victorian Robinson  10-19-2020
I give it a 3 until i finally got it on my phone. But since I'm playing I'm giving it a 5 star quality for know😉. But other than that I like it so far and i go hope the resort can continue where they left off at. I was looking at other people's viewing on the release and agree more tiers to come soon😅


fantastic release but have one large problem and ia that why we cant save the release on run releases or google account just facebook please do something and release have problem sometime release is slow and stuck when we challenge passed release become slow


Michelle Smith  10-11-2020
fantastic release


Ani White  10-11-2020


Chandana Malakar  10-9-2020
Gungun Malakar


R Nafei  10-9-2020
عالی بود ممنون،⁦♥️⁩💖


Aswin Mass  10-8-2020
Super release


Ceri Ashe  10-8-2020


Chet'Tona Beason  10-8-2020
It's cool, tired of the adverts tho


Mahesh puli  10-7-2020


Oyeniran Rachael  10-6-2020
yes extremely excellent


Ashley Minder  10-6-2020
I absolutely love this release ❤ it's extremely enjoyment 😊


Simone Smit  10-5-2020
extremely enjoyment keeps you entertained


Hafizur Khan  10-5-2020


Tyler Moodley  10-4-2020
Such a wrong release it tacks so long to load 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


Phyo Pyee  10-4-2020


Bink Adams  9-29-2020
It was a enjoyment release until I reached tier 10. The auto pop up adverts you cant avoid started which is just a headache but then always I could complete a puzzle the cellphone image wouldnt come back up meaning I couldnt renovate. So I just quit playing. Has potential if bugs gain fixed.


Deepika Mukhia  9-27-2020
It's extremely amusing and good release


Jenna Bostic  9-23-2020
So addictive!


Connie Davidson Takach  9-23-2020
There are 2 dozens adds & not enough gratuitous money


Kingston King  9-23-2020
I really enjoy this release cute 👌👌


بازی خیلی قشنگی هستش


Bethany Miller  9-23-2020
release is fun. However it glitches when you play out of lives. Gotta close release then reopen and buy recent ones. Also I am super stuck on tier 220. I have soent money and used several power ups to rescue and still can't even gain close to it. May have to just delete and step on


King Laura  9-20-2020


Garima Saxena  9-20-2020
Super release 💖💖


Muhammad Ali  9-19-2020


Robyn Snowgrass  9-18-2020


Pamela Coleman  9-15-2020
Relaxing and rescue pass the time


Frances Floyd  9-15-2020
Keeps freezing and crashing, also paid for a limited time transaction and never received my coins. Sent an mail and never heard back from them. Do not recommend!!!


Uche Feranmi Sunday  9-14-2020
fantastic release


Ali.z.a01395 Ali.z.a01395  9-12-2020


Somilanathi Dziba  9-12-2020


Sanaz Halvaee  9-12-2020
extremely excellent


Tony Heaford  9-11-2020
excellent puzzle release


UshaRao K usha  9-9-2020


Adits Aadeez  9-8-2020
each time i come back after playing to the game's major page, every time all the menus unless for the advertising ones disappears. Then i have to restart the game.


lakshmi Priya  9-8-2020


Best Life  9-8-2020


prince Starshine  9-8-2020
Glugfd not


Emma Williams  9-6-2020
Ok release


Naveen Johnny  9-5-2020
Filled with bugs.


aLL iN oNe GaMeR  9-5-2020
extremely excellent release 🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮


Saikat Saikatislam  9-2-2020
Its a extremely good release


Janet King  9-2-2020
It's relaxing


Kevin Richard Andrew Junior  9-1-2020
Keeps freezing and crashing I avail to like this release but now I am really annoyed with it


Chuka Okoli  9-1-2020
The release is extremely interesting


Brittany Hogan  9-1-2020
release is so glitchy you can hardly run it


Vickie Ellicott  9-1-2020
Interesting game.


It's a good enjoyment release I enjoyed it thoroughly 😉


faithy caldwell  8-30-2020
I love the isle


पीराराम रबारी  8-30-2020
आम गया घर


Atalka Underwood  8-29-2020
Too dozens adverts


NIIT SID  8-28-2020
good release I enjoyed it so much.


Emanuel Gomes  8-28-2020
It's really amazing! I like it extremely much!


Suresh Poonia  8-28-2020
I like intractable tier and hilarious too So, I have to complete the tier Bye.


M J  8-28-2020
I didn't like that That was boring


Kelli S.  8-28-2020
release keeps freezing . Not value keeping.


Eliazer Ogeno  8-27-2020
This release keeps on stucking


Anthony Cestina  8-27-2020
it's an wonderful game!


Levi Von Red  8-25-2020
Loved the game, but i have to confess online reviews all lies...once u contact tier 300 in the release it doesnt allow u to go any further..even after several updates release loading stop at 25%


Megan Ashley  8-25-2020
keeps crashing


Hadi Sudmand  8-24-2020


Peter The Ace Griffin  8-24-2020
Your release sucks ass each time I avail a shell and ad shows up each damn time gain rid of that stupid ad trouble then maybe if I'm good I will rate it 5 I wanna run the release not watch Fu**ing adverts Everytime I avail a shell to build


Reimond bandojo  8-23-2020
So good build the starside


cynbear13  8-22-2020
Too dozens glitches and ads. Uninstalling.


Ali Tamaddon  8-22-2020


Chitra Diwar  8-21-2020
extremely good release


Nijah Brown  8-21-2020
could not load


Laura Mansfield  8-21-2020
Its a fantastic release just when after i finnish a tier the task icons are no where to be seen to click on and the only thing you can click is the clip for cash option and when i exit that then the icons are present please repair if you desire a better release



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