Android Version: 6.0App: Starblast
Release date: Apr 16, 2018App Rating: 3
Author: NeuronalityCategory: arcade
Name: StarblastExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Note: Starblast is an online game. A excellent connection to internet is required. try your connection to internet before you start playing! Starblast is a fun, swift paced online multiplayer arcade spot shooter. Take control of your spaceship, mine asteroids, increase your stats, update to diverse categories of spaceships with improved stats and weapons. brawl versus other gamesters and rob their gems. Starblast offers 31 unique ship models, thousands maps, 10 weapons and peculiar powers. You can run 4 release modes: survival, teams, deathmatch and invasion.



ecp  10-22-2021


wahab mohammed  6-20-2021
Wow! Awsome


Abdul Baten  6-20-2021
good release


Gunjidmaa Gunjee  6-19-2021
mobile yeah boys


Some weird German flag  6-4-2021
Absolutely wrong everytime I step somewhere It stays still and just goes to the direction and I just lose finish control hit asteroids and just fly off to a diverse base where I gain killed. repair this release PLEASE!


ÆSIR  5-21-2021
Worst server. Sell skins to ameliorate servers


Rex Montanez  5-20-2021
This release is so laggy i maintain dying and moving to random places please repair this


George Godfrey  5-12-2021
This is extremely laggy please repair it


Dangeres Mushroom  5-5-2021
extremely excellent release But please add recent mods in the release


ravindra jatav  5-3-2021
why there is ad of 1:00 min in web version. you guys must kept the ad length maximal to 15 sec. Hate those 1min ad.


Venful True sun god temple  4-30-2021
extremely laggy u suck


{ Shadow }  4-19-2021
I just installed the release and can't even run it. It's for some motive so laggy that my ship just goes off into nowhere and hits asteroids and teammates and it just makes it unplayable. There's tons bigger releases then this one and they're not as laggy as this game. Please repair the lag.


Maikel Uzhca  4-16-2021


Abhinav Rathour  4-11-2021
I love it!!❤️ But I have noticed that, STARBLAST has extremely few updates!! I desire more recent spaceships!! All over good game!! GG


Bungee Zombie  4-9-2021
Thank you for fixing the controls the graphics are tons better 😃


chalamcharla neerajakshi  4-9-2021
I like


Moose on Shrooms  4-3-2021
For an io game, this is exceptional.


Ria Fe Labajo  3-31-2021
Worst release it so laggy when my wifi is excellent bruh


Maximus Craftus  3-29-2021
I have been playing the pc version for a long time. This is different. Well, the controls are a bit intractable to use, it has a of frame chokes (or connection, idk). It does look just as excellent as the pc version but problems don't really execute up for it. For example group style not working for me and a lot of people. but hey, you don't look like you execute mobile releases so, maintain up the excellent work and maintain this enjoyment release alive :D plus, it's NOT one of those "imma steel ur personal informations uwu" category releases


Naim_ 56  3-27-2021
I like the game.


Untru3_Resistance  3-26-2021
exquisite release ever made excellent graphics and sound I'm cheerful 👌


The cheddar guy  3-25-2021
Kaelion 2007 is right. I also played for quite a while but not as long as him. I remember only being able to run the release on an internet browser in 2017. I still love this release and i gain nostalgic each time i run it


Anandha Valli  3-19-2021
Wow better game. I like it! The melody like my favorite! I whenever run better than Roblox! But i rated for 3 stars because if i run group death match style it whenever turns black


mohamed aslam  3-17-2021
This release audio is so relaxing and peaceful,and im cheerful we can plat this release on PC thisgame deserves a 5 star


Brandon Panza  3-12-2021
It was laggy, the controls sucked, and the bullets were invisible, and you couldn't even see you stats.


Ingbenn  3-12-2021
Just, yes.


Max Jimmy Dela Cruz  3-12-2021
Hmmm... I'm a smartphones usufructuary but I can't play the game! I played this for years in computer I'm delighted but when I uncover it mobile and downloaded it but It doesn't run.But this is a good release


Mr Grievous  3-5-2021
It is super glichy excellent release tho


David Schmetterer  2-28-2021
Really laggy and impossible to play, granted, on lower end hardware (moto x4). Still, it shouldn't run like this.


bruv  2-25-2021
I love this release so tons but i have to give a three to be sincere i like the ancient release delovment on the release controls


Liam Rogers  1-26-2021
First of all, don't listen to those dependents who call this release "3-D" I signed up to be a beta tester for this release on pc before the release came out and I was one of the lucky 50 that got to be one. About 5 years later, I'm still playing the release nearly everyday. Recently got the ECP on Steam on pc. The ECP is only there to execute you look cool. I'm currently in the top 200 gamesters in the world. One of my most beloved releases of all time, right up there with OoT. Simply put, near perfect. GG


José Luis Paladines Sánchez  1-24-2021
It's the exquisite release ever :D I instruct playing on a computer!


Suzan Syria  1-23-2021
Stupid release Most Trashest release and kick me out 😡 liar release they think we won't kick just they are anooying release and it lies to not this is lying no more 5 stars for starblast!!! -5 Stars for you Starblast this is clearly lying i won't trust you starblast


yash sarode  1-23-2021
No upgrade since 2018


Shubham Sen Gupta  1-16-2021
release is fantastic but please whittle the lag


Mars Nic  1-5-2021
At early periods in the game, it runs smoothly but aa the release progresses to mid and invading events(especially ship swarms) it becomes soo lag that you can barely control the ship. I do not believe it is an ISP problem so please repair this


Nathan I C  1-2-2021
Its so laggy i dont wanna buy tje fastest Internet so u should repair this f*kin lahgy release ive been playing this release angryly for 5 years and still u havent repair this release ur a wrong dev


Noah Devlieger  12-20-2020
Whoever created this release you suck! This release needs absolute pledged loyalty of your internet. I advise you to not download this game.


Ghost_Demm  12-19-2020
i like the release on computer but on smartphone its just realy buggy and laggy and glitchy.


A Normal Chicken  12-14-2020
good release but this release lags as hell


Person Baba  12-13-2020
I like this game, but the only problem is that I can't see my health, my sheild, or my gems, so can you please add bars?


Benjamin Fogg  12-12-2020
I declare 3 stars because its a excellent release but half the modes are unplayable due to lag


The mommy life / funny  12-9-2020
The heck is that lag?!??!??! Like was is this I can't even run the release because of the lag you must just..... You know what.... You creators are wrong I thought to like but not just of the lag?!!?!! What is this release


EpicRaptorTamer  12-7-2020
please deliver this release to ios please this release is fantastic


Arfa Kharaj  11-26-2020


Sabrina Crowsey  11-24-2020
Keeps lagging and glitching out repair THIS RIGHT NOW


Benji The First  11-23-2020
I have been playing this release for at least three to four years and it is amazing. But there must really be more variant of ships. It could execute things more interesting. Instead of have two diverse ships to pick from leveling up, there must be three, or maybe even four. Other than that it is great. I also love the nautic series. Its my beloved of those release modes. Personally I think that ECP is cheating and shouldn't be allowed because it is unfair.


Starkiller3025  11-13-2020
Doesn't even load


waremblem45  11-10-2020
It do be enjoyment tho


Skull2792  11-7-2020
I love this release ive been playing it for years but i could rlly like more ships like the lvl 2 2 choices it could be fantastic if that could be more like 4 choices so itll be kore exciting because more ships are there to choose and add some more stuff in the store like fix drones rocket drones etc itll be more exciting that idea but over all this is a rlly fantastic release


azman abu  10-30-2020
Y curnt furbished


Iso  10-26-2020
Is excellent


Dizzy _033  10-20-2020
This release stinks cause it doesnt permit me chose a side i click on one and it Doesnt do anything it just doesnt do anything this release stinks


Eagle  10-16-2020
exquisite release ever


Ederson Alfato  10-6-2020
Ive tried it at crazygames. Com it extremely good


Maxel3582  10-1-2020
Please repair all servers in policy of speed. I've been aware of Starblast and playing it since 2016, and finally was just able to buy an ecp a bit ago. However, I discover lag to be a constant problem even when I'm not playing on the mod servers. So please, discover a idea to work around this lag somehow because it vastly decreases my performance in release and I love this release and desire it to succeed. Also, yes, controls are really only excellent on pc so improvements can be made in dozens places.


Yogz01  9-18-2020
wrong controls, server lag(Asia), pc gamesters in same lobby


Olligar Officer  8-7-2020
Wow i thought playing on mobile is eazy but no it's worse than just playing mac book and pc


Trisk Khan  8-1-2020
Alot of adverts , and better on pc , gratuitous on browser


Adin Kim  7-30-2020
So tons lag, its impossible to run


Uriah Frieze  7-10-2020
It's wonderful on the computer but the controls on the smartphone or just horrible I need some work major problem it murders my smartphone just to play when I turned it off my smartphone was lit on fire but other than that it's a general a enjoyment release and I instruct it to anyone


Towley Jr  7-1-2020
Too tons glitching and lagging. Not playable when in combat.


Eve Hampton  6-28-2020


Theo  6-24-2020
This release is not optimized at all for mobile. run the web version on pc or buy it on steam


Jackson81 Gaming  6-17-2020
I dont like the fact that you whenever glitch on mobile everytime you step and it's just annoying. I reccomend you run on a computer


Bijo George  6-16-2020
exquisite release ever


Hemanth Bobbary  6-6-2020
wonderful 👌👌


Stephen Hatcher  5-26-2020
Lag. Needs work.


swati sah  5-25-2020
This release is extremely wrong when I died I recoverd my self near crazy aliens and I was having 9000 gems after it was 600 gems the motive because giving three star


A Google user  5-24-2020
ogm enjoyment


Baby Yoda  5-23-2020


F S  5-22-2020


X. S.  5-7-2020
It's a really enjoyment release especially on mobile but PLEASE repair the glitch where you cant see anything, that's the only motive I rated it a 4 star.


Just Your Normal Human  5-6-2020
Toomuch lag, and look the adverts there it looks like one death one ad and i am so sure that one of the motives why its so slow.


KyberNate  4-27-2020


Thomas Kelly  4-12-2020
This edition sucks. If you are going to run, you have to run on a pc and buy a ecp. Otherwise, gameplay is slowed down by adverts and the gameplay just overall sucks on a phone. I honestly love, having played 10s of hours of it, but for real, this edition ruins the game.. you can't even add your ecp on this


coalblade 207  3-26-2020
A total beauty of a release just fantastic all around


Isaiah Graham  3-14-2020
Love it


Kara Ayala  3-6-2020
this release is GREAT!!! i love it, its so addicting and anyone can play, you know with all the levels, its so fun, i rate this release a five.


KervinDonald Almazan  3-4-2020
i hate it it just kick me out of the game...(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Travengamer  2-20-2020
I could like this release if it wasn't for the fact you cant see any of the hud.👎


Klyross  2-15-2020


Thatcher LeBlanc  2-14-2020
Can't run too laggy, repair to gain better grade


Alex Christensen  1-26-2020
I really enjoy this release


Diego Hernandez  1-5-2020
I absolutely love this release and i am so addicted i run on my computer. But playing on my smartphone makes me love this fame more the only thing stopping me is the release crashing in my phone. Please repair this you have a amazing release and its really fun.


Andrew Cherney  12-22-2019
release consistently freezes after selecting a style to play.


Alex Briola  12-3-2019
The site to the server won't work.


Ram Ganesh wadhwa  12-2-2019


Memes are da best  11-3-2019
How would i buy ecp using my phone?


Altan institute  11-3-2019
There is no gratuitous ecp codes by downloading this its just the same


B0T  10-26-2019
Sucks suck sucks and it has no control


Innocent Wolff  9-29-2019
The pc version is so tons better this is garbage so tons lag and you run on pc servers acually put some effort in to your release execute mobile there own servers and the release is just idea to laggy cant even avail my ecp


Brayden  9-3-2019
I have a suggestion, Add sandbox style to mess around with your friends. (I have a question too, Is this cross platform?{And if it is would you maybe add an option to only run with others on the same platform?}) Thank you, -Brayden Edit: I have another suggestion, Anti-Piracy & Anti-Cheat (For anti piracy and anticheat put something in the release to execute it where if it detects modifications to the release it can execute the release useless to the modder/exploiter. Thanks Again, -Brayden


Pratibha Khandelwal  7-23-2019
Its an awsome release with cool graphics


Maria Alvarez  7-22-2019
it's excellent


K3nnyao  7-20-2019
This release is rubbish I used to love it but now when I run it on my recent smartphone the bullets are invisible and my hud is invisible and you guys are doing nothing to repair this. Will give the same rating on all my other gadgets too if you don't conform or repair the game!


Natalia Proaño  7-10-2019
increible juego es el exito me encanta


Seth Stevenson  7-6-2019
I like it but its extremely glitchy see what you can do about those bugs


Defecticon  6-20-2019
The PC and domain versions are amazing, but this severely outdated garbage is very lacking in updates, the newest one being a year ago. You cant do anything besides changing your name and color, and playing one of the 4 gamemodes or the training mode. upon that it is very laggy, no matter how excellent your gadget is, and the controls are really, really bad.


Javier Garcia  6-18-2019
the release is extremely enjoyment and challenging:) but the recent ship is idea too overpowered mattamore or pgml can you please nerf it because it can't be killed and plz take away the aliens at the sun they are annoying and it's to straight to gain gems so invasion style isn't that cool anymore


Michael Berglund  6-16-2019
the controls for mobile are a bit harder to aim with than the controls on the browser version of this game. I was wondering if anyone knew how to donate gems in group style while playing on mobile? I dont know if this edition is a cross platformer meaning that dependents are also playing on their PC as well on mobile and that's why I can't donate gems and other dependents can. If anyone knows how to, I could greatly appreciate it if you would talk me how to donate gems in the mobile version.


ひとりx ALPHA  5-19-2019
pls add a recent map system but still the pc style have the excellent gui but mobile gui is kinda wrong so pls repair it and execute a suggestion button in the major edition and pls include the occasions 😀😀😀


DAVID-23 Stark  4-27-2019
este juego no me gusta porque toma mucho tiempo recolectar cristales y ademas da lag este juego es malisimo y espero que lo quiten de la existencia no me gusta en absoluto en este juego no se puede hacer nada NO LO JUEGUEN


Chance Ybarra  4-19-2019
Amazing. Absolutely love it. Gray release run and dozens tiers for your ship!


John Dawson  4-13-2019
gamebreaking bug where bullets arent rendered, no matter what settings are used. was also the same over 3 months ago. cant see any bullets at all, not mine of the enemies'. Device: S8 Plus


The Jarl  4-7-2019
nj, its 2019 and you still havent repaired a single thing. smartphones asset error, congrats Nueronality. Youre doing great. Might as well hand off this release to someone else who knows what they are doing, so that they can execute some improvements since this group lacks the will to do so. Or GP/PS can just remove this release off the store, willy nilly. edit: @Tina Haines, that was the dumbest request ive seen yet as of today. Congrats to you as well.


Shubham Sen Gupta  4-6-2019


Tina Haines  3-21-2019
execute it so when someones in heal style they cant take injure from enimes cuz its not fair when ppl can do injure to you in that style but you cant do injure to them


Nathaniel O'Connor  1-27-2019
I love this release on pc. but mobile version feels cheap. especially invasion style its really difficult because round 1 has like 50 enemy's and why is it online only just to execute it lagy. don't gain this release on mobile gain it on pc.



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