Android Version: 5.0App: Staff! - Job Game | Real Life Simulator
Release date: Jun 19, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: SayGamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Staff! - Job Game | Real Life SimulatorExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Chris Ely  12-7-2020
Dont run this release its a scam i purchased no adverts and am still forced to watch them waste of my time and money


Lina Linoucha  12-7-2020
This is cool release


Eileen Jones-Thomaa  12-7-2020
Fonomal I love it🤩


boser  12-7-2020
Controls would be better


Yosanny Germosen  12-7-2020
I am recent to this release like it😍


Marlon Henry  12-7-2020


Olivia B  12-7-2020
Love it


Gaming with the Family  12-7-2020
this is extremely enjoyment but i can't do the secand tier the boxs fall though the earth pls repair i desire to run more


Mahdi Mahmoudi  12-7-2020


arab matin  12-7-2020
Dusk is dufl gf g if as hi g


Stacy Slowinski  12-7-2020
Love this release so tons I can't stop playing it .


Nadeem Q  12-7-2020
I just started the release and it was extremely extremely enjoyment you gain a recent home and gain a excellent job


K.Sriram Charan  12-7-2020


Team Cyborg  12-7-2020
enjoyment game! It fooled me at first, it really looks like any other mobile release at first glance, but after playing for a while you realize how tons work and thought was put into this.


Ayiesha Alcayde  12-7-2020
Its beutiful but i dint like it


Lim Sin Joo Jill  12-7-2020


Giselle Hutchinson  12-7-2020
outstanding release


Michael Pattison  12-7-2020
Forced adverts


20K Subscribers Challenge  12-7-2020
Too Lag And Back To house Screen!!


Ashtin Masiglat  12-7-2020
I have a fantastic time in this release I love the jobs and the home oh this is outstanding


aziz Shaikh  12-7-2020
And download this the release run human enjoyment


Andres Armendariz  12-7-2020
The release is enjoyment and I pay the 2.99 to remove the ads, why is there more adverts after every job....uhhh


Oofy2  12-7-2020
This release is excellent


Jayda May  12-7-2020
Its a excellent release but there is a bug where suddenly you are just in the center of nowhere in a center of a level.


Bahtiar Salih  12-6-2020
Hahahaha is hilarious


Faheem Rashdi  12-6-2020


yanyan Macasio  12-6-2020
Its pretty


Kiyan Javani  12-6-2020
It is excellent but wen you gain to tier 19 it never ends the job I mean


Ilithya_Ellery  12-6-2020


Yu Fang Oh  12-6-2020


Jordan Miller  12-6-2020
This release needs more tiers that aren't the same ones repeated, it gets old.


Nuryn Edryana Yasmin  12-6-2020
This release is the exquisite ever


Pakde Bimbo  12-6-2020


con  12-6-2020
10/10 could recommend, just got laughed on while extinguishing a fire for spilling water on the floor


Snow Bunny  12-6-2020
execute the jobs a little harder


Diario Of A Single Mom  12-6-2020
Did first tier i love it


JLiet Widj  12-6-2020
Day-night. Seasons change..


Raiyaan Sheerazi  12-6-2020


Infinite Void Sparks Squad 2020  12-6-2020
It's a cool release And It HAS SKINS!


Marshall Staples  12-6-2020
I just started playing and i love it!


Yasin Basem  12-6-2020
This release is so good


Maygan Henry  12-6-2020
This release is wonderful 😍🤩👍🏽👌🏾


Melina Brooke  12-6-2020
The staff jobs are so tons fun!


Craig Mullins  12-6-2020
Its good.


Samonjoy Bhanja  12-6-2020
exquisite yall


Violet Gwaze  12-6-2020
EDIH🍀⚽️🥇🏅MONEY my money


SRIYA PRAVEEN  12-6-2020
good release


James Purdy  12-6-2020
excellent release


Jerremy Remillosa  12-6-2020
This release is fun, but there's no cloud save


Corey Kratos  12-6-2020
The release runs beautiful smooth but with the constant ads, it's not value playing.


NO OB  12-6-2020
I am the kskskalso9oksooooowo the other side is to this clip can not gain the future and any attachment to this message was delivered to go with the other hand the following ad to


Stephanie Buchanan  12-6-2020
It is cool


Kala Sharma  12-6-2020
Booyah exquisite release no glitches


Glaimee Seager  12-6-2020


Jill Jack  12-6-2020


Blake Squires  12-6-2020
It's a Really excellent release


Coolerasice  12-6-2020
A really wrong "Good Job" for the switch clone. Most of the textures and basically the entire way is ripped from excellent Job. Not extremely polished and audio is okay but gets repetitive after a while.


elaine Fabi  12-6-2020


funny moments murder mystery 2  12-6-2020
release cukup exquisite lah


义ØP乡MíHíR  12-6-2020
good release I love you


Eddie Baltazar  12-6-2020
I cant intall


Leticia Quinones  12-6-2020
Cool I like it.


Rashdan Ahmad  12-6-2020
I like it


Dineo Mashinini  12-6-2020
I love it when ever theres a line l just smash it this it to the dependents who complaimed about adverts just shut down your informations or wifi


Piotr Rajkiewcz  12-6-2020
It's a fantastic and addictive release but sometimes it freezes when I triple my reward. Other than that it is a fantastic game.


Nokutenda M.L Tembo  12-6-2020
I give it one because it keeps giving me. 130 the money and repair your release L


Shaquille Oatmeal  12-5-2020
So far, I really like the game. The two most noticeable drawbacks are, the tasks don't deliver forth tons money and the tiers that require you to propel yourself forward aren't working for me. I've found initially, I was able to fling myself forward but now, I'm no longer able to.


Shivangi Sharma  12-5-2020
I really love the edition it is so good because I like this genre of releases and in this releases you can initiate your dream home that is why I like the release


NOTHING channel  12-5-2020
Btbi7 but jo yb



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