Android Version: 5.0App: Sports Tracker Running Cycling
Release date: Jun 29, 2011App Rating: 5
Author: Amer Sports DigitalCategory: health & fitness
Name: Sports Tracker Running CyclingExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Sports Tracker is not only one of the exquisite fitness editions around, it’s the original sports app. For over a decade, Sports Tracker has helped millions of fitness supporters around the world gain inspired across exercise, and it can rescue you too -- whether it’s running, cycling, walking, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or other sports activities that power your passion. Track your training using mighty GPS and maps, analyze everything from calories burned to average speed and altitude, and monitor your progress as you work towards your fitness goals. exquisite of all, you don’t have to go it alone! Sports Tracker is the social sports tracking product and service that started it all. mighty social details permit you share your workout progress and pictures with buddies and followers, motivating you to stay on follow with your training. FANTASTIC details TO gain YOU FIT Sports Tracker for smartphones comes with mighty social details in addition to award-winning GPS tracking capabilities, making it the most feature-packed, straight to avail fitness edition available: - follow and analyze your workout performances - Monitor your fitness progress - Record informations in your Workout Diary for progress analysis and back it up on Sports Tracker’s online service - follow calories burned, average training and cycling speed, running pace, altitude and more - avail GPS maps, time and distance calculators - gain voice opinions during training - track buddies who inspire and motivate you and see their progress on your social feed - Encourage buddies by commenting and liking their updates, right from your house screen - Share your progress, photos, workouts, beloved running and cycling maps and more with buddies on Sports Tracker, Facebook, and Twitter - Prefer a private workout? No problem! There’s no pressure to share. EXPLORE recent roads ON FASCINATING HEATMAPS -Explore and discover recent roads anywhere you are -Choose your favourite map category (terrain, satellite or hybrid) -Plan your road beforehand and adjust distance to match your fitness tier -Easily save your beloved roads to run, hike, MTB or bike in any territory -Follow your road in the edition to stay on follow -Analyze your route-specific performance with the “On this route” feature -Find Heatmaps for your sport type: trail running maps, Mountain Bike routes, most common trails in domestic parks or a recent exactly 10K route play in your neighborhood -See the local’s favourite roads when traveling and find hidden treasures you wouldn’t discover in a travel guide HEART RATE MONITORING Take your training to the next tier with the Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor – attainable separately at FREE ONLINE SERVICE AT WWW.SPORTS-TRACKER.COM Sports Tracker is the most mighty social sports tracking advice attainable for smartphones when used with the full-featured online service at The gratuitous online service offers automatic workout backup, detailed maps and analysis views, friends' workouts and lots more. Ready to have enjoyment getting fit so that you can be your personal best? Download Sports Tracker today and join the world’s first and the exquisite social sports edition community. Here's the advice how to continue if tracking happens to stop while working out:



Kelvin Lucas Laizer  6-22-2021
good edition


Karen Ballantyne  6-19-2021
This was a extremely excellent calorie counter. It helped me to accuratly remove body fat via cycling and deducting the calories. Cannot avail it now as its not how it avail to be. Thanks anyway.


cns cns  6-19-2021


gowda dinesh  6-18-2021


Mart Paemurru  6-18-2021
newest upgrade removed speed from the follow records. Can't see a idea to put it back. Loved the edition because of this simple feature. Hope to gain speedy fix.


Warwick Carter  6-17-2021
Painful. Starting a play takes three actions. It's not like we're launching a first strike here. One click and go. Getting to the end of a play and finding no results is not uncommon. Being unable to activate and record from a widget or command could be great, but I'll settle for a simple start button that doesn't desire any extras. Painful adverts too.


Ben Wilz  6-17-2021
I've been using this edition since the golden age of cell smartphones 2011 (Nokia N9). For years it's worked well, no matter what gadget I had at the time. Until just now, first runs of the summer, it's turned into rubbish. I start recording my run, go for about 20 minutes, try my progress and it's back at the start screen. I swear I started it, but maybe I didn't. So I do it again. 20 minutes later, I try and it's back to the start screen. Sometime mid run, it just fails silently, keeps no record.


Roberto Gonzalo R Andrade  6-17-2021
I love this app. I've tried other as well and whenever return to sports tracker. It's precise and does what it needs. It also does not suck away my battery. Extra recommended. upgrade new updates have taken away some details I loved like allowing me to save my photos in my smartphone or some other significant informations for me. i might not switch apps, but I should take away some points.


Manohara Madhu  6-16-2021


Alex Savander  6-15-2021
No dark style


Mick Wragg  6-15-2021
Have used this edition for a number of years and whenever liked it. new updates, however do not save photographs on my phone, so I will now change to komoot.


David T  6-13-2021
I like the edition so far, especially the heat map feature. I just wish there could be a WearOs edition so I would avail my smartwatch for tracking and as a HR sensor. With WearOs integration I could avail it idea more than I do right now and it could be a 5 star edition for me.


Federico Tiberi  6-13-2021
AGGIORNAMENTO 12 GIUGNO 2021. Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento l'App per l'orologio è sparita e non rileva più la fascia cardio. 1 STELLA. Peccato perchè era molto comoda. Lo uso per tracciare passeggiate e brevi corse. Trovo molto utili i opinions vocali. A differenza di altre edition non supporta smartphones Wear. Esiste l'App per smartwatch ma è solo un telecomando per quella nel telefono, senza telefono non serve a nulla. Quando includera' la compatiblità smartphones wear tornera' a 5 stelle.


Ready Instagram  6-12-2021
Baru pertama kalinya


Johnny B  6-10-2021
Just upgraded to the fresh version..4.41 I think it is.The earlier version could auto save the photos in a photo folder. Tis version has removed it and now put a large Sportstracker logo on the picture..You can only step the photo to somewhere else with the Share option..Have downloaded and APK earlier version so all as it used to be.. Be aware of this main change


mohd faizal hakimi  6-10-2021
extremely wrong


Iuliana Albu  6-9-2021
Since few days all the speed graphs have dissapered. I really watched them after every runnining, to inprove my performance. It's frustrating that it was just taken off


Samir Ziane  6-7-2021
I like using this edition for tracking my workouts, it's extremely serviceable


Ville Sjöblom  6-6-2021
I used to be able to view a speed graph of a single workout. Now it has just disappeared. And I'm paying for this! Not for long, I guess.


yorkSmoker  6-6-2021
Since newest few days edition doesn't save pictures in sports tracker folder, and i can't discover them in smartphone storage.


A Google user  6-5-2021
Edit: Haven't used this edition tons in a year because it doesn't aid my recent smartwatch. I mostly avail another edition that also tracks other things . exquisite training app! Can initiate routes, a bit clumsily, before going outside eighter to a destination or from heatmap of paths others have used. Workouts can be edited later which helps if you forget to stop or start recording.


Dorin Mario  6-4-2021
Today, edition and domain stopped working. I can not log with Fb or email. I even check to reset password but is not working. Looks that after 5 years I should to step to other app. I lost thousands of work-out, but, that s life...


A Google user  6-4-2021
This was the one edition I desired from my ancient Nokia before I moved to smartphones and it's even better as a phone version, I have used a lot of the alternatives but this just does it better, extremely professional service.


Jim Riding  6-3-2021
good edition for my walking activities. Unfortunately since the update, sports tracker doesn't save my photos to the folder 'Sports Tracker' when I connect the smartphone to the computer.


Parth talekar  6-3-2021
The exquisite in all.


Vs Vs  6-1-2021
Doesn't work with Polar H10


Ve sian  6-1-2021
I have used this edition since 2015. I absolutely adored it first. straight to use. Free. Accurate. But since I have got in tons better shape I had to start using a heart rate monitor to further ameliorate my training. I googled for a HRM with fantastic reviews yet at affordable price. And it seems Sports tracker is doing all they can to prevent dependents using HRM which they are not directly being paid to advertise. For that motive I am going to avail Strava from now on. Farewell.


Kelsey  5-30-2021
exquisite edition for running


zokonjazokonja  5-29-2021
Some irritating details I see on this app. 1. On house image you removed sunset/sunrise news which was wery serviceable for workout start 2. You do not have any averaging of GPS positioning data, averaging could filter glitches of GPS error, even ancient Nokia Sports tracker had this 3. Pause sound info can be extremely iritatating, and can not be turned OFF. Most of this false intimations are caused by GPS glitches which could be less problem if GPS averaging is implemented (point 2).


Bill Milner  5-28-2021
I like this edition and just went extended to see if i liked the better topo maps. It said one month gratuitous but it ended up charging me. Feel a little ripped off.


Ivan Cirkovic  5-27-2021
More gratuitous


Ahmed El-Sakka  5-25-2021
Downloaded the edition and 2 other editions to experiment and compare results, this edition stopped during the activity and when restarted the ultimate upshot was 53 min duration and 0.4 km and no road shown, while the other 2 editions showed 4.5 km stroll and accurate route, will experiment again tmrw.


أنــس المغربي  5-23-2021
It not working on background, even when I turn off battry save style


Heikki Ojanen  5-17-2021
It's a fantastic app, been using it as a subscriber for years. However, I just recently got a company recent Polar HR sensor and couldn't believe it's not working with the app. Feels genre of childish to me to reject Polar HR sensors altogether... could love to maintain on using Sports Tracker but don't desire to play two separate editions at the same time while working out. Couldn't discover any working workarounds to have my gadget connected.


Manuel Kirchen  5-17-2021
I really love this app! In my opinion, it is by far the exquisite fitness tracker app. But I change my review from 5 to 3 stars for the really meager wearable support. Sports-Tracker doesn't work with most fitness bands & smartwatches. This means you have to avail multiple apps, which is no long term solution.


Hasmukh Patel IPS  5-17-2021
The product has worked thrice in newest 6 months. It automatically changes the time out setting and shut down while the activity is on though I have set time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and not using any power saving style Even your aid site is not operable


ric' S bunch 1  5-15-2021
My only downfall with this app, is if you are leaving your home, it MAY NOT switch from wifi to data. I had a couple of rides where I checked was working, and it only recorded the first 100 meters


Pavel Kozodaev  5-14-2021
I can't initiate account. Really disappointing.


Robert Solberg  5-13-2021
edition stops tracking after 30 feet don't waste your time it's a gimmick edition


Samarjit Bisoyi  5-13-2021
One issue. Its no more giving the distance music alarm during running and cycling. I gain the music alarm when the edition is set only for walking.


Boniface Nashon  5-12-2021
exquisite tracker


Roger Antoniu  5-10-2021
I can't gain them to annul my subscription.


Michal Peterek  5-10-2021
Does no eat battery too much, tracking is accurate. Only Missing finish dark theme to execute it 5stars.


Ljubomir Ciglar  5-6-2021
Drains the battery too much.


Oryan368  5-2-2021
Why did they remove ability to edit runs wrong edition dont gain it


Fran Hill  5-1-2021
Until a few days ago this edition worked really well. Allowing me to record where we went and whether we were hiking or snowshoeing. A few days ago something went incorrect and the edition stops recording g shortly after we set out. May need to reinstall


shehab Ismail  5-1-2021
excellent edition


Ndinani Ndira  5-1-2021


Deniboni Siva  4-25-2021


Dejan Perović  4-25-2021
Do even junior developers works on this app? They do not repair bug which stop to follow after 10-15min. I wrote to aid few months ago and today I have tested. All the after a few updates.


M Noneya  4-19-2021
deliver BACK THE DARK THEME!!! IT'S SO tons EASIER ON THE EYES...PLEASE!!! And execute it so I can site with Polar heart sensor.. PLEASE!!!


A Google user  4-19-2021
I wish it would sync with my garnin phoenix 5....


Pekka Päiväkumpu  4-18-2021
edition cannot be used without logging in, r u serious??


Nasrat Hamid  4-16-2021
It has been excellent for years but now it stops recording after few seconds


Isaiah Tukuvaka  4-16-2021


Elias  4-13-2021
Removed dark theme.


Snd Efx  4-12-2021
I drive for doordash. I could love to set the sports tracker and see my pattern at the end of a shift. I've tried to do that a couple times and set it on mountain biking the fastest thing closest to a car. But everytime I end the shift it didn't save. I'm not sure if it's too long or if it looks like a automobile is driving and not a bike. How can we repair that? I tried to discover an mail for aid but couldn't discover one.


Marcin Jablonski  4-11-2021
each time it tells you how dozens miles you went it whenever declare miles it doesn't matter what mile marker you cross


Light love and music  4-9-2021
This edition is really well done. straight to avail and and all the features you need for exercising. The only thing that I've noticed is that the count of calories is really high.


Termite Hunter  4-7-2021
Keeps stopping after 1 minute of my workout ... I expect better from the developers of this app! I now have no way how dozens calories I burnt and I relied on this edition that has now failed me twice. Do you ever experiment this app, developers?! horrible usufructuary experience and you have just lost me as a former faithful user.


Innocent Sai  4-6-2021


Tu pla  4-5-2021
I was cycling a road and the edition was drawing the path just fine but when I arrived house and stopped the tracking it just lost the whole gps drawn path. Guess i cant trust the edition to maintain the paths saved if something going incorrect just deletes the already cycled path.


ma to  4-4-2021
There's no idea to import / export activities (via gpx files) in the app. What's the point? I surely don't desire to leave my past activities behind if I am to start using this app. And I desire to be sure I can gain my informations out if I decide so anytime in future. -- Also: This edition is absolute of trackers and you cannot turn them off. 👎 -- Other than that the edition is extremely good and useful. Thanks and regards. :)


Kailash Mohankar  4-3-2021
I am not able to track anyone. When I hit track button, it says, "Oops! Something went wrong. check again." It is circumstance since a long. Kindly repair the issue.


Amir Mohamed  4-3-2021
fantastic love the usufructuary experience


Ari Kauppinen  4-2-2021
last versions don't aid Suunto Bike Sensor, it is not recognized by the app. I had to revert back to Sport Tracker version 3.9.38 (21211) and switch off auto-update in Google Play... With that build Bike Sensor works as should. Otherwise I like the app, not the last developments though 😥


Nilesh Vatrak  4-1-2021


Juha Vainio  4-1-2021
could be good to have time settings for heatmap. Now in winter it shows stroll tracks in territory where dependents actually ski. Allow sorting of roads e.g. distance, name Allow sorting of my routes. Maps > My tracks: execute or allow usufructuary to switch follow colour to red. Green isn't too visible. Updates to road in edition do not gain upgraded to web site. roads created in edition do not gain upgraded to web site.


SoulAkuma  4-1-2021
fantastic edition 👌🏿


boyan bravo  3-31-2021
It is ok app. would you implement Varia radar with sound allert like edition Ride with gps have


jamil Ahmad  3-30-2021
extremely serviceable app.


Michael Fernandez  3-29-2021
Been using this edition for 6 yrs now. Gives me most of the news I desire when exercising. I only had 2 tracking troubles on my ancient phone, probably from the fact the smartphone was ancient and outdated. gratuitous version usufructuary here.


Mathuse Mlambo  3-29-2021
Dissatisfied after updating, the edition stopped working 😔 I'm now looking for a recent edition that won't drop me out of the blue with my workout records.


Mukeshbhai Manabhai  3-25-2021
excellent 🙂


Jiri Kroutil  3-24-2021
My sports-tracker edition stop working when smartphones 10 goes to sleep after 30mins, doesnt matter what you set in battery option etc. Strange, it works good, but now its over.5 stars because I'm using it since Symbian device, hope repair will be soon.


Jim Gast  3-23-2021
I could have given it 5 stars but it needs a pause trait when you're not moving. I avail the edition while birding and frequently go less than 1 mph so it pauses. If I hit the pause button I end up forgetting to restart.


jexsuzz_  3-23-2021
Too slow


craftgamer  3-23-2021
Bad. I was running outside for homework 30 mins. Battery saving was turned off and gps was on. I ran about 7 kilometers but aftet I was gonna send the results to the teacher. The distance showed 0:00km and 70 kalories. Don't downlaod this edition if you desire to maintain follow of your runnings or do homework


damjan trivan  3-22-2021
Really disapointed, highly inaccurate app. Went on a regular stroll ( approximately 8.5 km) the edition measured 6 km. Just by looking the road on the map that the edition marked, you would see the inaccuracies .If it is having troubles with walking I wonder how wrong is running /cycling.


Super Videos  3-22-2021
I 😍 you


Adam Beers  3-21-2021
There is absolutely no motive to ask me for any news or to gather any data. I just desire to follow my mileage, what the hell do you need any informations from me for.


Anette Bergman  3-21-2021
My Sports Tracker doesn't save the exercises anymore. I have upgraded my smartphone etc etc. Still doesn't work. First time I noticed this was a couple of days ago. Samsung mobile.


Don Barone  3-20-2021
Where did the map go on my workout summary? Since thursday, no map to review my skate? Is that extended now??


mandipsinh jadeja  3-20-2021


Wai Lei  3-19-2021
Since lasr upgrade you cannot save your activity


Er Akash Verma  3-19-2021
exquisite of all, and also me


Ivan Daeling  3-18-2021
This was the exquisite edition on my ancient Windows smartphone but is trash on smartphones . Autopause is a joke, it takes about 6-10 sec to stop or start again and meanwhile that distance is not recorded and time is off . An accelerometer must be implemented . .The distance measurements are off by at least 5%


Mafi Shaikh  3-17-2021
excellent edition


Nishant Kumar  3-17-2021
V excellent


Robert Blackwood  3-17-2021
extremely excellent


A Google user  3-17-2021
extremely excellent app.allways accurate, I've used it for a number of years and I can't fault it.. like the recent upgrade clear interesting and 🌞Colin..


A Google user  3-16-2021


Igor Brevdo  3-15-2021
The product is freezed at the end of every activity. Dissapointed


Ajay Patel  3-15-2021


A Google user  3-12-2021
upgrade 03-2021: Can upload only one picture at a time. Previously uploading more media was functional, now is not helpful to share long workouts. exquisite of ST: you can see your world map and can see workouts in detail


Jintal Dabhi  3-11-2021


Terry Stewart  3-10-2021
10Mar2021: I'm lowering my evaluation to 0 on a 10 scale. I have used and truly enjoyed using the appl for 5 years up until the newest upgrade (Jan/Feb 2021) which forces me to log in to Facebook or Google ... thereby sharing my extremely personal and private news with corporations that I DESPISE. except I am able to revert to a former version or otherwise overide this FORCED /MANDATED login, I will be permanently deleting this appl. 15Sep2015: good appl. UPDATE: Excellent! application.


London McDougal  3-9-2021
Yeah most of the wrong reviews are right. Doesn't record correctly, just did a 50min 20mph cycle and it says I burn about 100calories. Gives no distance or elevation for some reason. Don't download, don't bother.


sinay goldberg  3-8-2021
exquisite tracking app, with proprietary and expensive sensor


Ashok Agarwal  3-6-2021
extremely exquisite


T G  3-6-2021
This is the exquisite running app. I've only encountered 2 or 3 GPS glitches since I joined in 2013. tons better than the orange app. The orange edition whenever has glitches.


April Currie  3-1-2021
Love it gives exactly what i need to know under the gratuitous version. Used it all the time on my samsung smartphone but got a samsung watch 3 and its not compatible !!! Come on !!!


A Google user  2-25-2021
It looks like developers became crazy with this application. each time I must login while opening the tracker. This is not excellent way as I do not rememmber a password, need using glasses. Sometimes it is rainy, etc. Decided to uninstall after using for dozens years.


rigel ronaldo  2-25-2021
edition maintain crushing wrong wrong


Dario  2-24-2021
Cant sign up.


excellent edition


omprakash inaniya  2-21-2021
splendid edition


Vipul sharma  2-21-2021


ben estdale  2-19-2021
its ok!


Roy Turner  2-18-2021
Some early troubles setting up extended trait once I subscribed but to be fair the dev was on it and the trouble was resolved. The GUI on the edition is excellent but the domain is lacking compared to another well known cycling and fitness tracker. Also, for some motive the Wear edition is no longer available.


ajay karmur  2-14-2021
extremely excellent


A B C  2-13-2021
This edition deserves a 5 star but then why did I give 1 star? So dozens of my workout have been lost because it requires two clicks for starting the workout! First click it takes to another page... There one has to click start AGAIN?!? Ridiculously crazy thing!! Till that is corrected it deserves 1 star!!!


A Google user  2-12-2021
long-distance skating is missing in activities drop down list!


Sergiy Slobodyan  2-11-2021
It's nice, until you press "stop". You have to wait long long long time and then for some motive you have to pick whether you desire to save or not


Jo Van Brusselen  2-11-2021
fantastic app. I paid extended and some problem with accessing extended map content was repaired within days by a extremely practical client support!


Vaibhav Kolge  2-11-2021
khup chan


Thomas Marsh  2-11-2021
I have a question regarding after I have completed a run. A lot of the time is says auto recovered and doesn't exhibit the map, it just shows a trainer? Can someone permit me know please. Tha ks


Sirish Patra  2-10-2021
wonderful usufructuary outgoing running app. Have been using it since 2014


Stipular Moth  2-10-2021
extremely excellent but... I've used this edition for dozens years now and it's extremely good, lots of news to maintain you upgraded on your exercise. I still can't believe that this isn't inergrated with Google fit yet? Other large exercise editions are but this is not. This could execute it simpler using everything in one place and om one account. Please update.


Asia Mohsan  2-8-2021
This is the exquisite edition


jordan tour guide  2-8-2021
This edition is marvelous.. I couldn't believe that it's as excellent and helpful.. entirely straight to use.. add's free... absolute finish satisfying analysis to the activity... Hyper accuracy... I tried several editions in this field but definitely this is the Ace of all of them


kishore nikam  2-8-2021
extremely excellent


Vladislav Dankovic  2-6-2021
Mi 9t pro constantly stop this edition running in background. All settings are OK


Gameti Vijay  1-31-2021


ignatius omache  1-31-2021
excellent one


Krisztian Borbas  1-29-2021
I avail this edition for years but recently the GPS and tracking behaves poorly. Zig-zag lines on map, and extra miles all over. I track the same road on a diurnal basis and it is just illogical - my newest one is 3.38km in 10 mins! I wish it is authentic - please repair or I have to discover a recent app.


Iztok Ahačič  1-28-2021
Using this edition from Nokia onward...


belle o shea  1-28-2021
It is so handy for exercise , it has so dozens variants on it .a extremely excellent edition


Andy Williams  1-27-2021
So far so BAD. To the point that I'm uninstalling it. I feel I've given the edition a fair crack of the whip. Three runs, reasonable weather on two occasions, the newest with a GPS lock on. And the edition couldn't handle it - returning fully incorrect data. Maybe it was because I running with the smartphone in a bum sack but Endomondo would manage it. My uncover for a replacement for the much-missed Endo continues.


Jefferson Ching  1-25-2021
this edition didnt capture my actual bicycle road track.


Tarun srivastava  1-24-2021
Update(24 Jan 2021): Working fantastic now. Using it for some indoor exercises and cycling. Initial review (2018): fantastic edition but sometimes falters to correctly measure the distance and speed while running and walking.


Rahul Bavaliya  1-23-2021
good edition (R.B.)


Carol Howat  1-23-2021
Love this edition so straight to avail for us oldies . Shame it keeps going off.


Mac  1-23-2021


A.b A.b.c  1-22-2021
I cant connect hr sensor any more


Peter Wood  1-21-2021
If you had given me just a hint of how to sign up by email, I might have tried the app. Why is it so intractable to find?


Veronica Mzobe  1-20-2021
I can't downloaded


S D  1-20-2021
I have tried everything to execute it work but the edition keeps stopping to follow me a minute into the excercise, i gave it all the permissions including all battery saver associated ones to give it the possibility to follow me but it turns out the problem is that my phone's safeness policies are blocking it because the edition desires to follow my address in the background but The edition never actually asks for this and I can't give it permissions it never asks for, so untill this is repaired I'm sorry, one star.


Jim Matteson  1-19-2021
meager GPS tracking. Frequently overstated distance on my Samsung Galaxy. Have tried to reach aid to proper trouble 3 times with no response. Paid for edition but will be deleting.


Lilja Virtanen  1-19-2021
REALLY useful. Really. I love this app, and used it a lot before I got my smartwatch. We also avail it in school PE. excellent job!


Rahul Parmar  1-16-2021
extremely excellent


Matt Tuchay  1-14-2021
This is my beloved


David Golubović  1-14-2021
Why is there sometimes no info for comments ?!


Dima  1-12-2021
wonderful app, comfortable and accurate, good UX, free!! I love it for 8 years already! ❤



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