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Release date: Jan 20, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: Spontacts GmbHCategory: events
Name: Spontacts: Free Time Activities & Events Near YouExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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discover recent activities each day with Spontacts & meet recent dependents in your territory in your gratuitous time. With Spontacts you can reorganize your gratuitous time and meet recent dependents at occasions who share your interests or hobbies. Regardless of whether you are looking for partners or teams for shared sports & training sessions, desire to go out with other people, go to the films or are looking for travel partners for your next borough trip: simply select a leisure activity, participate & meet recent dependents at occasions near you. Continue to be responsible with your leisure activities. Newly entered activities are automatically unlocked again. However, please continue to observe the policies of the relevant authorities & execute the description of your activity as clearly as possible. If in doubt, your activities will be checked and subsequently deactivated. With more than 1.000.000 testers & more than 600.000 activities so far, Spontacts is one of the most famed leisure apps. Join in, do more in your gratuitous time, meet like-minded dependents in shared activities & occasions & profit from veritable togetherness! Create leisure activities & meet recent dependents in your gratuitous time on Spontacts in just two steps. Simply register with your first name & your address and be inspired by the large variant of leisure activities on offer, participate, initiate an event, meet recent dependents and discover friends. All gratuitous of charge. Your advantages • veritable – Look for, gain to know & meet recent dependents in veritable life & discover recent buddies & leisure partners • spontaneous – Organize leisure activities on the go or participate in other people's occasions on a whim • jointly – Organize gratuitous time interest teams & take advantage of Spontacts Live Chat or Messenger to stay in touch with other people • unforgettable – Leisure activities done jointly supply topics for discussion & promote friendships aside from the internet • private or open – Organize gratuitous time activities exclusively for your buddies or avail the chance to meet recent people • versatile – find recent occasions from over 60 gratuitous time species each day. From A to Z there is something for everyone Spontacts PLUS – Experience more in your gratuitous time! The Spontacts PLUS extended version makes it easier to meet recent dependents and organize leisure activities: • gain to know your profile visitors, start a chat or arrange to meet them for a leisure activity • Limit the number of participants & initiate leisure activities only for your gender • Repeat auspicious occasions by copying & restarting past leisure activities • 100% gratuitous time, without any display advertisement in the app Spontacts PRO – For professional leisure providers & gratuitous time organizers! With an update to Spontacts PRO, you can quickly and readily publish your team leisure activities on Spontacts & present them to Spontacts testers in your zone & category. avail the extended details & stay in touch with your clients and other interested parties via your own community. You have questions or suggestions? Then send us an e-mail to [email protected] or visit our rescue middle at We look forward to hearing from you! Let's gain started: Take a look at the virtual activities & occasions on offer, take the opportunity to meet recent dependents & execute recent friends!



Wolfgang Boos  6-3-2021
The community is fantastic and I love to organize or join activities. That I will rate with 5 stars, but... the edition is extremely slow, partly didn't work proper (e.g. info on recent activities shows the absolute list) and some more problems


foo bar  6-1-2021
UI too fat for phones, badly needs theming. elements are so fat that hardly anything fits a smartphone image (3 occasions at most), and yet doesn't contain tons info, but mostly blank space. No idea to configure a thin layout focusing news instead of design. After all, this edition is about content. As it is, it may fit big computer images with a lot of spot to waste, but hardly android requiring efficient and sensible avail of image veritable estate


Mohammadreza Amirian  5-31-2021
fantastic edition with extremely good community plus aswome technical support. I lost access to my account and the aid was silent speedy and helpful.


Marco Syfrig  4-3-2021
Nothing happens when clicking "Log in with Facebook", not even an error. So I cannot avail the edition with my already linked FB account and have to go back to the browser version. Uninstalliv ng and reinstalling did not help. Edit: I played around a bit with the cookies. Accepting all did not rescue and also not when accepting the ones for FB explicitly not.


Daniel Methner  4-2-2021
When clicking on the "login with Facebook" button, it does nothing. Makes this trait useless.


Paul Boldra  3-12-2021


Logfire Creativ  11-29-2020
extremely excellent interface, but seems to be only activities in Germany. No regional/country filter possible. So the edition description would as well state that upfront, could save dependents elsewhere from trying it.


Michael Trüb  10-20-2020


Bernardo Bernardo  9-7-2020
You can improve: 1. uncover engine with category of filters 2. It is not possible or straight to discover our own Activities


Anton P  8-28-2020
ACHTUNG: FASCHISTEN sind hinter dieser App. Meinungsfreiheit und Intelligenz sind verboten hier, dein Konto wird ohne Begründung gesperrt! ATTENTION: FASCISTS are behind this app. liberty of lecture and intelligence are forbidden on this app. You will gain banned on the space without any notice or explanation! This edition must be banned from the Playstore,or does Google rly supports those Nazis!?🤔


Gee Berryshocker  8-14-2020
I like spontact because is one of the exquisite domain to meet recent people.


rezwanul haque  7-23-2020


Gehtkeinen Wasan  6-21-2020
edition is adequate, the way fantastic :-) concentrated on the activities, getting to know is a side-effect, tons nicer to me than the other idea around. If I gain problems with the app, I can still avail the website, the way is still excellent :-)


Andreas Isenegger  5-16-2020
I discover the edition rather badly programmed and a bit cumbersome to use. No improvements over the newest year. No landscape display aid on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. It sometimes indicates recent messages although I've read them long ago. Message latency is often too long. Nevertheless, the target of the edition and the way behind it are cool.


Abel Osazuwa  5-9-2020


Osama Moussa  3-3-2020
No way why someone could give a negative Review, Certainly those whenever complain. good App, fantastic idea. cute work guys!


Abdul Azim Siddiqi  2-27-2020
Es ist erste mal möchte ich durch Spontacts mit mehrere Leute kontact haben.


Maria Goutrie  2-21-2020
Die edition stürzt seit gestern immer ab, sobald ich eine Aktivität öffne. occasion Log sagt "Transaction too big exception". Was kann ich tun? Die Webseite ist für mich unbenutzbar. Absolut frustrierend. Update: das Problem wurde behoben, vielen Dank dafür! Passiert...


max moon  2-20-2020
I couldn't discover a idea to delete my informations and my account. That's just bad.


Rick James  2-15-2020
This edition is lagging most of the time. I could subscribe, cuz it helped me to meet other people. But because this edition is running slow, I rather not spend any money on it. repair your problems. It's been around for a long time!


ISA IOĞLU  12-24-2019
It's good edition


David Romero Salem  11-24-2019
I'm in London half of the edition is in Dutch or German not sure . I uninstalled


Ingo Steinke  11-19-2019
Most "social" editions have a quite confusing and distracting usufructuary interface, but this is even worse than facebook.


Markus Heckhausen  11-9-2019
Well done and good edition to uncover for dozens activities and execute it easier straight to set up your own occasions


Jack Harkness  11-3-2019
Bisher finde ich die edition und die Angeboten Aktivitäten recht gut. Ich würde mir mehr filter für die Suche wünschen ohne meine Interessen in meinem Profil zu ändern.. Ein Filter nach Standort und ein Filter um nach bestimmten Aktivitäten zb Fitness zu suchen wäre toll


mariwan hawez  10-31-2019
Est wie ein Dating edition nicht spontact.


Tony Rossini  10-19-2019
fantastic platform for finding activities. But currently fails to do any database updates (add activity, interes/uninterest an activity)? And not clear from edition how to report problems


Joseph Guindi  10-17-2019
edition repeatedly desires your Facebook buddies list until you declare yes. This is private so i refused, but then the edition asks for it each time. I mistakenly allowed it and now I can't take it back. This is why i am uninstalling this app. Please have more honor for people's privacy. Shameful.


Tobias Trusch  10-16-2019
super edition to meet recent dependents


To Be  10-14-2019
Verschlechtert sich von upgrade zu update. Nun sehe ich nicht mal mehr profilbilder wenn ich freunde einladen will zu meinen aktivitäten!


Rebekka Zwygart  9-13-2019
I like the edition for joining occasions but I haven't yet figured out how to initiate events. It is not extremely intuitive


Manuela Neudorf  8-31-2019
Die Gruppen kann man nicht nach Ort suchen. Das ist nicht hilfreich. Man kriegt auch keine Benachrichtigungen. Und man sollte auch nach Leuten nach Ort suchen können.


Andrew RAY  7-25-2019
Just how can I delete my profile?


Vesna Tomasevic  7-18-2019
Interesting edition for meeting recent dependents


Fardeen Nabizada  7-12-2019


Marco Odermatt  7-3-2019
dont gain the point... seems like a excellent idear but rather wrong exicution




Jennifer Pfeiffer  6-22-2019
Like it.


Marisa  6-20-2019
Updates von Nachrichten sind zu langsam. Ansonst ist der Auswahl der Veranstaltungen sehr gross.


cici kl  6-18-2019
Half in English & needs promo in UK ...otherwise fantastic app!


Arpitha Sherry  6-11-2019
I like the idea, but it's only in German, and I can't seem to discover out how to change it. Please help!


Chris Evans  6-2-2019
i really like the blog so cool 👌👍


Mohab Motawea  6-1-2019
outstanding :))


Michel Jung  5-24-2019
Völlig in Ordnung. Man könnte sie bestimmt noch etwas intuitiver/schöner/moderner gestalten aber sie erfüllt ihren Zweck gut und sieht vernünftig aus. Was jedoch sehr schade ist; Emojis werden durch Fragezeichen ersetzt (das lässt den Autor einer Nachricht ziemlich dämlich äussehen, wenn man's nicht weiss) und Sonderzeichen wie " durch ". Das sollte ziemlich einfach zu fixen sein in 2019 gar nicht mehr vorkommen ;-)


Roxann Busch  5-18-2019
A fantastic idea to meet recent dependents with suchlike interests!


Ahmed Noman  4-22-2019
The edition principle is really nice, yet it is all about upgrading your account with money, I shared an activity, it didn't even allow me to check it out, not allowed to see my profile visitors except I pay, plus I can't view my own just created activity. Will uninstall it unfortunately.


Tasbih Chowdhury  4-12-2019
Useless app. Does not even have an option to delete my profile.


A Google user  3-21-2019
Disappointed The edition is in German.However,the name is in English.That's a bit confusing.When I entered the release everything was in German,so I wasn't able to gain the hang of it.You must either execute a solely English version,or solely a German version.Don't check to blend those two.It's just confusing to so dozens users.


Emmerich Julian  2-26-2019
Have not even started to avail the edition yet, just reading the reviews to gain to know the app. I am a German speaker, but I discover it ridiculous that there are English reviews about not knowing how to switch the product from German to English... and the brand replies in German. You seem to not understand that these dependents don't converse any German, so why don't you rescue them out in English??? Please change that.


pavel petkov  1-5-2019
german rip off of meetup but not really excellent one . aid cannot be reach. zero client support.


ionarn  12-30-2018
Miitlerweile funktioniert die edition bei mir wie sie soll, ohne Probleme. Ihr fehlen aber noch einige Komfort-Features. Beispielsweise kann man nicht horizontal schreiben. Und schreibt man mal längere Texte, schiebt aich das Textfeld immer weiter nach oben, sodass man irgendwann nicht mehr den Beginn des verfassten Textes bearbeiten kann. Außerdem verschwindet irgendwann der "Senden" Button, wenn der Text ein paar Zeilen lang und die Touchscreen Tastatur eingeblendet ist. Und kaum Sonderzeichen.


Antonia Wrobel  11-26-2018
Due to the tons advertising not able to avail the edition at all. adverts were not able to be closed.


Johannes Roßmann  11-9-2018
Zu wenig Leute in meiner Umgebung, nur komische Leute am Start, die auch nicht antworten.....Somit nutzlos....


Humming bird  10-18-2018
Ich mag die App, aber ich finde es überhaupt nicht gut, dass dich Leute sozusagen "verfolgen" können und sich zu occasions anmelden wo du dich auch zu angemeldet hast und du diese Leute einfach nicht dabei haben möchtest. Es sollte zumindest als Host die Funktion geben, dass du jemanden aus dem occasion entfernen kannst und er das occasion dann auch nicht mehr sieht.


Steffen Schuldenzucker  9-8-2018
Ballert mich mit Werbung zu, kaum zu benutzen. Eeeh, nein, dann lieber normal Freunde suchen


Rene Ke  8-20-2018
edition in german pls


WOW XOXO  2-7-2018
Hab noch keine Freundin gefunden. Die edition ist nutzlos.


tom waugh  2-1-2018
usually I like the edition but have only given it three stars. I will change this rating to 5 Stars if the developers can talk me how to change the language to English from German and also to stop receiving occasions that are five hours away by car!


A Google user  1-27-2018
extremely aggressive business plan using dozens pop ups to turn you to the paid gratuitous pop ups version. I will avail a pop up blocker.


baerbe becher  1-7-2018
Not working properly.


Kevin Baker  1-7-2018
It's in German not English


Peter E. Fischer  12-27-2017
The exquisite you can gain to organize and participate at events. Nr. 1 in Switzerland...


Mayank Bansal  7-7-2017
How do you change the language to English? Please supply move wise indication


Milan Brezovsky  7-6-2017
No English translation.



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