Android Version: 4.4App: Spelling Bee - Crossword Puzzle Game
Release date: Aug 21, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: FunCraft GamesCategory: game word
Name: Spelling Bee - Crossword Puzzle GameExtension: Apk
Downloads: 50,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Spelling Bee is the entirely recent take on word releases that everyone is talking about! every word should avail the requisite letter for a challenging and satisfying twist! entirely unique hexagon layout is ideal for bees :) The release starts out straight and gets challenging fast! With 4000+ levels, exercise your brain with these challenging and satisfying puzzles. Incredibly enjoyment and addicting as you figure out that word on the tip of your tongue! Explore the bright, pretty world of bees on your word uncover and crossword adventures! trip across varicoloured lands and solve sweet word puzzles! avail outstanding powerups and compete on worldwide leaderboards to prove you’re the word champ that all the buzz is about! Every word you discover fills your Honey Pot. How smart are you? ENJOY wonderful WORD GAMEPLAY: - straight swipe to select letters and spell words! - discover as dozens words as you can! - Earn cash for bounty words! - Progress across a cute world of flowers! FEATURES: - Over 4000 tiers to run word games! - diurnal mission Puzzle is a recent idea to play! - Loads of ideas to earn cash like bounty words and diurnal 9 card monty! - fantastic for babes and adults alike! - bounty cash for logging in! - straight to play, difficult to master! - run with buddies and gain peculiar boosts from your teammates! - Uniquely enjoyment occasions go on all week - never a dull moment! - run this meditative, relaxing release and zen out til you beat all the levels! - diurnal bounty with cash and powerups! Get Spelling Bee today - an unbelievable word release for all word uncover supporters and word puzzle addicts out there :) Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



Candice Willis  4-24-2021
fantastic game, been playing for ages, love it! Just having some troubles opening the edition since yesterday, says failed to initialise sim.


James Freeman  4-19-2021
too dozens adverts and micro deal suggestions


Hakim Amin  4-16-2021
good release


Eden Beven  4-2-2021
enjoyment if your bored.


Patricia Humm  3-29-2021
fantastic release I love it so diverse to other word games.


Juliana John  3-23-2021
It's extremely educative and a excellent time pass


Binoy Revi  3-21-2021
it helps babes gain smarter


CJ Sinclair  3-1-2021
Its so cool I love this release you can do puzzles I love it I will never ever ever delay this release I love it so im delighted


Mr king Tyce  2-25-2021
extremely educational


Patt Lamb  2-22-2021


Dan Panzica  2-10-2021
Ran into a paywall after 23 games...


ilyass daryf  2-7-2021


om dhol  1-18-2021


Rahul Verma  1-3-2021
good release


Tammy Wagoner  12-29-2020
release freezes up


Anthony McKee  12-26-2020
so far so excellent


Jackson Harris  12-24-2020


Dawn Grimm  12-18-2020
aid is FANTASTIC!! They restored my progress when it was loss. However, I am still having a ton of problems since the newest update. I have my fingers crossed they are repaired soon because this is one of my beloved releases AND It will return to a five-star review 😁


Sarah Stephen  12-11-2020
wow 😊


Aj We  12-9-2020
Glitch and keeps redoing the same level. diurnal bounty has troubles


xinhui ong  12-5-2020
I like Spelling Bee A Lot!!!Mostly,I LOVE the presents & boost-ups.


Sachin Rathee  11-30-2020
extremely good game.


Shane Calfee  11-11-2020
Is a enjoyment relaxing word game. I run this several times a day. It helps to maintain the mind active!


Junaedy Junaedy  11-9-2020


Hillbilly Heaven  11-8-2020
So far so good. But I just got it.


Peter Martinez  10-26-2020
I am a savant at this game. I wish this release was my absolute activity on my veritable life because then I could practically be in in the nba of spolling


esmawaty sibat  10-25-2020
How to change the avatar??


Humble is me  10-25-2020
Can run all day!


Saad Mahmood  10-24-2020
It is a good game, it is a laggy game. always a round finishes , it crashes . Please repair the bug. Otherwise it is extremely excellent release .now it crashes after we click on I am dropping it to 2 star. Soon I will drop to 1 sttar if you don't repair bug. Now this is dropped to 1bstar 😠😠😠😑😑😑😑very bad. Same rounds coming again and again . PLEASE repair THIS BUGπŸ›πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›πŸ˜€


Ahorlu Dunyoh Lydia Esinam  10-23-2020
This release helps you to know more words


Diann Dunn  10-20-2020


Edith Aghedo  10-18-2020
I love this release the makers did a extremely excellent jobπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– love spellings a lot thanks for making #sosooooooo 😁 glad😍😍


Rehab  10-14-2020
serviceable release


Leo Jean  10-11-2020


Ngakau yp  10-7-2020
really enjoyment and excellent learning too.


abigail karuppen  10-6-2020


Sheryl Tucker  9-29-2020
Love this release ... makes you avail your brain!


Rennil Cosip  9-29-2020


Siam Haque  9-28-2020
Its a boring release and its MB is a lot


Neil Reynolds  9-27-2020
Hours of enjoyment


Anna Bukhosini  9-26-2020
Love this release


Unexpectedly Piumi  9-26-2020


A Google user  9-25-2020
This is the exquisite word release in the world πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Gladys Journeyman  9-25-2020
Something diverse


Lillie Allen  9-24-2020
I love it it challenging


Doris Parker  9-24-2020
The release is enjoyable and challenging.


Jenny Gold  9-24-2020
This is so cool and educating


Ebony Francis  9-17-2020
It's a fantastic release


Bernadette J. Lopez  9-17-2020
Lot's of FUN!!!!!


Kristine Mcelhiney  9-16-2020
I LOVE it!!!


Mehul Mittal  9-16-2020
enjoyment game! extremely addicting


Sajini P.M  9-16-2020
Enjoying this game!


Mary Anne Scheerer  9-15-2020
excellent release now bugs are fixed. good concept that is diverse from other word games. I like getting bounty letters for bounty words. Only complaint is the cost of the weekly/monthly/yearly subscription. idea to much. One time purchase could be tons better in my opinion.


Tracy Paine  9-9-2020
extremely excellent release and extremely excellent for the brain πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


Amazing!! extremely interesting and mind game. I don't have any complain for this wonderful release


Ghufran Ali  9-6-2020
U r cheater, as i check to uninstall it makes my cell restart.


David Baeza  9-5-2020
I initially gave 5 stars, but brought it down to 3 because im tired of playing tier 23 over and over and over again, everytime i leave the edition it asks me to click on the diurnal puzzle, it has monday marked. (its Thursday and its my first time doing the diurnal puzzle soooooo) I then x out and continue playing, the map is all off and where it says run next level, it doesnt work, i have to physically click the dot on the map. After closing the release and returning later, im at you guessed it,level23


Asha Yadav  9-5-2020
A worthy timepass


Laura L  9-5-2020
I was looking for a release suchlike to the NYT word scramble. I like this release but everytime I close out it doesnt save my level. For example, I'll be at tier 40 and then when I go back Im at tier 26. Also, dont understand how you run versus people.


Everell Johnson  9-5-2020
Just started playing will view later.


Nishu njstar  9-4-2020
always I exit release and open it back it takes me back to tier 23 and all my progress is lost


April Thompson  9-3-2020
Just downloaded n loving it! could instruct to my friends, n will. fantastic game!! Cheers from Canada ... Stay safe ever1!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β€


Hamish  9-3-2020
fantastic to pass time.


Kiyash Chanda  9-3-2020
Even if my son have crossed tier 60, always opened, it whenever starts from tier 23. He got annoyed with this game. Why this is happening, no idea. Else it's a excellent release indeed. Requesting developers to repair the issue. Else I have no option than to uninstall the game.


C K. Hiisu  9-1-2020
it's really enjoyment


Saai Sara Van Wyk  8-31-2020
Realy good and enjoyment


Twinamasiko Abel  8-31-2020
This ge is good it helps to gain words


Nur Atiqah Saad  8-31-2020


Jackie Butts  8-29-2020
Brain thinking


Jas Soriano  8-29-2020
excellent its fun!!!


Keith Wilson  8-28-2020
outstanding colleague cheers


Rita Hobbs  8-28-2020
Fun, challenging


Mama Ariane Faith Emballa  8-20-2020
release crashes always I connect it with Facebook.


Virginia De Leon  8-20-2020


Susan Ldupa  8-15-2020
now so far so good..


Janice Espenilla  8-14-2020


Maricel Decoy  8-13-2020
Love it.πŸ˜πŸ€—


Rose Ann Joyce Anos  8-12-2020
This is so enjoyment and the graphics is so excellent that it appeals my eyes but when I logged using my Facebook the release didn't resume. It keeps on declaring that it couldn't discover my buddies and well it's okay but it doesn't have any option in order for me to just exit the said finding friends. What must I do??


Theresa Delapaz  8-12-2020


Kristy Mclean  8-3-2020
fantastic release


Jovita Duenas  8-2-2020


Jherica Fernandez  7-31-2020
I love this release


Erlinda Anasco  7-30-2020
amazing exciting game. Can't stop playing ☺️


Carmen Gabilan  7-28-2020


mercedes agas  7-26-2020
its challenging


Cecilia Mayor  7-25-2020
i love it


Agnes Mannong  7-24-2020
excellent but can't open it anymore. By the idea I'm the top scorer.


Sandra Ostle  7-21-2020
excellent release


Margaret Desnoyers  7-19-2020
enjoyment and relaxing


Zaldy Macararanga  7-19-2020
fantastic release editions


mohamad kadatuan  7-17-2020


John Seberry  7-15-2020
I LOVE THIS release


Grace Adel  7-15-2020


Mary Ann Nagtalon  7-15-2020
enjoyable, less ads. great!


Peter Arcilla  7-8-2020
extremely excellent


Karen Hannon  7-1-2020
I absolutely love this greatest great game. It's really diverse to any releases that I've played ( which is a lot ) I love the hexagons. I instruct this release to all you word release addict's & lover's of words this is the release for you, if you like a mission it's got all that & more 😻


cool down  6-30-2020
Exciting game.


Robin gensel  6-29-2020


Josie Reyes  6-29-2020


Janstif Mangahas  6-27-2020
Exciting and enjoyment to run with...


Brix Masinsin  6-27-2020


Rhodora San Pedro  6-25-2020


tobalik 888  6-20-2020


Salvador Humarang Apalisok  6-16-2020
good release


Estrella Bolante  6-15-2020
Adds to my vocabularies


Mariza Aguirre  6-11-2020
good idea to have clue to execute recent word !!!


johnlloyd bunag  6-8-2020
It is challenging in the high tiers of the release


Jannete Oracion  5-30-2020
Great, I enjoyed playing.



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