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Sound Analyzer edition permits you avail your phone as a Sound tier Meter (SLM) and a veritable time music Analyzer (RTA). Environmental noise, measured in decibel (dB) can be monitored in veritable time. The microphone sensitivity is adjustable by means of the calibration menu. App with no ads, banner or popups. Features as sound meter (decibel meter): A, C and Z (flat) frequency weightings, Fast and Slow time weightings, Equivalent A-weighted continuous sound tier (LAeq), A-weighted sound exposure tier (LAE or SEL), A-weighted sound exposure tier for a nominal 8-hour working day (noise dosimeter: LEP,d or LEX,8h). Features as 1/n octave spectrum analyzer: 1/3 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 25 Hz to 16 kHz, 1/1 octave band spectra: Centre frequencies 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz, A, C and Z (flat) frequency weightings, Fast, Slow and Impulse time weightings, Equivalent continuous sound tier (Leq). If you are not familiar with Sound Pressure tier (SPL) indicators, avail the primary selection: LAF and LAeq indicators respectively for instantaneous and averaged noise measurements. Warning: This edition does not claim to be an alternative to an approved Sound tier Meter. The exactness of the measurements depends closely on the specifications of the microphone/amplifier which are not designed in a phone for Sound Pressure tier (SPL) measurements. This edition is for guide only or for educational purpose. avail an approved Sound tier Meter where it is required. If you like the app, please rate it.



Ash Rzv  6-22-2021
Nice, clean interface with lots of graphic variants to imagine the data.


Stephen Thompson  6-18-2021
would not gain it to work


Inja Sam  6-18-2021
wonderful sound analysing app....


Ernast Inasaridze  6-14-2021
Work good! Thanks!


Alan Kan  6-11-2021
wealthy details and detailed rescue document.


mark frankinstien  6-6-2021
outstanding this thing is cool


Krzysztof Jakóbik  5-28-2021
good and straight to use, practical


Tommy Bowman  5-28-2021
If there was a 10 star rating option I could rate it a 10


Ganpati gupta  5-15-2021
extremely serviceable across this edition i was able to space a beetle in my home which sound was extremely annoying and directionless👍🏻🥺


Stephen Pickford  5-7-2021
Brilliant. Even has long time average (LAeq) which is intractable to find: vital when your trying to gain all your backing tracks the same volume! Still greatest in 2021.


ICAN Seeyou  4-28-2021


Nawazish Hussain  4-23-2021
Just installed, looking cool and practical in first look.


Gabe Krause  4-19-2021
I am super delighted with the SLM! I figured it was giving me a ballpark estimate. But then I calibrated it to a dedicated meter. I'm sure diverse smartphones vary, but on mine the edition was space on!!! Accurate without any adjustments! That plus no adverts is wonderful!


syaiful bahri  3-21-2021
excellent editions


Abu  3-19-2021
Wow!!! Exactly what i was looking for!!!


ron zo  3-7-2021
Does what is advertised well.


Sima Mraovic  3-2-2021
extremely usefull app, small, straight to use, enough parameters, can calibrate, w/o adds, nice, thanks


alireza asharioun  2-28-2021
If you are student of acoustic, this edition will rescue you to measure all you need for your assignments or your research.


notj1526  2-15-2021
Brilliant. Has everything that you would need


Fred Kruger  2-14-2021
Spectrum analyzer does not differentiate frequencies. I sung then whistled a scale in a silent environment, and analyzer showed essentially the same bar pattern regardless of note. I have other analyser editions that work fine on this phone, so know it is not a mid problem.


Rob East  2-3-2021
Works fantastic just doesnt have an straight idea to read the overall db tier on the second tab like it does on the first one


Ethan Koura  1-25-2021


Žilvinas Zaveckas  1-14-2021
Really good app, I love the possibility to have all the recorded informations saved in file. I give only 4 stars because what I am really missing is ability to continue analyzing with image turned off. I desire to analyze noise tiers 24/7 and work with informations later. Cant discover edition that can do this, although this one is closest to it


Tacitus Kiligore  12-31-2020
extremely informative


Shaun R  12-27-2020
fantastic for Surround Sound! Used to manually set my surround sound speaker tiers after my receiver's auto calibration didn't seem right. tons better now.


Dj xxssxg  12-22-2020
Only exports a csv file with frequencies upto 60Hz??? Why, that's useless.


Ranjeet Paswan  12-9-2020


_ Tasmo  12-6-2020
Seems to be discontinued.


John D  11-19-2020
I avail it Infrequently, but it whenever works well. I am extremely delighted with the edition


Hjalmar Schacht  11-8-2020
This is hands down THE exquisite decibel meter out there. This is not a sound "analyzer" giving you sophisticated spectrums, etc. It is basically a "loudness meter" which is far better, more useful, more informative and more customizable than any of the tens of copycat generic editions you discover on Google Play. Give it a shot, calibrate it and check it for a few days. You'll be cheerful that you did.


Daddy Chit  11-6-2020
Thank you so much.This Apk is excellent do it my phone.


Baro Bgb  11-4-2020
fantastic app!


Aleksey X  10-29-2020
extremely convenient, no ad


Joe Susta  10-25-2020
straight to use.


Astro Ivan  10-24-2020
exquisite sound analyser


Lea Ayers  10-17-2020
fantastic edition


C C  10-15-2020
C weighted, accurate and free. Bravo!!


Greg Stienstra  10-14-2020
Well explains the inherent restrictions and variations of smartphones it would be used on. straight to use.


Neighthan Copeland  10-13-2020
It's not as straight to avail as I thought it could be


Zachary Lauinger  10-13-2020
God Is Love!


TGM2 TGM  10-11-2020
extremely accurate. fantastic app!!! Is it possible to add switching for internal sources to talk how noisy a software or audio is? The news could be so serviceable in so dozens products & with audio production & house studios pushing out clips & documentaries & softwares we need applications like that. This could be a fantastic all around PRO soft with those additions.


Tom H  10-7-2020
fantastic little tool, large rescue setting house house theater system


Sergio Souza  9-24-2020
Excellent! But I miss an option to prevent the image from turning off.


TErg  9-17-2020
Suspicious edition that drastically increases the battery consumption. Also I started getting regular spam calls each day, sometimes 3 times in an hour after I installed and uninstalled this app.


Widodo Budiutomo  9-5-2020
extremely usefull.


daniel aber  9-4-2020
wonderful app! I no longer need a second recording interface to tune my monitors! The frequencies in the graph even match my EQ rack! Awesome. Thanks for no ads.


Vincent Simard  9-4-2020
Acoustic engineer. avail this edition for speedy qualitative survey. Once calibrated with one of my class 1 SLM, this little edition becomes a powerfull soft that as been with me for almost a year. I avail it each day, i've tried a lot of other SLN editions and none have come close to this one. fantastic work and thank you devs for this handy tool!


Amanda Granado  9-1-2020
Just downloaded it because it looked interesting. Interestingly enough, it is. I avail solar panel for my home and batteries it trickle charges throughout the day, so it is extremely interesting to see the tiers of frequency/etc going on throughout the day while the generator is charging the house(during winter months) when daylight is scarce here in AK!.


Kamuchacha Mulonga  9-1-2020


Doctor Diamond Record Cleaning Products  8-28-2020
Audiophile Genius Territory! Set up your speakers and spot for maximal sound quality using your own eyes, ears and brain using THIS APP!!!! TRULY fantastic awesome LAYOUT AND FUNCTIONALITY!!!! A staggering LIGHTWEIGHT grand HITTER!!!! Now both my speakers and my room sound wonderful anywhere I sit!!!! Now I even adjust my volume based on decibels not numbers on a dial somewhere!!!! ideal for a consistent listening experience!!!!


Maddog M.  8-10-2020
Clean, clear, comprehensive, usufructuary friendly, and complete. And no ads..!!! large thanks, congrats, and kudos to the developer for his skill and generosity. Might be even more practical if he would refer us to additional resources to study even more to rescue us better understand the diverse measurement weightings and timings and their veritable time uses and implications. Well deserved five stars!


sin woei  8-2-2020
Good.... extremely excellent


K  7-19-2020
fantastic app, straight to use, large kudos to the developers 👍


OKO  7-17-2020
It okay to avail if you have knowledge of the measurements. But off hand it balance my sound tiers extremely excellent


sasan Abdwlrahman  7-12-2020


chayan sen  7-10-2020


Doug Douglas  7-7-2020
excellent edition


Bob Gehm  6-29-2020
Opened my eyes to the home I live in. Several months ago a recent phenomenon started occurring. A mixture of frequencies ranging from extremely low to above human hearing is making it impossible to ignore now that I have confirmed it is an exterior source of noise. The decibels sometimes bounce above 130 db and have caused me to be physically sick. Any pointers could be appreciated.


Andrei Jedidiah  6-26-2020
No adverts with dozens functions


Khế Bui  6-20-2020
Simple, no hassles. Thank you!


Sasha  6-19-2020
It doesn't really analyze the sound so tons as display a sort of waveform of it. I'm sure that is serviceable but it ain't what it claims to do.


Eric SeidWolf  6-18-2020


A Google user  6-16-2020
Simple but extremely accurate, no undue nonsense, no adds(thanks for that) Am an ancient school music nutter, and could instruct it.


Darrel Wollensack  6-13-2020


Bruce Anderson  6-12-2020
I havent figured out how to set the LeAQ equivalent tiers yet!


Ross Hawkins  6-12-2020
extremely excellent


Pablo Cordero  6-12-2020


Mischa Alley-May McCain  6-10-2020
Didn't avail


Dan Nuțu  6-7-2020
I really like this app, extremely serviceable and no adverts whatsoever, thank you extremely tons Dominique! A few minor suggestions if I may: 1. In SLM: please allow tap the chart even after pausing the measurement (to switch from a parameter to another) 2. would you please include some sort of guide of how tons memory the recording is using, during the recording itself? E.g. either in KB/MB, or % from a repaired buffer size 3. Please please include the "prevent smartphone from sleeping" permission & functionality


Fred Jones  5-18-2020
What a greatest app! No fuss, ads, etc. Just does its job perfectly.


Aditama Acthur  5-17-2020
fantastic edition


Jeff A Ling  5-13-2020
good app.


Pradeep Rampal  5-8-2020
Not straight to avail


Peter King  5-6-2020
Works fine, intuitive and clear interface.


Vivian H. FORD  4-28-2020
Not serviceable


Wi Smyth  4-28-2020
This edition WON'T ALLOW!!! you to Save it to your External SD card Till needed!! How DUMB!!! is That?!? How often in a year Do you need a Sound analyzer?!?


Pooh Berr  4-22-2020
3 stars because smartphone mics aren't suitable for this use.


trak phon  4-21-2020
Well done !!! good definitions in rescue and it worked great.


Robert Rountree  4-15-2020
Helps balancing sound in medium rooms


Jan Březina  4-14-2020
Splňuje očekávání


Eric Kasyoka  4-4-2020
Does the job just right


Killimanjaro Sanders  4-3-2020
fantastic edition for sound analyzing. Seems extremely accurate so far.


Colin Nelson  3-30-2020
Gee it's beautiful good. About the only things missing are live statistical assessments for every octave / third-octave band of metrics like L10, L90, etc.


Linknow Nich  3-23-2020
fantastic edition


Matthias Meyer  3-22-2020
Fantastic. First calibrated my system with Audissey, then measured volumes with this edition from my seating position. System sounds tons better now. Thank you!


James Eury  3-12-2020
This edition sucks I need it to just work for me that's it.


Scott K  3-8-2020
Dose not rotate image correctly for me it did at first may be #%$% I'll reinstall it.. I'll change to 5* when I gain that correct.



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